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    He held out because he didn't want to win anything less than 2 billion.
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    Just when I was getting excited this week too... Fournette, Cook, and Mack should just rent a car, drive to San Francisco, pick up Breida, and go have a spa day.
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    Just missed out on this kid... hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me. I have a bad problem following players that I missed and wondering what might have been. Brings unnecessary stress to my life.
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    yeah my bad, one of those that I thought sounded good at first but looking back kind of useless. sorry lol
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    DNP today, which means there is only a 98% chance he starts on Sunday.
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    Why do people keep thinking ayton will make a bunch of 3's this year, he has not even attempted one through 4 games?
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    Dear worriers, You are in luck. I will start Chubb so you don’t have to. I will let you know how it turns out. I have these things called balls so I don’t worry as much. Sit back and let me do the heavy lifting. You’re welcome. Signed, Owner who believes the Chubb Era is in full effect.
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    This is it. The week Jones blows up. 10/20/0
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    No. You’re wrong. Pay attention. Drake scored his 54 yard TD run on Miami’s first possession of the 3rd Quarter. They were on their own 46. The play right before, sure, Brock threw one to Drake down the left sideline and there was pretty good coverage, but that one literally hit drake in the hands and he just dropped it. Woulda been a catch around the 15-20 yard line of Detroit. Maybe a little closer. The play I’m referencing, before you guys acted like I don’t watch every play of Miami and know what I’m talking about, was on Miami’s 3rd drive of the second half. That drive was a 10 play 75 yard drive that ended in an Amendola TD. Two plays before Amendola’s TD catch, From Detroit’s 30 yard line, Brock threw the pass I was referencing to Drake down the left side of the field, just over his outstretched hands into the end zone. So in this case, yes, the line “oh he coulda had a bigger week” does work.
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    I paid Anthony Davis prices for Towns in an auction draft and I'm getting Kwame Brown production.
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    I rather have Brees' 2nd or 3rd target than Mariota's 1st primary target
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    To be honest, I find the whole thing fascinating. I've learned a lot more about the franchise tag than I'd ever paid attention to before, and the calculus of what Bell is doing, why he's doing it, and predicting what his next moves might be based on the response from the Steelers organization is intellectually stimulating. Yes, I have Conner, so my own hope is that Bell never returns. But I've tried to be at least fair in my analysis of Bell at each turn. The Bell owners in this thread are just salty because we keep seeing rumors and anonymous "sources" saying "Bell will return week X", and those of us who are listening to what Bell said at the beginning of this thing are saying "well that makes no sense." But the truth is that this is all coming to a head. Without a trade that he likes, Bell wasn't going to report before Oct 31. To accrue a season, he must report by Nov 13. So we're coming right into the window that we've all been saying is the key. So we need to see if he chooses to report during that window, and if he does, what the Steelers do about him. It's about to get even more interesting.
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    Take a flier on him if you got dead wood. Like dude said (rotoheads, lol) if you're cool playing the waiver wire this is the type of guy that could be a breakout and a top 50 guy at the end of the year and you know what if he sucks and you had dead weight anyways...just onto the next possible diamond in the rough. Obviously don't drop an established asset for him but how rare is it to have your entire team at any given time being contributers? Most teams will have a guy they can safely drop for a higher upside guy.
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    First... good counter. Second... you don't know he's not the next DM. The whole point of foraging for players breaking out is to catch lightning in a jar, and Rotoheads do it every year. Who are people dropping for this guy? Nobodies and worn out old dudes, and the last flash in the pan that fizzled. They don't all fizzle out and that's the whole point. Just because someone uses DM as an example, it does not mean that person is saying DD is DM. And you might as well have said exactly that.
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    The curse of TNF "aww man I have no one on TNF" "damn it I have someone on TNF"
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    Tough choice... I'd say Assistant Coach Forum.
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    "Professional" rankers typical heir on the side of caution/conservatism. If a player is coming back from injury in an unsure environment, they don't want to recommend somebody & have them bomb, then get chastised & harassed on twitter by people who used their rankings.
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    If you go back to last year, in limited time, he put up per-minute beast numbers when afforded the opportunity. Fiz loves the kid and that's saying a lot considering "Dot" (as Fiz calls him) is a Phil Jackson hold over. I think Fiz is looking for someone to take a hold of their opportunity and this kid is doing just that. There is no meritocracy on a team like this...it's ball or fall and Damyean is "Dotting" his i's and crossin cats over. I dropped Super Mario for Dot...
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    He can't even crack the top 25 in 9-cat. Leave this bum on the wire.
