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    Ahhh yeah, I completely forget about the addition of Austin. I don't think he'll oust Beasley from the slot, but they're definitely going to find ways to make sure he gets touches. He probably eats into Beasley's and Zeke's targets. This just further muddies things for a rookie WR, with so many mouths to feed, and a QB who doesn't offer the best opportunity with what you're getting. Hurns is probably the only WR on this offense i'd have on my bench to start this season, and that's with no real expectations to even start him at any point. That's how down on the Cowboys receiving corps I am.
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    Obviously depends on league size, but I've been holding Suarez for over a month now since Tao pointed out that he may be more than a streamer. I have zero complaints, and he has been one of my most consistent pitchers in that span. I could see him being a streamer in 10 man league, but 12+ I'm riding this cat till the wheels fall off...
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    Great 1/3 of an inning win! I'm just hoping that Maeda doesn't end up being the odd man out in the 2nd half and being sent to the bullpen like last year. I would think that Maeda has pitched well enough recently for that not to happen, but the Dodgers are really stacked with starters. I hope Maeda's "experience" working out of the bullpen doesn't work against him.
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    Bell is about 2 years away from making podcasts and rap singles for a living. Well played, steelers.
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    Kamara was in a committee.
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    Strasburg is in line to be activated and start the first game after the break on Friday. Hopefully he can stay on the mound for the rest of the season now.
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    I'm talking about people not liking him at his current ADP
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    [Posts removed. If you're stopping by a thread just to tell others how much you don't care about the subject of the thread... maybe don't do that?]
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    I think Ridley is the guy that will take over but I can understand your thought process with Fitz having been there the longest. I'm picking up Ridley wherever I can though
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    This is getting good— who does bhawks think will ball out.... please list so we can criticize u openly
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    Yes, looks like they've flat-out stated that they anticipate him back on Friday barring any setbacks: "Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Saturday that as long as Sanchez continues to progress, the plan is for him to start behind the plate in the club’s first game after the All-Star break — July 20 against the New York Mets." https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/07/15/yankees-gary-sanchez-to-begin-minor-league-rehab-assignment/
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    I just hope he goes all Severino for me next year after me giving him a home on my bench all year. Most young pitchers take so long to stop yo-yo-ing all over the place.
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    Oof... BLAZING HOT TAKES!!!! Lol
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    I should have specified that it was the most impressive I have seen in-person. I wasn't in the stadium for most of Big Mac's juice-infused bombs, certainly none that stood out the way Alonso's did for the shear height and flight time.
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    Thanks guys, Hilton owner actually surprisingly kept him so looks like Cooper will be the target anyway.
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    Oh should be the closer until Osuna returns next month.
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    Grab yourself a PlayStation and a Rex. What's not to like. There's your RB1. White cloud PlayStation fumbles & hoody is hoody... THIS. is not that hard children.
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    What do you mean? If you are already first in Hrs and last in Sbs, why would you grab power off the wire?
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    You make some good points, but ultimately what is the skill level necessary to create fantasy points? I get that they may not be studs. I get you may not like Dak. But similarly talented WRs and worse QBs have produced fantasy relevant stats in the past. I just don’t see why it’s not worth a late/end draft pick just to see if he can be the “X” WR and run with it
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    Ok, I just looked at those, and the only stats where I saw Clay was "better" was IP, which was a function of having a two season head start on Carrasco, and W's (barely, and a function of being on strong Boston teams while Carrasco played on bad Indian teams. He's even trailing Carrasco in K's despite that two season advantage. He has forty more starts than Carrasco, but sure hasn't done anything with them. I started Clay when he pitched his no-hitter, so he has a special place in my heart. But better than Carrasco? Come on. Tell your commissioner that having MORE hits, runs, earned runs, home runs, and LESS strikeouts is a BAD thing for pitchers, not a good one! Unless, however, your league gives bonus points for stats accumulated in 2010, in which case Clay kicks Carlos' a**.
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    I said expectations were too high bc people seem to be expecting him to come in and win the wr2 job right away. I disagree with that. The coaches seem to like Beasley and Williams for some reason. And regardless of who is the wr2 in Dallas, I personally think they will suck. There’s seems to be a fallacy going around that “someone has to catch passes.” Well, I disagree. As a panthers fan, I’ve seen first hand that it’s more likely your wrs get shutdown by competent cbs then it is that “someone’s catching the ball.” If you think Gallup is a bonified stud, sure the opportunity is there. I think there’s a reason that he went in the third. Whoever wins the wr2 job will benefit from defenses selling out to stop Zeke, yes. But again, I think it’s very likely the Dallas passing offense just completely struggles
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    Drop Gray for Easy E. Then toss those other players you got for more WW offense.
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    Plenty of other leagues to have fun in than to deal with the drama of that one. I would run like hell before you invest a single cent into that Soap Opera.
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    They did him wrong and his off field issues didn't help. Plenty of people said he should have been 1st ballot...
