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    Hate to interrupt this pissing match with actual Derrick Henry news, but I found this interesting. https://www.sobrosnetwork.com/2018/08/12/titans-practice-henry/
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    Looks like a 6 weeks recovery time in most fibula fractures anyways so even if he beats the timeframe, the Indians don't have much to play for, would be shocked if he was fantasy relevant the rest of the season [Removed personal atttack.]
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    Because this dude is a head case that can’t be trusted. Ever.
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    Best/notable AAA wRC+ from players aged 21 or younger with a minimum of 130 PAs since Fangraphs has data: Eloy Jimenez 196 – 2018 Travis Snider 186 – 2009 Melky Cabrera 180 – 2006 Jay Bruce 170 – 2008 Matt Kemp 164 - 2006 Brett Lawrie 163 – 2011 Ronald Acuna 162 – 2017 * 19 Mookie Betts 158 – 2014 Anthony Rizzo 152 – 2011 Adam Jones 144 - 2007 Freddie Freeman 141 – 2010 *20 Wil Myers 137 - 2012 Xander Bogaerts 133 -2013 * 20 Kyle Tucker 130 – 2018 Nick Castellanos 121 - 2013 Jake Bauers 120 – 2017 Jose Ramirez 119 - 2014 Francisco Lindor 118 -2015 Andrew McCutchen 115 - 2008 Austin Meadows 113 - 2016 Ozzie Albies 112 - 2017 Luis Urias 111 – 2018 Javier Baez 108 - 2014 Corey Seager 106 - 2015 Note that there are some guys in between Freddie Freeman and Seager on the list that didn't work out in the bigs and so I didn't include them. Just wanted to show some interesting names towards the bottom of the list.
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    DeRozan and Gay on the same team is going to be like 82 straight kicks to the nuts. The Raptors had to build their whole team around DeRozan to get value out of him. The Spurs aren't built to allow a flow killer who takes bad shots and can't hit threes like DeRozan to thrive. Maybe I'm wrong but hey, I've only seen like almost every one of DeRozans pro games...
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    As a Broncos fan, I'm happy to see they are running Kelly with 2's and Lynch with the 3's this week. Kelly had Round 1-2 talent coming out of college, just some questionable off the field problems. He tore up Alabama twice in college and he has good genes. His uncle is HOF Jim Kelly.
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    Yep, she filed a civil suit saying that b/c he changed the codes on the security system and didn't provide them to her (in the home that he owns that she was squatting in) that he "breached his duty to use ordinary care to protect Plaintiff from dangerous activities being conducted at the Residence." & is therefore responsible for the property that was stolen from her by some other person, not him mind you b/c he was out of the state. She's also using this opportunity to slander his name talking about animal cruelty and child abuse. I'd be shocked if she isn't countersued for defamation. In any event, it'd be a stretch for the NFL code of conduct on domestic violence to cover not sharing security codes with someone you're trying to evict and shiz happens. Unless he is directly tied to the assualt/robbery I don't think this goes anywhere. Anyway, pick him up in the 3rd if he's around, let the rest of your league pass him over. He'll be a fantastic RB2/Flex and will win some weeks in PPR.
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    The argument works both ways. They didn’t spend a 2nd rounder on Shaheen, a raw player player not even in FBS, to bury him in the Depth Chart. Shaheen will line up in line a lot more and Burton as a split out. I expect Burton to get more targets as a whole, but I also believe especially on the GL Shaheen might be a big hinderance to Burton. I think Shaheen fits better in goal line packages. I really lik Burton, and really like the upside, but I don’t think it should be treated as a complete absurditity that Shaheen might even be the better TE. That’s not all that crazy to me. You get a lot of offensive weapons so that you have a lot of offensive weapons.
