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    [There are reports emerging that allege that McCoy has engaged in domestic violence and animal abuse. This thread is not the place to debate the veracity of these reports, litigate the very sketchy details that we know right now, or make light of what appears to be a very sad situation all around. Until there's more clarity about what's going on, we assume you all are capable of reading Twitter, blogs, etc. to fill in the details and engage in whatever speculation you'd like, but if the quality of the early comments on this are any indication, we're going to need a bit of a cooling off period here before we have enough information to engage in a substantive discussion of his fantasy value. Consequently, the thread will be locked until further notice.]
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    Just draft the Patriots defense. 6 of their games are against Buffalo, Miami, and the Jets.
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    And when he does take them people will do this to him
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    Not drafting him simply to avoid having to come to this thread and watch guys argue about him.
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    Don't go blaming official scoring because it negatively impacted your guy. Yeah, it may not be perfect, but it will help and hurt at random times. It's part of the game, so many judgement calls. I don't know how focusing on the 1 play changes the outcome of the game. I mean, right before Piscotty went yard Olson hit an absolute bullet right at Guyer in right. Two batters after Piscotty Semien drilled a ball to left for a long single. The at bat to Piscotty is Bieber in a nutshell. Gets a guy to 1-2, afraid to pitch outside of the zone, catches too much of the plate and there it goes. He's given up 4 HR in 6 starts. His HR rate is virtually twice of what it was at any stop in the minors. He gives up far, far, far too much contact. How you can't see that is beyond me. I love Shane Bieber. I love his potential, but come on man. The dude plays in the zone too much, and the major league level hitter is going to do more with that pitch than minor league guys. Not even mentioning the "new ball" and all that jazz. Bieber needs to figure out a way to limit contact. Whether it's refining a pitch, playing more outside of the zone, whatever, he's got to change something. I think he will. He's got good stuff, but he's got to stop throwing so many strikes all the time. If a hitter knows a guy has a tendency to always be in the zone, they are geared up to swing constantly. More balls going to be in play, more chances for hits (even unfortunate ones) and more chances for the ball to leave the yard. Bieber is giving up too much contact (especially hard contact) right now. Plain and simple. Again, I think he can do something about it. You don't have to get so emotional about the "Shane Bieber is trash and it doesn't matter how many mistakes his team makes" blah blah blah. 4 other guys pitch in that rotation too. I don't think the fielders are packing it in on days Bieber throws. Bieber could have a very solid major league career, he just needs to hone is his craft some more. Right now, you can expect up and down starts, in the future, he may be a safer play in general. If he gets a ground ball out of Piscotty in the sixth he likely goes 7 still (facing the bottom of the order) if it results in a DP with Davis on first. He didn't. He caught way too much of the plate and an average major league hitter made him pay. So you can blame the fielders all you want, but he controlled his own fate in the sixth. No need to throw that good of a pitch to the 6th hitter in Oaklands lineup who is sitting on a 1-2 count.
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    Overdue for a thread. 1st rounder in 2016 from Kenosha, WI (#OnWisco). Lux developed fine instincts as he grew up around the game. When his tools improved across the board as a high school senior, he became the first shortstop drafted in 2016 (20th overall) and signed for $2,314,500. Rough-ish learning season last year, but added a ton of strength last winter and retooled his swing. 6'2" and solid 190. Crushing it in High-A ball this year (missed about 2-3 weeks of games with muscle strain). Overall at .319/.396/.509 for a .905 OPS with 9 HR...needs to work on his base stealing, but he has plenty of raw speed and arm/glove to stay at SS. He's top 50 material for me, and seems to be popping up in the back half of a few updated lists lately.
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    Everyone forgets about Orleans Darkwa...
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    Yeah but he went 1 for 7 yesterday with 4 Ks. That projects to like 400 strikeouts on the year dude. Drop immediately and add Reynolds IMO. That guy is on pace for 50 home runs. Easy money. Eassssy money.
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    He will probably attempt like 1pg and it will have negligible impact on his game. It’s hype.
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    Now that RMJ has chimed in and he & Predator agree that Adams is not a viable 2nd rounder I think I might take him first overall. Who else do you guys hate early?
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    It will all look well and good unless one of your weird players gets hurt and throws the entire balance of your team out of whack. You clearly know how to draft, but the majority of posters on these boards in the punt threads go into a draft deciding on categories they're going to punt before anything even starts. That's when you don't get value, and that's when getting a bunch of bizarre players and then having gaping holes when one of them misses 30 games really hurts you. I would simply caution other posters in here to get value, and stop trying to pair players with other players. Get guys that are good, and when you're a few rounds into the draft and you're starting to see major weaknesses or strengths, move yourself towards the middle if you can.
