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    Oh crap this Rotoworld forums platform just turned the headings into light peacock blue. My eyes are burning trying to read this stuff. Help! Is there a way to go back to old school with heading for threads you can read in like BLACK????
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    For anyone that hates watching videos for 2 minutes and would rather read for 10 seconds; bud black says "umm" about 1000 times and basically says that hampson and macmahon are trying hard.
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    With minor league Opening Day here, this thread is for providing updates on a daily basis of how prospects performed around the minors. If there are prospects that you are following, feel free to post how they hit or pitch in a game. John Sickels' Minor League Ball did one of these threads for at least a dozen years, but that site was discontinued over the winter.
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    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 9 years in a row.... what the hell, let’s do it again.
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    Buxton is like a Thursday night with the boys. You know you got work in the morning, you tell yourself eh I'll just have a pint, quick snack... 3 hours later you're 2 shots and 5 pints deep throwing your buddy in the bushes for fun. Buxton has contact issues, inconsistent approach, hasn't shown us much, and we say we're not interested... but by the end of spring all you see is the athleticism, the past hype, and thought it could magically be the year and we'll probably invest more than we should. Why? Because it will be fun as hell... and Shin Soo Choo will be our AM Tylonol.
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    Looks hot now.... then you draft him.
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    Dodging these lackluster adds like
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    On the royals broadcast recently, they were talking about how he gives himself a "hit" for things like a productive out, 8+ pitch AB, certain statcast measurements, in addition to his normal hits, and keeps track of it in a spreadsheet. His goal is to hit over 0.500 on the year given those criteria.
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    In 2017 he gave up 2HR once and never 3. In 2018 he never gave up more than 1. Guess we have different definitions of "very prone".
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    Just... no. That's freaking nonsense. This thread shouldn't exist. I'm going to get too angry with bad opinions. Because the idea that "beaning" should be acceptable in any sport is asinine. People ask me why I take this seriously and I'll be upfront here since this thread exists and then I'll probably dip out: Because I'm 23. And I love baseball. And I want to lvoe baseball for the next fifty years. But you know what? This sport needs to make sure that it isn't dwindling even more than it is now. People have more alternatives than they ever have before. ESPORTS. You don't ahve to like them, but that alone should shoot fear into the veins of any long-term baseball fan. "Old School" people, I love ya, but you aren't creating NEW fans. NEW fans are all that matters. And the sport is less-approachable when it has horrendous attitudes like this one. Throwing projectiles at humans on purpose is assault. I don't care if anyone wants to try and drag me into an argument about that. I really don't. It's ******** assault. Plain and simple. No doubt. And Bat-Flips! Oh my god. how did we EVER vilify something so harshly? The Bat-Flip is the most innocuous ******** celebration in pro sports. It's a wrist flick! WHO. THE HELL. CARES? We've perverted the concept of bat flips into something that, any observer OUTSIDE of baseball, would go... "Wait... that? People are mad at that?" My roommate is a huge football and sports fan but not a baseball fan, and I love using him as a jump-off as a non-baseball fan. He cannot even comprehend the concept of this issue. It is simple to virtually everyone outside of the sport: Beaning is stupid, Bat-Flips are innocuous and... kinda cool. Amir Garrett put it the best: So anyone who faces me and hits a bomb. I expect you to admire your work lol.. but just remember when I get you back I will admire mine as well... YES! SO MUCH FREAKING YES! THIS. THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. Like who actually likes the concept of "acting like you've been there before." That's nonsense. I want people to act like what they did was epic and fun. Did anyone pay attention to the NFL last year? Called the "No-Fun-League" for years? Finally decides to allow celebrations and guess what? IT WAS ******** AWESOME. Team celebrations were AWESOME. Turnover celebrations and TD celebrations were AWESOME. I've said it before. I don't JUST want Bat Flips. I want Grand Slams where all four batters wait to cross home plate together and do a coordinated dance accross. f--- IT. ITS FUN. GET OVER YOURSELVES. I love the Old School. But even if I *liked* that version of the game more, like I like the no-DH more, there is a reality. The game is less approachable when it is being "old school." And unless you want baseball to be the 15th most popular sport behind 9 ESports in 25 Years, you "Old School" people need to realize that sacrifices are necessary for what's good for the game, and getting new fans, and sustaining the game into the next generation. And don't a single person get me started on this bull**** about being a "role model." I better not see a single Jose Reyes or Addison Russell or Kareem Hunt in my sports then, and you better be complaining about them every day of your life if you want to tell me that I should care at all about the "Role Model" that Tim Anderson is. Please. I don't wanna make another reply, but often feel compelled to. That said. Cheers. i'm out.
