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    Other big prospect names in there as well. Not sure I like this midseason add unless there is a call-up.
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    I would hold for a few days. Altuve to the DL is in play which would could move Kemp to 2B and open up a spot for Tucker again.
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    agreed, although this build is always susceptible to losses against guard heavy punt fg%/to teams who will have a chance to win Pts, 3pm, assists, steals, and ft%. Of course to combat that the path of least resistance is to focus on steals.
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    He isn't batting leadoff. Since Eaton has been back he runs zero because this fool they have managing bats him 6th, 7th, or 2nd. And if he bats 2nd they don't let him run because of pretty boy. Still on pace for .270, 20+ Hr, 70+ RBI, 100+ runs, and 35+ SB. Didn't think the Nats could do worse than Dusty, but honestly think they have. Dude is one of the most disruptive players in the game and they restrict him. I understand he's sporadic, but the end of the year stats are close to 1st round value if not guaranteed. Just my opinion.
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    Best ball flyer, I guess. He seems like he's still got the speed, enough to matter, anyways. But, every week production's going to be tough with all the mouths here. I fear the foundation is cracked in TB and Winston's really going to have a bad year. If they struggle out of the gate and find themselves headed for 4th place again, we might see Jackson benched in favor of Godwin, bc why the hell not? He should be a cap casualty after this year, unless he really balls out.
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    He's actually been rosterable for deep leagues lately. Maybe he's finally, slowly making some progress. The Mets have been sticking him at leadoff. Last 23 games (30 days): 11R, 6RBI, 4SB, .275 avg
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    Well, first, he won't be in LA, so that's irrelevant. He's in Toronto and his contract is up in October. Second, you should probably read some Nick Depaula or B/R updates. Kawhi may get a marginally better deal from a lesser brand like Puma or NB or a Chinese brand but it would be extremely surprising to see him bounce in the big boy club. He simply doesn't have the personality.
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    Nbc reported the dreaded "no timetable" but went on to add that for sure more than 10 days and a "good chance" his shoulder wont be 100% until 2019. Add in the fact that hes been doing some weird extended one arm follow though that may have led to tbe injury in the first place. That would require a re tooling. Absolutely nothing indicating that he'll be of any significant use this season. No ones even mentioned the pitch he took to the head in april.
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    with clint and andre, it's still gg for blocks/board
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    First of all, I didn't wish anything on anyone. Whatever happened with him today has already happened. Secondly, better get your sarcasm detector checked. Thirdly, Mrs. Lamb, you probably shouldn't be in this thread if you're expecting kudos for your son's performance so far this season.
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    Adams blew up after his third year though. He was traaaaaaaaaash a few years ago. Check out the 2015? thread on him its kinda funny. I like the RB comps in your post here. The whole offense is a huge ??? besides rodgers and adams.
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    Espns dynasty rankings don’t value prospects/youth nearly as much as most true dynasty rankings do. Razzball, rotowire and the dynastyguru(avg and Obp rankings) all have him top 20 overall, even as high as 7 in TDG Obp rankings(https://thedynastyguru.com/2018/06/28/the-top-500-dynasty-league-players-for-obp-leagues-july-2018/) granted those rankings are the absolute extreme when it comes to valuing prospects, but in true dynasty formats to get on top you live and die by these top prospects in the long run. He’s jumped Acuna in my mind and is equal to vlad jr. If vlad comes up this year and struggles at all I think Soto jumps him in dynasty value going into next season as well.
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    I'll call it now. Will not be surprised if Allison is cut by the end of training camp.
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    I hear you man. I'm still irrationally upset that the person who was OTC (albeit outside the drafting hours) was on the forum yet decided to not make a pick one hour after he just picked. I just don't get it.
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    Ah gotcha. I don't think anyone can argue that first part right now lol
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    I could see him stay the same or even improve. Had NOBODY to take any pressure off of him on the offensive end, so any shots he's not getting will be balanced by an (even further) improvement in efficiency. Easy top 15 selection.
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    Says he should be ready to go for the bumbling O’s next week. Will be starting again...
