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    Wow can’t wait for Howard to get 10 carries up the middle in the first. Trubisky proceeds to go 15/60 and is hailed as a good QB because he got 25 fantasy points.
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    Has nothing to do with wind. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/145628
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    aaaaand he just managed to hold down Wall in a 1vs1 situation, coming out with a block on him. bro, I understand you don't like him because he isn't american and he is not a young fella, but currently he is one of the most complete players on the Kings' roster, defense included. if this guy was a rookie, people would put him in the ROTY contention at the moment. there are many talented guys who don't get the chances they deserve, maybe Bjelica just found his chance in the NBA
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    You keep reiterating this but I don't think you understand. The Steelers CAN tag him at a QB's salary. They do not HAVE to. With the emergence of Conner, they do not need Bell, and will not tag him, and will let him become an UFA.
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    I will refer to him as PUSSY, all caps.
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    Holy moly. He’s going to force his way into the rotation quick.
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    Our leagues gives us 5 points for ejections. I thought he came back and got super excited.
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    Picked him up last week and everyone laughed at me. Who's laughing now you f*****s?! I'm bout to drop Hammer Harrell on yall
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    I'd say this is more of a sell high opportunity. DLo has poor bball IQ, sometimes he gets hot but most of the time he is just bad, and real bad
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    I'd grab coutee and fitz. Think leftwich helps the AZ offense so I'd rather gamble on a HoF player having a last hurrah over someone like Martavius. Ivory tweaked his hammy Thursday and I cant see ever playing Blount. Hes a TD or nothing
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    Would be hilarious if you're in a points league that gives negative points for ejections and you didnt have him on your bench.
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    Crazy how consistently he alternates good and bad games
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    He will be MONEY ROS barring health.
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    Lmao at you guys acting like dropping him is crazy. The dude has had 3 duds in a row, I can pickup dozens of guys off the wire that have had 1 or 2 duds. Im not saying he's an absolute drop but completely understand people who have dropped. And for f***s sake can everyone get off their high horse of 'How can I get in that league' 'You're league is trash' etc. etc. Everyone plays in different sized leagues and settings and Im getting tired of reading all these insecure comments about how much more competitive your league is than others.
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    Until "class" becomes a recordable stat, I'm not worried about it.
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    I was also trying to think about who he plays like. A good player comparison is hard to nail down. Plays like Tobias Harris but built like a bulldog PJ Tucket type. Big NBA body. He has a quick first step, he’s aggressive going to the basket, can finish with either hand, great aerial body control, sweet jumper. Goes to the rim and shoots with confidence. Hits big 3s and thunderous dunks. Would get a lot more minutes if Batum, Marvin, or MKG goes down. Coach loves him. I’m speculating that hes going to start soon.
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    Conner and cooper for Michel and Gordon I would do http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/731094-worth-it-for-saquan/
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    Dont think cousins is a big difference maker here, guess you could try, you never know. You could try to talk up cousins a bit and mention that he is about to start some contact scrimmages etc. Even though i personally think he is still a long way off from returning to the court. Either way, for you it would be a great deal.
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    I packaged him with Diggs and Tate for Evans, John Brown, and Chubb. My RB depth is pretty good so I can afford to lose Howard
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    No one can f*** up a title opportunity with Westbrook, Durant, Harden, and a prime Ibaka other than this dude.
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    If I had JuJu, I wouldn't take that... disregard my Steeler bias.
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    Any team with Gurley is championship caliber. He makes up for so many holes.
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    Added him again after dropping for Monk the first week of the season. Can’t miss this ride and it looks like he will be given minutes.
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    There really isn’t any excuses the way Kat is playing. Unless it’s personal issues outside of basketball. I wish I can not do any work because I hate my work colleague and my boss, and get paid 30mil for it.
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    Watched the game today and felt like he probably would do better coming off the bench with the 2nd unit. First unit doesn't need his offense. Only good thing is his assists come easier with the starters. He is kind of raw still and turned the ball over because he couldn't handle the ball. He also tried too hard to create chances for himself. But I really like his energy and he is always looking for chances to take shots. He will find himself to be in the right place at the right time more often than not because of his hustle. My conclusion would be to hold him in 14+ leagues, a drop in 12-team or shallower leagues, but he should be monitored at all times in case his minutes go up.
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    It was all mental playing for the trash clippers. DJ wants to play in CRUNCH time.
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    All of the guys the op listed are owned in my league. I thought he was looking at the best matchups for the playoffs, regardless of who it is.
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    Funny dude, I like it. Nice to see the best WR in the league (or at least top 3 to avoid argument) not being a diva. "Tell us about the amazing catch". Shrug, "just part of the game". Class.
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    Breida is scared he's gonna lose his job and get should be. Mostert looked the part
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    "Never let the back up enter the game and play if you can help it. The dude may ball out and render you obsolete." Signed, Le'V
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    I can tell you've never owned KAT before. He had 7 games all of last season where he didn't either double-double or score at least 20 pts. Hasn't missed a game since he's been in the league. He's the model of consistency. It's been 5 games. Chill.
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    That's all i needed to hear. Thanks for the intel.
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    He too could have the career of Christine Michael or Knile Davis! (Sorry, just goofing :))
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    You need to get rid of some small forwards for a Center. Powell shouldn't be starting for you in a 12 teamer. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/731004-what-does-this-team-need-whir-100/
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    You say that...and you're probably right. But just about every year there's a tie, some player reveals that he didn't even know a game could end in a tie. It was a Steelers player this year, it was Donovan McNabb back in 2008. Sometimes people shock us about what they don't know about the rules of their own league.
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    Exactly, and then there is more WRs in the rounds that you want them. It is really all based on the league you are in. If I am in a league where everyone is going zero WR. I'd go Zero RB....I just happen to play in one league where folks are pretty hot on the WR early and I play in another league where they basically follow the draft rankings.
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    Texans could use an explosive WR... and I'd assume they're familiar with Devante based on last night.
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    I think we'll hope he stays a phin.... they need him... but gase really is incompetent all this did was give devante's agent more fuel...
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    I ignore rankings, they are virtually worthless in tems of how i determine who to play. He probably is ranked lower because 1. Allison is coming back off 2 game injury 2. Cobb is coming back 3. MVS performed very well in their absence which mean he probably has earned more playing time at the expense of someone elses market share
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    Good buy low offer and not at all unreasonable considering league size and Jrue's poor FG%. I think if you could pull it off great, but it will be hard because Lou is not getting close to the same usage as last season.
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    Should try to trade Hader & Bauer in a package deal for someone better.
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    This thread definitely needs more cowbell
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    Agree with most here, Hader is the guy to drop. My second choice would be Bauer. Pls help with mine!