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    Gotta love rotoworld and their timely advice. Kinda funny as this is their "recommendations" from yesterday and today. Poor schmucks who have to rely on their information. Seth Lugo on Sunday: Seth Lugo scattered a pair of hits and fired a scoreless ninth inning to record his first save of the year in the Mets' win over the Marlins on Sunday. Lugo was called upon to preserve a one-run lead in the ninth inning after Robert Gsellman fired a scoreless eighth. He immediately gave up a leadoff single to pinch-hitter J.T. Realmuto, but got the ensuing batter, Rafael Ortega, to ground into a double-play. Miguel Rojas delivered a two-out base knock, but Lugo induced a game-ending worm-burner off the bat of Starlin Castro to slam the door. He needed just 17 pitches to close this one out. The 28-year-old is the heavy favorite to close for the Mets down the home stretch with Anthony Swarzak on the disabled list with shoulder inflammation. He's 3-3 with a 2.77 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 78/26 K/BB ratio in 81 1/3 innings. Aug 12 Gsellman on Monday: Robert Gsellman - R - Mets Robert Gsellman pitched a perfect ninth for a save Monday against the Yankees. Gsellman couldn't go more that two straight appearances without allowing a run in the latter part of June and the entire month of July, but he's on a nice run of late, through 6 2/3 scoreless innings in six appearances this month. Anthony Swarzak could reenter the mix for saves soon, but Gsellman is the clear favorite for now.
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    Over the last 30 days: .330 AVG 10 HR 20 RBI 23 Runs 6 SB 17 XBH 197 wRC+ .468 wOBA 8.7 BB% 24.0 K% 47.8 Hard%
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    Forgive me if there isn't one already. 18 year old Padres RHP striking lots of guys out throwing in the high 90s. BaseballAmerica just called him one of the breakouts of the year and Baseball prospectus just compared him favorably to McKenzie Gore Interestingly enough, his mechanics have drastically changed on video this year. He now looks like a spitting image of McKenzie Gore's form, a little like Kershaw, but from the right side. Expect this name to slide in some top 100s this off-season on the back end with room for growth because of his age. If he has a late growth spurt and gets a little taller, the hype will get real.
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    Glasnow + Meadows +............. Shane Baz nice! Baz, who was selected No.12 overall last year, certainly qualifies. The 19-year-old owns a 3.91 ERA with 73 strikeouts over his first 69 innings in pro ball. He was one of Pittsburgh's best pitching prospects, so the Rays did very well in this deal. man FLEECED the pirates for archer what a deal, great job rays
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    Devontae Booker averages 3.6 YPC the last two years, gets the “starting job” and everyone says he’s trash and should be cut (myself included) Jerick McKinnon averages 3.6 YPC the last two years*, gets the “starting job” and everyone says he’s a 20 touch workhorse worthy of a 2nd round pick sorry I’m just not seeing it. Not a hater, just playing devil’s advocate
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    Isn't it crazy we think of some of these guys as losers when we would give our left nut to switch places with them?
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    I have an update on when Josh Gordon will join the Browns - on what date do the Hard Knocks camara crews leave?
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    Cano is hitting 2nd in the lineup and he is playing at 1B, good to see him back in that lineup.
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    In my sampling I've found McKinnon actually goes slightly sooner in "real" drafts than he does in mocks, especially in bigger money leagues with more 'seasoned' owners. Whether they are right or not, you can see just by the opinions and dialogue on this board that there are quite a few fantasy veterans that are very high on McKinnon. There's a lot of disagreement on it, which is evident by the length of the thread, but anytime you have multiple "regulars" on the board touting a player as a potential RB1 with a 15-20 touch floor, you can bet your draft room will have at least one person that feels like they have to have him. I think best case scenario you might see McKinnon drop back into the mid-3rd round, but that's only if this injury lingers and people are afraid of Morris winning touches. Once you hit 4th round ADP, you're talking RB's like Drake, Henry, Collins, etc. and I think even those that aren't very high on McKinnon can admit he's a much more desirable asset than those guys. Just like most threads on here, this one is diluted with a lot of hyperbole. Right from 'this guy sux he can't even beat out Latavious Murray!' to 'bellcow RB1 with 20+ touch floor'. As with every player I think the reasonable middle ground is debating what price tag you're willing to pay for him. In my biggest money draft he was taken after McCaffrey and before Freeman, Howard, and Mixon, at 19 overall. That is too rich for my blood - to me, he's a worthy investment to discuss after Freeman and Howard, likely before Mixon and McCoy. I don't see the reasoning for taking Shanahan's "new Freeman" before Freeman himself. You could argue McKinnon has the slightly higher ceiling, but if you're taking a somewhat-injury-prone RB in that role with your 2nd round pick, I much prefer the safety net of a guy that has actually done it before, and done it consistently. I also don't see McKinnon having as safe of a floor as Howard, who again has a track record showing what his floor should be (and who also has an increased ceiling this year due to the coaching change). I personally don't feel comfortable saying McKinnon has a 15-20 touch 'floor' because there are just too many unknowns and changes at play. It's all a 'theoretical' floor based on what we've seen Shanny do in the past, what we've seen McKinnon do in small samples, what they're paying him, etc. It's all logical assumptions, but at the same time he doesn't have that same solid safety factor that I want in a 2nd round pick. It's all the same reason I don't feel comfortable taking Mixon before the 3rd, and why I rank both very similarly on my draft board. Both guys have sky high ceilings, both have short bursts of production, both seem to have the stars aligning for more usage and touches, but I'm not willing to take that risk with my 2nd pick. If someone else is, which it seems there are lots out there that will, then I likely won't be owning any McKinnon shares this year.
