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    It’s better for Dunn to have less volume of shots. With more quality offensive options around him his dimes can increase and the shots he does take can be of higher quality leading to better efficiency (or at least less harmful a negative with less shots). He can also focus more on the defensive end potentially leading to more stocks. His value does not come points scored it’s from dimes and defense.
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    Why would you not have fractional scoring? It's not 1990.
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    Gentlemen, it has been a privilege owning Conner with you guys this season.
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    Is something I wish would happen.
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    I'm just going to give my two cents about this and be gone. First of all, the people complaining because they've never seen anything like this and think it's a "glitch" or "cheating" are showing their hand at how inexperienced they are at fantasy. The experienced fantasy players have seen things like this before and by now are looking them before they even draft. The Colstons, Webbs, Ty Montgomerys, heck I remember Vic Marks at Northwestern in my college league as a 25 carry RB with WR eligibility...these guys are already on our radar. I'd hate to see how they would have been last year when Anthony Rizzo gained 2B eligibility because only two people are allowed to wear mits in baseball (catcher and 1B) and when they would shift he'd swictch gloves with Zobrist, therefore giving him a position change. This is a part of fantasy sports. Second, Samuels came in as a TE. He was a TE 80%+ in college and originally started running the ball as a GL/short yardage back in certain packages. He WORKED OUT WITH THE TEs AT THE COMBINE. Therefore, when he was drafted/put in the database he was viewed as a TE and the Steelers had other plans. Yahoo probably did not know they were going to use him like this. So the same people complaining about how he shouldn't have TE eligibility and should be stripped of it, in all honesty, he actually shouldn't have RB eligibility because he was a TE. You could actually view it as the other way, where he should've never gained RB status if your in the camp that people should not gain positions. Hopefully you'll learn from this and even use it in the future because that's what people who are experienced and successful fantasy participants have been doing for years. Now the next time you see this you can tell some new fantasy player complaining about it "I remember when jaylen samuels..." Carry on and best of luck! (and no, I don't own him in my leagues)
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    I got offered Jimmy Butler for Malcolm Brogdon and Dennis Schroder. I accepted it the trade, as I am selling high on those two and buying low on Jimmy. Is that a fair trade in your views? or is it a game changer in a 12team 10cat hth league?
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    Looking like a 100 and multi TD game in this one.
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    I force my owners to make all adds/drops through me via USPS. Keeps things fair. 'Cept for the dude in Alaska. But his team sucks anyway.
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    Enough with the crying about his TE eligibility. It’s not like this was some secret cheat nobody knew about, he’s had this designation all year. So everyone knew the Potential added benifit it he ever got some playing time. As well, for those who play on yahoo, you should know by now that in the large majority of yahoo leagues you can drop guys off your bench once they’ve played and stash lotto guys. Steelers played the night game so if samuels was still on the wire you should have had ample opportunity to stash in case of a Conner injury.
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    Just dropped him for Joakim Noah. Had to. This isn’t a big enough breakout season for me.
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    Lindsay is the Little Mac of the NFL. I wonder what his ADP will be next year? The guy is a stud.
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    i don't know why? it is just a reality of fantasy sports, some leagues leave it the way it has always been done. and they like it that way. even on pen and paper it isn't any more difficult to do fractional scoring. hell it is probably easier, just add up total yardage and divide by 10. whereas separating actually takes more effort, so i doubt pen and paper were the limitation to why it was done that way to begin with. it just is the way it is, wouldn't look too far to try to find a reasoning. but we are getting a bit off topic here.
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    Was a trade deadline agreed upon by everyone/a majority in the league and then simply not accurately set, or never discussed at all? For instance, our league agreed on November 10th as the deadline, and it wouldn't matter if one was somehow proposed/accepted thereafter - it would cancelled. If not, I don't think there is any way this can be vetoed. First, the 12th place team is technically still playing for something - I know I wouldn't want the loser's trophy. Second, the trade is not only fair but favors the Gus/Adams/Lockett side. If the 6th place team wants to unload his bench to stack his starting lineup for the playoffs, that's his decision. And if he's truly "unloading his bench", he's taking a big risk. I think he deserves to be rewarded for it. Letting the trade go through and changing the rules/settings next season is what will maintain the integrity of the league.
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    Ware can definitely stumble into reasonable production. The biggest dropoff is the ceiling. Hunt always had that potential to go for like 200 and 3. Ware does not. Best game he could possible have would be more in line with a guy like Ingram, maybe 100 yards and two TDs. Still a great game, don't get me wrong, but it's a substantial hit compared to Hunt's production. The scary part is if he doesn't find the endzone his floor is like 4 points.
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    I'm kind of doing a 180 on this guy similar to what I did with Jackson last week. For me, it comes down to this, in the worst possible game script, he produced with zero TD's. Why? Receptions. Receptions always provides a nice floor. Now, the quote I posted previously about him not being a target monster in college is a concern, but in a Shanny offense with no competition at RB in this particular area and playing for a team that will likely be trailing, I like those chances. I know some people have mentioned Michel. If Michel was getting GL work, then it's a no-brainer in a Pats offense, but McDaniels is likely to be cute this game against a division rival and we could see different GL packages featuring just about anybody. I'm also still waiting for Brady to do a damn play action on the GL and get some easy TD's. The receptions makes all of the difference and I may be warming up to Wilson big time.