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    you don't drop brieda, you have to wait for brieda to self drop
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    You're strawmanning to try and save face. The correlation from starter to backup is not in skill or talent, it's in opportunity, workload, and potential. At no point did I imply Doug can do what Lynch can. K.Barner doesn't have the skill or talent of S.Michel, but he does have the same opportunity, workload, and potential. Thus he's being picked up. There is a direct correlation of workload and fantasy production on average. Sometimes it's X-1, sometimes it's X+1, my point is that Doug now possesses the X, and he should be rostered until you see whether he's Doug Martin of '12/'15, in which case, even on a trash offense, behind a trash line, he's still a low end RB1 high end RB2... OR if he's Doug Martin of every other single year in his career, in which case he's droppable within 2 weeks or less. Even if the scenario is somewhere inbetween, he could be a flex and/or bye week filler. That is worth something, like it or not. Your stats on the other hand, actually directly contradict your thesis. Based on your stats, a bottom 5 blocking O-line, gives you a 60% chance of RB1 production, 20% chance of RB2 production, and 20% chance of... whatever we're calling Peyton Barber this week. Long story short, EVERY SINGLE RB from your list of 'bottom 5' is currently owned in fantasy, so using that as evidence (even partial) that Doug shouldn't be owned, makes zero sense. 3 are no brainer starts every single week, the other 2 are bench stashes for evaluation purposes. Please tell me, WHERE is the correlation to a bottom 5 blocking OLine, and negative impact on fantasy production. Because based on what you've provided thus far, it's non existent, therefore useless to the debate at hand. More importantly, I think I should quantify this information for casual readers, to put it into perspective, because you're portraying it drastically differently than the results show to try and make your case. The difference between the 10th BEST blocking Oline (2.8) and the 5th WORST blocking Oline (2.4) is .4 yards. That's 14 inches people. Patriots have the 9th best rank in your posted stat... 2.4. The same as the 5th worst rate in the league. Jets are the 7th highest in your list... 2.5. That's 3.6 inches. Within the last hour, you've claimed the Jets(2.5) have one of the best run blocking lines in the league, despite the fact the stat you're using as your foundation, shows that on a per-play basis, they are only 3.6 INCHES better than the 5th WORST Oline in the league, Steelers (2.4). The stat you've listed does not rank Olines by their effective blocking effectiveness. It's more indicative of quantity than it is quality, as it's sorted by total yards, which is inflated by total carries, rather than effectiveness per carry. I can't stress this enough, just because someone posts a pretty picture or graph, doesn't mean you should blindly believe what they are telling you. I recommend to everyone on this forum, please read, comprehend, and understand what people show you, and think for yourself. Do not just assume that their conclusion is accurate. I'm done here, I don't like the Raiders, I don't like Doug, but I advise picking him up, to see how this plays out. Everything else is pointless, who cares. Don't @ me.
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    For people that missed the game this past weekend, as a Dolphins fan-boy I watch every snap and can confirm that Drake was a yard or two from a 30 point week. Brock just BARELY missed him on a wheel route to the end zone where he blew past the LBs and was wide open. Brock tried to drop it right in the bucket and just barely overthrew him. Would have been a 30 yard TD pass if Brock took just a little off of it. Just missed Drake fingertips diving for it in the end zone.
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    Prediction: 34 screen passes to DJ, Leftwich starts getting head coaching offers by Sunday evening.
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    Potential league winner if he ever gets the reins, I haven't seen untapped rb talent like him since Taiwan Jones.
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    There's not a ranking outside of chriscarson.com that has him ranked as a borderline RB1 this week.
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    Anyone with eyes knows the offense should go through DJ. I'm just glad Leftwich has eyes.
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    Does anyone remember a few years ago when Martavis Bryant came off a suspension in Pittsburgh about a month into the season and immediately started catching a bomb TD every game, making him a must-start top-15 WR? That is the dream you're hoping for in holding onto a guy like Smith.
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    TB is top 5 in Run D -_-, they get beat on pass D
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    ...Hyde goes 22-161 with 2 TDs and adds four catches for 39 yards. JAX front office realizes they've got the goods and they trade Fournette for a draft pick and an elite blocking fullback to open holes for Hyde. They use the bye to put in a Wildcat package for Hyde and to limit Bortles. By week 13, Hyde is lining up as an H- back on passing downs. As a result, Hyde gains TE eligibility in all platforms in time for the playoffs.
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    Every rush and target last game
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    I don’t get why people are putting the confused emoji on perfectly logical statements...your analysis is spot on. Extremely visible rankers will be as conservative as possible when it comes to rankings. They have to maintain credibility. I don’t know any rankers that are against the grain, but you can go to fantasy pros and search how people ranked a certain player for the week. allison is gonna ball out this week, especially with this game script and rams defense being trash of late.
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    The most important thing is the 32 minutes and the 8 3's he attempted (out of 12 shots). Just didn't fall tonight. Heck, if 2 more of those dropped in he would have 18 points with 6 boards and we would be in here raving right now.
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    Well I have been over it a lot, but if you insist. Agent: Adisa Bakari Job before he became a sports agent: corporate compensation attorney And really, there's nothing in particular wrong with having a different job before becoming a sports agent. My only concern is that Bakari had that non-sports agent job so recently. Also, the NFL is so complicated that most agents do only NFL. Bakari, in addition to advising his clients on entertainment and investment options, also represents several boxers! So he's not spread thin or anything. Finally, there is the small fact that Bell's agent has botched this whole thing about as botched as it could be. I could see Bell suing Bakari down the road, and possibly winning. That won't do much for Bell's fantasy owners here in 2018, though.
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    I think his usage rate is 1%. And the thing is it looks like he doesn't even want the ball.
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    lol I couldn't imagine wasting this (^^^) much time and thought over Doug freaking Martin. The situation is simple, he's gonna get about 13 carries a game, avg 3.x ypc, and score about 3-6 fantasy points unless he scores a touchdown. He'll play the Lynch role, and likely do it worse. Not that complicated.
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    Just my own personal opinion but I think the only way any RB in Tampa will have any value this year is if Jones takes hold of the job.
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    He's definitely a target of mine. Fantasypros has him ranked #132 overall, which would put him in the 11th round in 12-team leagues. ESPN has him all the way down at #184, which seems too low. I would probably take a shot at him any time after the 9th round or so.