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    While there aren't a ton of guys with 30+ SB upside imo there are quite a few going outside the top 100 fantasypros consensus ADP that should give you at least 20. -Villar going at 102 has the best shot to reach and exceed 30. The only drain he'll have is average since he'll produce moderate HR numbers and should score a good amount of runs in that lineup. -Robles going at 105 could give you 20+ with double digits steals and good run scoring ability in that lineup. -Tim Anderson going at pick 129 should produce 20+ SB and could also get you 15+ HR and decent run scoring. His issue will be average/OBP. -Inciarte, one of my favorite draft day values, should get 20 steals and could come owe to leading the NL in runs and he's going at pick 142. I don't really think he hurts you in any category. -Ahmed Rosario could get you 20 SB and hit double digits hr while also producing decent runs and he's going at pick 156. His average might be a concern. -Broxton can be had at the very end of most drafts at pick 400 and he should produce close to 20 sb and 15ish hr. He hurts in average and won't score many runs though.
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    K:bb since his early return? He hasn’t returned yet? And how on earth did any scout whiff on a 24 year old with a RoY award, 2 all star appearances and 13.7 career WAR through a little more than 2 full seasons? Just nonsense being spewed here. Only thing you said with merit is that he doesn’t steal bases
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    What is with this face punching crap? It’s a little awkward, can we be normal? ive seen like 3-4 posts about punching him in the face, what’re you 7?
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    The upside is Camby esqe if Mitch ever develops a mid-range shot.
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    Decided to go down the list. There's a few more questionable situations than I initially thought. Yankees - Chapman Red Sox - Barnes ? - Have to imagine Barnes is the guy if Kimbrel doesn't re-sign. He was pretty solid last season. Blue Jays - Giles Rays - Alvarado Orioles - Givens Astros - Osuna Mariners - Strickland Rangers - Leclerc Angels - Allen Athletics - Treinen Indians - Hand Tigers - Greene White Sox - Colome Royals - Peralta/Boxberger ? - Apparently Yost isn't naming a closer. That's always fun Twins - May/Rogers ? - I would assume May, but who really knows here. Phillies - Dominguez/Neris ? - Seranthony showed so much promise last season then kinda fell apart as the season went on. Gotta think he's given the first chance this season. Mets - Diaz Nationals - Doolittle Braves - Vizcaino Marlins - Romo Dodgers - Jansen Rockies - Davis Diamondbacks - Bradley/Holland/Hirano ? - Holland was laughable with the Cards but elite when pitching for the Nats last season. They like Bradley as their multiple inning guy. Holland might get the first crack here. Padres - Yates Giants - Smith Cubs - Morrow/Strop ? - Morrow was treated like a baby last year. Strop had a career year. Most will be drafting Morrow, but I think I'd rather take Strop here. Reds - Iglesias Pirates - Vazquez Brewers - Knebel/Jeffress/Hader ? - Jeffress was so good last season. Seems like they prefer Knebel in the 9th though. Hader will do Hader things and kill everybody from the 8th on whenever he's used. Cardinals - Hicks/Miller ? - I could see Miller creep back into the 9th if he shows he's still got it, especially with Hicks' inexperience.
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    I am thinking potential double double threat every night with good percentages for a big. No stocks at all but clean. Potential to blow up if given the minutes. Don't think he signed there to ride the bench, he had multiple offers so he must have been assured a nice role imo. All speculation though.
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    I can not continue a back and forth with you because I can not follow the leaps you make in your posts. We operate on two different wavelengths and that is perfectly fine. My response to this post would be to simply ask, what do you want a kid to say when they just got drafted by a a team? You can counter and have last word if you need it. I will not respond.
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    Oh crap this Rotoworld forums platform just turned the headings into light peacock blue. My eyes are burning trying to read this stuff. Help! Is there a way to go back to old school with heading for threads you can read in like BLACK????
