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    Just wanted to reaffirm that Vladdy Jr. isn't being held back by his D. Not sure why it's being perpetuated (more than likely a combination of his size\build and out of date scouting reports). He's actually a positive defender at 3B in 2018 (1.2 Fielding Runs Above Average across AA\AAA), and essentially would be in line with what the Jays have gotten from Yangervis Solarte at 3B this year (i.e. ~flat FRAA, underwhelming range rating, positive error rate), save for the fact that he has a better arm and is far more athletic.Everything is ready for a callup. The only thing to wait for is the service time, which is perfectly acceptable given the state of the rest of the roster. Had they been in a hypothetical race for the second wild card (somehow without Donaldson), he would have been up. On a team that is going nowhere, there is no incentive for the organization to call him up and waste service time this year when they can get 7 years (6 years is standard team control over a player but if you call up a player shortly after the season starts, the team can gain an extra year since the player will have something like 5.89 years of service time by the beginning of the 6th year in the majors that he has played and to reach free agency, the player needs to cross the 6.00 years threshold). The reality is that Vladdy Jr. is being held back in the minors due to service time concerns and he will likely be on the Kris Bryant/Ronald Acuna timeline whereby they got called up a few weeks into the season which secured their organizations an extra year of control over the player.
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    It's not worth the effort. First it was that the Jays need a good defender because they have GB pitchers. Then it on fast players can maintain such a high BABIP. Then it was his HR/FB rate shows incoming regression. Then it was how his home park is the reason his has such a high average. Then it was that the Jays are a small market team. Then it was that he's only hitting .286 in like 3 games at AAA. The whole time maintaining that Vlad is "abysmal" defensively. I finally decided there was no point in responding anymore with that Byron Buxton comparison which is downright laughable. How to interpret statistics, sample size fallacies, defensive stats of the Jays and Vlad, minor league scouting reports, weighted offensive statistics have all been brought up and the guy just ignores them.
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    I'm confused. You seem to be saying "why ask him to catch, when you have an RB on the roster who can already catch?" Think it's easier to teach Howard how to catch? Or easier to teach Cohen to add height and weight and vision and power to his running game? Why would you ask Howard to catch when you have Cohen on the team? So that you can keep Howard on the field more. Why would you want to keep Howard on the field more? Because he's ten times the runner that Cohen is; because you don't want to tip your hand as to what the play will be based on the personnel on the field; all the obvious reasons.
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    Hi - I am here to overreact and move dudes up my rankings
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    Dak is garbage. Once Zeke was gone Dak fell apart. He was a QB1 until Zeke was suspended, then turned into barely a QB2
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    Re: Howard's receiving skills I think some of you are looking at this the wrong way. You draft Howard as a "poor man's Zeke" in that you are drafting a guy who has a legit shot at the rushing title and double digit TDs. If he happens to catch 40 balls on the way that's all gravy. I for one think that it's entirely possible he surprises with his catches this year, but I'm not expecting a whole lot in that department.
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    Fwiw: Muncy talked about how pitchers adjusted when pitching to him, going reverse on him with FB low, breaking balls high.... He is taking lots of strikes looking with that low FB. He is awere of all this and now has to adjust himself, I would give him some time on bench before droping.
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    Where's the haters now ? Single
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    So some guy at RW decided to write this blurb for Mondesi: Advice: Mondesi now has 12 steals in 33 games since arriving in the majors in June. He doesn't offer much upside in any other fantasy category, but the 23-year-old shortstop has quickly become a premier speedster. So even though he has 9 HR in 236 AB this year (AAA and KC) and 14 HR in 390 AB last year and 7 HR in 236 AAA AB in 2016...he offers little upside in any other cat. Mkay. He obviously some power upside. Oh, and he hit his 4th HR tonight for KC (in 116 MLB AB).
