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    Jameis Winston bring evaluated for color blindness after confusing red with blue and white for 60 minutes.
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    Yeah a pretty nice chart here: FA- pretty similar to last outing at 93+MPH on average, great vertical break, threw 47--30 for strikes with 19 swings and 5 whiffs--all which are marked increases from his debut SL- main secondary again, really beautiful dive and dart movements to it and commanded it incredibly, as he threw 28--22 for strikes with 20 swings and 7 whiffs! 87MPH CH- went away from it this start, but still looking like a nice offering, only 5--2 strikes with 2 cuts and a whiff CU- brought this out more and as I said in first write-up it looks like a very solid pitch, great sweeping shape and perfect to compliment his vert movers and velo spectrum at 79mph, he spun up 10--5 strikes with 4 hacks and 2 whiffs We are seeing a legit 4 pitch mix here (no wonder the PCL/AAA guys could not touch him) and someone that has keenly honed instincts to operate on the bump. It's early, he will have to adjust as the league gets the book on him, but he has the stuff/tools to do so. Working up in the zone could really have positive outcomes for his K rate, but he does a wonderful job of commanding his stuff to the edges of the plate--I am seeing barely a few pitches over the heart on his zone plots.
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    [BCC] Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew: “I don't scratch my head unless it itches and I don't dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That's just the way it is. Let's go to work." I'm not sure what the hell he's talking about but I want him on my roster.
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    Wow, just wow man Ingram is a 2 time pro bowler and is miles better than Alex Collins at everything. I get it. In todays day and age everyone wants to look like the smart guy and pass on the starter when you can get the backup for so much cheaper, blah blah blah. That really is not applicable here because Ingran is better than all of them. Ingram is going to get as many touches as he personally can handle, that is what he was brought in for. He is a better runner than Edwards, he is a better receiver than Dixon or Hill and he pass protects better than any RB on the roster. Now Edwards is a good backup RB to have cause he did well last year, Hill is also a nice guy to keep because he is a fluid pass catcher and Baltimore needs a guy who can step in and try to do as good as Ingram when he needs a breather but make no mistake, passing downs, 2 minute drills, drives before halftime, most importantly in the 4th quarter and end of games ingram will be getting all the run because he is the most trusted RB in these situations and that is where fantasy points are accumulated in bunches.
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    Let us observe a moment of silence for all of us who benched Godwin and lost our weeks because of it...
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    Looks hot now.... then you draft him.
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    Back of his jersey name will be “SHE HATE HIM”.
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    Might be nice to compile a complete list of closers and possible outcomes going into the trade deadline. I'm sure some of this is wrong as the scotch is flowing so feel free to correct/addend anything. AL EAST Yankees: Chapman isn't going anywhere and no one is supplanting him. Red sox: Eovaldi/Workman debate as above but also showing interest in outside options. Very murky but with huge ramifications. Rays: Pagan/Castillo...Drake? I dunno this is a total cluster. I doubt they trade for anyone that becomes "the guy" either but it's possible. Personally not interested in this one at all. Orioles: Guessing Givens gets moved but they do have 2 more years of arbitration so they may not. If he is I doubt he's closing for his new team regardless. Not a ton of value here. Jays: Giles seems very likely to move and likely to remain a closer for his new team outside maybe a few places. AL CENTRAL White Sox: Colome will probably move on, but it's a bit murkier than it looks at face value. I'm not buying the "Sox won't sell cause they're technically in the race" narrative but he also doesn't have a good K rate or K:BB, has a low BABIP, and his arbitration price will pretty high next year with the SV totals. Still think he goes but I don't think teams will be breaking down the doors for him. Indians: Doubt Hand is in much danger of moving with Cleveland chasing down the Twins. Tigers They don't have to move Green with another year of arbitration eligibility, but can't imagine they won't. His chances of closing for his new team however are probably close to 50/50. Definitely some risk here. Royals Oddly enough Kennedy is probably one of the safer good bad-team closers given his high priced contract. There's always a possibility of a salary dump trade given how well he has done in his new role. Twins Rogers/Parker have actually been a solid RHP/LHP committee. That being said the Twins could be buyers at the deadline and helping their talented but volatile starters with extra inning from a shut down designated