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    Yes, because even if you did manage to sign Machado, you'd still have almost no young talent and the worst farm system in baseball. Not exactly a formula for winning. There's no shortcuts here... the Mets are a complete mess and need a total rebuild. Seems everyone but a small segment of Mets fans understand that.
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    I think all of these 19 year olds have a long way to go. That is why I don't really draft rookies. The KAT, CP3 type rookie seasons are the outliers.
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    People writing him off are insane. Dude is an elite hitter and homering last night proves his shoulder seems to be fine.
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    Ok I skimmed through this whole thread and didn’t see his name so hopefully not a dupe post MIKE WILLIAMS. imagine this: grandpa gates is finally gone, up and coming Star HH gets injured. Group think injury prone wr (he really isn’t injury prone) KA and rb Melvin gordon are the only stars left on a Philip Rivers led offense in what should be a playoff caliber team. Who do they draft this year? Why it’s 7th overall draft pick mike willliams! Wow! What a fantastic compliment to this team! Talented top 10 pick in good situation? Why he must be going around the 8th round? Oh what’s that? He’s badiclaly free? Everyone forgot about this dude bc he was injured his first year but he’s still crazy talented and his been in the chargers system for a year +. If he was drafted this year 7th ovr to the Chargers there’s no way his adp would be so low rn
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    Hope he picks it up soon.
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    My primary league is a 12-team H2H points redraft league, and I have made a habit of tracking players based on a variety of fantasy number-related stats in order to analyze fantasy production vs real baseball production. I just want to point out that every other one of my hitters this season has a fantasy point standard deviation between 7 and 14, implying that they have a large degree of change from one week to the next that can be attributed to particularly hot and cold streaks. Juan Soto's point standard deviation in as low as 2.9. Not only has he been so productive, but he has been consistently productive for his first 7 full weeks. 20, 17, 19, 14, 23, 16, 19 were his weekly point totals in this particular league. None of which are outstanding, but they are all hovering around that ~3 fpts per game range that is really the sweet spot for elite hitters in the points leagues that I have played in. I am sure there will be slumps coming, but there will also be big hot streaks, and I am excited to see what happens when they do, and in the interim he is just looking like a super reliable points league contributor. Obviously those numbers are a bit misleading when it comes to categories leagues that don't benefit from his superb walk/strikeout ratio, but as long as he is keeping up that OBP he will be flirting with being an elite points league player.
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    Also, I like Watkins better than Cooks. If I remember correctly, Cooks has one of the toughest schedules relating to the top CB. He plays like 4 of the top 5 cover corners. And 12 of the top 20. Or something like that. And the Chiefs said they were going to move Watkins all over the field. I don't think he's just a decoy. And he's a better route runner than Hill. Plus the money they paid him. I think he'll get his chance.
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    I'd hesitate to accept that offer. I'd rather have Miller considering your RB depth without him gets incredibly thin.
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    If it does go to trial that won’t begin until after season is over.
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    Diggs in the 4th is going to be on a lot of titleists, I deem.
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    That's actually the worst thing you could do. This organization is a complete mess. It needs a total tear down. Applying band aids is not going to work, I promise you.
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    Players can go in slumps for weeks at a time. Springer has been in one for almost 2 months now. Definitely can be benched.
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    I guess if Rotoworld would stop blowing up the news he be more of a secret.?
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    Suarez managed to induce a DP (and should have been two) against the team who had hit into the second fewest in the majors as of last night.
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    Not the first one. Maybe the second one, but it isn't particularly exciting unless you feel like you need a wider pitcher lineup.
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    Seattle spent a 1st on him, and even contemplated him with their earlier pick. He has a 3 down skillset. Seattle leadership has called out that he has a 3 down skillset. Carson looked good last year but is a 7th rounder. Procise will get some touches but is what he is at this point.
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    That's just Rush trying to boost his post count. Pay no attention.
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    It was Hughes when Iglesias went down earlier in the year.
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    I don't think it's too early for some of these ones: 2014: Eric Ebron, Johnny Manziel 2015: Kevin White, Breshad Perriman, Phillip Dorsett
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    This sounds like an awful idea. Pats backfield is too unpredictable. Hill or White could end up leading it in fantasy points for all we know.