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    It's silly and reactionary to jump to the conclusion that McKinnon is done 3 weeks before the season starts, just because he's dinged and they brought in Morris. It's reactionary and silly to jump to the conclusion that he's an indisputable workhorse with a safe floor 3 weeks before the season starts, just because they gave him a big contract and Shanahan has run a rb friendly system in the past. There's only one difference between now and when they signed him months ago: the tweaked knee. It's a legitimate concern and should be monitored and taken into account. Regarding his contract and it's implication for touches: - Sammy Watkins got a bigger deal. Does that mean he'll see 150+ targets? - Cooks got a bigger deal. Does that mean he'll see 150+ targets? - Matt Flynn... you get the point. Just because he got a big contract doesn't mean the 49ers are all in on him. They have tons of cap room and arrived at a number they see as market price. That's one reason his contract is frontloaded. @Brye - what do you think it indicates that his contract is frontloaded? I have no idea how you conclude that's an entirely positive thing. What it tells me is: (a) they have more cap room this year than they will in the next several seasons, and (b) if he bombs or gets hurt they can move on with less pain (dead cap space). Teams sign players to big money for specific, but limited, roles all the time. You can't infer too much about the splits between he and Breida based on their salary disparity. It could be 50/50, it could be 80/20, it's unlikely to be 20/80 though. Contract does indicate he'll have a significant, not necessarily feature, role. Now, a question I can't believe I haven't seen here: how is he in pass pro? How does he compare to Breida there?
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    The face(on the replay) of the pitcher after.... "damn i should have started off with something in the dirt!"
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    You are just ignoring the reality of the situation. Like calling Impreza a fan boy. You must be new here. He is very objective and trying to give you an honest evaluation of what is likely to happen and all you got is name calling. What you want Lewis to be and what he will actually be are 2 different things. The long and short of it is...if you want the back who is guaranteed more touches and TDs then you want Henry. If you want a RB who will catch a decent amount of balls and score a few TD then draft Duke Johnson......or Dion Lewis.
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    Yeah and some where he has 5. Lewis is more of an uneven proposition week to week. Unless tenn is regularly bad and behind double digits early.
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    Agreed 100% with this and your rankings. I'm picking 9 in a 12 team PPR, gonna pray he's there & I like him over all of those guys as well. I'd go as far as to say that 6th after the big 4 and AB is something I'd do. But maybe I'm crazy
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    Portland will be competing for a playoff spot in early february. Even if you don’t believe they’ll make the playoffs its hard to believe they’ll be completely out of contention with 30+ games remaining. if they wanted to blow it up I think they would have done it this off season. Seth could still carve out some value in deep leagues with 20mpg. High efficiency guy + 3s
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    I'd drop Bryant for Gallup
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    I liked the upside of Mack, but Duke felt safer to me.
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    Really? Interesting. While picking in the middle of the 1st, I would love a RB/RB start given the uncertainty of all these mid tier options. You think a Saquon/Kamara and Howard start is pretty strong?
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    Are you sure about that? Wasn't that was pretty much exclusively Andy Reid being Andy Reid for the middle part of the season when Hunt just fell off the face of the planet? Once Nagy took back play calling duties they miraculously started running and winning again. IIRC Nagy was 1-4, Reid for some reason took over until like week 12 and they sucked, then he let Nagy call plays again.
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    Too big of a name, still riding the glow of his championship game dusting of the Malcolm Butler-less Patriot secondary, and possibly missing too much of the season to justify how high Jeffery will be selected.
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    Booker stinks. He's had every chance to lead this backfield and has always been JAG. Too small of a sample size for Freeman in preseason but I can't imagine he doesn't easily take the job from Booker. Worst case scenario is this is neither guys impress and it's full blown RBBC.
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    Damn wait so he'll have RP eligibility next season? That's pretty sweet. Well, not if you own him this season :-/
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    I hope so. I traded for him in my dynasty league. I do feel that the Browns can surprise.
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    Yea it is very tough. I’ve never done an 8 team league so I admit I am probably not too aware of values and strategy. But after your comment I would agree to keep Kareem for a 10th. Tier 2 RB for a 10th rounder is not too shabby. The thing I worry about Hunt is consistency, he was a beast at the beginning of last season and then basically non existent mid season. Zeke is a year round beast. But if you end up going Hunt then grab one of the best available WR in round 1. Good luck!
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    The bigger issue is Bears wanted to keep language in the contract that if Smith had done something on the field: punch opponent, shove an official, etc. They could take away some of his Bonus or guaranteed money. They never had rights to his guaranteed money, that's why it's guaranteed money. The dude is a stand up guy, and was honor roll at Georgia. Both sides had a lot of communication and am so happy this is over.. Now time will tell if he's the real deal.