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    Ok I'll bite. What exactly is wrong with a WR2 week?
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    Considering its only his 2nd game.. 😊 its really worth the wait👍
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    Someone is really bitter they couldn't land Sutton.
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    Now the Broncos have a rookie WR as there #1 with Keenum hucking the ball around with his gigantic head spilling out of the helmet. Teams going to be crowding the line to make Lindsay beat them. RIP.
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    AJ Green is done for the season so I would hope you’d have Sutton in over him
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    As long as he plays around 25-30 I believe he will put up numbers
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    I think he has a good case as a top-5 MLB hitter right now. He's definitely in the discussion.
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    Never having to start this dude again:
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    I have no skin in this as my leagues all list Samuels as a RB. But, if I'm chiming in on it, I totally agree. It's something that should've been changed long ago when depth charts came out and it was apparent Samuels wasn't playing TE. I'd even go so far to say it should still be changed. I mean ,we see sites add designations for players all the time...Like C Patterson as a RB this year. It shouldn't be an issue to delete a designation either if it's warranted and quite clear that a player isn't playing some position. Samuels is clearly not a TE and it's really an unfair advantage to be playing him in that spot. Honestly, I could care less about all the TE talk though as it doesn't impact me. I'm purely interested in this thread regarding Samuels prospects as a RB.
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    It is a gamble for sure. Unfortunately, many owners may not have any choice but to gamble after the last few weeks.
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    can we get some discussion about him as an actual RB?
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    Josh Allen has rushed for 99 or more yards twice in his short career. Cam has done it three times.
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    take this and run. my guess is that a lot of people who are unhappy here are the ones who drafted him first and aren't getting what they expected (yet). i traded for him and i've been satisfied with the returns so far, even if it's not crazy lines night in night out.
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    The Kings destroyed them in the first half and Ayton had 0 fouls. I think this was a message that at some point he has to be physical...especially when a team is blitzing you in the first half. There are not many things I would takeaway from today's game. It was a mauling. Just disregard and move on to the next one.
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    I am not buying this. took more than a week to diagnose this? An injury that is very rare and unheard of tbh. I think this is just a lame excuse for a player who is clearly sucking. what they are doing now is working on his shot again, and if they can't fix it in 6 weeks, they will just say it is not yet treated, and force 76ers to even trade him. Fultz is gonna be an even bigger bust than Oden Bennett Kwame, because 76ers traded another future round 1 pick to move up 2 spots just to get him. Back in the summer when he was working out with Hanlen WITH NOT LIMITATIONS and supposedly fixed his jumper, we never heard any complains from Fultz or his agent, same goes when he was named starter to start the year. But when he continued to suck all of a sudden we got this strange diagnosis. this is BS. as for fantasy, he should be dropped in all redraft leagues
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    I understand, just didn’t know if there were any updates. hoping Dipo and Dunn get back soon then I can grab Payton and put him in my IR spot. Just saw him on waiver wire.
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    Damn. How long does your draft take that people have birthdays during it?
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    Anyone 30 or over before round 6 Any QB not named Mahomes before round 6 Sammy Watkins Leonard Fournette Devonta Freeman Derrick Henry (will remain on list as long he's in the NFL, which won't be much longer) Alshon Jeffrey
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    I benched in my weekly set lineup league. His turnaround starts tonight boys. You're welcome
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    Yeah, just looks like he is going half speed to me. He's still got at least 3 weeks to ramp up. Starting to get cautiously optimistic about his return while still not sure what to expect in terms of numbers.
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    Okay I’m confused. How can JA be considered a big disappointment when last year he averaged 8.2 pts, 5.4 rebs, 0.7 ast, 1.2 blks and 58%FG compared to this year (his 2nd yr) at 12.2 pts, 8.3 rebs, 1.6 ast, 1.4 blks on 59% FG. How high did you set your expectations? I’m more than happy with JA’s development this year. The Nets don’t run plays for him. His stats come from PNR lobs and put backs. He has a chance to become a 15 and 10 guy next year with the Offense going through him a little bit more. There aren’t many 12 and 8 guys sitting on the wire in standard leagues to my knowledge. If he’s your -#1 center then trade him for something better. If he’s your #2 or 3 center then I’m sure your happy with his production and will live with his dud games.
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    Jones now that McCarthy got canned Aaron will see an increased role. Plus Atlanta is awful on DST
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    What? What does 10 years of history matter to the present when the circumstances are completely different. Personally, I think the Jazz will beat the Warriors this year because the Warriors were bad ten years ago.
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    YPC is a dumb stat. It was dumb when Jones had 6+ YPC and it's dumb now.
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    I was wondering where this thread went. Hopefully some of you got rewarded, like I did, today for sticking with Wagner. He got me 37.8 points. This is the highest I think I've seen for an IDP.
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    8/77 and you’re bitching.
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    Hes coming off of HEART surgery and played a season high 54 snaps (previous high 26). That alone is enough to garner a day off. I bet you he practices tmw- either LP or FP. Hes playing Sunday.