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    In my opinion, it was a transition period. The years in which WRs dominated the league, directly coincide with the talent we had at WR and RB alike. 2012~2014 is the time period in which we say our previous perennial RBs hit their decline. Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, CJ2K, Matt Forte, MoJo, Adrian Peterson, Demarco Murray... These guys were decade-long dominators in fantasy football at the RB positions, but in those few years, we all watch as their careers faded before our eyes. These guys fell from the stars. In that same exact time period, Calvin Johnson, Julio, AJ Green, OBJ, Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, Dez Bryant, Demaryius and a few others, were all breaking out in a massive way or in the prime of their careers. Now... 3 years later, the exact opposite is happening. Tron retired, Jordy is older and got cut, Dez got cut, Green has been struggling, Demaryius lost Manning, Hilton lost Luck, Andre Johnson retired, Brandon Marshall hit 30... And while all these stars were falling, what happened at the other end of the spectrum? David Johnson, LeVeon Bell, Todd Gurley, Zeke Elliot, Freeman, Gordon, Ingram, now Hunt, Kamara, Cook, and Barkley enter the scene, and low and behold the RBs are dominating the fantasy world again. In my opinion, it's just the natural cycle of Fantasy Life. The sad but true realization that NFL careers have come and gone right before our eyes. Zero RB wasn't just a fad, it was the smart way to adapt the the talent available. People who want to claim it was just some gimmick and that it failed, are just people who weren't able to see what was happening and either adapted too late, or simply never adapted, waited for the NFL to swing back to RBs, and want to pretend they were doing the right thing from the start. Those people are doing themselves and the fantasy community a disservice to discredit the theory. We should always be adapting to the NFLs trends. Another small point I would add, is that 2012~2014 is also the time we continually had massive amounts of 1 year wonder, RB failures, and extreme bust rates at the position. Lacy, T.Rich, Alfred Morris, Jeremy Hill, CJ Anderson, Knowshon Moreno, Doug Martin. People kept investing highly in RBs hoping they would be year-to-year studs like the previous generation listed above, and those RBs were having extreme ups and downs from year to year and people got frustrated and said screw it, just take the stud WR and play the RB market. It's also important to note that just because RBs are dominating the NFL and fantasy, doesn't automatically mean drafting RB early is going to give you any advantage. It's likely a discussion for another thread, but keep in mind only 3 of last year's top 12 backs came from the first round. 2 of them came from the 2nd round. Meaning 7 of last years top 12 RBs were not successfully drafted by the 'RB/RB' mentality. Ingram, Kamara, Duke, and depending on draft date, Hunt were all drafted significantly later in drafts. Heavy RB drafts that lead you to D.Johnson, D.Freeman, D.Murray, J.Howard, J.Ajayi, Cook, Crowell, Mixon, and Miller... didn't result in a single top 12 back. Drafting RB heavy doesn't do you any good, if you don't draft the right RBs. Don't draft positions, draft players.
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    Honestly, I don't want a player who's good at eating basketballs.
