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    Decided to go down the list. There's a few more questionable situations than I initially thought. Yankees - Chapman Red Sox - Barnes ? - Have to imagine Barnes is the guy if Kimbrel doesn't re-sign. He was pretty solid last season. Blue Jays - Giles Rays - Alvarado Orioles - Givens Astros - Osuna Mariners - Strickland Rangers - Leclerc Angels - Allen Athletics - Treinen Indians - Hand Tigers - Greene White Sox - Colome Royals - Peralta/Boxberger ? - Apparently Yost isn't naming a closer. That's always fun Twins - May/Rogers ? - I would assume May, but who really knows here. Phillies - Dominguez/Neris ? - Seranthony showed so much promise last season then kinda fell apart as the season went on. Gotta think he's given the first chance this season. Mets - Diaz Nationals - Doolittle Braves - Vizcaino Marlins - Romo Dodgers - Jansen Rockies - Davis Diamondbacks - Bradley/Holland/Hirano ? - Holland was laughable with the Cards but elite when pitching for the Nats last season. They like Bradley as their multiple inning guy. Holland might get the first crack here. Padres - Yates Giants - Smith Cubs - Morrow/Strop ? - Morrow was treated like a baby last year. Strop had a career year. Most will be drafting Morrow, but I think I'd rather take Strop here. Reds - Iglesias Pirates - Vazquez Brewers - Knebel/Jeffress/Hader ? - Jeffress was so good last season. Seems like they prefer Knebel in the 9th though. Hader will do Hader things and kill everybody from the 8th on whenever he's used. Cardinals - Hicks/Miller ? - I could see Miller creep back into the 9th if he shows he's still got it, especially with Hicks' inexperience.
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    The bigger issue is that in fantasy drafts everyone will be targeting guys like Leclerc and Yates. Their value is going to skyrocket due to lack of options.
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    And, of course, bartolo colon
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    Off the radar guys. Need PT and/or a green light roman quinn corey spangenberg greg allen ketel marte willy adames teoscar hernandez Wilmer difo
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    I think that was related to him being moved to the bottom of the lineup. After that happened he was often on base with Acuna, Freeman and Markakis coming up. Those were all guys that Snitker trusted to drive in runs and I don't think Inciarte had the green light anymore. This isn't as much of a difference in splits but in the 2nd half last year Albies was also hitting at the bottom of the lineup and he saw his steal attempts drop from 12 before the ASB and just 5 after. I could be wrong but it's my theory and I would not be surprised if Inciarte stays in the leadoff spot all year and outproduces his draft day cost by a lot. I could see a sneaky 100 run, 10 HR, 65 RBI, 30 SB, .275/.340 line this year.
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    How you feeling about that now?
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    This guy is going to be a goldmine in March when Kawhi rests.
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    Not to be the grammar police or anything - it's separating it because the word you're looking for is "reckless"
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    **Ontario, Canada** Does anyone know the legalities that would come into play if I were to get local sports teams/schools involved in fantasy sports as a fundraiser and take a cut of the $ for running and organizing the leagues? Would I need to speak to the platform the leagues are run on? I have an incredible passion for fantasy and sports as a whole and am a Sport Management grad so I have the passion and expertise going for myself to justify knowing more about this topic than most people who are looking into fundraising for their sports team/company, etc. Thanks in advance for any opinions/ideas/help!!
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    It's clear that people are put off by Bauer which is fine. I think when you add in that fact that he likes to play the heel and you've got what we have here. What I am REALLY interested to hear is how people compare this latest Bauer outburst to what DeGrom is doing right now. I don't want to derail the TB thread but what DeGrom is doing to me is sooo much worse. DeGrom (who was awarded 17 million in arbitration) is saying that if they don't give him the contract extension he wants before opening day that he will self impose and innings limit, yet I see no outrage. Trevor might come across as annoying but the guy shows up and plays (and it's never been about the money for him but the respect he feels he has earned)
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    Adding on, I see its only a 6 keeper limit after re-reading, so this isn't so unbalanced. In a 6 keeper league you are getting back pretty solid talent in the first round. I was thinking this was keeping 14 major league players which means round 1 we already have 140-180 guys off the board. So yeah, that deal doesn't seem so unfair.
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    It is his contract year... he better go 0-100 real quick🔥🔥🔥
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    Once he is back to 25+ min I expect 15/4/4 with decent %’s and a 3 and steal sprinkled in. Could be higher on the assists.
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    Small sample size and a lot of variables there. I'll just agree to disagree, don't think Zay is worth arguing about.