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    There are far better PG and SG defenders now than at any point in NBA history. Klay would have been a perennial 1st team all-defense selection in Stockton's era, with Curry likely 2nd team. People forget how exponentially defense as a whole has improved over the past 20 years.
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    This. It’s worth a shot. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705995-would-you-trade-acuna-and-for-who-whir/
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    Wowzas. My bad for asking Adams vs Keenan.
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    That sounds about right. I'd say the first QB can go as soon as 1.2. The rest of the top 4 should be gone before the 2nd round. I'd aim for the 1.05 in a trade, to be safe.
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    JJJ has looked great in Summer League. He’s got range, blocks, rebounds, and more. Dude is gonna be a good one.
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    But he stole a base!! C'mon get excited !
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    Overvalued: Demaryius Thomas Jordy Nelson David Johnson Julio Jones DeShaun Watson Travis Kelce Doug Baldwin Undervalued: Jerrick McKinnon Stephon Diggs Kirk Cousins Carlos Hyde Denver D Dion Lewis Sammy Watkins
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    Theres zero chance fournette and cook are available if you go WR/WR with 1st two picks...zero
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    Ok I’ll say one more thing about LeBron and then I’ll shut up about him. To me the NBA is better with him in it. In my eyes he’s a great super villain because he stood in the way of my favorite players. Firstly it was Dirk’s first title in 2011. I was a huge Dirk fan back in the day and to see JJ Barea and Jason Terry cut up Miami’s “super team” was a thing of beauty. I made a ****ton of money betting on the underdog Mavs. Then it was the Spurs. Watching Kawhi miss that free throw and the Spurs inability to get a rebound in game 6 allowing Ray Allen to make that three. I would have made a s--- ton of money if the Spurs (also underdog) won the series. Then it was Steph Curry and the Warriors. Point is, he’s always the villain trying to beat the hero’s, at least in my eyes. And he’s easy for me to dislike because I don’t like his play style (not an elite outside shooter) and the hero’s are. But if he wasn’t in the NBA then there would be no worthy foe. There needs to be a super villain for there to be super heroes. Maybe someone else considers him the hero and the Warriors to be the villains. That’s the beauty of sports, something for everyone. Then you add the fact that I think he’s a villain to the fact that I really don’t like his personality and everyone can admit he has done some stupid s--- you’ll understand why I dislike him. But even in my dislike I appreciate his talent and acknowledge that the NBA is better with him in it.
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    1. Kawhi + 1.08... assuming he's healthy 2. Tatum + 1.01 3. Booker + 1.03
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    Saw this on reddit. 126 career starts, 58 starts giving up 1 or 0 runs, 50 career wins.
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    Every time I check Rotoworld I get bad news about one of my pitchers.
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    Let's see the contract details before we decide. Most of the contracts that Marathe has been negotiating lately have been much more cost effective than the sound bites suggest. The guaranteed amount, how much front or back loaded it is, etc. make all the difference. Perfect example is the Gary Gilliam deal. The headline of "2 years, $8 million," for a crappy, back up OT had Niner fans complaining until the details showed it was really a one year, $2.5 million deal. These contracts often aren't what they seem at first glance.
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    It's the Browns we're talking about here, they're exactly the type of people with a long heritage of idiots that would screw this up. There's probably cave paintings somewhere showing a Neanderthal doing a facepalm about the stupid thing the Browns did, "Ugh, me no believe the Browns traded for Ogg, he can't hit broad side of a wooly mammoth." They're a New Patriots level dynasty in failure. When was the last time you can think of that you heard a news story and thought "well that was smart of the Cleveland Browns"?
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    Cut the crap dude with the 16 game season, extrapolation nonsense because once you touch that metric then you know you are scraping the bottom of the barrel of desperation His avg target per game with Rodgers or Hundley puts him in potential wr1 territory. Your point was he was getting a surplus of volume under Hundley to comepensate for lack of talent comparable to Hopkins getting surplus targets which made him the #1 fantasy wr was bogus because hopkins gets double digit targets. You are WRONG 1 extra target per game does not equate to making up for a talent deficiency. You keep talking about talent and Adams numbers destroys your 'lack of talent" argument with his production Guess what if he gets the volume like Jordy and he maintains his 63% catch rate then he is a top 5 fantasy wr. So who cares about your lack of talent debate? Stop squirming like a greased pig when your arguments blow up in your face. Stop trolling this thread with dumb arguments that don't support your bias because you know you are trolling. Targets 2017 #1 DeAndre Hopkins 174 11.6avg #15 Davante Adams 118 8.4avg ---14 games Targets 2016 #1 Mike Evans 171 10.7avg #20 Davante Adams 121 7.6avg---16 games Adams will be a top wr regardless of the QB throwing him the ball, Rodgers throwing him the ball as his wr1 simply means he will get better and more accurate targets for chunky big plays which will allow Davante to enter elite fantasy wr territory. You keep trolling and I will keep feeding you like the good troll you are.
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    Detroit scouting Wade and Frazier for a potential Fulmer trade before the deadline.
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    [Removed Cool Story] ...hoping he has a big 2nd half and looks like the Murphy of old.