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    Catchrate? Why would you even ask that question as a comparison? When you cite a metric like catch rate without context then you severely weaken your position and honestly there is nothing to discuss because standalone it's a useless metric to compare 2 wr's. Catch rate simply tells you the completed % of passes to a receiver, which sort of means nothing when comparing 2 wr's because if your QB is inaccurate then your catch rate will suck. Now if you asked what the catch rate was on CATCHABLE targets in which the QB is accurate with the pass, then you would be drilling down on a nice comp, then maybe we could start talking about air yards and contested catch rates. But maybe you wasn't thinking along those lines and you probably didn't know what catch rate actually measured or that catch rate needs to be used in combination with other metrics such as yards per reception to derive a meaning. I'm not even going to get into the bad comp of 'catchrate when you are looking at 1 wr who plays out of the slot 47% vs the other who lines up in the slot 3% and the air yars are not comparable, but that's for another day.
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    Gosh golly it’s scary thinking for yourself and deviating from preseason “expert” ranks, isn’t it? I prefer thinking for myself, try it sometimes. Saquon Barkley is a freak of nature in line for 300+ touches with 60+ of them being receptions. Enjoy your “safe” picks - I prefer talent, workload, and thinking for myself. See ya in the 2019 “should I take him 1st overall?” Outlook
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    Don't know what it is but I just can't pull the trigger on him. He has put up solid state lines every year but when I watch him play, I just don't see anything that makes me think he is the "real deal".
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    *bane voice* Oh, you think Coors is your ally. But you merely adopted the elevation; I was born in it, moulded by it.
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    Can I interest anyone in a little video?
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    Oh he could always hit from the get go. It was command of the strike zone that was missing thus all the K's and so little walks. His weakness is chasing balls up and outside for some weird reason since most left-handed batters don't even like a high, outside strike let alone a ball a foot off the plate. But he said he spent a lot of the time on the DL going over videos and looking at his good ABs vs his bad ones and he thought he has learned more as a result. Also the coaches as well as JD Martinez have been working with him a lot and the other guys have been trying to help him too. He is only 21. He will be a monster when he grows up.
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    Opportunity locked up...heavily involved... kept over CJA due to any reason other than price.... better opportunity than others at his ADP... All kinds of wrong. Look, if you want to argue that $hit happens in the NFL and bookers cheap-ish...(10th round in my most recent draft) then fine. No amount of analysis or insight can counter that. But he’s a BAD FOOTBALL PLAYER. It happens- the best scouts miss on prospects yearly. For Booker- it was one of the nations best offensive lines at Utah (4 of the starting 5 are on NFL rosters), combined with his advanced age and physical developmental. He never had the skills to be an NFL running back. Booker can catch and pass protect. THATS IT. He runs into his linemen half the time he carries. Just another COP with limited skills. I think we’re all done here- appreciate the spirited debate and please return to eat crow.
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    There's been rumors that he might consider Brooklyn or NYC. At best it's a few degrees warmer there than Toronto on average in the winter. So which is it? I think the answer is it's all rumors and speculation you cannot take at face value. The key things are that he's in Toronto, he has a lot to play for and he's going to be the focus on offense. He should post a career year and so anyone dropping him in their rankings is making a big mistake.
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    Doubt he will be there at 22, definitely not at 27.
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    Terrible trade - never like when guys come out of nowhere and make these deals - the Collusion word gets thrown around a lot in the fantasy game, but the word I often use as commissioner which I think applies more is indifference, where these owners just dont care their buddy talks them into making a deal and they are like "yeah whatever" with no thought, those are often the deals that ruin leagues more than straight up collusion.
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    Hitting a homer off prized prospect Kyle Wright is a good sign. Also hitting .455 now with 8 walks and 2 strikeouts (yes, those are in the correct order). AAA isn't much of a challenge either.
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    Aguilar has 3 HR in his last 6 games.
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    What bit was offensive? For the record, I work a lot with people on the autistic spectrum, had a dear friend with autism and even a family member with some traits. Autism is not a swear word to me, and I would hope neither to you or anyone else.