closer isn't out of the question. AL WEST Astros: Osuna seems safe outside of something wild and unexpected happening. Athletics: They're clearly in the hunt but will they be big buyers? Doubtful. Hendriks has been stellar but 2 of last year's best arms in Treinan and Trivino have been bad. Crazier things have happened but based in their history if the As go get a reliever I doubt it's a big enough name to displace Hendriks. Angels Hansel is so hot. They're over 500 so going and getting help wouldn't be unheard of, but the AL odds are stacked against them. They're also a good enough team not to trade off talent if they don't get a good offer. I'd guess Robles is starting out. Rangers: Kelley seems as if he just had a significant injury so LeClerc/Martin are it I guess. Another team over 500 but doesn't seem like a contender. It's possible they're sellers, and I could see LeClerc having some appeal to a contending team, but he has been awful in the 9th this year and just signed an extension so I would assume he's staying put. Kelley would have been a Sell candidate if somehow he avoided serious injury. Mariners: Elias is the closest thing to a guy they have I guess. Yeah he's not particularly good but he's cheap and the Mariners are bad and rebuilding so I'm assuming he's gone and placed in a setup role. Strickland doesn't sound like hell be back in time to build up significant trade value but you never know. NL EAST Braves: Luke Jackson seems as if he should be better than he has been but he continues to blow saves at big times. Their pen is lousy with talented arms that blow up at bad times. Definitely a prime spot for a closer change. Even if they whiff at the deadline (Swarzak?) Nationals: Doolittle hasn't been quite as good as before, and the Nationals seem like prime bullpen buyers. Still he has been good enough that unless they go all out for a guy like Yates I don't he's going anywhere. Phillies: Talk about underperforming. On paper this should have been a stellar BP but they have been pretty bad/injured. Neris in particular has fluctuated from great to terrible. With them being a part of nearly every rumor on a deadline pitcher and with Gabe being a lot more traditional I'm his closer usage this year, definitely a prime closer change candidate. Mets: What a train wreck. Still I can't imagine Diaz going anywhere at this point, even if they finally accept the fact that they need to enter a rebuild of some kind. Marlins: Romo has been good not great, but he'd be a decent cheap rental on a contender. Very little chance he closes for a new team though. NL CENTRAL Cubs: Already made their move with Kimberl Brewers: You could argue they're best with Hader in a fireman role an a stud closer to close the door. It's what they did last year with Jeffress, who had fallen off a bit last year. So maybe. Still gotta inside if they make a move it'll be for a starter. Cardinals: The Hicks injury hurts them big especially with Martinez, Miller, and Gant sucking. Carlos is the guy for now but definitely another group I could easily see buying a closer near the deadline. Pirates: Cheap controllable and dominant closers like Vazquez would cost a hefty price. Not unheard of but still I seriously doubt he moves. IF someone is willing to sell the farm for him I gotta imagine he'll close almost anywhere he goes. Reds: Can I pass? Iglesias/Lorenzen(/Garrett?) Have been pretty meh this year but Rasiel remains a talented arm controllable through 2021 (I believe). He's someone I would expect to stay where he is given the relatively new contract and mediocre performance thus far but he seems more attainable than someone like Vazquez if a contender is looking for more than a rental. If you asked last year if he'd close for a new team the answer would seem obvious but this year it's more up in the air. Really hard team/pitcher combo to predict. AL WEST Dodgers: Kenley is no longer the superstud he once was, but he has been more than good enough to remain the closer short of some crazy blockbuster deal. Diamondbacks: Holland has fallen from grace a bit recently, but still had solid numbers overall on the season. He'd be pretty cheap overall (about 3 million I believe). Seems sonewhat likely he is moved and somewhat unlikely he closes for most contenders. Hirano or Lopez are probably staying and will slide into closer roles if Holland is moved. Giants: They're still technical in the race along with pretty much the entire NL. Sure there's reason to believe they won't sell but it would seem silly of them not to try to take advantage of their bullpen depth/talent. Problem is it's impossible to predict who they sell. Smith, Dyson, and Watson are prove trade candidates. Smith has a decent shot at closing for his new team as well. As pointed out earlier Moronora is a potential although less likely and Melancon would be difficult to move with his contact. Lots of value to be had here but also a lot of unknowns. Padres: Yates is obviously the big prize of the off-season and would close almost anywhere he is traded. Making $3 million and with another year of arbitration I believe the Padres when they say that it'll take a lot to get him though, as they seem close to contending in the near future. Rockies: Getting a taker on Davis seems optimistic at this point, although Oberg is still lurking regardless of a trade.
