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    Damn didn’t know the AZ OC had intel on the chargers
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    In Henry's breakout game he can't even get 70 yards.
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    STANDARD TOP 30 Tier 1 - league winners 1. Todd Gurley - no explanation needed 2. Alvin Kamara - even with Ingram I don't see him declining much if at all as goalline TDs aren't the source of his production 3. Saquon Barkley - talent + usage, he seems incredibly safe 4. Ezekial Elliot - despite the early hiccups he's still RB9 and his workload isnt going anywhere 5. Melvin Gordon - 3 down back on an elite offense Tier 2 - RB1s 6. Leonard Fournette - looks like he's coming back soon and he's in the perfect situation for RB production 7. Kareem Hunt - efficiency and touches are down but solid floor in standard scoring as the RB for the best offense in the NFL 8. Joe Mixon - injury still scares me but all reports are very positive and he has the upside of reaching the tier 1 with his talent + usage + improved offense 9. Dalvin Cook - great talent + productive offense. Lat Murray doesnt scare me that much but the injury does 10. Christian McCaffery - don't totally believe in his usage from last week but offers an awesome floor every week Tier 3 - Solid RB2s 11. James Conner - as long as he plays he's in the high end of Tier 2 but the risk of Bell is still there 12. David Johnson - offense is so awful but usage keeps him here 13. Jordan Howard - usage will keep him here in standard 14. Mark Ingram - upside to be higher but track record isn't good of older players coming back from PED suspensions Tier 4 - Giant Glob of RB2s/RB3s 15. Tevin Coleman - like Conner he's Tier 2 as long as he plays, the Freeman injury scares me so big upside present + even if Freeman returns he's still a solid flex 16. Kenyan Drake - I'm buying him still as last week was an incredibly odd game for the entire offense 17. Lamar Miller - low upside but safe workload 18. Carlos Hyde - huge workload but presence of Chubb and Duke still scares me and dont totally trust 2 down RB on CLE 19. LeSean McCoy - the offense showed some life last week and the talent is still there 20. Sony Michel - huge upside with Burkhead gone 21. Kerryon Johnson - awesome talent but don't think DET stops using Blount and Riddick, limiting Kerryon to b/w the 20s 22. Devonta Freeman - just get a bad feeling about him this year 23. Alex Collins - looks great but BAL hasn't seemed committed until this past week 24. Jay Ajayi - injuries are already starting 25. Marshawn Lynch - has looked great but TD dependent and age still scares me 26. Matt Breida - losing Jimmy G hurts a lot but still the main RB w/ Shanahan and Hyde still produced last year w/o Jimmy G 27. LeVeon Bell - worth the risk at this spot for me but seriously doubt whether he plays this year 28. Chris Carson - potentially taking over the lead spot but don't think SEA totally abandons their 1st round pick 29. Adrian Peterson - I don't trust him to stay healthy + game script dependent 30. Phillip Lindsay - best RB on Denver
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    Why doesnt your list look like my list? Also, I think players on my team are way too low. ?
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    https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2018/09/27/looking-at-a-few-positive-signs-for-josh-gordon-with-patriots/ That eagerness to learn may also keep Gordon’s mind on football. It’s not like he is avoiding his problems, however. Gordon has been open about his disease and spoke at length about it in a recent documentary on Bleacher Report. Gordon has said he wants to get better, he wants to get healthy. The Patriots have already begun surrounding him with people that can help. Before the Patriots’ loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Gordon spent time on the field with Patriots character development coach Jack Easterby. Easterby is a part of the Patriots’ culture — he is key in helping players, particularly troubled ones, acclimate to that culture. Gordon’s apparent openness in building that relationship seems like a positive step. What’s more, the Patriots deemed it important to have Gordon on the field during their game on Sunday. They included him in huddles when receivers coach Chad O’Shea addressed the group, likely discussing technique, route assignments and in-game adjustments. Even though Gordon has been limited with a hamstring injury, the Patriots are doing whatever they can to keep him involved and engaged. This in-game exposure, which is abnormal for an inactive player, should help him learn New England’s methodology even faster. Gordon may also begin to build camaraderie with his position-mates.
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    You don't work on your cardio for 5 days and go from gassed after 6 carries to 35 touches. It was typical Pete Carroll nonsense, and I would like to see a beat writer in Seattle with the stones to call him out on it.
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    You came to the wrong place.
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    Adding a player like Ingram in week 5 to any roster is like hitting the lottery on the waiver wire. Payton will likely run him into the ground and he will run with anger. The fact that Kamara is around will only help, not hurt his production. Defenses won't be able to defend the two-headed running game and the Saints passing game will likely benefit as well. The only downfall for the Saints is their defense, but that again only helps the offense overall.
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    Why do people want to see him fail why do you believe he will get cut/suspended. That kind of negative hive mind mentality is one of the key reasons this country is a mess. People don't want to see others succeed, they only want to see others fail to feel good about themselves. No one else is entitled a second chance or another opportunity. Lets just write him off totally as a football player and as a HUMAN. Everyone is perfect, no one makes mistakes, no one messes up, no one has to get help, right. Like i said the narrative that he will do something dumb to get suspended/cut is tired and old.
