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    Just missed out on this kid... hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me. I have a bad problem following players that I missed and wondering what might have been. Brings unnecessary stress to my life.
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    The curse of TNF "aww man I have no one on TNF" "damn it I have someone on TNF"
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    Anyone with eyes knows the offense should go through DJ. I'm just glad Leftwich has eyes.
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    What do you expect, the last 42 minutes of Suns games are typically garbage time.
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    I think his usage rate is 1%. And the thing is it looks like he doesn't even want the ball.
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    OK guys, we're going to play a little game.
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    Just my own personal opinion but I think the only way any RB in Tampa will have any value this year is if Jones takes hold of the job.
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    Screw it, I'm playing him over Allison... Expect 6-9 points ladies and gentlemen.
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    I ignore rankings, they are virtually worthless in tems of how i determine who to play. He probably is ranked lower because 1. Allison is coming back off 2 game injury 2. Cobb is coming back 3. MVS performed very well in their absence which mean he probably has earned more playing time at the expense of someone elses market share
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    Welcome back "raise my 2k ratings" Whiteside
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    Get used to the garbage time buckets, Igor loves playing the starters down 20!
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    ask and you shall receive. Marc responded about 1 min in on the kings game
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    This is RW country baby !!!
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    The problem with stats like these, while I appreciate them, is they have inconsistent correlation to fantasy football, so using them as a foundation of your argument is flawed logic. Cardinals are the worst in the league... Okay, well David Johnson is a top 12 RB. Giants are 3rd worst in the league... Okay, well Barkley is a top 3 RB right now. Steelers are the 5th worst in the league... Okay, well Conner has been a top 6 back so far, and Bell will be even better when he comes back. So the Raiders being in the bottom 5, doesn't really mean a damn thing does it? Hell, statistically speaking, if you have a bottom 5 run blocking team, you're MORE likely to be an RB1 than if you have a top 10 run blocking line. On the other end of the spectrum: The Jets are top 10... Okay, how many people want to start Crowell every week right now? Not many. The Bears are top 10... Okay, how many people want to start Howard every week right now? No one. So, if you're using this stat to say why the Raiders RBs won't/can't be productive, then it's you who are being counter intuitive. If your argument is that Jalen Richard is a better pickup, because he's a pass catching back and less dependent on an Oline or blocking... then no one is going to argue in PPR formats. At no point did I mention Jalen vs Doug. Lynch was a top 20 back, and while he is a better runner than Martin is, Martin is a significantly (well, at one point in his career he was) better pass catcher. How much less likely is Martin to come off the field than Jalen, if Gruden think's their passing game value is equal? I don't know, but he'll be on my bench when we find out. 60% chance that Doug Martin is droppable next week. But THIS WEEK he damn well better be owned for anyone paying attention. I'm simply saying, for people in active, competitive, 12+ team leagues, Doug Martin is 100% ownable, and people in here scoffing at that notion need to pull their heads out of the sand, and realize your free 8 team work league, is not what accurately represents the majority of people on this forum on a day to day basis. Other leagues than yours exist. If you play in a casual, free, 8 or 10 team league, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and you're right, Doug doesn't need to be owned in that scenario most likely. Just don't be so naive as to assume your league can be universally applied to the other half of this forum. For perspective consider this, in the RotoWorld League, it's a 14 team, half PPR, 2 flex league, and every member is an active poster on this board, many of which names you recognize and see regularly around here. Doug Martin was DRAFTED in the 9th round in this league. Elijah McGuire? DRAFTED. Every possible backup RB in the league is owned. We don't get to pick these people up 8 weeks down the road like we read about in the WW thread every week. Each and every one of us, scrapping the bottom of the barrel trying to field a competitive lineup, every. single. week. In MY leagues, if you waited until THIS week to try and waiver Doug or Jalen, you were a week too late. So in MY opinion, Doug should absolutely be picked up if he's still available in any league bigger than 10 teams. I have zero confidence and absolutely nothing positive to say about Doug or the Raiders. But this statement applies to over 50% of the top 24 backs in fantasy football right now, so it doesn't disqualify him from my roster. Your mileage may vary, good luck.
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    Yeah this really is a perfect marriage of fantasy and real-life basketball situations. Mirotic is the perfect fit next to AD and they're playing with so much pace - he's scoring and taking tons of 3s AND they're winning basketball games when they give him lots of minutes. Perfect storm for a career season.
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    Lauri has a sprain, not a tear (which is what requires pitchers to get TJS and miss a year+). It's also a much less severe injury for a basketball player. He's slated to miss 12-20 games, which is significant, but not majorly so. That said, Portis's major issue with regard to minutes/shots will end up being Parker. They'll be sharing off the bench first option duties and I assume the Bulls will be more interested in seeing what they have in Parker and so he'll be the inside/outside big that gets the most cheese outside of Lauri.