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    You're assuming Cooks will ONLY be a down-field threat that only gets the long bombs.... There have been reports over the Summer stating that Cooks will be used in the Tavon Austin role as well. Jet and Fly sweeps, to go along with going long. Seems like a conservative estimate, but that's just my opinion. Can't wait for the season to start!
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    Joe Mixon lined up as a WR, made a catch, broke a tackle, and scored. Looked pretty good.
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    Personally not a fan of relying heavily on TDs even if they are a relative certainty to come in bunches with Rodgers at the helm. I'd go with Allen for this reason. Not having as much of his production based upon TDs makes him a more consistent option as well and I believe that consistency is a virtue in fantasy football (25 pts and 25pts give you a better shot at 2 wins than 50 pts and 0 pts). Chargers are losing a lot of TDs with no Henry or Gates as well so Allen could see a slight uptick in that area.
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    Love the Beni/Nola offer, I'd probably jump on that first.
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    Exactly! I agree 100%. Our goal is 100 pages before the season starts. That's 27 pages to go, and we have 28 days 5 hours until kickoff. We'll need one page per day.
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    He has always been a boom or bust guy anyway. Just makes him even more volatile.
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    Starting against a righty again today.
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    I will echo what K197040 says. Don't use up an extra spot on a QB or TE in 10 man leagues. Also don't hancuff. I find I can usually get an extra starting RB or two who I would possibly play as a flex or during by weeks than a handcuff. I also find that you feel obligated to keep a handcuff all year and you will miss out on that next big RB to break out. I'd rather have bench spots with guys I will be happy to play as a flex in a good match-up or an RB with big upside/breakout potential than a cuff that doesn't play much. Overtime I have found that I'm less "married" to my bench guys and sometimes I have to drop a bench guy to take a shot on a flyer/hunch. They might not always work out but if you don't take chances you will miss out on the next one. Also having more starting RBs is never a problem as you can always trade one to a RB needy team during the year. I find in my 10 man keeper league I have had success trading a starting RB each year if I have hit on some with potential. As for the later rounds I would rank guys in a list of who you want and at what position/ADP you would feel comfortable drafting them. Have a plan going into the draft but be flexible. Having a list with your top guys you want to target in later rounds will help keep you organized. Also, depending on how your earlier rounds go you might have to stray from your list a bit if there is an area of need. Be flexible but don't feel bad about grabbing a guy you like. Worst case scenario you drop him in the early weeks for another flyer/upside guy.
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    Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Kenny Stills, WR, Miami @BlakeP42
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    Yes...Guice could have a better year than Barkley and he's a great dynasty asset. But just based on talent, Barkley should have a better year and career. It really depends on what assets you have to give up.
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    Hes been meh on everything besides average and obp the last two plus months. A combined 9hrs and 30 rbi In his last 55 games with 23 runs scored. He should be doubling those totals in his lu and where he’s at in his career.
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    He might just be super bummed out he’s still on the Marlins ?
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    Stole this from a video on youtube, basically highlights Cousins success throwing to the TEs. Interesting that Minnesota threw to their TEs close to the same percentage, just had a bunch less pass attempts and much less efficiency.
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    It’s the 13th best season from a yards standpoint ever. In 14 games. With pathetic QBs. I understand not liking Gordon but you hate him just to hate.
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    Posting on an an Internet forum thread, particularly this one, is arguably the definition of unnecessary effort.
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    You keep referring to this, "common knowledge", "everybody knows", etc. Well, books are usually fiction, common knowledge is flawed and everybody knows Jack. Common knowledge is a starting point at best. Let's hold each other on this forum to higher standards. Validate your knowledge with numbers AND with tape. If either of them don't match, be prepared to discuss it, and learn something. We're talking about something fluid and dynamic, so keep the discussion open, and be prepared to become better informed.
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    Russell Wilson, OBJ, Landry, Evans, Hunt, Henry, Ertz
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    I misread this btw, my apologies.
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    Where’s the daily J.D. Marti- er, um, I mean “Julio Daniel” - update?
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    Severino looking like Severino again. Getting up to 98-99 with the heater and changeup is dancing. Looks like he was pitching tight at first then he got a nice lead and was able to relax.