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    I speak of the head coach. Shula is an idiot as well.
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    This. If it is going to be an ongoing 3 keeper league then Boogie is still very valuable. Whereas Tyreke likely won't be able to replicate last season again (injury likelihood/ new team) I'd advise to keep Boogie and then when he comes back sell for a kings ransom to somebody who is out of finals contention and wants a good keeper for the following year.
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    1. Brett Hundley targeted Adams more than Rodgers did. 2. Cincinnati had possibly the worst offensive line in the league. 3. The Packers didn't have Jimmy Graham on their team. F.Y.I. all those things have changed.
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    Hard to argue with “post hype” or “sleeper” with this one.
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    2nd Round 13. Luck Dynasty - Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN 14. Very Bad Man - Christian Kirk WR ARI 15. Kingfish - Anthony Miller, WR, CHI16. Misfit Toys (to hard1) - Kalen Ballage17. hard1 - Pierre Garcon18. Texan AD (to hard1) - Mike Gesecki19. Jmadtown @Jmadtown OTC20. El Chingon 21. Southern Steeler 22. Sportsguy 23. Ironcock 24. Winky
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    He's now in a game you're losing better get him out
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    BLUE ARROW BAAAABY ! I had Jamal as a 88th pick (7th round) last year from day ONE... rough start (first few months) but I really enjoyed owning him.
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    Trade alert - Hard1 sends David Njoku Vikes sends 2.04 @hard1 you are OTC 2nd Round 13. Luck Dynasty - Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN 14. Very Bad Man - Christian Kirk WR ARI 15. Kingfish - Anthony Miller, WR, CHI16. Misfit Toys (to hard1) - OTC17. hard1 - OTC18. Texan AD (to hard1) - OTC19. Jmadtown @Jmadtown On deck20. El Chingon 21. Southern Steeler 22. Sportsguy 23. Ironcock 24. Winky
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    Good call. He'll probably update the composite tomorrow.
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    While it's not a claim I would ever make, when the best WR in the game is only 5'10... at some point we have to concede that height, while beneficial, can't really matter THAT much. 2 of the top 4 WRs last year were under 6 foot. AB is 5'10, Landy is 5'11. The confusing part is that Amari Cooper is 6'1. Which is the same height as #1 WR last year, DeAndre Hopkins. Taller than AB, Landry, and Tyreek, all of whom were top 10 WRs last year. AJ Green was the tallest of all top 10 WRs, at 6'4. Keenan Allen and Adam Thielen come in at 6'2, while Fitz, Thomas, and Julio stand 6'3. Cooks is 5'9. Tate, Baldwin, and Hilton are all 5'10 as well, all of whom usually end up in the top ~15, Sanders at 5'11 usually hovers in the 15-20 range too. BUT... jmausen is correct in that Cooper can't jump. A 33" vert is pathetic. For perspective in 2015 Chris Conley, at 6'3, recorded a 45" vert. 2 inches taller, but can jump a foot higher. 33" wouldn't have even ranked top 15 among WRs in this years draft class, in fact, there were 3 offensive lineman and 6 defensive lineman who exceeded 33" in their vertical jumps. So, Amari isn't going to be your jump ball guy on measurables, but when he lines up next to Jordy Nelson, Martavis Bryant, and Jared Cook, no one should expect Amari to be the target of 50/50 balls any time soon anyways. But... you don't have to be a high jumper to be successful in the NFL, and Amari has never pretended to be that type of player. He's a quick, explosive, sharp route runner, who creates space with his feet. The largest concern of late, is with his hands though. Maybe it was a fluke, but his drops have become a legitimate problem for this team. With the guys around him that OAK has, I don't expect his TD rate to change drastically, and depending on how Jordy looks on field, I'm not convinced that for 2018 Amari doesn't have his toughest competition for targets since he entered the league. Bryant, Jordy, Cook, and Lynch. Arguably the most talent Amari has ever had around him. That doesn't make me confident that Amari is going to suddenly become a target hog. I've read this, but when I look into them, I'm not sure they mean much. In 2008, While Bryant may have had 33% of the targets, it only meant 138 total targets. Amari had 130 and 131 targets in his first 2 years, and it didn't help him do anything special. Furthermore, in 2008 the 2nd highest targeted WR on TB was Ike Hilliard with 58 targets. Ike was essentially a nobody who in 8 years never broke 800 yards receiving. If you think Jordy and Bryant are equal to Hilliard in threat to workload or won't both see more than 58 targets, then I guess you could try and use that logic to justify Amari dominating target shares in the same fashion. As for Joey Galloway 2005 was essentially the same as 2008. The second highest targeted WR on TB (Michael Clayton) got 55 targets. Hilliard got 54. 