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    This is getting down right hilarious. You Adams haters are now arguing that having Brett freaking Hundley as the guy throwing you the ball for half a season was a plus.
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    It's crotchcrickets. All he does is whine and complain about his players all day, every day, in every single daily thread. Better just to disregard his hot takes than make logical points with him imo
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    Capela's max is $25.5M and no team in the league has that much cap space left. He won't be getting the max; the market has dried up. He'll have better luck next summer as a UFA after taking the QO this summer.
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    Update: accepted but got the 10th pick this year included for my 1st next year so I got a little more value out of it than the original offer. Thanks for the help everyone
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    not sure i can add much to this but one thing being overlooked here is the contract adams signed in december. they made him the 4th highest paid wr in the league at the time. the pack sure believe in him and there is a great chance he maintains his td producing prowess and gets better as a complete reciever. what @predator_05 doesn't see is what adams did beyond the numbers. he wasn't merely locked onto by hundley or a product of rodgers. let's give the man some credit like gb did with the raise... he has become extremely adept at double moves. that is why hundley could hit him often. the guy can beat top corners with this in his arsenal. it serves him well outside the numbers and as a deep threat. he was always good as a possession guy and redzone threat but he evolved into more. in his contract year he also got in the best shape of his career indicating he was working hard to continue to improve, which he did as the tape shows. he got better. he could still get better. he is a complete wr now. the pack develop them well. remember jordy took some time as well opposing teams figured it out fast last year too. they turned their attention to adams even before rodgers got hurt. that didn't stop him. nor did hundley. last year he had the second highest passing rating while being targeted even with hundley. i wouldn't ignore these things because of what he used to be. the pack know what they have. the league knows what he is now. i'm all over that this year
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    Unless he’s very inexperienced, he’s not going to downgrade at QB and WR to pick up someone who he probably won’t normally start. He’s got Hopkins and Edelman after week 4. In PPR, that’s solid. You’d have to throw in Watkins or Gordon I would think. Which wouldn’t be bad. You’d have Hopkins and Hilton at the WR and then Gordon as the flex. And upgrade your QB. But I think you’re OK where you’re at after the first trade. Just be thinking about an RB.
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    Ya we all think something about the Pats backfield, but the reality is that none of us have a clue. If you really want to get involved in the Pats bf, just pick the back with the lowest ADP and hope for the best.
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    Noah Syndergaard (finger) is scheduled to return to the Mets' rotation Friday against the Nationals. https://www.sny.tv/mets/news/mets-noah-syndergaard-one-step-away-from-return/285169660
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    Now that he's getting fairly regular atbats he should absolutely be owned in the vast majority of leagues. Certainly in all keepers/dynasties.
  28. 2 points
    Based on his minor league advance metrics I believe the power is 100% sustainable. I will own him next season.
  29. 2 points
    You should submit your resume to the CIA I hear they need some new code crackers?
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    Agree ... he was a spectacular add in my 20 team league i scooped him when he was on the DL i will not be dropping him
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    WTF? Time for someone to take their meds
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    I just can't. My post will be purged if I answer this too directly. (Composing myself, cough). Championship teams of today rebuilt themselves in the past. Houston and the Cubs are poster children for this approach though using different flavors of same. Even the Yankees reeled in the throwing money at everyone every single year and rode out the bad contracts while building up one of the best farm systems in the majors where they can use their farm and/or trade from same for what they need. If you don't rebuild you will always have one season after another like this one from hell like the Mets do now. Wasting money and losing someone like a Nimmo (the Mets have no farm and this could be the price for a rental at this point given 7 teams are all bidding on Rental Machado right now) is stupid, dumb and idiotic beyond belief. Like pouring out your last water in the middle of the desert because you'd rather to cut up your canteen to make a pretty headband and matching wrist bracelets so you can style amid the dunes as you die. Machado has so good of a chance to finally have a chance of going to the World Series this season or at least enjoying the thrill of post season play. So Manny would be soooooooooo pissed he went from a dreadful team to one possibly even worse he would probably go all Achilles and sulk in his tent. (Well I would if I was Machado and I got traded to the Mets anyway). And no way would he sign with the Mets in the off season if they were the highest bidder. He already has been living in baseball hell. He wants no more hell seasons. And players take less to play with better teams all the time. Usually it is called the hometown discount but sometimes they do when moving to a new team. Machado will get a zillion dollar contract no matter where he signs. An extra million or two from a team from hell won't tempt him over wining a ring and having fun for years on a good team. Plus if the Phillies really want him they can outbid anyone in baseball because they are so under the luxury tax it is unbelievable and they have the super deep pockets and are willing to pay what it takes. And they also took the time to rebuild their team and rebuild it the right way. They will be reaching for the ring as early as next year and might catch lightning to contend this year and look to have a good chance at the least to be a wild card or win the east if the Braves falter. They are a super good, young team players want to go to now.