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    BOS - Barnes ATM but def fluid with Brasier, id roster barnes over brasier if i had to pick rn, neither have me excited or confident MIN - Its Parker for lions share with Rodgers getting the lefty saves TEX - i think leclerc gets it back wouldnt bother with the Martin and Kelley TB - even as a fan i have no clue whats going on here, Castillo - Alvarado - Pagan all are in the mix based off of something, heck if i know, id lean Alvarado/Castillo over Pagan tho, those 2 have best bet to run with it imo KC - i like Kennedy if you have a spot, the meh outing recently doesn't turn me away, bad defense accounted for most of that and i dont see another arm to contest Kennedy really ATL - im on the Luke Jackson train with a 👀 following minter from the WW (still think they sign kimbrel after the draft) SEA - its Elias for me easily at this point, the other 2 guys are better but haven't really seen much action, until then just watching them and how Elias does LAA - I rank them Robles - Allen - Buttrey as it seems buttrey wont really get a fair crack as the fireman kind of guy imo, still think allen gets another chance and Robles has NEVER had a sub 3.5 ERA (3.48 one year thats it) which doesn't get me excited about his ROS outlook Obv take this FWIW and feel free to chime in with any other opinions or takes on these situations, i just wanted to do a recap and outline my opinions
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    Gordon owners waiting for AB suspension or meltdown:
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    Did your backup get all the reps in your furniture moving business while you were out? That’s the only part of your analogy that us Chase Edmonds owners care about.
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    Obviously we don't get points for preseason stats, but I thought it was interesting to see how Slye has done in all 2019 games so far... --Preseason Week 1: 3 for 3 FG (29, 42, 55) + 2 for 2 XP's --Preseason Week 2: 2 for 2 FG (40, 54) --Preseason Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (41) --Preseason Week 4: 1 for 2 FG (59) + 2 for 2 XP's........the missed FG was a blocked 48 yarder --Regular Season Week 1: 2 for 3 FG (46, 52) + 3 for 3 XP's........the missed FG was a 53 yarder --Regular Season Week 2: 4 for 4 FG (32, 37, 51, 54) --Regular Season Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (36) + 5 for 5 XP's --Regular Season Week 4: 3 for 3 FG (26, 48, 55) + 1 for 1 XP's Totals: 17 for 19 FG (including 5 40+ yarders & 7 50+ yarders) 13 for 13 XP 83 fantasy points in 8 games (counting 40 yarders as 4 points, and 50 yarders as 5 points) Just for the heck of it, I also checked the league leaders in 50 yarders over the past few seasons. In 2018, Maher & Myers had 6 such kicks. In 2017, Bryant had 8. In 2016, Tucker had 10. There certainly are no guarantees for Slye, but from what he has shown in the 2019 preseason and regular season, you have to like what you've seen so far.
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    Was going to take him 3.02, but got cold feet.
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    all the non owners watching this thread rn:
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    Gordon about to hit the pipe in celebration after hearing the AB news
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    We all know what really happened...
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    I look forward to quoting the terrible Vlad takes for years to come.