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    I do not see how you could do any better than that for fournette unless this is a dynasty league all systems go mine please
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    2 mins in and Aminu already got his s--- swatted twice by Issacs
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    Actually I was quite amused with it.
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    I had the exact same process for kearse last week and it failed miserably to the tune of a big fat zero however brock is a vet he will go through his progressions, he will try to avoid a turnover and if the defense gives him Amendola he will pass it to him
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    Even in his top 30 season he was streaky as hell. Ride it out or drop
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    I think you did ok. I wouldn't be too bummed. Ridley has certainly regressed and his overall numbers are screwed by the 40 point game he had. As a former fellow Crowell owner, he is incredibly frustrating and nearly impossible to plug in with any confidence. I think Winston will carry the QB flag for you just fine and produce the numbers he's supposed to. Lastly, lets just hope the addition of Amari Cooper helps Zeke get a little room to make his magic happen. All in all, i don't think this is a horrible trade.
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    As great as Thielen and Ertz in PPR are, I wouldn't do this with your RB situation. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/730690-micheal-thomas-for-playoffsrun-whir/?do=findComment&comment=8206506
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    So actually Mario isn't starting, nor was Knox...it was after Knox went down (which now looks like minimum til Turkey Day) that Dot started becoming reliable for Fiz in an über bench role..its worth a shot to see him keep it going...Luck is made when individuals sieze their opportunity...Dot may start or keep 30 mins...sign him on the Dotted line...
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    1) Wrong forum 2) You're the over-react guy everyone is always talking about
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    Chubb is the safer bet, but I can't help but think that his value will be more RB2 than RB1 in a PPR league since he doesn't really catch the ball. If you want to play it safe though, Chubbs, because Conner ROS is a question mark. If you want to be bold, you can gamble on the Steelers trading Bell as soon as he's back, and in that case Conner will be better than Chubbs on a weekly basis. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/730763-primarily-a-trade-question-of-his-wentz-for-my-boyd-whir/
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    Well the trade deadline is Tuesday. Apparently Bell isn't reporting this week. He probably won't report before the trade deadline Tuesday. So, I'd say there is an extremely slim chance he is traded this season.
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    i gotta stop reading this thread...you will all make me end up starting him lol
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    The best benefit of owning Myles Turner last year was knowing with full confidence to use my last pick in both leagues on Sabonis lol
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    All 3 have nice match ups but i like Vance the most due to the better QB
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    Bell will be back by week 10. Not too worried.
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    Fair enough...but if you ask a casual fan who Gronk, is they know. Ask a casual fan who Julio Jones is, they know. Ask a casual fan who Josh Gordon is...? After Monday night...they'll know...
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    25 carries for 68 yards, 1 catch -2 yards 0 TDs
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    Overeaction? Name one time people here hyped a player and it didn’t turn out well. You simply can’t. in terms of Smith, I think the excitement is that he is a talented receiver who could fill a spot that hasn’t been filled in a while on the Saints. A deep threat who is also a good route runner with good hands has some upside potential. Will that come to fruition? Who knows. But if he ends up,a solid WR3 going forward, I’ll take that since he was free.
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    I enjoyed your post but just wanted to get in on this Gallup conversation. Unless Dallas trades for a quarterback I wouldn't count on Dallas having one let alone two fantasy-relevant wide outs.
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    Waiver wire fodder, too many good options out there to keep holding. It's the Kenny show there now in Detroit.
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    Have you seen Yeldon's amazing one handed TD catch? Even with Hyde and Fournette in the picture, Yeldon's 3rd down role won't go away. Depends on league size and format if you hold him through the bye. This week I'd still start him - unless you have better options - since the Eagle front is tough on rushers (Hyde) but they are weaker against pass catching RBs (Yeldon). Fournette probably out again.
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    Until "class" becomes a recordable stat, I'm not worried about it.
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    Think the Falcons will let Matt Bryant heal slowly and stick with Giorgio for a few weeks?
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    Riding this horsie bareback the rest of the season. No more bye weeks. The Trey Burton situation is trending up. Still, I hestitate to get over excited. At this point, 10 points a week will do.
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    Another name to keep an eye on... Trenton cannon RB jets. Powell went down with neck injury and cannon filled in as the change of pace, totaling 69 yards on 4 catches.
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    Hes gonna have bad games. We pretty much got his ceiling in the first couple of games.
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    In this scenario Someone is riding him and he is riding something else? Sounds complicated...