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    The $31M he lost leaving SA is a sunk cost. Whether he goes to LA or stays in Toronto, he's already out that money. So that part's irrelevant. Looking at the money he'd give up if he left, in the end it really only ends up to be about a 10% loss. His contract in Toronto would be $190M over 5 years ($38M AAV) vs $141M over 4 years ($35.25M AAV) if he went somewhere else, based on the current projections. So yes, it's $49M less, but it's also one less year. So if we assume at age 31 Kawhi would still be able to command at least $30M (could easily be more, but I'll be conservative here), you're looking at a loss of about a $19M (or 10%). In normal person terms, that'd be like looking at a $100k job vs a $90k job. So there is still a financial incentive to stay in Toronto, but it's really not as great as you think. I think whether Kawhi stays or goes is primarily going to depend on where he really wants to play next season. The financial aspect is really only going to be a small part of it.
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    Serious. 31 total HR, 27 solo.
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    Probably whiplash watching that HR go out of the stadium.
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    Catchrate? Why would you even ask that question as a comparison? When you cite a metric like catch rate without context then you severely weaken your position and honestly there is nothing to discuss because standalone it's a useless metric to compare 2 wr's. Catch rate simply tells you the completed % of passes to a receiver, which sort of means nothing when comparing 2 wr's because if your QB is inaccurate then your catch rate will suck. Now if you asked what the catch rate was on CATCHABLE targets in which the QB is accurate with the pass, then you would be drilling down on a nice comp, then maybe we could start talking about air yards and contested catch rates. But maybe you wasn't thinking along those lines and you probably didn't know what catch rate actually measured or that catch rate needs to be used in combination with other metrics such as yards per reception to derive a meaning. I'm not even going to get into the bad comp of 'catchrate when you are looking at 1 wr who plays out of the slot 47% vs the other who lines up in the slot 3% and the air yars are not comparable, but that's for another day.
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    Gosh golly it’s scary thinking for yourself and deviating from preseason “expert” ranks, isn’t it? I prefer thinking for myself, try it sometimes. Saquon Barkley is a freak of nature in line for 300+ touches with 60+ of them being receptions. Enjoy your “safe” picks - I prefer talent, workload, and thinking for myself. See ya in the 2019 “should I take him 1st overall?” Outlook
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    Honestly, if he develops a league average breaking ball that would be a great thing. It'll play up with the FB/CH combo. Fangraphs had the CB at PV/FV of 5/55 (haha). If it truly reaches a 55, then we're talking. I'm not too worried about the K rate drop yet. I wasn't surprised to see a drop when he moved to AA. The current drop is mostly related to his first few outings. He's gone 8K in 5.2 IP and 7K in 5.0 IP in his last two outings, both against Houston's Corpus Christi affiliate which is one of the better offenses in the Texas League. Hopefully he keeps that up (and finds that breaking ball along the way).
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    It's enough to give me pause, but here's one optimistic take on Jones' value in 2018 courtesy of Evan Silva: source: http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/80524/59/lions-fantasy-preview Marvin Jones shook off an uneven first season in Detroit to explode for top-ten fantasy results in year two, leading the NFL in yards per reception (18.0) and ranking ninth in receiving yards (1,101). Jones has finished 16th and 8th among wide receivers in Air Yards as a Lion. Jones put a stranglehold on deep targets in Detroit’s 2017 passing game and recorded a 51.6% catch rate on 20-plus-yard throws, fourth best among 59 qualified receivers (PFF). Jones’ signature game came on Thanksgiving, roasting elite CB Xavier Rhodes for 6/109/2 receiving on nine targets. (Rhodes did shut down Jones for four yards on three targets in their Week 4 meeting.) One concern was Jones’ loss of 4.5 targets and 24.1 yards per game when Kenny Golladay played, although Eric Ebron’s departure frees up 86 targets and Detroit did little to replace that usage. Ultimately, Jones is a role-secure No. 1 receiver in a pass-first offense with plus quarterback play. He’s a fringe WR1 who’s being drafted as a mid-to-late WR2.