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    As commish, I don't know what is worse, vetoing a trade that doesn't need to be vetoed, or messaging teams and telling them trades that you think are fair and balanced. It's not your job to tell people how to manage their team.
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    Trading Sony at this point is textbook fantasy impatience. He’s a rookie who missed most of the preseason, learning an incredibly complex offense while being thrown to the wolves. The guy needs and deserves patience from his coaching staff and the fantasy community. Right now he’s probably overthinking every move he makes and that’s holding him back. But it should also be expected given his situation. Once he gets more comfortable, has to think less, and the game slows down a bit for him, his natural instincts and ability will flow more freely and we may see a much more impressive Sony Michel. Throwing him to the wolves is a long term strategy, and one that isn’t going to change after two weeks in which the entire team has played poorly. James White is not the long term answer for NE at RB, Bill Belichick believes Sony Michel is.
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    I wouldn't even start him against Denzel Washington
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    He's in that 8-15 range, assuming Kamara is healthy obviously. He's been underrated the past couple of years. Personally I'd need quite a bit in order to get rid of him, especially now that the wait is nearly over. He's averaged 1400 and 11 TDs along with 50 catches the past two years, all while averaging 5 YPC and not missing one game. You could easily make an argument those are RB1 numbers.
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    Is this supposed to be a haiku? Also, using spell or grammar check may help. I literally have no idea what you're trying to say here.
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    Maybe I'm a sucker, but watching the long form interviews of Gordon have me thinking he's gotten it all together and is ready for another chapter. It sucks for Cleveland because they put a LOT of stock into this guy and helped him to get a turning point, and right as he appears to be on the cusp of putting it all together they have to ship him out of town because it seems all the leash they have given him has led him to not being 100% committed to following the rules to a tee (even if its something as innocuous as showing up late that Saturday morning, I can understand that and the hammy incident being the tipping point for Cleveland). I read today's USAToday article earlier and was encouraged by several notes from it. The comments from Gronk and Brady are only little things, but they are among the parts of the equation that are adding up for Gordon to have a real shot at a career resurgence in New England. Someone already brought up the character development coach Jack Easterby, and that can be nothing but a great thing for him. When I saw the headline that Josh Gordon was going to be released by Cleveland I was in utter shock as the possible reasons for release started flooding through my mind, but I was relieved when I found out the actual reason. If I read something similar for Gordon this season in New England I will be completely appalled. There is plenty of reason to consider it foolish to have so much optimism for his situation, but I feel like, and am hoping for him as a person, that he is finally experiencing a coming of age. Whether he sets the league on fire is another thing, but if he is able to stay healthy I feel good about him keeping his head in the game and putting his past issues in the rear view.
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    See future posts on Trae Young's thread
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    I know it's been mentioned, but comparing Gordon and Ochocinco situations is unfounded. FIrst of all age, Gordon is in his prime age for his career, he's 27. Ochocinco was 34 with the Pats...major difference. Second, I think Gordon is a lot smarter than people realize. I've heard this from people for a long time, how intelligent and thoughtful he is, but didn't totally realize it until I watched an interview with him. There are a lot of interviews with him and you can recognize it immediately. He's a smart guy. See this interview. He gives thoughtful answers and is asked REPEATEDLY about his stepping away and he just keeps his cool and handles it all like a pro (even if the same idiotic reporter didn't get the hint he isn't answering her probing questions). He's a stud. I believe in the Pats ability to get the most out of him and you know Brady is quietly very excited to have a weapon like this.
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    Arod is already hurt and Jones had nothing to do with it
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    Undetected Sarcasm Alert! Undetected Sarcasm Alert!
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    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2797245-saints-receiver-michael-thomas-is-here-to-make-history-not-to-be-famous just want to leave this here for y’all... this man is a beast being a saints fan I already know what he’s about but don’t think the rest of the league understands yet.
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    Yeah I don't understand the concern over reke being in town. Dipo is very clearly the star in Indiana both from a statistical standpoint as well as being a fan favorite. Why does anybody think the coach will let tyreke take shots and usage away from dipo?
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    10/160/2 if he plays 6/100/1 if he is ruled out
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    Probably the most enjoyable build if you like to watch the games. Some owners might be disappointed with some shooting lines (I'll use Justin Holiday) 5/16, 5/18, 4/16, 3/15 and 5/20 etc... but to the FG% punter it bring a smile to your face and you can come celebrate with fellow punters in this thread. Who are some targets this year??? Off the top of my head the Hawks and Knicks guards and wings should be solid options. Nets, Magic and Suns could be also but the rotations are less clear. Malik Monk in Charlotte if he gets minutes could be nice.
