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    Due to lack of anyone I love here and wanting to get this guy for a bounceback... 5.11 - Gary Sanchez @SwayzeExpress you're up, don't screw up my next pick.
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    So he gets seriously injured, has not the same since, so that makes him a clown? Asscheeks, really? Lot of pathetic entitled brats on this forum.
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    your bias aside buffalo is probably one of the last places he'd be interested in.
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    Position scarcity is the most valuable aspect of season long fantasy football. Protect and value great players at scarce positions (TE and RB) and you will have a successful year.
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    Haha, its wayyyyy early like I said. Great draft going here...
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    https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2018/12/30/highest-paid-quarterbacks-arent-making-the-playoffs-rodgers-garoppolo-cousins-ryan/ 1. Aaron Rodgers: $33.5M2. Matt Ryan: $30M3. Kirk Cousins: $28M4. Jimmy Garoppolo: $27.5M5. Matthew Stafford: $27M6. Derek Carr: $25M
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    Catchers are like kickers you draft one with your last pick.
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    I started this thread by listing statistics to show how much better Antonio Brown has been over other WR's in fantasy across recent seasons, and how not only that, has had the best consecutive 5-season stretch for any WR in NFL history. With 2018 now in the books, AB has extended out to the best consecutive 6-season stretch for a WR in NFL history. Using Pro Football Reference, take a look at AB in comparison to the best 6-year stretches for other prominent WR's. He's the only WR to top 9,000 yards in a 6-year stretch, and he has the most catches in such a stretch as well. Receiving Rk Player From To CarAV G Rec ▼ Yds TD Y/R Lng 1 Antonio Brown 2013 2018 67 92 686 9145 67 13.3 78 2 Marvin Harrison* 1999 2004 80 95 649 8707 77 13.4 79 3 Jerry Rice* 1990 1995 84 96 596 8759 80 14.7 81 4 Calvin Johnson 2010 2015 62 90 538 8548 62 15.9 87 5 Randy Moss* 1998 2003 74 96 525 8375 77 16.0 78 6 Terrell Owens* 2000 2005 65 80 494 7228 71 14.6 91 Receiving Rk Player From To CarAV G Rec ▼ Yds TD Y/R Lng 1 Cris Carter* 1994 1999 54 96 597 7111 72 11.9 68 2 Torry Holt 2000 2005 73 94 567 8699 48 15.3 85 3 Julio Jones 2013 2018 59 82 565 8574 33 15.2 81 4 Larry Fitzgerald 2005 2010 48 92 555 7424 57 13.4 78 5 DeAndre Hopkins 2013 2018 40 95 528 7437 47 14.1 76 6 Michael Irvin* 1991 1996 84 91 513 8055 40 15.7 87 Receiving Rk Player From To CarAV G Rec ▼ Yds TD Y/R Lng 1 Brandon Marshall 2008 2013 53 92 590 7416 48 12.6 75 2 Demaryius Thomas 2012 2017 60 96 575 7819 51 13.6 86 3 Roddy White 2007 2012 70 96 563 7773 49 13.8 90 4 Chad Johnson 2002 2007 71 96 531 8036 48 15.1 82 5 A.J. Green 2012 2017 56 87 491 7156 50 14.6 82 6 Isaac Bruce 1999 2004 60 95 465 7090 45 15.2 78 Receiving Rk Player From To CarAV G Rec ▼ Yds TD Y/R Lng 1 Reggie Wayne 2005 2010 77 96 566 7639 46 13.5 66 2 Jimmy Smith 1996 2001 83 95 562 7972 41 14.2 75 3 Tim Brown* 1994 1999 50 96 543 7519 48 13.8 80 4 Hines Ward 2001 2006 57 93 524 6449 47 12.3 85 5 Andre Johnson 2004 2009 52 86 521 6972 38 13.4 77 6 Andre Reed* 1989 1994 65 95 447 6440 44 14.4 83 With that said, is it time to jump off the AB ship with all of the drama surrounding him and the Steelers? It's a question that people will have different answers to. In making your decision, it's worth keeping his historic stats in mind...but also perhaps not letting his history blind you to the future risks...
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    Butler side - Ball has too many downsides. While the number comparison can make it sound like a fair trade, consider roster spots too - you need to get rid of a player for the trade to work. That’s why people typically favors the side with the best player in the trade.
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    Totally depends if the defense improves or not because with Julio, Matt Ryan always is an outside shot at being a cheap QB1 due to that man getting within a ballpark of 2000 rec yards each year. If the defense improves along with a running game, Ryan likely won't come close to the yardage or PA he had this year. They basically had no rushing attack all year and the defense was a sieve for over 12 weeks of the season.
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    Cleveland comes to mind. They have a young QB, no elite WR and are poised to take the next step. Of course it would take a Godfather offer to have him shipped in the division.