2006... 142 targets, but no one mentioned he only caught 62 of them. Perhaps these are Blake Bortles targets where it doesn't matter how many you have, if only half are catchable. Clayton managed 64 targets this year in 12 games, and steady Ike managed 55, lol. 2007... Joey only had 96 targets. Who cares what the target share is, 96 is not enough. Ike finally breaks out with 85 targets! Seemingly all at the expense of Joey though. Not a good sign for Amari. Targets aside, looking at actual production, Joey managed 83/1287/10, 62/1057/7, 57/1,014/6. The latter 2 are barely top 20 WR production even in our drought of WR production last 2 years. The first year was solid though. Antonio Bryant's 84/1249/7 would have been good for 7th overall last year, but again... given the target shares these guys were given, the talent they had around them, I think it's actually a pretty damning stat that their yardage totals and TDs were so low. If these are the type of production a Gruden #1 WR can get when dominating his entire team in talent/targets/production, then Amari is not looking good for 2018. At WR17, he's too overpriced for my tastes. He can easily return value on that investment, but it won't be for me. I don't have any issues if people draft him there, but personally I'll have Demaryius, Tate, and likely Cooks ranked ahead of him, all of which have lower ADPs as of today on the WR front. If I'm betting on a bounce back candidate, I think I'd rather take a chance with Jay Ajayi at the same price on the RB front. At this same ADP, people will also have to contemplate if Amari can offer you a bigger PPG advantage than Rodgers/Watson might be able to. That's for everyone to ask themselves.
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    I would have no problem taking the Barkley side.
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    I'm usually scrambling for RBs at this point but DeVante Parker and Corey Davis are two guys going in the later portion of this range who have the prototypical WR size, the high draft pick pedigree and project to be the clear #1 WR on their teams. Their upside is hard to ignore especially since there are no sure things this late.
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    Pass on that. Fournette is damn good.
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    I just added Abel de los santos on ESPN by accident because Enyel isn't in there
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    Not one time has he ever been the most pass happy QB in the NFC
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    There's no ft anchors that can offset Jordan and/or drummond.
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    on top of my head, i have KAT as my 3rd big on my board after AD and GREEK. ahead of JOKIC. as stifle said, KAT has his strengths in health and efficiency while being sub par in STOCKS. im avoiding both curry and KD if i have a top 6 pick, just for the reason of health. a minor tweak would require both to miss several games if not a week. so looking the top of the board, with HARDEN, LILLARD, WESTBROOK as my top 3 PG, if your looking for a big after AD and GREEK, KAT is my pick. i might be missing someone. hehe
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    Jordan and Drummond are also (potential) targets if you can get FT% anchors. Lin (if healthy) would be a good fit in later rounds
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    is this a serious question? you go with
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    I think he has officially got A ball figured. He turned 19 less than a month ago and he's now sporting a season line of .321/.369/.498 line with 8HR and 19SB in 23 attempts. Since June 1st .330/.380/.605 5HR 169wRC+.
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    It reminds me so much of Severino's second year. Had grreat underlying stuff but it wasn't translating. Could be sequencing, command, whatever Spoooooooky
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    Basically your argument seems to be that there's been some sort of organizational mandate not to throw to the TE in ARI. New HC, new OC, new group of QB (Bradford, Rosen, Glennon). In this case, the past is not indicative of the future. BTW - love the random 1994 Beuerlein season mention. No love for Jake the Snake Plumber??!!
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    Not sure a guy with 100 MLB innings needs a change of scenery just yet. He has a 2.35 DRA and a 3.35 FIP. He's looked really good so far this year, to me at least. He's going to need a miracle to get in the rotation at this point, so if you are holding and hoping he gives you 10+ starts, you are better off dropping
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    Sometimes all you can do is have P A T I E N C E