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    Actually Scienze was the one who brought up the point that Conley was better than Bledsoe. You simply echoed that statement AFTER the season began. I pointed out that Bledsoe was ranked higher according to BBM for standard 9 cat. You said Conley was ranked higher according to your league settings...how is anyone supposed to know what your league settings are? I hope that’s not the big argument you’re referring to. You also said someone was crazy for trading their Bledsoe for Covington. This is a good illustration of why eyewitness testimony is inherently unreliable.
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    Don't want to brag but my prediction from the start of this thread is disgustingly close to what he is doing now, i just got the steals a bit off haha!
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    Simmons can putting up stats but seems unplayable in the crunch time, 4 on 5 in offense every time,Bos choose to double team butler and leave Simmons wide open because he can't shoot
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    Dropping him for a stream spot. Have fun dudes.
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    I’m intrigued by Tyler Glasnow. 200k potential in the 13–14th round.
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    Was #1 seed in all 3 $$ leagues & ended up 1st, 3rd, & 7th (out of 12). Unfortunately Brees rough game & losing MG3 & Conner hurt me in the 1st Rd in the 1 league I finshed 7th. But I made more than I spent for the season, so that is always a good thing. Wanted to say thanks to everyone who assisted me this year & look forward to next season. We are talking about doing a auction type draft for 1 league, so will be hitting you all up for advice, as that will be a first for me. Ha ha!! Happy New Year everyone!!
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    Mike Singer‏Verified account @msinger FollowingFollowing @msinger More Also: It sounds like Gary Harris and Paul Millsap are getting close to returning. They participated in parts of shootaround this morning in San Antonio.
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    i'm expecting 25/15 with stocks most nights
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    True enough, was thinking auction specifically. I got him for 39, Brown was 58 in the same draft.
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    What if they meant he popped a stiffy?
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    Suprising but true. Not too many efficient 3 pt shooters just sitting on the wire. It must be his low defensive numbers that make GM’s turn the other way. I bet if he avg 15pt ppg or collected at 1 steal per game he would be rostered a lot more.
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    that's why 121 of 125 people who get paid to rank players had Lindsay over plodder Williams. Were you in here posting before the game about benching Lindsay? Monday morning quarterbacking is real strong in this thread
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    He has a career 360 BABIP in over 1300 PAs. Nothing sugests he isnt a top tier BABIP beater. Steamer does downplay though guys. They also give Trout and Yelich lower BABIPs then what their career has been. Of course his approach is why he would barely go over 20 HRs. Regardless of raw power. Since he hits so few FBs. He hit less FBs culmativly in 2017 than Yelich did this past year. So i dont see the appeal in anything but OBP or points.
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    i mean its partially not his fault, Luke has a short leash on him and closes with Rondo over Zo for no reason at all (though he took over in GS last night, was warranted), feel bad for the dude. hes been bricking 3s lately, also you gotta know this is his 2nd season in the NBA which is crazy, playing around LeBron in pressure situations, he'll get loads better, especially post AS break.
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    can't remember if it was 5th or 6th. but yeah, I got a punt FT% team so he was ranked higher in the projections. i was also a biased fan. lol.
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    Double Double with 7 blks,thanks for stifle tower give us a X'Mas gift
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    Won by .01 points on the jalen Richard vulture
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    I'd be surprised if he averages >10 pts/game. Bball players, esp big men, are truly Achilles when it comes to that tendon.
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    umm not really hes what 75ish on the year. and 80ish the last month. he would be close to top 50 on the year if his ft% is where it should be or I should say where it has been the last month. hes 80 the last month with 0.9 blks. that seem very unlikely that that doesn't correct itself. so 60/80 12/8 1.7 t/o last month if he was avg 2 blks that would be top 50 line
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    Definitely have to hold for a week or two to see how this plays out. He had a terrific line tonight.
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    and the Lakers are leading by 15, 65-50 in the 1st half. But the Warriors haven't found their groove yet. I want to see how the Lakers respond once Steph and Klay gets it going with consecutive 3PTM or something. Zubac is also making his case for being able to start for them. He is playing good defense both interior and on the switches. I say, you can actually put him as your 5 against small/fast teams. But I know he struggles against legit bigs, the last being LaMarcus Aldridge.