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    Just something slightly off-topic i've been thinking about. Some of the GOAT players played in the 80s/90s and put up eye-popping statlines. Which of those guys would've been the best? There are a lot of different crazy statlines (everything is in the ppg/reb/ast format): - Jordan's 87-88 stats: 35/5.5/5.9, 3.2spg(!!!)/1.6 bpg on 53%/84% shooting. Really, pretty much anything by MJ from 87-98 applies - Magic Johnson 86-87 stats: 24/6.3/12.2 w/1.7spg on 52%/85% shooting - David Robinson's 91-92 stats: 23.2/12.2/2.7 and 2.3spg/4.5bpg 55% shooting - Hakeem's 89-90 stats: 24.3/14/2.9 and 2.1spg/4.6bpg on 50% shooting - Stockton's 89-90 stats: 17.2/2.6/14.5(NBA record!) and 2.7spg on 51%/82% shooting - Larry Bird's 84-85 stats: 28.7/10.5/6.6 and 1.6spg/1.2bpg on 52%/88% shooting - Shaq 99-00 stats: 29.7/13.6/3.8 and 3.9bpg on 57% shooting - Mark Eaton 84-85 stats: 9.1/11.5/1.5 with 5.6 blocks per game!! - George Gervin 79-80 (just makes the cut) stats: 33.1/5.2/2.6 w/1.4 spg on 53%/85% shooting. Holy efficiency batman - Isiah Thomas 84-85 stats: 21.2/4.5/14 w/2.3 spg on 46%/81% shooting Which ones are your favourite?
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    Pitch count my a**. This was shenanigans all along. Guy goes from saying he’s definitely playing before the Bills game to changing his tune after the shallacking. Classic case of the team playing games. Also, coulda been a way to save face after the embarrassing loss where they probably held him out b/c they thought they could easily handle Buffalo. I’m firing him up and expect a heavy dose if they’re gonna win this game.
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    My hold call on this is based on the fact that Ajayi is a fragile piece of glass that never lives up to the hype. Miami didn't just trade him on a whim. The University of Wisconsin churns out toughness. Some day this season, this will be GAS CAN WILLY !!!
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    not 4 spots from the next tier when there are 12 spots in a tier?
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    It's most likely due to the change in hand checking rules. I think one of the Rotoworld members had a post regarding the dip in steals over the past decade and you can clearly see the huge dip in year over year trends. The decrease in blocks may be due to the fact that players play away from the basket now and drive less, which probably had a higher chance of getting their shot/layup blocked.
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    Based on an injury and zero training camp, I expected this first game from Sony. What i didn't expect was the number of touches. People keep citing the Pats tendency to rotate guys in and out and not have a bell-cow. But the reality is, they haven't had a guy with an overall skill set that could do both running between tackles and catching the way Sony can, so I don't put a ton of stock into that. Mistake?
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    http://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4815108/patriots-keep-their-impressions-of-josh-gordon-close-to-the-vest You can never get a straight answer out of Foxboro, but if you read between the lines it appears that Gordon is impressing players/staff.
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    Week 14: @Oakland Week 15: New England Week 16: @New Orleans
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    And that's how all the hype is generated :-) I'd agree with projected minutes, maybe even FT could project a bit higher. But FG to me looks more like 41-42% and points in a range 12-15. Of course, he might explode and make your projections come true but I wouldn't bet on that with my draft picks.
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    I would take the Zuerlein side of the Gore/Zuerlein part every time. Why is that so difficult to get?? Once he comes back which will be soon, he will be the number one kicker. Meanwhile Gore sits as an FA in most of my leagues and Zuerlein is still on rosters. Why? Because Zuerlein is more valuable than Gore, even from an IR slot. Let it go! Don’t veto. It sets a bad precedent. Two adults got what they think are good deals.
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    woods has 7 tds last 15 games julio has 9 tds last 33 games just saying
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    Buy low Amari Cooper. He’s going to turn it around and have a fantastic season. If I were you...in whatever league you’re in...seek out the Cooper owner and offer him something....anything. I’m sure I...I mean they... the owner would be open to trade.
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    Stealsis literally the only thing that may not stick. Lets say it comes down to 1.9-2.1, hes still a 2nd round guy... and it all depends on where you take him. I got him at #17 and I believe this to be his floor, so im happy. If you took him at 10-12 then maybe you end up a little disappointed, MAYBE. We also have to take into account that 77 games or whatever he played last season is a fairly large sample size when taking average steals. I really think his numbers are legit or close to. Im going to say 2.0 steals is his floor, confidently.
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    Except the Titans are a giant dumpster fire and their WR1 isn't even startable right now
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    Considering the fact that he has only started 10 games since 2013, I think it's reasonable to question whether he plays all season. Let's not forget that he wasn't with the Browns for a couple weeks in the preseason and we still don't know why. He could very easily step away from football again.
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    Basically a Mike Trout slash line since he's been a Ray. Another homer
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    Isn't he supposed to wrap his ribs and not his head?
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    I’m going to relax, throw him out there, and expect more than one point.