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    Can't recall if I have already brought him up, but for the super DEEP leagues (prob 18+ with MI slots) I am kinda digging Chad Pinder- I get that he basically has no locked in everyday spot, but OAK does rotate guys around a bunch. I suppose that his sleeper sheen has worn off with the Profar add, and even further with Grossman coming aboard yesterday...and they do have young MI's in Barreto and maybe Mateo. Maybe it takes a trade, or an injury...but it can't be out of the realm that he mashes in ST and beats out 'Martini' for LF? Be nice if he can finally escape the short side of platoon city, after 15 HRs in 282 ABs in 2017 and 13 HRs in 298 ABs, I think at 26 yrs old he might deserve it --at least for some team? If you prescribe to exit velo and barrels, he is also a fav of the analytics community.
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    Oh there's a very real chance that happens, I think 2021 is the earliest he will have DH only in fantasy. He has 3b this year and he's going to play 3b this year, so this is a positional change that won't effect anything until 2021 at the earliest, perhaps 2022-23. It would certainly bump his value down a tad, but not much. If he's hitting 30+ HR with a really good average thats going to be a big force on your roster regardless of where it is. David Ortiz was constantly a 4th/5th round pick in his twilight years and usually people regretted not jumping on him earlier. Personally I think worrying about position changes over 2 years away seems silly to me. There's nothing actionable you can do about it. Are you really going to try and trade Vlad because he may or may not have 3b 2 years from now? Are you 1000% sure that league will exist then? I think if anything its a move you consider mid 2020.
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    This is being discussed a little in the closer thread right now and I thought it was better suited to bring it here to get some opinions. With the landscape of the the traditional closer drying up how are people approaching saves this year? I suspect the answers will differ but I would like to hear both H2H and Roto opinions, though I prefer to play H2H myself. That being said in more recent years I have waited out the first closer run and gone for 1 or, at most, 2 middle of the pack closers. Then I seek out elite K% MRs later in the draft and normally end up with about 3-4 MRs in addition to my 6-7 SPs (most of my bench is pitching in H2H). I like how the higher innings, elite K's and ratios of these guys combine for ace-like numbers and sometimes they earn the right to close, which is just a bonus. Then I'll use these forums to seek out WW saves throughout the season. As a result I usually have one of the better teams in terms of pitching ratios, k's and wins while also competing in saves each week. Not spending money on those closers in the first run or 2 also allows me to load up on bats while others seek the saves. The one issue I have found with this is that often times these middle tier closers are the target of trades and wind up setting up on contending teams, thus leaving me scrambling for much of the summer for saves just to stay afloat each week in that category. After all this thought, I may take this strategy a step further and only seek MRs and then play the WW using these threads to find closers. MRs I really like this year based on their composite ADP are Seranthony, Andrew Miller, Stripling (who may start), Betances, Chad Green, Trevor May, and Brad Peacock to name a few. What are your thoughts?
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    I'm not too keen on this since: 1) chances of hitting upside is now limited to just one player; 2) Sixers PO sched sucks. Unless you are desperate for pts/FG%, I wouldnt.
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    While I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say in your post, he’s a pretty hard pass for me too. Those are 2 pretty significant surgeries he’s coming back from and while he might be ready for opening day, it’s fair to question what kind of power we might see out of him this year. I also agree that we won’t see any steals and that the Dodgers will give him more frequent rest days than usual. Give me Peraza two rounds later. Hell, give me DeJong 100 picks later and I wouldn’t be surprised if he outperforms him fantasy-wise.
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    Agree with this, still very underrated value. Looking like he will average 30 mins+ ROS which will have him top 80
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    It`s OPJ`s time! Like i said after the trade, Boylen will give him the ball, because King Otto is defensive minded hardworker! If they trade the ball hog in the offseason, The King will enter top 25, at least in 9 cats, for sure.
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    Anybody preemptively dropping Faried for an FA/waiver that's hot right now?
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    wow...close enough prediction. Glad IT is finally playing, that's all.
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    Rays run. If he can play 135 games he’ll easily hit 30-20.
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    good game today, played 34mins mainly due to Satoransky not playing (beal playing some point, everyone moving 1 position down). Sell high?
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    Any of them. I have little faith in Mondesi but you have good backup options outside of Segura if he fails. Considering Segura only has a year left and your other backup options, I'd make the deal for any of them. Would probably go Clev, Flaherty, Taillon, Greinke in that order.
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    If Carlos ends up in the bullpen who gets the five starting spots? Flaherty, Mikolas, Wainwright, Wacha, then who Gant? Dakota Hudson or Reyes. I don’t know but I think Carlos is better in that lineup and using the others in the pen.