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    PFF uses a different system that disregards the line of scrimmage, which counts every target that occurs within 20 yards of the End Zone, regardless of where the QB throws it from. For example, if the LOS is at the 30 yard line, and Evans runs a 20 yard route, meaning he's standing at the 10 yard line, and the QB throws it to him... is that a Red Zone target or not? PFF says yes and counts it as so. Traditional systems would say no, the 'team' was not 'in' the red zone, therefore would not count the above example as a 'red zone target'. It's actually a very interesting approach to be honest. Here are the results from PFF: Here is the same system applied to 'targets withing the 5 yard yard, including the endzone' (again, ignoring the Line of Scrimmage with their system) And finally, here are all 'End Zone' Targets, meaning every target a pass catcher received while standing in the End Zone (again disregarding the LOS, so if someone throws a hail mary from the 50 yard line, into the end zone, that would qualify for all of these charts) Great read, thanks for that link.
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    Hate to interrupt this pissing match with actual Derrick Henry news, but I found this interesting. https://www.sobrosnetwork.com/2018/08/12/titans-practice-henry/
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    I’m just hoping that after the HR he put his head down immediately and then jogged at the appropriate pace around the bases; not too fast, but not too slow.
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    Today he went... 5 of 8 with 2 walks 5 runs 5 RBIs 2 homers 1 steal Thats a great week.
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    I'm just here so I don't get fined
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    This guy feels like Chris Carter 2.0. He’ll be sitting on the waiver wire and hit home runs in bunches, you’ll add him and he’ll go 2 for his next 30 with 14 strikeouts so you’ll drop him, then he’ll proceed to go on another homer binge. Rinse and repeat.
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    whoa whoa whoa not cool. please don't use that word. "chris tillman"
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    I had no catcher because of injuries so this could be a blessing in disguise for many people (like me), who have been streaming catchers all year. Beware of Mike Scioscia though. He will probably play Marte or Cowart ahead of Ward because he like to do stupid things.
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    JuJu is nowhere near Megatron. Nowhere.
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    Tyler Freeman was taken in the 2nd round (71st overall) by the Cleveland Indians in 2017. After an average season last year in rookie ball Tyler Freeman seems to be breaking out in a big way. Right now he's looking like the by far best hitter in the NYPL (short season) and is doing so at only 19 years old (most players here are 21 out of college). In 52 games Freeman is slashing .374 / .424 / .550 for a .974 OPS. His OPS is 33 points higher than the next highest qualified hitter in the NYPL. Freeman is leading The NYPL in AB, H, 2B, TB, AVG, SLG. All while doing all this Tyler Freeman only strikes out 9.62% of the time. Granted his walk rate is very low and could use some improvement.
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    source: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN6852.html Important dates and deadlines for Fantasy Basketball The Fantasy Basketball season follows the 2018-19 National Basketball Association regular season schedule. The season runs from October 16, 2018 through April 10, 2019. Registration and draft dates Team and league registration is open from August 16, 2018 until March 10, 2019. First day for live draft - August 20, 2018 Last day for live draft - March 3, 2019
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    Because this dude is a head case that can’t be trusted. Ever.
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    Yahoo opened on August 17th last year. I was looking at the auction mock we did that day and saw that Team 11 trolled itself as usual and was out of money after the 4th nom. Good ol' Team 11.
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    I've got the following projections: Henry: 240 carries (15/g), 4.4 YPC, 1050 yds, 10 TDs, 35 rec, 275 yds, 2 rec TD = 189 standard points, 206 half-ppr pts Lewis: 160 carries (10/g), 5.0 YPC, 800 yds, 4 TDs, 60 rec, 400 yds, 4 rec TD = 164 standard points, 194 half-ppr pts. Feel free to disagree with any of those projections. Take one of Henry's 12 TDs away and add it to Lewis's 8 TDs and they're literally dead even in half ppr. I'd go Henry in half-ppr still cuz he has more upside.
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    Best/notable AAA wRC+ from players aged 21 or younger with a minimum of 130 PAs since Fangraphs has data: Eloy Jimenez 196 – 2018 Travis Snider 186 – 2009 Melky Cabrera 180 – 2006 Jay Bruce 170 – 2008 Matt Kemp 164 - 2006 Brett Lawrie 163 – 2011 Ronald Acuna 162 – 2017 * 19 Mookie Betts 158 – 2014 Anthony Rizzo 152 – 2011 Adam Jones 144 - 2007 Freddie Freeman 141 – 2010 *20 Wil Myers 137 - 2012 Xander Bogaerts 133 -2013 * 20 Kyle Tucker 130 – 2018 Nick Castellanos 121 - 2013 Jake Bauers 120 – 2017 Jose Ramirez 119 - 2014 Francisco Lindor 118 -2015 Andrew McCutchen 115 - 2008 Austin Meadows 113 - 2016 Ozzie Albies 112 - 2017 Luis Urias 111 – 2018 Javier Baez 108 - 2014 Corey Seager 106 - 2015 Note that there are some guys in between Freddie Freeman and Seager on the list that didn't work out in the bigs and so I didn't include them. Just wanted to show some interesting names towards the bottom of the list.
