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    LOL.... could probably average 10ppg if he had his other leg amputated
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    Actually Scienze was the one who brought up the point that Conley was better than Bledsoe. You simply echoed that statement AFTER the season began. I pointed out that Bledsoe was ranked higher according to BBM for standard 9 cat. You said Conley was ranked higher according to your league settings...how is anyone supposed to know what your league settings are? I hope that’s not the big argument you’re referring to. You also said someone was crazy for trading their Bledsoe for Covington. This is a good illustration of why eyewitness testimony is inherently unreliable.
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    Yahoo Sources: An initial exam on LeBron James reveals all is intact and that it’s a slight groin strain. It could have been worse.
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    Wrote this on the Reds thread. Figured looking into his 2nd Half improvements would also be a nice way to start off his own thread. Bad park, but an improving team. If they don't bring in a CF I might be a bit concerned with the OF defense unless they plan to play Schebler everyday V. RHP in CF, or if they're luck with a defensive experiment working in CF. I don't think you can have full confidence even in improvements because of his Up & Down career so far, but certainly highly encouraging.
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    yup,this is his first reply on this thread ↓
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    I know this may shock you but when people post stuff like that they know the player doesn’t care nor will he see it. It’s a way to express frustration.
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    I worry Jordan is a AAAA player. He has a legit chance. I don't think the Bucs ever really gave him a good shot, but then again those fools are the ones who traded off Austin Meadows.
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    Extremely undervalued player....66% FG, 1.3 3's, 5.3 Rebounds, 1.7 Blocks in the last 7 days. If you can withstand poor FT%(on low volume to be fair), a very solid guy to round out your team.
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    I played in 3 leagues and win 2 of them! Who else won?
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    Would you rather have 12/8 with 3 stocks per which might be top 50-75 guy. (Jared Allen) Like others have said I’ll gladly take the 22/13 and high fg%. Collins is giving owners 3 Dominant cats. Another case where rankings can be silly.
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    22,13 this month on 55% shooting...ill take it gladly
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    He's a fairly-highly touted prospect. He's still young and could be a post-hype sleeper (although his hype never was sky-high). He's now in Cleveland, and DepthCharts lists him as the starting LF. I think Luplow could be a decent flyer in 2019.
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    Don't want to brag but my prediction from the start of this thread is disgustingly close to what he is doing now, i just got the steals a bit off haha!
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    Didn't the same thing happened with Harris replacing Crabbe. It was supposed to be DLo/Crabbe/Levert/Dudley/Allen. Then Harris filled in for Crabbe when he was injured early in the season, and has since kept the starting sg spot. Then with Levert going down and Crabbe finally rust-free, starting lineup was DLo/Harris/Crabbe/RHJ/Allen. Now Crabbe's down again and Kurucs stepping up. Wouldn't be surprised to see DLo/Harris/Kurucs/RHJ/Allen sticking.
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    No doubt I'd start him. Have a league or two where I am starting him over Isaac this week. His stats look impressive, but watching his highlights you can see how good this kid really is. With LeVert out he might just be the most talented player on their roster and he's ready to play...aggressive, smart, and active on both ends of the court. Athletic and a high bball IQ.
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    Status note: John Collins (ankle) went through shootaround Wednesday.
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    Results show that when Williams is the only back in town, he puts up big numbers. On a better offense, and lindsay looked like crap the two weeks prior while on his way to another dud Monday night, it wasn't that hard of a decision to make.
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    You are out of your mind. Luck is MVP caliber and a future HoF lock with his trajectory and Mariota is complete trash. Luck has a career 52-33 record with a team that was 2-14 before he got there and 4-12 last year without him. Luck has carried a team to the AFC Championship game. Mariota won't even be a starter in 2 years.
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    yea I think it would be and I understand it doesn't jump off the page but that's a line I/most were expecting drafting him. but hes also my 3rd center in a punt assist team that is built around efficiency so he really fits my team. you could of always drafted blake or a gordon if you wanted popcorn stats just like Covington and porter get huge bumps in overall value because of low t/o it doesn't translate to every team and build. (and you will have little chance to sell high on any player that is efficient)
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    Ha, yeah. It would be a major risk for them. But the reward is too huge to pass up imo. Cubs are on top now but it certainly hasn't always been that way. White Sox were once the top team in town believe it or not. A successful rebuild built around the biggest star in the game can completely turn around the franchise. Around the time the megadeals come to an end the Sox stadium deal will also be coming up. The new ownership group may very well be open to revisiting the idea of building a new park in the South loop, something that should have been done thirty years ago, which would be the third piece of the puzzle that could take a bottom level franchise and turn it into a monster. Name brand stars + a consistent winner + a modern park in a better, tourist friendly location. It's a generational opportunity, maybe once in a lifetime. You pair that with being in a huge media market and there's a chance for the Sox to dig themselves out of the hole they created for themselves and sit at the big boy's table once again, for the first time since before most of us were born. If they're not willing to step up and throw 700M at Harper and Machado then they deserve their current fate, somehow languishing as a forgotten franchise in a city that is a cultural and economic behemoth, whose civic pride and sports culture has allowed all of their other pro sports teams to absolutely fluorish.