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    Don't know what it is but I just can't pull the trigger on him. He has put up solid state lines every year but when I watch him play, I just don't see anything that makes me think he is the "real deal".
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    Josh Gordon is a PLAYMAKER not a mere pass catcher. The naysayers seem to forget that about him. He doest only catch what is thrown to him, he catches and THEN HE MAKES GAME CHANGING PLAYS once the ball is in his hands. This is what separates josh from other pass catchers. Landry doesnt do that, no one other skills player on the Brown does that.
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    Just for comparison's sake, here are the stats of 2 RB's over the past 2 seasons: RB 'A' 2016 / age 24 season - 3.4 YPC, 5.9 YPR, 81.1% catch rate 2017 / age 25 season - 3.8 YPC, 8.3 YPR, 75% catch rate RB 'B' 2016 / age 24 season - 3.5 YPC, 8.5 YPR, 68.9% catch rate 2017 / age 25 season - 3.8 YPC, 9.2 YPR, 78.9% catch rate One is a "bum" that everyone is laughing at getting drafted in the 11th+ round and will never amount to anything, the other is being drafted in the late 2nd round/early 3rd and expected to carry fantasy teams to glory. I'm not trying to say Booker and McKinnon are the same player or even the same talent level, but I find it odd that everyone is being so dismissive of Booker given his opportunity. The whole selling point on McKinnon is that even those his YPC and YPR stink, he's going to get lots of use and have every opportunity to perform. While Booker doesn't have the luxury of Kyle Shanahan, he seems to be in a position to get some volume. And if volume can prop up McKinnon's fantasy value, I don't see why it can't do the same for Booker. Also the notion that Freeman will eat into or take over the lead back role can't just be based on talent - if he can't pass protect or block, then that's another plus for Booker. Even at his sub-par averages, if he's all of a sudden getting starter volume then he's easily worth a late round pick to see what happens.
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    I can see Jayson Tatum having a really good season because of the ELECTRIC playoff experience he had he is now sweating with confidence. Remember when someone played really well on the post season it usually translates to an even better and more productive player to the upcoming regular season, this is what happened to the likes of nobodies like Jonas Valanciunas and Isaiah Thomas from before. They went ballistic and broke out in 1 playoffs series then suddenly they are so confident and improved a lot next season. Taytum also worked out with Kobe Bryant and acquired the mamba mentality. I feel like Taytum will have a huge sophomore leap and finish top 20 this season.
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    After the 2015 season that forced him to undergo surgeries to 3 different body parts because the offensive line was total garbage juice, he missed just about all of the offseason program recovering and had lost a lot of weight being unable to train for all that time. So in the preseason, he was "competing" for the job with Blaine Gabbert because of this and because the 49ers didn't want his 2017 salary to become fully guaranteed due to injury (they essentially gave him the RGIII treatment). This is the same type of guarantee that forced Jacksonville to keep Blake Bortles this offseason and then they compounded it by giving him a 2 year extension with 7 more million in guarantees, but I digress. Kaepernick was already kneeling in the preseason before Gabbert was named the starter. The anthem thing hadn't become a big controversy yet, and it's weird that someone would connect that with being benched. Once Kaepernick restructured his contract to eliminate the injury guarantee and remove future years from the deal, he was immediately re-installed as the starter because Gabbert is trash. His last 6 games produced a 96.2 QB rating, literally the same rating Jimmy G had last season.
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    *bane voice* Oh, you think Coors is your ally. But you merely adopted the elevation; I was born in it, moulded by it.
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    Can I interest anyone in a little video?
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    Oh he could always hit from the get go. It was command of the strike zone that was missing thus all the K's and so little walks. His weakness is chasing balls up and outside for some weird reason since most left-handed batters don't even like a high, outside strike let alone a ball a foot off the plate. But he said he spent a lot of the time on the DL going over videos and looking at his good ABs vs his bad ones and he thought he has learned more as a result. Also the coaches as well as JD Martinez have been working with him a lot and the other guys have been trying to help him too. He is only 21. He will be a monster when he grows up.