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    This kinda proves the point. Cohen is not competition for Howard, he’s a compliment. Big difference.
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    Thanks for posting this. Some good bits there. Last preseason there was a game or two where they tossed a couple balls Henry's way, one was a screen pass and he looked natural at it. I do think DH gets a bad rap for "not being able to catch the ball". To be honest he has not really been given a chance. He has had been behind other guys they use on third downs etc. No different now with Lewis being on the team. Lewis is a great pass catcher and can make things happen after the catch. But just because Lewis is good, and Murray was good on third downs in his prime doesn't mean DH sucks - as hard as some try to make him out to be.
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    Nope. Caldwell was a terrible head coach. He's a great guy, and a hell of a motivator, but his in game decisions were some of the worst I've seen in 35 years as a Lions fan. He was lost on the sidelines, and completely incapable of making adjustments. And his conservative approach cost the Lions several wins. They should have been a 10-11 win team last year, at least. The jury is obviously still out on Patricia, but it's hard to imagine they regress, especially with the major additions to the run game. I also expect Patricia to take the chains off Jim Bob Cooter, and allow him to actually apply pressure to opposing defenses, rather than just playing ball protect when holding a small lead.
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    this guy has been moving UP my board for days now based on: 1-young, early down workhorse with no legitimate replacement threat 2-less ? than nearly all rb's surrounding him ADP wise (Mixon, Shady, Freeman, types....though I like all of them to some degree as well; Mixon particularly) 3-positive regression candidate in all statistical areas 4-coaching staff with full use of their brains and a propensity to call a game that prevents defenses from keying on one player 5-schedule/division (I think the talent in the division is a positive, especially in ppr. They won't/can't take him off the field entirely in negative game scripts) 6-I have a hunch....and I'm a smart fella bottom line....hit the draft button in the 2nd in all formats
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    Found a nice write up on reddit:
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    Bingo. As I understand the civil suit...it is a negligence type claim. Very desperate to completely abandon any direct accusations and try just for the $. Maybe the court awards her damages...maybe not. More than ever this makes me think this was her intent all along. Even if she wins- Shady isn’t guilty of anything. Confidence in drafting McCoy- up.
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    Exactly how I prefer my women
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    I'm totally fine with defending Sev, but come on now... You can't be talking about wins. Degrom on any other team other than the dumpster fire that is the Mets would have so, so many more wins than he does. Degrom deserves so much better...
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    Lolz... Worse than a SP4 eh? 3.2 ERA/ 1.1 WHIP/ 15-6/ 173K’s in 154 INN You guys are unbelievable.
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    Fun night for my guys and had two hitters off...6 hitters going. Today 11-24, 0.458 BA, 2B, 5 HR, 12 RBI, 10 R, SB, 4 BB
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    I wouldn't know Chase Daniel if he walked through my living room right now. I do know he stole a lot of money in the NFL.
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    And lots on this site say Luis Castillo is one year away from being Severino. The irony.
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    Wow apparently he's been hospitalized with a "life threatening bacterial infection". Hopefully he pulls through it. Scary stuff. EDIT: Just read another report...apparently he's made it past the worst danger and should recover. Going to be a while though.
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    One is 6 1 215 the other is 6 5 235 freak that ran a 4.3. I don't see the comparisons.
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    Between that and a positive 1.8 Fielding Runs Above Average grade at both AA and AAA, I think we are moving past him being a DH prospect only. He's plenty fine at 1st and one of the best slugging prospects in the minors. Oh, and he hit another HR yesterday and is now up to 324/.387/.714 with 10 HRs last 26 games at AAA (post-all-star break).
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    The prudent drafter will pair Shady with Ingram. That way you have a borderline #1 coming in as the other borderline #1 goes out as your worst case. Best case is they both play
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    Maybe, but you know that he's going to get 1200 yards or more on the ground if he's healthy. He's probably going to get another 200-300 in the air off of 30 receptions. He should have a lot of opportunities for TDs as well. Even if he doesn't do better than last year he's still a low end RB1/high end RB2 depending on scoring that you can get in the late 2nd/early 3rd round. In my mind he is the obvious "this year's Todd Gurley" candidate: Amazing rookie year, underwhelming sophomore year largely due to poor coaching and QB play. Third year has a young offensive guru coach, new scheme, and a better offense. I would not be shocked if he ends up with way more receptions than we think he will ala Todd Gurley.