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    nope, it was bautista. rosario hit one off him in the 1st. its pretty crazy the sox put sale on the dl with clearly a phantom injury and the yanks continue to trot severino out there. he may not be around for the playoffs at this rate....
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    Jesus, I've kinda not paid close attention to the one league I didn't trade Votto in. Then I saw this stat today, last 40 games - 1 HR and .357 SLG Yikes Joey Descalso
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    I agree that Thielen and Davis are your only options. Ingram, even though suspended the first 4 games, could be worth it depending on how thin your league is at RB’s. He’s typically going in the 5th in all of my mocks. So I would take a look at other peoples keepers and decide if he is worth it.
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    This guy sucks. He has been given every opportunity to succeed, and has failed. He even cried for more GL work and the coaches gave it to him.
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    Trade him to a team who needs a 3rd down back and be done with it, Detroit. It's not hard.
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    Last season I plotted the 2016 ADP against the 2016 end-of-season leaders. That gives you a graph with 4 groups of data for RB, WR, TE and QB with ADP vs actual results. I let Excel figure out the best trendline through each group and retrieved the formula for the line. This formula now gives you a very rough estimation for what each position should give in expected value at each pick. I then let Excel run thousands of mock drafts and compared the results (I assumed a standard lineup). I found the highest expected value if you drafted RB, RB, RB, TE, WR, WR, QB. This would be around 10% better than the worst, which would be to draft a QB in the first round. I then started playing with the formulas and the parameters - and found radically different results. The thing is that the uncertainty involved in each player is so much larger than the potential gain in a slightly different strategy, that in practice it doesn't really matter too much. For example, if you drafted DJ first last season, everyone would have agreed you did the right thing. And then he got injured and suddenly your best player was essentially a third rounder (and with a bit of bad luck you would lose him too). TL/DR; just go for the players you like and don't get too hung up on strategy. Oh, and of course I will do the same exercise for 2017 data. I'll share it too, if anyone is interested.
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    LBJ playing center on offense is gonna be a huge sanitary landfill. He is dominating forwards with his mismatch cause he's too strong and fast for them but in moments where he tried to play center like in a miami-indiana playoff series i remembered he really looked like a scared puppy when he tried to score over peak Roy Hibbert. LBJ has a knack for really getting nervous around long centers his lebranium body vibrates and weakens around them his shot really gets distracted and turns into a forced layup where he loses his touch around the rim, we saw this multiple times when he got embarrassed by Capela and Gasol in clutch remember he always gets blocked by these Centers. I also saw him becoming whimpy when playing against Gobert. Its like im having sebbhoric dermatitis i cant stop scratching my head with wtf these lakers team is doing. Straw that broke the camels back will happen if they force LBJ to play with his weakness.
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    I guess the correct diagnosis is that I'm a wuss.
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    I hope you don't talk like that IRL. All RBs play better against a tired defense. One RB is a tired defense's worst nightmare. Henry.
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    You keep referring to this, "common knowledge", "everybody knows", etc. Well, books are usually fiction, common knowledge is flawed and everybody knows Jack. Common knowledge is a starting point at best. Let's hold each other on this forum to higher standards. Validate your knowledge with numbers AND with tape. If either of them don't match, be prepared to discuss it, and learn something. We're talking about something fluid and dynamic, so keep the discussion open, and be prepared to become better informed.
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    New HC was a linebacker with the Patriots like 3 years ago. LOL. He retired 8 years ago and has been an outstanding defensive coach since. Not calling plays. New OC was the Rams OC last year without play calling duties. This is his first experience calling plays. Red zone play calling requires experience. TDs will be low, and FGs will be high this year. Before last year he was a QB coach for 7 seasons. Lots of on the job training this season. Not sure how you are drawing the Saints RB comparison. Having 2 RBs on the same team who both finish in the top 10 requires a much different system than anyone other Kyle Shanahan uses.
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    The 4 man combo of Conley Griffin Butler and Kawhi might play a combined 82 games.
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    He had god awful numbers in his career vs. Verlander to hopefully that had something to do with the benching snd not bevause of the depth they now have.
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    Not going to work. Draymond and Durant can protect the paint, Ingram and LeBron cannot