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    I finally got around to watching Hard Knocks tonight and it is very clear that Hugh Jackson loves Gordon. When his absence was first mentioned in a meeting, he brushed itoff and basically said "Gordon will be here." Then he seemed very sincere when he was talking about a text he got from Gordon after Hue's mom died. If you factor in all the positive comments from Hue last year and I am pretty sure Hue Jackson is Dashoe. It's also pretty clear that Coleman is a flake and that is why he was traded. They showed multiple drops and a Jarvis Landry rant about playing hurt. Coleman missed a practice this past Saturday and I would bet that the Landry rant was directed at Coleman. If you want a negative slant, Todd Haley does not seem like the kind of dude that is accepting of Gordon's shtick. But as long as Hue is running the show, you can be sure Gordon will be featured because he made it very clear that this was HIS (meaning Hue's) team.
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    When people claim unproven commodities are extremely good the thread always turns into chaos. When that unproven commodity doesn’t do anything and people still claim they are extremely good (Michael, Gordon, and etc) the thread becomes even worse. Claiming a guy is top 5 when he hasn’t done much is obviously going to create a thread. It’s not saying the unproven player can’t become good. However, Henry has been hyped up an absurd amount for what he has done and every single flaw his been blamed on the coaches. Thus, these threads were born. These threads are extremely entertaining to read and post in but there’s maybe 2 pages worth anything here.
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    Well it's true - Barton cares about getting his first and foremost. And only a coach like Mike Malone would allow Barton to get more touches than Gary and Murray.
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    Let's hope the Indians can score 2 or 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th. As it stands now this one would have BS written all over it.
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    Remember when he was batting .286 in AAA? Those were dark times.
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    He legitimately cannot hit Sliders.(he's seen over 200 of them, 37% K rate and 72% GB rate with a .457 OPS) However he has a 16% O-Swing against them. So any pitcher that can throw Sliders for strikes will give him problems. Using his own patience and eye by getting quickly ahead in the count. Throwing Sliders for in the zone that he wont swing at before he gets to 2 strikes because he can read spin. Not every pitcher throws Sliders, and not everyone that can throw an effectively Slider. Can spot the location good enough to consistently hit the Strike zone w/o giving cement mixers. Which means its a specific problem he faces against a certain group of pitchers. Its a completely different thing than Byron Buxton's notorious Slider problem.. because Buxton swings at a ton of sliders outside the zone probably because he cannot actually read spin good enough. So any junkballer can get him since they don't have to worry about locating. TDLR: Yes he does have a weakness, no I am not worried because its a game plan not all pitchers can successfully pull off.
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    Baseball America: (His) bread and butter is a curveball that registers a spin rate of better than 3,000 on StatCast. MLB:com: “Garcia generates tremendous spin on both his fastball and curveball … some of the best spin rates in a Yankees organization that puts a premium on them.” Only 5 MLBers currently have a spin rate on their curveball that exceeds 3000 RPM.