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    This one is real deep SP Sleeper SP Merrill Kelly. Former Rays Org Depth. He was a decent in the minors, but he only threw upper 80's. Went to KBO, which is a very HITTER friendly environment. League averages: ERA:4.98 K/9: 7.1 BB9: 3.2 Kelly had a 3.60 ERA and lead the entire league in Strikeouts(189) in 190 innings. The next closest pitcher had 161. With mostly just RP having a higher K/9 then him. The main takeway is that his Velocity bumped to 92-94 MPH that last year in the KBO after being a soft tosser. https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-is-merrill-kelly-2019s-miles-mikolas/ They did a great breakdown on him. Illustrating he has 3 quality pitches he can pitch with command (FB, Change, Slider). So all the tools needed make it as 3-4 starter.
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    Delino Deshields - post hype and needs to hang on to PT, but if he can stay in the lineup close to a full season should see 20-30+ sb easy.
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    For “sleeper” steals Laureano - i think he gets to 20-30 safely, some say he’s capable of 40 but a lot would have to go right. Rosario - if he picks up where he left off in the 2nd half he’s a shoe in for 30+ this year Buxton - Yeah yeah I’m still on the wagon. If he gets full playing time and gets on even at a bad clip he should steal 25+ Robles - As long as he’s hitting he has monster potential for sb(30+ for sure). I think he’s a great risk/reward value if his redraft ADP is 105 right now Garrett Hampson - this is probably the best “sleeper” sb pick you can get. Obviously it all depends on his playing time, but I see him as their 2B to start the year and may transition to CF if Rodgers starts hot. He has 40 sb potential if he is playing full time. Amazing Obp guy who should be their leadoff hitter sooner rather than later
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    Insane plate discipline, even in a down season.
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    We had a thread like last year...and Mallex Smith was brought up which turned out to be a GREAT call @HighHeat11 - nice job who are some people you are targeting for stolen bases outside of the first few rounds. i like mallex smith again and i think tommy pham has great value as he can steal 20 and hit for power as well. another guy i really love is jose peraza. especially where he is going. he has 30 sb potential and can hit 15 hrs and 290 anymore?
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    great thread. I think this is what will win many championships.
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    Points, 3’s and efficiency. That is 5 of 9 cats, not including modest steals chipped in for added value.
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    Some things to be optimistic about... 1. Either, post ASB the lineup changes and Marc starts and plays more minutes 2. Or, he stays on the bench but his minutes increase as he learns the system 3. He stays on the bench and feasts on the second unit and keeps his defensive focus high...in the 3 games he's played he has 4 blocks and 5 steals, in under 20 min/game...
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    @BostonCajun In roto I like to go for 1 solid closer but not the top tier so I don’t have to pay a lot. Then a second closer who may be a little risky or under the radar for cheap. Then a couple guys who are going to give you good/great ratios and/or in the position to get saves behind the closer. For example: Iglesias Givens Minter Robertson (Strahm might start) and of course lurk in the closer thread and play the wire!
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    30 HR seems like a 5-10% outcome at best, might be less, but I guess that might just be a 5-10% chance he stays 100% healthy all year. Seems like he's destined for a hiccup or two a year and still a productive player. In 5x5, I rather the steals tick up than homers. He stole 25 in 2017 in only 530 PAs.
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    The bigger issue is that in fantasy drafts everyone will be targeting guys like Leclerc and Yates. Their value is going to skyrocket due to lack of options.
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    I don't see that. Kanter was just frustrated in NY because the team was losing intentionally and not giving him any minutes as part of their efforts to tank. The blazers have serious issues generating offense outside of Lillard/CJ/Nurkic so Kanter is a great solution to their bench scoring issues. I am sure he knows his role going in.
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    This will be an important thread this year with big scarcity in SB this season. Here's some non-obvious guys I'll be considering: - Jake Bauers can provide 10-15 SB at 1B - Harrison Bader given PT can crack 20 SB - Amed Rosario looks likely to improve his SB totals on last year, he really picked it up late. - Given health, Wil Myers should be good for 20+ SB at 3B - If Isiah Kiner-Falefa ever falls into playing time he can contribute 5-10 SB from C
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    And, of course, bartolo colon
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    Off the radar guys. Need PT and/or a green light roman quinn corey spangenberg greg allen ketel marte willy adames teoscar hernandez Wilmer difo
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    I could see by the end of the year that the number of teams using only one guy for saves could be less than half the league. More teams are realizing that it's better baseball to use their best pitchers in critical situations rather than saving them for the ninth inning. I'm starting to think the strategy is to get one or two of the elite closers that you can be 95 percent sure will get the saves.
