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    I see the Ajayi owners are finally accepting their fate and found this thread.
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    It's not like we don't see it in every thread, after every "down" week, but the overreactions in here make me sick. No disrespect to the generation of RIGHT NOW or else, if a fantasy player has one subpar game, they are ready to throw in the towel. I'm not even going to waste the key strokes trying to convince anyone to hold. If you want to drop him, drop him! Who cares? Lol. Good luck!
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    Landry Owners who started him, you were rewarded.
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    Baker starts week 3 at least by halftime
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    if he's not the starter next week Hue should be fired on the spot. Tyrod was an absolute abomination out there tonight
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    Darnold looks like an actor playing a QB in a movie.
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    Beat writers saying the Clement injury designation is purely preventative. Sounds like he really is in line for a big workload.
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    Honestly in the first few rounds just draft the best player available, rather than worrying about complementing players
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    [Several removed. Josh Gordon is not a Brown anymore, and I swear if this turns into a clone of the Josh Gordon thread, I will turn this thread around.]
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    Is Hue gonna be able to peel off a piece of clothing tonight?
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    I think its all a huge conspiracy to make fantasy football players check NFL related websites 1000x more often on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday mornings lol.. Honestly though, I forget what their reasoning was.
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    It's never been more clear to distinguish between those that watch the games and those that look at boxscores/red zone channel/read headlines... If you watch the games it is clear to see that Clement is far and away the most reliable back on this team, and has shown his upside enough times to know he didn't just have a lucky game. Look at the way he gets small behind a blocker, uses his vision and explodes once he finds an opening... Very Westbrook'esque in his running style.
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    [Due to an escalation in hostility, this thread will be locked for a while. When it reopens, it will be under the same terms as the JG thread, where anyone who engages in personal attacks, bickering, and anything else that violates site policy will be subject to immediate suspension of posting privileges.]
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    The Cards OL is vastly underrated. Humphries-Iupati-Cole-Pugh-Smith/Wetzel. Draft status doesn't mean much I know, but that's four 1st round picks, three of whom are proven vets with years of starting experience (Iupati, Pugh, Smith). Humphries is one of the best young LTs in the league, former 1st round pick who had bad injury luck in his previous two seasons and therefore people forget about him. Center Cole is a 3rd round rookie who looked the part thus far, held his own against Donald and Suh. Andre Smith is probably the weakest link, but currently injured, so Wetzel took his job. Wetzel was an Arians favorite and is a nasty blocker who plays through the whistle. Of course it's not the best OL, but I'd put them in the average category. Even if they are slightly below average, this OL doesn't suck like people tend to think. It's wrong perception. Bradford plays scared because of his knee and you can tell it. He has no confidence, won't climb a clean pocket or look past 4 yards when passing. That's why boxes are stacked and DJ has no running room. At this point, Bradford is just in there to buy Rosen some more time. Rosen has shown he's willing to hang in the pocket and work the whole field. His forte are intermediate throws, which should open up the game for DJ.
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    Surprised there isn't more posstivity here. Us that picked him up should be very happy. If you played him, too bad. But he will be targeted heavily next week on the WW, probably #1 available. As a Vikings fan, this is the first player that reminds me of Randy Moss. Unfortunately, that includes the off field issues, and taking plays off(lazy). Callaway looks like he's jogging out there at about 80-85% of his top speed. Clocked at 21mph in last week's game, only Tyrek Hill has been clocked faster this season. He can fly when he wants to. You saw it tonight, he was shafted out of 3 TD's in the first half because Taylor is washed up. If he throws the ball like he means it, 2 easy TD's would've been had. The 3rd Callaway was wide open and Tayler didn't throw to him. Taylor was placing blame on Callaway, BS! That was Taylor lobbing balls 100%. Now he has a competent QB to get him the ball all over the field, which was nice to see tonight. Not just the deep ball. Us owners should be happy about the real possibilities Callaway now has. You didn't pick him up with this high of a ceiling.
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    To the Hyde owners...congrats. I really regret passing him for Collins
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    Say it again. Say it with me. RB1
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    Browns dst streamers let's go haha 3 points in last minute
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    Aikman sounds like Baker's dad talking to fellow parents in the stands.
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    Jarvis is limited due to the QB. I believe his value increases with Mayfield.
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    Clement is resting because he is going to carry the load and ball out. The only thing getting injured is my opponents hope after Clement drops 20+ during the first slate of games.
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    This is such lazy analysis. Miller outsnaps Blue with 77% of total offensive snaps through the first two weeks. Yes the TD vulture in week 1 sucks but Miller still has double the amount of red zone touches Blue has gotten. Foreman is a non-factor this season. I don’t understand why people keep bringing him up like he’s going to return mid season from a terrible injury for athletes and ruin Miller’s value. A lot of doomsday projecting from one of the top rushers in the league right now getting tons of opportunity.
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    Just imagine, this team could very easily be 3-0 right now
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    With Callaway's history its funny he caught 4 for 20
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    Well done Landry; those of us who started you appreciate your performance.
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    I love all this talk about “accountability” with Gordon when the owner of the Browns is basically an organized criminal
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    Joe buck acted like randy moss punched 17 babies when he did his harmless "moon" in green bay years ago lol
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    My prediction on who's winning tonight: Flash Gordon