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    Yes, because even if you did manage to sign Machado, you'd still have almost no young talent and the worst farm system in baseball. Not exactly a formula for winning. There's no shortcuts here... the Mets are a complete mess and need a total rebuild. Seems everyone but a small segment of Mets fans understand that.
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    I think all of these 19 year olds have a long way to go. That is why I don't really draft rookies. The KAT, CP3 type rookie seasons are the outliers.
  35. 2 points
    deep sleeper- Jerami Grant. has a clear path to start with Melo on his way out. Good source of defensive cats and won't hurt you anywhere
  36. 2 points
    People writing him off are insane. Dude is an elite hitter and homering last night proves his shoulder seems to be fine.
  37. 2 points
    Picture or it isn't true.
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    Ok I skimmed through this whole thread and didn’t see his name so hopefully not a dupe post MIKE WILLIAMS. imagine this: grandpa gates is finally gone, up and coming Star HH gets injured. Group think injury prone wr (he really isn’t injury prone) KA and rb Melvin gordon are the only stars left on a Philip Rivers led offense in what should be a playoff caliber team. Who do they draft this year? Why it’s 7th overall draft pick mike willliams! Wow! What a fantastic compliment to this team! Talented top 10 pick in good situation? Why he must be going around the 8th round? Oh what’s that? He’s badiclaly free? Everyone forgot about this dude bc he was injured his first year but he’s still crazy talented and his been in the chargers system for a year +. If he was drafted this year 7th ovr to the Chargers there’s no way his adp would be so low rn
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    Sometimes DFS is like watching horse racing - as they suddenly fail down the stretch all you can do in frustration is ....
  41. 2 points
    Hope he picks it up soon.
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    Not bad overall but LOL at not having Judge as a starter. He's 5th in the majors in WAR, 4th in wRC+, 7th in OPS, 2nd in HR etc.. He's better than Benintendi in HR, OBP, SLG, wOBA+, wRC+ - basically all the stats that players have control over. Not saying Benintendi shouldn't be on the team because he should, but Judge has very clearly been better and fully deserves to start. I was going to question Olson as your 1B starter, but then I looked at the leader boards and... holy crap have AL first baseman been terrible!
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    First of all, I didn't call your 5 points stupid. You said he'd need 20 TDs to be in a category with Julio, Thomas, Green, or Evans, and that's what I called stupid Second of all, why would I take your bad take about an NFL player personally? Not like he's a relative or anything. You're the one who is misremembering facts and mischaracterizing me, which tells me you may be the one taking my comments personally. Your 5 points, and my responses: 1. He's never showed he can be a WR1 on his team. > Except last year, when Jordy played the slot, and Adams drew CB1s, and he finished WR14 overall despite missing 2.5 games and playing with Brett Hundley. 2. He doesn't make plays downfield, and isn't reliable. > Are we watching the same Davante Adams? 3. Adams doesn't get a lot of receptions. > But he gets a lot of touchdowns, and now his main competition for targets is gone. He's had 75 as a WR2 on his team, and 74 in a shortened season with Hundley. 85+ is very reasonable now. 4. Cobb and Geronimo Allison and J'Mon Moore > This is the point when I decided your 5 reasons weren't worth responding to. 5. The Packers have a strong run game > Williams and Jones are decent players. Rodgers is still going to throw 35+ TDs, so the point is irrelevant.
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    Well you may be asking for too much. He just got back so people are going to want to wait and see how he does before they give up value for him. So far he's been great since he returned, so I don't think you're in that bad of spot. The guy produces counting stats when he plays. I really think the whining on here regarding his injuries has been overblown and it's a bit ridiculous.
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    I'll throw Josh Doctson's name in the ring as well
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    Guards 21 and under that have matched Murray’s scoring and efficiency in first two years (Ht Ryan Blackburn) And that’s with rough starts to both seasons...
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    Wendell Carter of the Bulls catches my eye. Solid fundamentals. A big void at C in Chicago.