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    Are you in 8 cat? Because according to 9 cat Trae is 71st in the last week, 125th in the last two weeks, and 221st the last month. If it was 8 cat I wouldn't have made the trade to begin with. It was 9 cat roto so I don't think I will regret it as either of them would be my 10th/11th man but at least Marcus Smart gave me a few weeks of elite steals.
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    My Caris Levert sink or swim fandom channeled into Luka
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    Might rise from people bumping him moving to a hitter friendly park.
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    I was thinking of offering something similar FOR JH. I think its a good deal. Who knows if hes on the bears next year. Maybe try to counter with less picks. maybe just 1 First and a 2nd or 3rd
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    Holding for another game before I make the decision to drop. He's just a rookie.
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    Quietly on a nice roll, thank you ma' lord
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    Dipo was also injured and out this season which took several games to get back on track, here's to a dominant 2019 to finish the season strong for DIPO
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    was eyeing both walker and bogey in the next 2 rounds. good picks.
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    Because he's being a juvenile, disruptive punk? He tried to peg his own QB w/a football lol. Is this "what the Steelers are"? I'll go ahead and get the popcorn ready then.
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    Sorry to bring IRL into this, but... We gotta be honest, whatever sh*t Jimmy talked on KAT/Wiggins, it applied to Wiggins right? KAT is just a complete beast, what the hell happened in this organization that they shipped out Jimmy and not Wiggins for like...literally anyone I mean literally as in the original dictionary def he's so bad I don't care if it's true that KAT effed Jimmy's girl if he's a real competitor just let it slide :| i swear this isn't bias b/c KAT shares the same hometown as me (we were literally born in the same hospital)
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    Plenty of talent will be available in the 2nd round of this years draft. TE will be a pretty good year. 2 potential 1st rounders in sternberger and Irv Smith. RBs is very deep this year especially if some guys come out early. Love, Turner, Harris, Hill, Snell, Williams, Jacobs, and more. WR should be a decent crop but too with guys like Butler, and Deebo Samuels, and AJ Brown and DJ Metcalf. QB should be a little light this year but a couple could be decent t like Drew Lock of Missouri or the Duke QB.
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    He's on my do not draft list for 2019 - give me some juju tho
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    Just traded for him a few days ago. Woowee, on the PG wagon now.
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    I have (had) doubts about all those guys except Barkley. Gurley: great coach, great offense, great success. Stick him on the giants? Don't see it. DJ: came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quick. Love him as a late second round value pick, not as a top 3. AK: time share, small, great but old qb/coach. Would take Barkley over him but would consider him at 1.2 or anywhere later. These things are fluid. But Barkley has a perfect pedigree and dominated on a team that could barely average more than three yards per carry last year. Go put those other three guys on this giants team and see if any crack 1000 rushing yards.
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    If you want to be on the safe side go for it. I think Nance has more upside than Tatum but the risk of him losing minutes is always there. Tatum should be pretty consistent all season
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    Selfish or not, we just saw what the Steeler's look like against one of the worst DEF in the NFL in a must win game w/o him. Juju's great...but he isn't good enough (yet) be "scheme" proof". AB is. AB puts up these numbers against 2-3 defenders and Juju was left 1on1 all year. Feels a lot like Devantae Adams when Jordy got hurt. All the hype that Adam's was going to be a super star and everybody was a year early on it. He's still a year away. What's left in PIT if AB goes away? Washington, hunter, rodgers and DHB...Big ben's at the tail end of his career and the Steeler's are in clearly trying to win now and worry about post ben later. They''ll put up /w AB for the last couple years of Ben's career. We've all seen this before on every team. This will fade in a week...there will be some off season pow wow meeting of the minds and things will go on as usual and in 10 years we'll watch some 30 for 30 about these over blown fueds team mates have all the time.
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    1. Kelce 2. Ertz 3. Kittle 4 on down. Who cares?
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    I wouldn't even assume the new Z Bo. He averaged 1.4 blocks last season, so the blk potential is there.
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    you did not flipped the coin, you gave away the coin for free. ...that is a nice trade though
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    incoming call to Jon Grudens cellphone from. . . Dez bryant
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    The markup on magazines and trade books is usually around 40-50%. So if it's a $26 book, it probably cost around $17 to produce I imagine Amazon just bought a ton of them and is selling them at price + whatever commission they charge. It keeps other sellers in check too so Amazon makes money off their commission. Baseball HQ is just selling it at their normal markup. ...i was in the book/media business for 10 years. The amount of $ and flexibility that Amazon has is almost unimaginable.
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    My Luka for him + Siakam is looking solid so far. If Ayton can average 1-2 blocks again that would be good.
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    If Dallas was a top 3 seed Luca wouldn’t deserve even consideration. 20/5/6 are not close to MVP numbers. Cute discussion though.
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    He lost his dribble with it. Taken out of the game. Announcers saying he isn't 100% yet and can't straighten it. Honestly, I hope they sit him for a week and let him fully heal and come back 100%. Not having a left hand is no good for a PG.
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