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    One of the most petty ejections I’ve ever seen. Walking up to the plate he calmly told the ump, with his head down, that a pitch in his previous at bat was outside. The ump said what, he repeated calmly again, and got tossed. The Nats were collectively pissed off.
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    Uhhh.....long runs = more points in my and every other Fantasy Football League in existence (besides TD only leagues). Do you not like points?
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    Perhaps... but Rodgers is a straight shooter, and he did call Cobbs breakout. We’re getting some important information here #1 Adams #2 Cobb #3 Allison #4 Kumerow We also have Graham at TE. There is enough here to be optimistic about Rodgers production for 2018 (for anyone worried about Jordy gone). This also solidifies K. Allen as the WR to target in the 2nd round over Adams. I’m targeting Allison as my late upside WR pick, and I’ll be watching Kumerow as a pickup if someone gets injured. I’m concerned about Cobbs durability and targets.
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    I just wish this thread wasn't such a pissing match. There's plenty of points to be made on either side when it comes to the Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook, but it would be great to be able to have a more productive and civil debate/discussion and not have the thread turn into a joke.
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    If you look at balls in play, the player he matches up with best is Nimmo. 17% HR/FB compared to 18% for Nimmo, 38% FB rate is the same as Nimmos, LD rate is about 3% higher for Vlad. If you seriously think his AA stats shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt, realize that per park factors, NH is one of the most offensive-friendly stadiums in AA. 2 of the top 5 and 3 of the top 15 averages in the Eastern league are from NH. That's with Vlad not in the standings... that team even makes Cavan Biggio look like he could actually make the majors.
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    I took a chance on Cooks at the 4/5 turn (picks 48/49). To me, I think the general attitudes as shown above is what makes him a value pick. If everyone was high on him then he'd be getting picked a lot earlier. I get the worry that he's going to a jam-packed offense to supposedly play a role that Watkins stunk in last year, but I find it a bit too simplistic to just take Watkins' targets last year and cap that as Cooks' ceiling for this year. I also find it a bit funny that everyone was clamoring (not necessarily specific posters in this thread, just in general) to draft Cooks in the 2nd/3rd rounds last year when he was going to NE, in a very similar situation to this year, or maybe even more crowded. With the Pats he was going to be fighting for looks with Edelman, Gronk, Hogan, all the RB's, etc, but they traded a high draft pick for him and it was Hoodie so everyone bought in big time. Now it's a similar story another year later, going to a new team with a good offense but lots of weapons. Has to find his share of targets amongst Woods, Kupp, Gurley, etc., but team traded a decent amount of assets for him and paying him pretty well. Cooks has had 3 straight 1000+ yard seasons, and is going to another high powered offense, so I just don't get why everyone is so down on him. And those "weapons" around him are arguably less competition for targets than he had in NE. Woods "broke out" last year and still didn't hit 800 yards. Kupp had a good year but was a late pick and likely has limited upside. I know the arguments against Cooks this year are that the role in McVay's offense will limit him, and that Goff is no Brady/Brees. There might be some truth to that, but I also think they might be oversold. Watkins didn't do so great, but maybe that's more on Watkins than the role in McVay's offense - the guy hasn't exactly had a track record of excellent production. Goff might not have a HOF resume, but he went from a crud rookie year with a 63.6 QBR to a pretty good second year with over 3,800 yards passing and a 100.5 QBR. It's not out of the question that he can support a good year from Cooks, or even that he could further improve. I agree that he's far from a slam dunk this year to repeat a 1,000 yard season, but I also think his ADP reflects that. In the range he's going, I think he's great value - a guy that has a known ceiling of being a borderline WR1 in PPR, but should also have a solid floor as well. While the role he's in might end up limiting his upside, I also think it's a role (and price tag that was paid for him) that will sustain him as at least a low-end WR2.
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    I'm not trying to dismiss what you are saying completely because compared to the Zeke's and Bell's of the world he probably will have less touches. But he had more touches than Ingram after he began playing in week 4 of last year. He was on the field roughly 60% of the snaps and the last 6 games he was averaging more goal line touches also, and as a RB he is naturally going to have more touches than Michael Thomas. Not to mention Ingram is suspended the first 4 games. Therefore, he is indeed the #1 option on the offense. All he needs is 15 carries and 5 catches a game to do plenty of damage. Whether game flow dictates more runs & less catches, or more catches & less runs, Kamara is going to get his. Payton is too smart not to get him the ball.