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    the best Nets player (I’m a huge DLo fan but gotta give props to this man, he does everything on the floor)
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    It’s got to be tough creating one list with 2 different opinions (Eric and Kiley)... love the detail and in depth analysis. These guys usually nail it so I appreciate the different takes on prospects. Most of the other prospect lists are fantasy lists and not actual real life value so understand where there could be differences.
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    Not Nola. We both agreed on him, hah. And being a good person is the only type of person to be.
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    "Nola did great for himself" and "Nola didn't get near what he could have" aren't mutually exclusive statements. I'm not making an argument about what he should have done -- that's up to him -- I'm saying that his market value is way more than a ~$12M AAV, even with the arbitration system and remaining years of control artificially holding it down.
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    Absolutely horrific. @tonycpsu and myself each made a "stylish" extension that helps with this. Google chrome users: Install the stylish extension and search for "Rotoworld Forums Dark Mode" or "RW Forums Tweaks" Firefox users have something similar, though I haven't used it. The tweaks Tony made and it's very good. It's a pretty standard format with some minor fixes. Mine is a little more involved (aka, potentially buggy?) but gives you a dark mode to use. You can see a Dark Mode screenshot here. https://userstyles.org/styles/168953/rotoworld-forums-dark-mode Good luck in your travels.
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    Yeah, I wrote that before it was confirmed that he was going to the OF. Or at least before I had heard it. As for the situation, I'll gladly take a late chance on Franmil.
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    People helping people here at the Roto. 👍🏻
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    So, I threw this together in case we're stuck with this theme for a while: https://userstyles.org/styles/168909/rw-forums-tweaks It requires a browser that supports user CSS styles -- I use the Stylus extension which is available for FIrefox and Chrome, but I assume these exist for other browsers as well. All it does now is tone down the brightness of the blue and gets rid of the 1280px minimum width rules.
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    If he's healthy, I think he'll be fine. Maybe not back into the elite tier, but still very good. 2 freak injuries. Yes his velo is coming down as his age goes up, but his arm has gotten rest recently. He's 29.
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    For what it's worth, we mods had no idea this was coming, and agree that it's terrible. The good news is that it's so terrible that I can't imagine it won't be changed. If you want to make sure your voice is heard, please send feedback to help@rotoworld.com. I don't think the admins from the RW mothership read the forums very often.
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    Tomas enjoy your time with your bundle of joy, but know that when that child looks back at their birth year the thing that will make them most proud is knowing that YOU single handedly won thousand of stangers their fantasy leagues in honor of their birth. Do it for the baby Tomas DO IT FOR THE BABY
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    It's been 40 days my Lord since you started missing games and I have not lost faith in you. You even named a dove, Dane Moore, to bring us this good news. It felt like it was raining for 40 days when you were gone. Now, the sun has shown its rays through the clouds and your imminent return will bring us bountiful joy and prosperity.
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    One of my favorite late round starting pitcher values this year is Matthew Boyd. He's currently got an NFBC ADP around 325 making him an SP8 or so. I'm always a bit of a sucker for a best shape of my life story and apparently he's shed 15lbs of fat without sacrificing strength (https://www.mlb.com/news/matthew-boyd-using-data-driven-routine/c-303724218). He started last year with some diminished velocity, but it rose throughout the year and he finished with a 2nd half k/9 of 9.00 and a bb/9 of 1.88. He also finished the year with a solid 1.16 whip. He had some pretty dramatic home/road splits (2.63ERA at home and 5.89 on the road) so if you carefully deploy him in his starts I think you could have great value here. My plan is to start him at home and in road starts at KC, Minnesota etc, but bench him on the road against the big boy lineups in the AL.