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    The only closer in Georgia
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    1. Trout 2. Mookie 3. Voit
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    Lol. If he leaves, he's a snake, traitor, ring-chaser, etc. If he stays, he's 'soft'.
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    Petition to have the old layout back? This new one sucks
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    From where? The hospital? Thats usually where he spends most of the NBA season...
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    Thanks for posting this brock and appreciate the kind words. I ranked Chavis on my top 1000, but I must of missed him when I did the prospects only list. It is updated. Also, tryptamine is right that the write up and projection on Widener was better than my ranking of him. I moved him up a little bit. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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    Just grabbed him. What’s the lowdown? Is he a pitcher or a hitter?
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    I miss when Posty used to do this
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    hitting cleanup in that lineup 😍
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    I have no idea why Kapler continues to add elements of difficulty to the 9th inning. It's like Gabe and his family are about to take a cross country drive. However, as opposed to just dealing with your every day morons on the road, Gabe leaves with an eighth of a tank of gas, puts random strips of duct tape on the windshield, blares the soundtrack to Rocky IV, has four shots of bourbon, and throws a lit cigarette in the back seat.
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    You have a 1st-rounder. It's Bellinger. He is that guy.
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    I think this particular Hader debate has lost its productivity and how now just become a peeing-for-distance contest. You guys are arguing in circles.
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    🎶 Strahming my pain with his fingers.... Stinging my life with his runs.... Killing me softly with his home runs, killing me softly.... 🎶
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    158 and 159 games played the last two seasons.
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    People play in various types of scoring leagues with varying roster sizes. I mean, he's only owned in ~25% of Yahoo leagues, so I feel the question is valid to the general public. How about we focus less on how "weak" people's leagues are and focus more on Soler's outlook?
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    Post em when you get em. Phillies lineup is in: 1. A. McCutchen (R) LF 2. Jean Segura (R) SS 3. Bryce Harper (L) RF 4. Rhys Hoskins (R) 1B 5. J.T. Realmuto (R) C 6. Odubel Herrera (L) CF 7. C. Hernandez (S) 2B 8. Maikel Franco (R) 3B 9. Aaron Nola (R) P
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    Could reduce his sodium intake and add a little more fiber to his diet, but overall pretty healthy.
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    Hopefully he said “i pooped”
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    1. Don't draft players on bad teams because they'll tank and make up phantom injuries 2. Don't draft players on good teams either. Load management 3. Don't draft old players. Load management 4. Don't draft players whose names rhyme with Fanthony Mayvis and Kapie Leopard 5. Find a different hobby
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    I seem to have stumbled into the Baseball Parks thread. I'll see my way out and look for the Franmil thread.
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    Amazing reporting from Rotoworld: Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters that the majority of Jeff McNeil's outfield reps will come in the outfield.
