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    You came to the wrong place.
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    Why do people want to see him fail why do you believe he will get cut/suspended. That kind of negative hive mind mentality is one of the key reasons this country is a mess. People don't want to see others succeed, they only want to see others fail to feel good about themselves. No one else is entitled a second chance or another opportunity. Lets just write him off totally as a football player and as a HUMAN. Everyone is perfect, no one makes mistakes, no one messes up, no one has to get help, right. Like i said the narrative that he will do something dumb to get suspended/cut is tired and old.
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    I wouldn't even start him against Denzel Washington
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    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2797245-saints-receiver-michael-thomas-is-here-to-make-history-not-to-be-famous just want to leave this here for y’all... this man is a beast being a saints fan I already know what he’s about but don’t think the rest of the league understands yet.
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    Josh will be a stud on this offense because of this type of investment for success from the Pats. . .
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    Buy low Amari Cooper. He’s going to turn it around and have a fantastic season. If I were you...in whatever league you’re in...seek out the Cooper owner and offer him something....anything. I’m sure I...I mean they... the owner would be open to trade.
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    Basically a Mike Trout slash line since he's been a Ray. Another homer
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    As an 0-3 team in major desperation mode and Mike Williams owner I think Allen should sit this week out and get right. Jmo
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    "but DET has Riddick who is one of the best in the receiving department and they haven't shown any signs of not continuing to use him yet." Theo Riddick's snap counts the last 3 weeks in order: Week 1: 58.6% Week 2: 36.4% Week 3: 28.8% That's a trend. They are absolutely showing signs of not continuing to use him. Blount is a different story, but I am not concerned about Riddick at all.
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    Vegas is predicting a lot of points to be scored in this game. The over/under is at 50.
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    Durant literally went to 1st overall per game in 9-cat the first season he played together with Curry and Curry has been 3d and 2nd per game since playing together. Are you only looking at the point totals?
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    Here’s my issue: 15 or less snaps a game, OK whatever, bad game script I get it. But why the f--- is every single one of those snaps a run up the middle?! You have maybe the most physically gifted RB in the NFL and you’re doing that?! Ask Madden could call a better ******** game. And then in the pass game why is he blocking 99% of time? He put up essentially WR2 numbers in 2016 and you’re using him as a glorified fullback?! It’s downright insanity. f--- Mike McCoy.
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    I would think 60 yards would be optimistic. Carson is much more of an RB3 going forward.
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    Must be a money league. Roto preferred, head to head is fine.
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    This is 2018 Outlook Just keep mashing 3 more games Voit and win me that $!! Seriously though, he has to have hit his way into their plans next year...
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    Speaking Thursday, Packers OC Joe Philbin praised Aaron Jones' "explosiveness." "He's definitely got some explosiveness, some twitch and some play-making ability," was Philbin's exact quote. "There were a couple runs where he definitely made some things happen on his own." Philbin's assessment of Jones' Week 3 play is accurate. He provided the Packers' running game with a badly-needed spark. Now a full-blown three-man committee, the Packers' backfield is tough to forecast for fantasy. We would give Jamaal Williams the slightest of Week 4 edges over Jones. Indeed he did! i hope jones explodes all over the Bills...........er......you know what i mean great bench stash to have RN, could be good flex candidate and at the very worst a good bye week guy to have or a chip to do a 2-1 trade down the line.......wait and see approach
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    Sanders or Lindsay won't get you those qb's. Id go after Rivers from the guy that also has Brady so will be cheaper.
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    Julio Jones was "robbed" of 3 TDs last week as well. Are you dropping him? Smallwood's one TD was frustrating for sure, but doesn't mean that's how it will go down in the remaining 13 games. 19 touches is a lot. Worth holding onto Clement, unless someone better is available ORRR your need bye week fillers.
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    This trade is completely fine. Woods and Dion for Julio (that is how i look at it). Why wouldnt you, if the guy needs depth. Need a bit more info, but this trade is not vetoable. Now this would be vetoable if it was lewis for julio straight.
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    Not yet. Mathews isnt even on a team yet. I would hold off Unless u have enough depth and are winning in order to have a nice upside risky stash http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/722945-trade-offer-evaluate-whir/
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    He actually would considering Dallas has been rotating all 6 receivers and none of them are seeing a significant amount of targets. Dallas' offense is a mess regardless of the receivers they bring in. Dak stinks.