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    Depends on how harshly your stressing the word "easily." I think all three are certainly in the cards in 2019. Mathematically, I actually think it's harder to make the argument he WON'T hit 30 HRs when you really sit down and think about it. As a whole, or at least as a mathematical model, we really have every reason to believe he will do that, and steal more than 15 Bases, and for a slightly higher BA. (If you don't like mathematical modeling posts, good place to stop). There's two huge driving factors for Puig right now: Potential to Play Full Time Change from Dodger Stadium to Great American Ball Park I'm projecting Puig to play full time. I'm projecting him to hit near the middle of the order, probably around 5th. I looked through a few PA projection models online, and I'm going to put him in the ball park of 637 Proj. PAs based on batting 5th. In the last two seasons, Puig has hit 51 HRs in 1014 PAs. That's 25.5 HRs per season. But players rarely hit HRs at "seasonal" rates. The more PAs, the more opportunity to hit more HRs. The more opportunity to hit HRs, when all else is equal, the more HRs. So I actually believe that, unless your opinion is that Puig will be regularly benched, projecting even 25.5 HRs is pretty much ignoring the lack of PT he's had the past two seasons. If you use the PA projection (637) and apply it to the HR number (51 in 1014) you get 32 HRs. Would it be a career high? Absolutely. But it's simply doing exactly what he's done the last two years with more opportunity. And then you get into the Park Factor. GABP was the #1 Park in HR factor last year in ESPN's park Factors. It has been top 5 in two of the past three seasons. On average, ESPN's park factor the past three years puts GABP at "1.221" or 22.1% more HRs than league average. Dodger Stadium hovers around the middle of the pact, ranking as high as 11th and as low as 20th the past three years, and averaging out at an almost entirely league average "0.992" or 0.8% Fewer HRs than league average. Now you don't play 162 Games at home of course. But I applied that fraction (1.221/0.992) to half of both his PA Adjusted 32 HRs (added 3.7 HRs) and his 25.5 HRs average the last two years (added 2.7 HRs). So by looking at EITHER park factor OR PAs, I think it is quite easy to see Puig hitting 28-32 HRs. If you look at both combined, the numbers actually gets up near 36+. SBs could also be risen similarly, at least by PAs. Puig's 30 SBs (1014 PAs) adjusted to 637 PAs gives him nearly 19 SBs (18.8). Being on a different team is a large variable in this equation, but I dont' think the Reds are gonig to be overly cautious with Puig on the bases. Not hard to see 30/18 to 34/20. You can dig into R+RBI projection/production the same way too. 269 R+RBI over the last two years and 1014 PAs (67.25 per year per category). If you adjust that number to account for 637 PAs though, the number increases immediately to 169 R+RBI for one season (84.5 per category). And similarly to how GABP is better for HRs, it is also better for Run production. GABP is a bit more neutral for overall Run production. The short outfield reduces the OF BABIP-- one of the reasons Puig may be able to play CF in Cincy-- and drives down overall runs. But, applying the same three year strategy used for the HR Factor above, Cincinnati's GABP has a 1.046 average Run factor the last three years (+4.6% Over average) while Dodger's stadium, which was bottom 5 in Run production two of the past three years, sits at 0.885 (-11.5% under league average). Applying the same logic I used for the HRs above (applying the 1.046/0.885 for one half of the sample) you get 184 R+RBI, or 92 Per Category. And then in terms of BA, while he has hit in between .260-.270 the last two seasons, it is not entirely illogical, with all that's been put on the board above, that excess HRs = excess Hs = a higher BA. One of my favorite things to do in fantasy baseball is try to find a career season I can project, without assuming any change. Christian Yelich was a player who fit that description last year. He ddin't have to do anything different to have Milwaukee boost his value. The fact that he played a bit better made him an MVP. Puig is in a somewhat similar scenario. New place, but specifically a new place that comes with much friendlier confines. Most of the questions outside of this reside in his willingness to play in Cincinnati and his fear of losing. In terms of Cincy, I actulaly think this team could be a winner. And I don't think the city, in and of itself, will drive down Puig's numbers. And while I understand the argument about competitiveness, and fears of a lack-there-of if Cincy goes sour, this is a WALK YEAR. For all the reasons pointed out above, alongside the fact that Puig is still fairly young, Yasiel Puig has a HUGE variability I believe of what he could get paid in 2019-2020. A great year doesn't just stand alone, it builds off the smaller samples of the past two years in a friendly park with a strong line-up at a valuable age. I think Puig half-assing games is literally saying that he doesn't care if he gets 30 Million or 100 Million next year, because I really do believe it could be THAT different. I think ultimately, whether he's in it for Yasiel, or in it for Cincy, he's in it to put up numbers this year. I'd like to edit something this long but don't have time. pologies.
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    That owner deserves a pat on the back for this one
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    Traded AD for Ben Simmons, my league came up with the conclusion AD is too valuable and Ben Simmons isn’t worth it so my trade got veto’d By majority vote. Feelsbad
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    I had the 10/11 turn and passed up Embiid and Simmons for Kawhi never again. i am going to try and trade him. If I make the playoffs, I don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of him randomly resting. the problem here is the Raptors are enabling him. They want to re-sign him, so they’ll do whatever he wants. Plus, it helps most of the games he sits are against lowly East squads, therefore Toronto likely wins without him anyone due to the depth. lose, lose for all of us
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    [A couple of posts removed. We really can't have this thread turning into a discussion of everyone's particular league format and how to value Villar in theirs. In standard 5x5 roto, SBs are 20% of a player's value, so SB-heavy players are going to be valued more. If you start adding other categories that aren't SB, those SBs are worth less, so SB-heavy players are generally less valuable. If you want more detail beyond that, your question really needs to go in the Bench Coach forum.]