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    "Step right up, folks! Step right up! Welcome to the Forums of Rotoworld! Now you kids grab your complimentary Small Sample Sizes and you'll be all set to start extrapolating numbers and passing judgement on full seasons, even career trajectories, of every player in the world!"
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    https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/7/27/17621332/titans-training-camp-day-2-notes 1st Star: Corey Davis THE star of the day was clearly Corey Davis though. I counted at least 4 touchdowns combined between 7-on-7’s and full team periods. He got behind Adoree Jackson on a deep post and made the grab for what would have been a long touchdown. He also beat Malcolm Butler a couple times for touchdowns, including one acrobatic catch where he fought back across Butler to make a leaping catch in the end zone. Butler vs. Davis is quickly turning in to one of the best matchups of Titans camp with Butler winning day one and Davis taking day two. These guys look extremely competitive and should make each other better over the next several weeks. Davis looked like a true superstar today.
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    Watching what juan soto is doing for the nationals makes the blue jays look like a terrible organization. When a guy is beyond ready you should give him a shot, service time be damned.
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    Ok I won't claim to be the world's greatest scout, but watching him hit (courtesy of MLB.com and it's overpriced sub. ) it looks like he's moving his shoulder differently. I also find it hard to believe that extremely patient, talented hitters like Conforto, who went through some unbelievable stretches last year, just suddenly turns into a talentless hitter withouut blaming injuries.
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    It amazes me that some people still don't understand what an anomaly Juan Soto is. OTHER THAN VLAD JR, pretty much no one IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL was putting up numbers like Juan Soto was doing in the minors at such a young age. Normally, what qualifies as an exciting prospect is a 21-year-old like Kyle Tucker who puts up a .900 OPS in the minors. JUAN SOTO HAD A 1.300 OPS IN THE MINORS AT AGE 19. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. So, no - other kids simply can't do what Soto is doing now.
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    yea there's a lot more to the craft of batting than just quick reflex that come with young age.
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    For those chasing next-in-lines, this is a nice, compact list as a reminder.
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    Syndergaard checked him out, he’s good to go.
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    Just Unbelievably Amassing Numbers Slugger Obliterating The Others
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    homework my friend, homework
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    Well these are both wrong...
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    When I started playing fantasy football, I played in a TD only league. I think my first round pick was Otto Graham. But fantasy football has evolved since then, and we should to. And grab your pitchforks, because I'm now going to suggest that instead of calling a 12-team league 'standard', it should be a 14-team league. In today's overload of information era, where everyone who even plays fantasy football casually knows who Kenny Golladay is, we no longer need the robust waiver wire that a 12-team league provides. As a matter of fact, to most who frequent this forum, it's probably not challenging enough. Look, it's awesome that you snagged Nelson Agholor off the waiver wire and he helped you win your league, but wouldn't it have been better if you had actually drafted him? One of the reasons some might balk at a 14 team league is scheduling. But I'm here to tell you that not only is a 14-team league schedule just as good as a 12-teamer, it's actually better. Here's the generic schedule I use for all my 14-team leagues: Every team plays every other team once in wks 1-13 In addition, every team also plays against the average 3 times during the season.* This gives all teams a beautiful, NFL-like 16 game schedule. Then, beginning in week 14, the top 6 make the playoffs, with the top two getting a bye. And, for those who do such things, the 8 non-playoff teams can also have their own little bracket as well. * Playing against the average awards teams that score the most points, while punishing teams who score the least. And it helps soften the bane of fantasy football - the "I scored the 2nd most points in the league but finished 6-7" lament. Also, doing it this way ensures that no one actually finishes 6-7, which is just fugly. You can do this with just one division, or you could break it down into two divisions, and have the division champs receive the first round byes. So, who's willing to join me and demand that 14 teams becomes the new standard? If you enjoyed this, watch for my next installment: "Why Best-Ball Should Be Standard", or "How I learned to stop worrying about Larry Fitzgerald's bulky hamstring in a 4:25 start"
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    Not saying you do it for Schoop and/or KG alone, but as part of a deal. I like his upside, especially if they wind up dealing Jones as well. But yeah, Brach for Santana seems about right. I'm just hoping for one of those crazy huge deals. Santana, Shaw, Schoop, KG, Brach, and more. Would love it.
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    Got my two of my best pitchers Severino and Quintana going this afternoon. Decent matchups hopefully be getting a couple quality starts to help my ratios.
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    What he means is. He keeps drafting 2b prospects that keep turning into outfielders. My man just wants a 2b prospect to stay at 2nd base. Glad i could help lol
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    Players of Chris Archer's caliber (a player who regularly produces 4-5 WAR per season) who is only owed $25M over the next 3 years, does not become available often in trade. It's obvious to see why any team, regardless of what their current major league roster looks like, would want to be involved in those discussions.
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    Daniel Murphy has quietly been beasting lately. I have him on a dynasty team and even I didn't notice that he's raised his ba to nearly 280 for the season. This month he's slashing 339/390/500 in 71 PA. It's not even really babip driven with a 331 considering he was north of 340 the previous two seasons. Don't know his defense has been, but dude has been mashing like many thought he could in the second half. Decent chance he improves even further too.
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    Imagine the lineup you'd have at this point in the year if you made moves based on the stats your players put up in their first five games of the season lol
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    Exactly. The person isn't entirely wrong that he's had spurts during the season that obviously ended up amounting to nothing, but one major difference this time around is he's not striking out along with it. Looking back through his game log, there were times when he was hitting HRs but still striking out. Obviously it's impossible to know for sure, but this time around looks/feels different.