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    Depends on how harshly your stressing the word "easily." I think all three are certainly in the cards in 2019. Mathematically, I actually think it's harder to make the argument he WON'T hit 30 HRs when you really sit down and think about it. As a whole, or at least as a mathematical model, we really have every reason to believe he will do that, and steal more than 15 Bases, and for a slightly higher BA. (If you don't like mathematical modeling posts, good place to stop). There's two huge driving factors for Puig right now: Potential to Play Full Time Change from Dodger Stadium to Great American Ball Park I'm projecting Puig to play full time. I'm projecting him to hit near the middle of the order, probably around 5th. I looked through a few PA projection models online, and I'm going to put him in the ball park of 637 Proj. PAs based on batting 5th. In the last two seasons, Puig has hit 51 HRs in 1014 PAs. That's 25.5 HRs per season. But players rarely hit HRs at "seasonal" rates. The more PAs, the more opportunity to hit more HRs. The more opportunity to hit HRs, when all else is equal, the more HRs. So I actually believe that, unless your opinion is that Puig will be regularly benched, projecting even 25.5 HRs is pretty much ignoring the lack of PT he's had the past two seasons. If you use the PA projection (637) and apply it to the HR number (51 in 1014) you get 32 HRs. Would it be a career high? Absolutely. But it's simply doing exactly what he's done the last two years with more opportunity. And then you get into the Park Factor. GABP was the #1 Park in HR factor last year in ESPN's park Factors. It has been top 5 in two of the past three seasons. On average, ESPN's park factor the past three years puts GABP at "1.221" or 22.1% more HRs than league average. Dodger Stadium hovers around the middle of the pact, ranking as high as 11th and as low as 20th the past three years, and averaging out at an almost entirely league average "0.992" or 0.8% Fewer HRs than league average. Now you don't play 162 Games at home of course. But I applied that fraction (1.221/0.992) to half of both his PA Adjusted 32 HRs (added 3.7 HRs) and his 25.5 HRs average the last two years (added 2.7 HRs). So by looking at EITHER park factor OR PAs, I think it is quite easy to see Puig hitting 28-32 HRs. If you look at both combined, the numbers actually gets up near 36+. SBs could also be risen similarly, at least by PAs. Puig's 30 SBs (1014 PAs) adjusted to 637 PAs gives him nearly 19 SBs (18.8). Being on a different team is a large variable in this equation, but I dont' think the Reds are gonig to be overly cautious with Puig on the bases. Not hard to see 30/18 to 34/20. You can dig into R+RBI projection/production the same way too. 269 R+RBI over the last two years and 1014 PAs (67.25 per year per category). If you adjust that number to account for 637 PAs though, the number increases immediately to 169 R+RBI for one season (84.5 per category). And similarly to how GABP is better for HRs, it is also better for Run production. GABP is a bit more neutral for overall Run production. The short outfield reduces the OF BABIP-- one of the reasons Puig may be able to play CF in Cincy-- and drives down overall runs. But, applying the same three year strategy used for the HR Factor above, Cincinnati's GABP has a 1.046 average Run factor the last three years (+4.6% Over average) while Dodger's stadium, which was bottom 5 in Run production two of the past three years, sits at 0.885 (-11.5% under league average). Applying the same logic I used for the HRs above (applying the 1.046/0.885 for one half of the sample) you get 184 R+RBI, or 92 Per Category. And then in terms of BA, while he has hit in between .260-.270 the last two seasons, it is not entirely illogical, with all that's been put on the board above, that excess HRs = excess Hs = a higher BA. One of my favorite things to do in fantasy baseball is try to find a career season I can project, without assuming any change. Christian Yelich was a player who fit that description last year. He ddin't have to do anything different to have Milwaukee boost his value. The fact that he played a bit better made him an MVP. Puig is in a somewhat similar scenario. New place, but specifically a new place that comes with much friendlier confines. Most of the questions outside of this reside in his willingness to play in Cincinnati and his fear of losing. In terms of Cincy, I actulaly think this team could be a winner. And I don't think the city, in and of itself, will drive down Puig's numbers. And while I understand the argument about competitiveness, and fears of a lack-there-of if Cincy goes sour, this is a WALK YEAR. For all the reasons pointed out above, alongside the fact that Puig is still fairly young, Yasiel Puig has a HUGE variability I believe of what he could get paid in 2019-2020. A great year doesn't just stand alone, it builds off the smaller samples of the past two years in a friendly park with a strong line-up at a valuable age. I think Puig half-assing games is literally saying that he doesn't care if he gets 30 Million or 100 Million next year, because I really do believe it could be THAT different. I think ultimately, whether he's in it for Yasiel, or in it for Cincy, he's in it to put up numbers this year. I'd like to edit something this long but don't have time. pologies.
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    My strategy is to drink too much before the draft, then replace 75% of my roster during the season. It's paid off pretty well in the 13 years my league has been around
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    Finished up his last start of the spring going 3 ip, 3 hits, 0 er, 0 walks, 6 k's
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    "I mean everyone's making it like a competition," Voit told Mike Francesa Tuesday. "We're kind of playing every other day and I get it. He's been here. He's been a big prospect for the Yankees and he's had opportunities... "I don't see how I couldn't get the opportunity after what I did last year, unless I just couldn't hit at all in spring training. I mean the guy is coming out swinging. It's a friendly battle. He's a good friend of mine." Translation: Voit "LOLOLOLOLOLOL competition. Greg Bird? He's a nice guy, real cute he's trying".