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    The problem with chicago bull is their medical team they always have injury prone players its really scary to draft a player from this team remember what happened to derrick rose, they were really incompetent in medicine and health. And jabari is like one of the softest and most fragile body in NBA have you seen how his legs wiggle every time he jump and run down the court its like a marshmallow!!! can this guy even play minimum number of 30 games? Healthy Jabari though is like 7th round in my value because he cant do anything aside from scoring no other stats. And chicago has too many mouths to blowjab for this season they have dunn-lavine-carter-markkanen 3 of those 4 players are chuckers and will take up at least 70 shots per game of the whole team what would be left for parker? and remember denzel valentine is a highly touted prospect for bulls because of getting perfect 10/10 score in leadership category of nbadraft.net and he plays same position with parker so they might split minutes. Best round to pick him is 7 and below for standard leagues
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    Our league leaves them as untouchable until the following year where we have to draft them. I guess it makes it fair that way.
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    holy freakin' schnikies ... i gotta switch to Sanka.
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    I thought this may be an interesting thread to bump with a lot of signings completed on July 2nd. Notables (I believe based on MLB Pipeline rankings): 1. Diego Cartaya, C, Venezuela -- Dodgers ($2,500,000) 2. Marco Luciano, OF, Dominican Republic -- Giants ($2,600,000) 3. Misael Urbina, OF, Venezuela -- Twins ($2,750,000) 4. Orelvis Martinez, SS, Dominican Republic -- Blue Jays ($3,500,000) 5. Richard Gallardo, RHP, Venezuela -- Cubs ($1,000,000) 6. Gabriel Rodriguez, SS, Venezuela -- Indians ($2,100,000) 7. Noelvi Marte, SS, Dominican Republic -- Mariners ($1,550,000) 8. Starlyn Castillo, RHP, Dominican Republic -- Phillies ($1,600,000) 9. Osiel Rodriguez, RHP, Cuba -- Yankees 10. Kevin Alcantara, SS, Dominican Republic -- Yankees 11. Antonio Gomez, C, Venezuela -- Yankees ($600,000) 12. Junior Sanquintin, SS, Dominican Republic -- Indians ($1,250,000) 13. Francisco Alvarez, C, Venezuela -- Mets ($2,700,000) 14. Sandy Gaston, RHP, Cuba 15. Jose De La Cruz*, OF, Dominican Republic -- Tigers ($1,800,000) 16. Alvin Guzman, OF, Dominican Republic -- D-backs ($1,850,000) 17. Jose Lopez, OF, Dominican Republic -- Cubs ($1,500,000) 18. Eduarqui Fernandez, OF, Dominican Republic -- Brewers ($1,100,000) 19. Adinso Reyes, SS, Dominican Republic -- Tigers ($1,450,000) 20. Eduardo Garcia, SS, Venezuela -- Brewers 21. Jose Rodriguez, C, Venezuela -- Rangers ($2,000,000) 22. Alejandro Pie, SS, Dominican Republic -- Rays ($1,400,000) 23. Eduardo Lopez, OF, Dominican Republic -- Red Sox ($1,150,000) 24. Alexander Ramirez, OF, Dominican Republic -- Angels 25. Freddy Valdez, OF, Dominican Republic -- Mets ($1,450,000) 26. Branlyn Jaraba, SS, Colombia -- Brewers ($1,100,000) 27. Luis Matos, OF, Venezuela -- Giants ($725,000) 28. Joel Machado, LHP, Venezuela -- Cubs ($850,000) 29. Denny Larrondo, RHP, Cuba -- Yankees ($550,000) 30. Jerming Rosario, RHP, Dominican Republic -- Dodgers ($600,000)
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    Multiple runs in here that show vision, agility, power, and etc. In fact, there are more impressive runs in here than the Henry run from a making guys miss standpoint and just overall quality. He is still a bum.
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    Tennessee has had one of the most effective run blocking lines in the NFL for years, so frankly the whole bbbut New England talking point people are trying to use against Dion is stupid.