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    Say what you will, but you will not find a more passionate group of fans than the denizens in Buffalo...
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    Exactly. There is real truth that today's youth is far far more athletic. More bat speed, more strength. Combined with organizational knowledge on hitting has become more advanced. So farm systems have much better plans on developing hitters properly then they did decades ago. Major league hitter has to put together a ton of elements. Being able to repeat Swing path/Swing mechanics, pitch recognition, Strike zone recognition, Barrel control, understanding pitch sequencing, bat speed, strength, reflexes, hand eye cordnation, and timing. Not matter how much knowledge we have gained, or how gifted the player is. Putting all those elements together takes time. Soto has been praised for his high IQ. How quickly he was able pick up English. English is a VERY VERY hard language to learn. So that shows much mental acuity he really has. The combination of mental skills, vision, psychical skills and advanced wisdom of hitting knowledge for his age. Power is on the rise in MLB...but K%, Contact and Batting average are still trending down.
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    Honestly, who else have they got? Louis Coleman? Alex Wilson? At this stage in the MLB season I figure they'll just give Jimenez a long leash and see what he can do, hiccups and all.
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    And you completely ignored the 5 game analysis of Arenado. Also Hampson has 7 total bases, 3 BB, 4 K Arenado has 7 total bases, 2 BB, 3 K I'm not saying he's a stud or a must have, but if you think this type of initial performance is simply nothing, I think that's a mistake at the moment. Your basically saying he's not meeting your expectations after 5 games, do you expect most players to overachieve in general?
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    8 team support staff leagues hate this thread even mohr.
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    Maybe if he homers tomorrow, then maybe, he’s ready. We have to be absolutely sure about his readiness before he makes that quantum leap from AA to AAA. I think he may need to hit .450 before they feel comfortable.
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    That would be an adjective...just sayin'...
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    HR and SB in first game back from minor league DL.
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    nice! the forum mock will probably be in the middle rounds by then
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    I'll take 12 K's any day. If you're gonna blast my ratios, strike out 12 while you're at it.
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    Nope, nobody agrees. This thread is 43 pages worth of Juan Soto sucks...
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    Bombs on back to back nights. Anyone heard of him? Seems pretty good.
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    Come on, bro.. if you're telling me that you thought Judge came with less risk than Bryant, I'm going to say I don't believe you without proof.
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    and yet every season a ridiculous number like 50% of rb's taken in the first round underperform their draft position
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    They're crap, but to me that's a good thing. The more variance there is between the stock rankings and my rankings the better.
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    Let me summarize the points i was making because i think they got lost in some of the anecdotes i provided: 1. Velocities are higher than ever before 2. In order to counter higher velocities, teams are getting increasingly younger (younger players have much faster reaction times). In order to counter younger position players, organizations are using younger pitchers who naturally throw the ball harder than older pitchers. 3. The days of perfecting pitching (mastering the strike zone) is over. Throw the ball really hard over the plate at velocities in the 95-100 mph range is enough to get 3 outs in a sequence on a major league roster somewhere and we'll figure everything else out later. 4. Technology (like statcast in every stadium including the minor leagues) make it easier to identify major league talent. If a guy has major league exit velocities in high A ball somewhere, he might be the next Max Muncy, Juan Soto, Cody Bellinger, etc. etc. 5. Due to the current structure of the CBA, organizations have very little incentive to promote younger players to the major leagues. So every organization is in the midst of an internal tug of war ... "we want to promote so and so player, but for non baseball reasons (for money reasons) we cannot" ... this should all change during the next CBA negotiations. Tying this all back to Juan Soto: his youth is a bonus not an impediment. his organization was aggressive with his callup because they are in win now mode. Or he too would likely be another vladimir guerrero batting over .400+ in double AA somewhere. There's a massive youth movement going on in baseball .. throw out much of what you know about conventional career archs/age curves/the 1 step ladder in the minor leagues/etc.
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    To reiterate on this point, I just realized Pat Shurmur was Trent Richardson's Head coach in Cleveland that year. He's now the Giants Head coach.
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    Well, there's an unsettling visual.
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    Really 4 of his last 5? Damn. I feel like every time I see his line it looks like he was facing the American Dreams (NES Baseball Stars reference because I'm old). I'll retract my snarkiness towards young Mr. Weaver. For now.
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    Well he was pretty stupid to turn down the multi year offer from the Ravens.
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    In this case, the dog has found 4 legs to hump out of the last 5 times he’s searched.
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    I always have troubles taking upside vs known commodities myself. Generally when I do they turn out to be Davante Parkers and when I don't they turn into Le'veon Bell. That said I'm personally on the Mixon fence. Leaning towards a pass for established players though, but we'll see. Preseason starts next week, Lotta time to back track these comments.
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    You're way off here. Don't you realize that tyrod is a huge down grade at QB?? I mean last year he had... Reality TV star Jay Cutler. OK, well what about the year before when he had... WR Ryan Tannehill at QB. OK. Carry on. Landry might just be OK.
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    And the Browns are on Hard Knocks. This just keeps getting better...
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    LMA was a pipe dream and he nearly made it back to me but I'm glad to land Horford there at 35 as he provides across the board stats.
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    Eugenio!!!!!! 5th straight game with a HR
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