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    I think that was related to him being moved to the bottom of the lineup. After that happened he was often on base with Acuna, Freeman and Markakis coming up. Those were all guys that Snitker trusted to drive in runs and I don't think Inciarte had the green light anymore. This isn't as much of a difference in splits but in the 2nd half last year Albies was also hitting at the bottom of the lineup and he saw his steal attempts drop from 12 before the ASB and just 5 after. I could be wrong but it's my theory and I would not be surprised if Inciarte stays in the leadoff spot all year and outproduces his draft day cost by a lot. I could see a sneaky 100 run, 10 HR, 65 RBI, 30 SB, .275/.340 line this year.
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    How you feeling about that now?
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    You don't scoop the Lord. The Lord scoops you.
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    Possible 30/20 100 runs with 400 OBP? If he stays healthy it's going to be a fun year owning this guy.
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    Yes, I do remember the 10-footer. Funny, because Camby's game evolved so he got even closer to the rim. His scoring went down while his rebs and blks went up. Pure rim runner by the time he was in Denver, and massive shotblocker with multiple 3 blk seasons. Also, the beanpole body type is a near perfect match. Knicks should bring Camby in to do 1-on-1 work with the kid.
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    This guy is going to be a goldmine in March when Kawhi rests.
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    27 points on 11/12 shooting, with 7 rebounds and 1 blk ...and its only 3 minutes into the 3rd......
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    Bickerstaff is pretty much a Fizzdale clone. They both just say nonsense to the media nightly and prob. laugh about later that night...
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    Trying it tomorrow, hopefully I get a promotion.
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    The bottom line is they're planning for him to be in the rotation. Yes they're talking about the possibility of him moving to the pen, but only because he did well there last year and they know it's an "option". Doesn't mean much at this point. From the article: "Those comments obviously don’t represent anything approaching a clear indication that the Cardinals actually intend to bump Martinez to the pen. "
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    Not to disagree, but I think the more accurate assessment of the situation is that Philly was able to hold their team control over Nola’s head and got him to sacrifice two expensive FA years in order to have any safety, because if anything bad happened in his career without this contract they can cut between years whenever they want, and he has to make it for another 3 years without serious injury to hit the market.
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    Hey Team Dynasty, just wanted to give you a heads up that I released my 2020 FYPD ranking on my site, and included where each guy would rank on my 2019 Top 472 Prospects Ranking. Hope this is what you were looking for
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    Not to be the grammar police or anything - it's separating it because the word you're looking for is "reckless"
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    I dont buy it. He will start the year in the rotation, be their #1 and have a great season. The only reason he pitched in relief last year was cuz he got injured and they didnt have enough time to stretch him out. Granted, he pitched very well as their closer but they signed Miller and STL needs Starters more than Relievers at this point. An Ace is always more valuable than a closer
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    wow, do I have to? can't I have the traditional Rotoworld back? this looks like crap, its slow to navigate, and the forums....jeez just awful
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    I like this guy a lot thanks to @garlando More walks than strikeouts in Rookie ball, has a pretty damn good hit tool. 1b is only is scary AF for the NL, but guess what? UNIVERSAL DH IS COMING. Whether it comes this year, next or 2021, that's going to help his value. He even might get some steals! Furthermore, this is a guy I'd like in my protfolio because I feel like its going to be very hard for a hitter like this to crash and burn in the minors with all the friendly parks in the Colorado system with the carrot at the end being Coors field. He seems like someone you should be able to flip at any point you want. He's been comped by some to Anthony Rizzo, imagine that... IN COORS. buy, buy, buy https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/potential-breakout-red-flag-first-base-prospects-entering-2019/ Baseball America article, paid content here, I won't quote it or anything but Badler and Cooper are calling for a breakout.
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    Still starts? wtf... do do you guys watch basketball? think the Raptors are going to alter their whole philosophy and roll out Ibaka with Gasol. God that would be a comparative mess