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    Saquon Barkley is so good that posts like this are made as “counter points”
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    Not the worst numbers but it's going to be worse since it's in Coors
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    Regarding interceptions: It is short-sighted to cite only the number of games he played in rather than consider the number of opportunities (passing attempts). I am concerned about interceptions for any rookie. Peyton Manning Threw 28 INTs on 575 attempts (0.0487 INT rate per Attempt, almost 1 every 20 attempts) his rookie season. NFL Total: 251 INTs on 9,380 attempts: 0.0268 rate His college numbers at Tennessee were 33 career INTs on 1381 attempts (0.0239 rate). Alex Smith Threw 11 INTs on 165 attempts (0.0667 INT rate per attempt, over 1 every 20 attempts) his rookie season. NFL Total: 96 INTs on 4,613 attempts: 0.0201 rate His college numbers at Utah were 8 career INTs on 587 attempts (0.0136 rate). Sam Bradford Threw 15 INTs on 590 attempts (0.0254 INT rate per attempt, about 1 every 40 attempts) his rookie season. NFL Total: 57 INTs on 2,887 attempts: 0.0197 rate His college numbers at Oklahoma were 16 career INTs on 893 attempts (0.0179 rate). Matthew Stafford Threw 20 INTs on 377 attempts (.0531 INT rate per attempt, over 1 every 20 attempts) his rookie season. NFL Total 118 INTs on 4,850 attempts: 0.0243 rate His college numbers at Georgia were 33 career INTs on 987 attempts (0.0334 rate). Baker Mayfield College numbers at Texas Tech and Oklahoma were 30 career INTs on 1,497 attempts (0.0200 INT rate per attempt, 1 every 50 attempts). Patrick Mahomes II Threw 1 INT on 35 attempts in a garbage time game his rookie year; has him off to a .0286 interception rate, 1 ever 35 attempts. His college numbers at Texas Tech were 29 INTs on 1,349 attempts (.0215 rate)
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    Opportunity locked up...heavily involved... kept over CJA due to any reason other than price.... better opportunity than others at his ADP... All kinds of wrong. Look, if you want to argue that $hit happens in the NFL and bookers cheap-ish...(10th round in my most recent draft) then fine. No amount of analysis or insight can counter that. But he’s a BAD FOOTBALL PLAYER. It happens- the best scouts miss on prospects yearly. For Booker- it was one of the nations best offensive lines at Utah (4 of the starting 5 are on NFL rosters), combined with his advanced age and physical developmental. He never had the skills to be an NFL running back. Booker can catch and pass protect. THATS IT. He runs into his linemen half the time he carries. Just another COP with limited skills. I think we’re all done here- appreciate the spirited debate and please return to eat crow.
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    It would be one thing if this were a new struggle for him, but 29 INT in 32 college games says otherwise.
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    I just think at Booker's current ADP, the odds of any RB you pick being fantasy relevant is quite low. The top RB's have both a high level of talent, and a great level of opportunity. When you get down to the later rounds you have to choose between perceived talent and opportunity, and in Booker's case you're banking on the opportunity. The odds might not be in his favor, but when there's 250+ touches to be spread out at RB between Booker and a couple rookies, I think he becomes as good of a dart throw as any. I'm not trying to advocate reaching for him, or that he's going to be a stud, but most of the alternatives at his ADP need injuries to be fantasy relevant. And at least with Booker, if he's starting off the year as the head of the committee, you will know quite quickly if he's worth rostering or not - if he loses the job after a couple weeks cut him and go on to the next dart throw. If you draft someone like Latavius Murray, what's your plan with him? Roster him for 16 weeks waiting for Cook to go down and give him the opportunity to play? It's basically a dead roster spot.
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    Earlier in the week I saw talk about a Thursday activation. It's why I put him in my lineup. Lord knows I need him to rake the rest of the way for me to have any chance down the stretch.
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    On the plus side, the Jays have moved up to 3rd place in Baseball America's latest organizational talent rankings (no link - paywall) and the Rogers' Sportsnet website's front page is filled with prospect talk about potential callups.
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    Yeap. "Yancey has really progressed, G-Mo, obviously 16, but the rest was really piss poor." I keep coming back to Obviously 16, becasue it's so awesome for a walk-on who doesn't even have an ADP. I think I will draft him and rename my team to Obviously 16.
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    They traded Eloy Jimenez AND Dylan Cease for him (as well as one other prospect, but Cease is a stud)
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    The “boring” notion regarding any player in fantasy is utterly ridiculous. I remember owning Gore a few years back and he would practically get 10-12 points every damn game in standard and it was absolutely awesome. Points are great no matter how they come. The tendency to pick flashy players over proven good players always baffled me. At the end of the day, the one with the W is the one with the smile.
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    I am pretty confident at this point that the Yankees have some weird Latin pitcher factory. Garcia, Roansy Contreras, Luis Medina.... feels like a guy or two every year at this point.