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    1. Don't draft players on bad teams because they'll tank and make up phantom injuries 2. Don't draft players on good teams either. Load management 3. Don't draft old players. Load management 4. Don't draft players whose names rhyme with Fanthony Mayvis and Kapie Leopard 5. Find a different hobby
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    Depends on how harshly your stressing the word "easily." I think all three are certainly in the cards in 2019. Mathematically, I actually think it's harder to make the argument he WON'T hit 30 HRs when you really sit down and think about it. As a whole, or at least as a mathematical model, we really have every reason to believe he will do that, and steal more than 15 Bases, and for a slightly higher BA. (If you don't like mathematical modeling posts, good place to stop). There's two huge driving factors for Puig right now: Potential to Play Full Time Change from Dodger Stadium to Great American Ball Park I'm projecting Puig to play full time. I'm projecting him to hit near the middle of the order, probably around 5th. I looked through a few PA projection models online, and I'm going to put him in the ball park of 637 Proj. PAs based on batting 5th. In the last two seasons, Puig has hit 51 HRs in 1014 PAs. That's 25.5 HRs per season. But players rarely hit HRs at "seasonal" rates. The more PAs, the more opportunity to hit more HRs. The more opportunity to hit HRs, when all else is equal, the more HRs. So I actually believe that, unless your opinion is that Puig will be regularly benched, projecting even 25.5 HRs is pretty much ignoring the lack of PT he's had the past two seasons. If you use the PA projection (637) and apply it to the HR number (51 in 1014) you get 32 HRs. Would it be a career high? Absolutely. But it's simply doing exactly what he's done the last two years with more opportunity. And then you get into the Park Factor. GABP was the #1 Park in HR factor last year in ESPN's park Factors. It has been top 5 in two of the past three seasons. On average, ESPN's park factor the past three years puts GABP at "1.221" or 22.1% more HRs than league average. Dodger Stadium hovers around the middle of the pact, ranking as high as 11th and as low as 20th the past three years, and averaging out at an almost entirely league average "0.992" or 0.8% Fewer HRs than league average. Now you don't play 162 Games at home of course. But I applied that fraction (1.221/0.992) to half of both his PA Adjusted 32 HRs (added 3.7 HRs) and his 25.5 HRs average the last two years (added 2.7 HRs). So by looking at EITHER park factor OR PAs, I think it is quite easy to see Puig hitting 28-32 HRs. If you look at both combined, the numbers actually gets up near 36+. SBs could also be risen similarly, at least by PAs. Puig's 30 SBs (1014 PAs) adjusted to 637 PAs gives him nearly 19 SBs (18.8). Being on a different team is a large variable in this equation, but I dont' think the Reds are gonig to be overly cautious with Puig on the bases. Not hard to see 30/18 to 34/20. You can dig into R+RBI projection/production the same way too. 269 R+RBI over the last two years and 1014 PAs (67.25 per year per category). If you adjust that number to account for 637 PAs though, the number increases immediately to 169 R+RBI for one season (84.5 per category). And similarly to how GABP is better for HRs, it is also better for Run production. GABP is a bit more neutral for overall Run production. The short outfield reduces the OF BABIP-- one of the reasons Puig may be able to play CF in Cincy-- and drives down overall runs. But, applying the same three year strategy used for the HR Factor above, Cincinnati's GABP has a 1.046 average Run factor the last three years (+4.6% Over average) while Dodger's stadium, which was bottom 5 in Run production two of the past three years, sits at 0.885 (-11.5% under league average). Applying the same logic I used for the HRs above (applying the 1.046/0.885 for one half of the sample) you get 184 R+RBI, or 92 Per Category. And then in terms of BA, while he has hit in between .260-.270 the last two seasons, it is not entirely illogical, with all that's been put on the board above, that excess HRs = excess Hs = a higher BA. One of my favorite things to do in fantasy baseball is try to find a career season I can project, without assuming any change. Christian Yelich was a player who fit that description last year. He ddin't have to do anything different to have Milwaukee boost his value. The fact that he played a bit better made him an MVP. Puig is in a somewhat similar scenario. New place, but specifically a new place that comes with much friendlier confines. Most of the questions outside of this reside in his willingness to play in Cincinnati and his fear of losing. In terms of Cincy, I actulaly think this team could be a winner. And I don't think the city, in and of itself, will drive down Puig's numbers. And while I understand the argument about competitiveness, and fears of a lack-there-of if Cincy goes sour, this is a WALK YEAR. For all the reasons pointed out above, alongside the fact that Puig is still fairly young, Yasiel Puig has a HUGE variability I believe of what he could get paid in 2019-2020. A great year doesn't just stand alone, it builds off the smaller samples of the past two years in a friendly park with a strong line-up at a valuable age. I think Puig half-assing games is literally saying that he doesn't care if he gets 30 Million or 100 Million next year, because I really do believe it could be THAT different. I think ultimately, whether he's in it for Yasiel, or in it for Cincy, he's in it to put up numbers this year. I'd like to edit something this long but don't have time. pologies.