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    One more update. ESPNLosAngeles @ESPNLosAngeles 2m RT @mcten: LeBron James tells ESPN “the good thing is the muscle is intact.” He hasn’t ruled out playing Thursday against Sacramento, however a MRI tomorrow will reveal how plausible that will actually be. Beat Writer / Columnist
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    I picked him up from the WW for DSJ, hopefully he could keep it up. Philly game was a bit of a letdown.
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    Simmons can putting up stats but seems unplayable in the crunch time, 4 on 5 in offense every time,Bos choose to double team butler and leave Simmons wide open because he can't shoot
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    Dropping him for a stream spot. Have fun dudes.
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    Let's just keep that between me and you. lol
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    Hate to say it bud but as a Drummond fan and owner.. he is strictly meant for a Punt FT% build. No chance he gets to the 60% of last year.
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    Not a good route runner. No suddenness to his game. Rounds off his cuts. Very good straight line speed. High points the ball very well. Always hurt. A poor man's Alvin Harper...when healthy.
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    • Barcelona tried to tank Rodions Kurucs' draft stock so he wouldn't go to the NBA. Now he could be the biggest 2018 draft steal. I came across an interesting story about Brooklyn Nets rookie Rodions Kurucs and how his pre-draft club FC Barcelona wouldn't give him minutes with the A-team and made extensive efforts so that he wouldn't be seen by NBA scouts, in order to keep him on the team. In the 2017-18 season, he played only 43 minutes in the top-flight Spanish league (Luka Doncic played nearly 900 minutes, and even Barcelona product Mario Hezonja played over 582 in their final seasons). He also only played 20 minutes per game through 16 games in the second-division Spanish league. Currently, Kurucs is averaging 9 points and 4 rebounds per game (13/5/1 through 6 starts) and ranks third among rookies in true shooting percentage, at 61.1%, despite being a 40th overall pick. His 24-point game vs. the Indiana Pacers on Dec. 21 is the most he has ever scored in a professional basketball game. His 16-10 game vs. the Phoenix Suns on Dec. 23 was also his first double-double in a pro game. He recently fired shots at Barcelona, "After three years, I’m finally enjoying playing basketball."
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    I’m intrigued by Tyler Glasnow. 200k potential in the 13–14th round.
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    definitely, ill take john collins all day long as i have 3,4 other guys in the lineup that get me all the stocks i need
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    👨🏻‍💻 he’s a rising star with potential to give you 20-30% fg pct but was playing better during his ankle problems. He actually was terrible before his injury took a break then played well. 17 avg 3 threes 5 rebs 3 a** 1.6 steals .7 blocks? 440 fg pct w 80+ ft pct 3 TO was starting to become consistent and realized he had to take a break to let it fully heal. He ran the whole team towards end of year he’s a playmaker that can shoot /defend / facilitate having trae stunted his true potential of an all star. Dude can hoop but ankle problems
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    can't remember if it was 5th or 6th. but yeah, I got a punt FT% team so he was ranked higher in the projections. i was also a biased fan. lol.
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    Well Gaz is also injured and Brogdon is outside the top 75 so that’s a tough sell for me. I’d only do this if I couldn’t withstand losing CP3 for long. Otherwise I’d ask for more.
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    @StifleTower2,seems your prediction is right
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    Delanie Walker will be 35 next year. Unless something drastic changes, he'll also be playing in a horrid offense with an average at best QB. I drafted Walker this year, but i'll be steering well clear, there'll be plenty of better options. If Olsen doesn't return, Ian Thomas could be an awesome draft.
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    Won my league again back to back championships thanks to... Robby Anderson WW late add this season
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    I predict you'll be a Mahomes owner next year.
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    First overall pick next year. Over Gurley, Barkley, and everyone else. My reasoning is quite simple. The dude loves to play football and will play regardless. He won't go out as we've seen this season. This means that unlike all these other bums in the playoffs he will be in unless there is a serious injury. He may not be as good as Gurley or Barkley but Gurley didn't play this week because of a knee injury when in reality it was probably 90% because they didn't need him to play and Barkley is on a terrible team. I didn't own him but damn he is good.
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    I love Villar. I am thinking about keeping him in one of my keeper leagues. What are your thoughts on Eduardo Escobar? Is he worth a keeper spot over Wil Myers?
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    Are there still openings? Would be interested, just have a few questions Bolin1334@yahoo.com