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    I still can`t believe he made it to the bye week without injuring himself.
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    Vent & Rant 1. Hue Jackson is still an NFL coach 2. Roughing the passer penalties 3. Coaches calling out their QBs saying “he’s trying to do to much” 4. Cardinals Mike McCoy is the worst offensive coordinator in football
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    Yep too risky. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/722942-start-trevor-williams-tonight-vs-cubs-whir/
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    Keenum Enunwa Enunwa johnson thabks for help on mine
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    His start has been pushed back to tomorrow.
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    I wouldn't drop anyone on your team for Kirk. I don't see a poorly coached team with a Rookie QB and Rookie WR being trustworthy enough to roster. If you are 100% you want to make that move, I'd drop Goodwin. I think Goodwin is overrated and the hype this year was due to Jimmy G delivering him the ball.
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    I know there are many people who like Marvin Jones - but I am not one of them. To me - he is clearly behind both Tate and Galloway. I do not want to be playing any teams WR3 unless I am desperate. So - as solid of a real life player he might be - Marvin Jones is not even on my roster. If I can find a trade partner to trade him away to - I would. I like Ridley. Mind you - he will not get 3td's each week and Julio Jones is still a beast. So I do not place him in the Allen tier. So - I get the fear of injury - and the desire to trade him away - but I still have an asset I believe I can get more for in return. Just put more offers out there - someone will value Allen (if I was in your league - I would be fine trading for Allen).
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    This...His targets are up, chemistry w/ Rosen seems to be there, Rosen will have to be slinging all day, and Fitz hurt. He has yet to score a TD and he'll be getting one sooner than later. By then he'll probably be on everyone's radar.
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    Worth noting Pitt has lost a ton of targets since last year. In general, I think that frees up looks for whomever is running routes at TE. No Martavis, no Eli Rogers, no Bell to catch 10 balls a game out of the backfield. Even if AB/Juju get 10-12 targets a game, that still is going to allow a bunch of looks for McDonald/James. Hopefully it is McDonald more times than not. Either way, the TEs in Pitt have shown the ability to rack up big plays simply since most defenses are too busy focusing on the WRs. James isn't a big-play guy but he had several in Week 2. I'd rather risk that on a TD-dependent guy like Hooper who may go 4-25 with the occasional TD.
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    Mariota looking very Gabbert-ish so I'm not gonna edit my previous post You could say he has the Gift of Gab
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    boyd boyd boyd boyd boyd boyd boyd boyd
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    The main question....is there anything to indicate RF is going to be getting more work gong forward? That's a concern to me as a Freeman owner. I can see him getting less work going forward, sure. He got less snaps in week 2 vs week 1 and then got equal share with Booker in Week 3 when Lindsay was ejected early. So he couldn't even get more run without Lindsay. Concerning.
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    Marlon Mack. Could get 15 +carries a game when he gets healthy.
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    Brady needs Edelman. White isn’t the answer by himself. Brady isn’t used to a bad run game. The run opens the pass. The pass opens the run. I won’t be starting Sony for a few weeks...
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    Correct...You have to assume Winston will start week 6. Fitz has done everything the Bucs could ask for except he is not their future at QB. Winston is better than Fitz most days
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    That'll never happen, Buck Allen is The Goat. His coach even said so.
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    I can only imagine what would happen in this thread if he had QB eligibility: probably 25 pages of discussion about his top-5 QB potential.
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    Too early to dismiss Davis entirely. He's a talented receiver with a poor supporting cast. But that can improve. Week 1: 13 targets, 6 catches, 69 yards. Mariota got hurt, offense sputtered. 13 targets show it's pretty clear Davis is a big part of what the Titans plan to do. Week 2: 7 targets, 5 catches, 55 yards, Gabbert thew for a total of 117 yards against the Texans. Can't be mad at Davis for hauling in 50% of the pass offense. Week 3: 3 targets, 2 catches, 34 yards, Mariota & Gabbert combined for 118 yards against the Jaguars. I don't know about you but I didn't expect more than 2 catches, 20 yards against Jalen Ramsay. Point is, if the Titans offense is even marginally better than what it is now, plenty of reason still that Davis can be solid.
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    Who are ya'll dropping this guy for? Lmao it's a TE, 4 for 40 and pray for a TD sounds about right for me. Jesus.