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    I know that I can be seen as naive here, but I always believe that 'superstars will be superstars'. same things were said about Carpenter, Goldschmidt, Keuchel etc.. even Schoop was once called as a 'total mess' a few weeks ago. heck with it, Schoop barely fits into the category of a legit 'star' in my standards. all of their underlying/surface numbers were pure garbage at first, but they all turned it around and started doing superstar things. there are reasons that these guys are labelled as the best in the business. even when the numbers say that they are playing like s--- right now, their body 'remembers' how to be great at this game. and when they get their groove back, they just do their thing like nothing happened before. and tbh, excluding MadBum's last start, it wasn't 'that' bad to be fair. he was great for his last 7 years, he was even very good last June. so don't panic too much. well.. if you are still worried, maybe in a redraft league this may be a good time to sell. but in a keeper, I still see him as a legit top 10~15 SP for at least 2~3 years. don't be too reactive, it will most likely kill your team in the long run. especially when you are dealing with legit stars.
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    New manager with a more conservative philosophy maybe? That's my guess.
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    Without question. Help with mine?
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    I think he had a crazy game ..like 8 rbis or something against cincy very early season. Meh,hes a former uber prospect whos 26 who cost nothing.
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    I am glad my league mates don't check rotoworld, because I want to steal this guy later in drafts
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    That's damn near a rhyme.
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    I feel Madbum gets it going & would stick with him. Your offense is solid. Thanks for mine and good luck!
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    At this point, we’ve seen enough reports: preseason is what’s needed. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Luck falls short of 4000 yards this season. He can’t get the Colts moving with only TY and Hines every week, and while Doyle and Ebron might help out, the WR corps is shallow. Dez would help; CRogers and RGrant ain’t exactly a fearsome duo.
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    Yes we are. The Reds are the ones not worthy. They are not worthy of having any players of his talent the way they have been going. Aside from the obvious bad ERA, it actually wasn't that bad. His WHIP is only 1, and he's in line for the win IF the Mets don't blow it. Obviously could have been better, but it was looking like it was going to be far worse too.
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    I have until tomorrow morning yeh? Whoever appears in my dream is my next pick.
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    Eventually. Just frustrated I trusted this guy again. Plus the rum and coke might be talking a bit.
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    Firmly on DND list. Everybody avoid
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    Eaton --> Conforto --> Martinez I think Martinez finds a way to get back in to the lineup for good, but Eaton and Conforto, to me, have the higher upside. Eaton was on a tear, despite a small sample size, early in the season before the DL stint and his bat still looks great. Hopefully his glove rounds into shape.
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    Ugh, Adell is the last guy in your system I would trade. Can you get it done with Frazier instead? Trading Ozuna at his lowest point and losing Adell is really going to hurt you. Help me out:
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    yeah I’d do it but that’s becauss I’m big on Mixon this year, especially in ppr. But can’t knock if you go the other way considering the pick that is involved.
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    Nats are realists whereas Mets are delusionalists.
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    That doesn't answer the question though... would you trade Howard and a pick for mixon?
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    More like ROY Hobbs amiright?
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    Realizing that fielding metrics aren't the greatest in the MLB yet along in MiLB, but Guerrero Jr. has made big strides defensively according to Baseball Prospectus' Fielding Runs Above-Average (FRAA) metric where he ranks 0.5 runs above-average this year at AA. https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/card/107184/vladimir-guerrero-jr. He's never going to be a great defender at 3rd, but the plan is to start him there and transition him to 1st and then DH when/if necessary. He's already made progress at 3rd and he very likely will continue to as he gets more professional coaching and experience. His D won't hold him back from a promotion to the majors, it's all about team control and $ with a talent like him. I've been saying it for a while but he will get AAA playing time this year and start next year back in AAA until 2 or 3 weeks into the season when they secure the extra year of control, and he'll likely be called up then. Recent other examples of that timeline are Ronald Acuna this year and Kris Bryant back in 2015.
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    Again, don't forget about the poor point. guard and defensive numbers. Melo's averages last year (and they won't change much): Assists: 1.3 Turnovers: 1.3 Steals: 0.6 Blocks: 0.6 You can't just look at the positives. That's how half of you take 160 rank point guards in the 9th round. Look at the whole picture. I really doubt a 34-year-old Melo improves and posts Top 100 value, in large part because of his fantasy deficiencies.
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    Has he been linked to anyone? I'm very interested in seeing if he or Alf Morris signs with Carolina, indy, or Miami.
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    yeah man, prospects suck. i'd much rather just sign or trade mlb ready players for mlb ready players. you draft to win long term, that's the way it works. you use those chips to either trade for already established players or develop them.
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