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    My man is eating these boards for breakfast, lunch and dinner! What a monster
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    Won my league again back to back championships thanks to... Robby Anderson WW late add this season
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    M Goodwin was one of the most hyped breakout guy's to be a dud.
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    He has asthma and was hospitalized for a lung infection that can kill people who don't have chronic breathing issues like He shouldn't have played the one game he did after initially getting sick (in which he went 9/10 from the field you ungrateful fools) You don't work ANY job with pneumonia, like only a monster would have you come into a retail job because you'd get all your coworkers and customers sick Holy **** the tough guy nonsense on here sometimes He's a key player on my auction keeper team and I wish him the best, get healthy and get back to single handedly winning me blocks every other week \/
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    I was slowly getting to that point years ago, like caring more about my fantasy team than my "real" team, because at least I have some control over my fantasy team. But the last few years, I started playing in more and more leagues, to the point that I own one or two of basically every decent player in the league. So I don't even have "my" fantasy players either, really. Now I just watch the numbers roll by and generally cheer for players to play well (since all of it both helps and hurts me, and I'd rather be positive about it). It's kinda weird, because growing up my dad was always into watching sports just for the sake of watching people play a sport well. Thirty years later and, albeit for selfish reasons, I'm kinda there now, too. Across 20+ leagues, though, I don't own a single share of CJ McCollum, LeBron, Jokic, or Giannis, though, so join me in cheering against them. lol
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    LOL at NBA vs NFL. Parity. Case Closed
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    Because simply I don't place a premium on steals, and I think that if McMahon's bat shows up, he would be a stronger run producer and home run hitter. McMahon didn't live up to the hype last year, but he's still a guy with almost a .570 slugging % in about 550 AAA at-bats. I think people have been way too quick to write him off for a guy who's just a little more than a slap hitter with great speed. That doesn't mean Hampson can't be usable if he's playing, but I'll take McMahon if he takes the next step and hits major league pitching.
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    Here's the Yahoo MVP's of the 2018 season, "These are the players who appear most often in the top 500 Public League teams." And who owned all of them from my league, (I dropped James Conner after he was ruled out btw) Apologize for the picture being blurry but can only upload files 51 kb or smaller. Crazy to see a player on 62% of the top teams, says a lot about Mahomes this year. I am also surprised to see JuJu up higher than Davante Adams.
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    You didn't, I found his post quite salty.
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    Won 4 out of last 6 years in my main league, including this years title. Can a dynasty be self proclaimed?
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    First overall pick next year. Over Gurley, Barkley, and everyone else. My reasoning is quite simple. The dude loves to play football and will play regardless. He won't go out as we've seen this season. This means that unlike all these other bums in the playoffs he will be in unless there is a serious injury. He may not be as good as Gurley or Barkley but Gurley didn't play this week because of a knee injury when in reality it was probably 90% because they didn't need him to play and Barkley is on a terrible team. I didn't own him but damn he is good.
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    I did, someone reacted confused when I said he should be getting run over RHJ and Crabbe last week, they ain't confused now.
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    Everything was Dunn in that game!
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    Gronk. Biggest bust in recent times.
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    That’s not an opinion. There is no debate about that.
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    IDK..sounds taco-ish. Only 3 back to backs left. KD and Kawhi are a wash. Whats left? "first round potential" Oladipo for "pretty much unrosterable" Collison.
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    Think Villar could end up being a top 5 SS. He also has 2B and OF eligibility in Yahoo!
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    If you want to catch a glimpse of what Bledsoe's line could be like this year, take a look at what Teague's line was back in the 2014-15 Hawks. Bud is more or less running the same five-out and motion offense
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    He mouth to the trainers he "he felt a pop".
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    It was supposed to take me a couple years to look foolish. It only took you 3 days. Still gonna comp him to Julio since they both went to Alabama or something? Amari still 6th best WR or...? What's the personal ranking system saying now? It was a total blowup spot at home vs Bucs - they even had the Bucs playing back at them - against arguably the worst pass d in the NFL he puts up a dud. Average Amari has been as disappointing as they come since he went pro and has never lived up to his potential You can throw all the negative stuff from this guy's past out the window and he's still on a run-first team with a dominant touch-hogging bellcow, a quarterback who is a middling talent, and a team philosophy and personnel that is run first. That makes him a 3-4th round pick at best. Simple stuff. Well, it should be.