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    Wade Davis after reclaiming that closers job with Oberg on the IL
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    Maybe a trade or maybe a seizure
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    Nice start today, chart was pretty nice too: FB- up a full tick from his last start, averaged 95 MPH and popped 97, great vert action to it, threw 61--42 strikes with 34 swings and 8 whiffs! Strike plot map was really sharp, just painting in all quadrants...this might be a plus/plus type of FB we are seeing from the left side... SL- really like the actions on this pitch and his release point is tough to pick-up and comes from similar spot as FB/other offerings. He sat 85 with it today, threw14--11 strikes with 10 swings and 3 whiffs. CH- comes in very similarly --velo wise-- to the SL, at 86 MPH, offers much more dive though. Threw 13--8 strikes with 6 hacks at it. CU- this is what we need to see more of, imo. It has some great shape and horizontal sweep to it, at 80 MPH it is a nice spot on his velo spectrum, spun up 8--4 strikes with 3 hacks.
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    Bud Black announced that they have convinced Mark Ellis to come out of retirement to quote: "block the hell out of Hampson and McMahon".
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    Followed by: Bird to be shut down for a few days Bird to begin the year on the Injured List Bird to get a cortisone injection Bird hopeful to return by All Star break Bird to get arm amputated. NY Post headline: "Bird to Lose a Wing"
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    Incredible TD throw by Brady. How he threw it half a yard to a dude right in front of him is truly amazing. World class. MVP.
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    The hate in this thread is ridiculous. He's hurt, he tried to gut it out, was terrible and is now shelved until he gets better. /thread
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    imagine benching this absolute stud because of weather concerns then having to look at his 26 points on your bench for the next 10 days
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    AB in and out of the starting lineup like
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    Now if only we could ask pitchers to throw him 60-70 mph fastballs every AB.
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    I think the more childish thing is reading into or caring about who or what a player "follows" on their personal social media account, as if it means anything. Good for him. He's 24 years old... 24... He spent 7 years busting his a** in the minors, came up, played great, got demoted. They totally screwed him. He should be pissed. He should be mad AT the organization. Zero reason he should be in the minors, it's a joke. I'd be more concerned about his desire to play if he wasn't furious at the org for doing him dirty like this. This is just another example, IMO, as to why minor league service needs to be counted towards reaching free agency... 7 years in the minors, 24 years old, plays great -- sent down, pathetic.
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    Flash-forward 13 days: "Mets announce they amputated the wrong leg"
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    Interesting fact (courtesy of Matt Modica on twitter): He has faced 257 batters across AA/AAA/MLB and has walked only 9 total (3.5%)...
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    I guess. I mean if you weren't already worried about his 14 walks in 21 IP, 5.45 ERA, and 1.54 WHIP, then sure, go ahead and worry about shoulder stiffness.
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    Wander Franco, SS, low Single-A Bowling Green (TB) 1-for-3, 2B, 2 RBI Nate Lowe, 1B, Triple-A Durham (TB) 0-for-2, 3 BB, SB, R Vidal Brujan, 2B, high Single-A Charlotte (TB) 0-for-4, BB Drew Waters, OF, Double-A Mississippi (ATL) 0-for-3, R, BB, 2 K MacKenzie Gore, LHP, high Single-A Lake Elsinore (SD) 6 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 1 HR, 75 pitches, 45 strikes, 4 groundouts, 6 flyouts Andres Munoz, RHP, Double-A Amarillo (SD) 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K, 21 pitches, 12 strikes Nolan Gorman, 3B, low Single-A Peoria (STL) 1-for-3, RBI, BB, K Victor Victor Mesa, OF, high Single-A Jupiter (MIA) 1-for-4, SB Royce Lewis, SS, high Single-A Fort Myers (MIN) 0-for-5, 3 K Kyle Tucker, OF, Triple-A Round Rock (HOU) 1-for-4, 2B, R, K Yordan Alvarez, OF, Triple-A Round Rock (HOU) 2-for-4, 2 RBI, R, K Issac Paredes, 3B, Double-A Erie (DET) 1-for-5, RBI, K
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    He totally forgot his mound presence today.
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    Maybe we're all just handing out decoy names in this forum to deter people.