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    Flash-forward 13 days: "Mets announce they amputated the wrong leg"
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    Craig Mish of FNTSY Sports Radio reports that Caleb Smith (hip) could rejoin the Marlins rotation as soon as this weekend in Philadelphia. src: Craig Mish
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    I don’t trust your eyes. If the players didn’t wear crimson in college, like jakubs, then you automatically downgrade them in all facets of the game compared to those who played for Bama. Lol.
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    This guys seems safe enough to me. Should have a 250 carry 40 catch season. Maybe 1500 total with double digit touchdowns? Not sure why everyone seems so down on him. Long speed is overrated for a RB. It’s all about short area quickness and ability to run through tackles. He’s a plus blocker and catcher, should be on the field a lot. I like him in the top 40. Id prefer over a lot of guys in that range.
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    This is the "Thor" he's becoming
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    #6 overall past month
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    I'm with you on all points. I think if these guys all stay healthy they can all have better seasons than last year. Cousins, Diggs, thielen, even Rudolph. For the record I've got a pretty sweet Fantasy Football shirt with a wizard on it.
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    I get your point, but to not be overly semantical, the “excitement” is a lil more for Tattis Jr., given he should very well be in AAA still. His surprise promotion (probably bad for SD, but refreshing to see from a fantasy owner and fans prospective) was a (wtf) moment, and he’s done literally everything he could to more than justify it! That said, there are probably 30 guys in the running for “most exciting”, and that in and of itself is great for the game we all love! Baseball’s willingness to get it’s future studs up quickly has piqued interest when it needed it most. The #’s vs. Football and Basketball have been kinda sad, glad to see the rebound. Apparently, they took “Chick’s dig the long ball” very seriously.
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    Stats count the same no matter what pitchers they come against.
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    Most of article blocked and nothing but maybe/mights suggested. Thx but nothing to see here.
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    Cavan Biggio could be a good pickup for the week. Full slate of games, walking lots, hitting the ball hard.
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    Those are Chris Davis' rookie year numbers. I thought that he was comparing rookie years and insinuating that Chris Davis' 2008 was something not worth having. Because in 2019, neither of those guys are really worth rostering so why even bring them up in that context?
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    He was right all along. He is a fun guy: https://twitter.com/WorldWideWob/status/1140715464320008196?s=20
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    Bregman is the best player in the deal and he would be really hard to replace. Even though Boyd may be traded to some contender, still a pass for me.
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    In redraft I think it’s too much. So plenty fair.
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    Yes an leake based on matchup http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/753548-trade-input-whir-immediately/
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    So don't draft him that high. My ranking usually deviate a good amount from the norm anyhow.
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    Imagine if Donaldson/ Albies / Markakis / Ender / had actually hit in front of him when he was cleanup! Can’t tell you how many times I saw him start an inning when he was in the 4 hole. He’d have 20+ more RBI’s and probably still be hitting there. All for the best, but despite Dansby’s good showing in the two hole, I feel Ozzie should lead off, Acuna 2, Freddie, Riley, Donaldson/ Dansby ... then whatevs... would be ideal until Pache is ready to permanently hit leadoff and send everyone down a spot. I know Freddie loves the 3 spot, so Ozzie slides back to 5/6, but hate him hitting in the 7-8 spot and not running.
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    That would be ideal for both teams
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    I'm making the add today in my 10 team redraft. I play in 3 leagues, hes already taken in one of them. I think if you wait much longer someone else will absolutely pick him up - probably before this week ends.
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    ESPN Fan Support's twitter suggested McKay will likely be subject to their usual eligibility rules, 3 sp or 5 rp appearances. If accurate, and assuming McKay is an opener, then bank on waiting a month as ESPN sits on their hands until he goes 5 times.
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    I would like to add Wade Davis to the list. He performed a lot better for me when he was on the IL.
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    I think wearing a shirt that says "fantasy football" anything is by definition joke material. As for the Viking WRs, flip a coin. Both should see enough touches and are good enough to be good WR2s with upside for more. I don't generally care for flip-a-coin WR situations, but if I must, I'll deal with this one. I think Cousins has a good chance to have the kind of season people expected last year.
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    I still would take Bogaerts in a dynasty, stay put!
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    What in the hell are you talking about? He put two on and didn’t even give up a run.
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    He got hit by a pitch on the ankle today at AAA and the manager pulled him. Apparently it was just precautionary and he's fine. Beat guys seem to think he is headed to Texas tomorrow with the Pence and Mazara injuries.
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    Gotta keep Bregman, McNeil, Murphy on you're team, and move the likes of Nola/Castillo for Springer & another OF
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    I prefer Nola over Castillo fwiw
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    Team decided to show up today so rant paid off,lol. But previously with this team I was on a 3 game losing streak and lost all three weeks where I was leading going into Sunday.
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    If by strategy u mean “pick studs and play against other studs”....then yes. Not enough depth to reward players willing to draft unconventional. I enjoy a good 10 team banger as much as the next guy- but it’s simple and devoid of any real strategy IMO.
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    Hitters: George Valera, OF, CLE (SS): 1-5, HR, R, RBI, K Luis Garcia, SS, WAS (AA): 2-4 Julio Rodriguez, OF, SEA (A): 4-6, 2R, 2RBI, BB, K Luis Garcia, SS, PHI (A): 0-4, BB, 2K Wander Javier, SS, MIN (A): 0-1, K Triston Casas, 3B, BOS (A): 2-4, 2B, HR, 2RBI, K Brennen Davis, OF, CHC (A): 1-3, RBI, K Mark Vientos, SS, NYM (A): 0-4, 2K Miguel Amaya, C, CHC (A+): 1-4, R, K Kristian Robinson, OF, ARI (SS): 2-4, 2B, BB, 2K Antoni Flores, SS, BOS (SS): 0-4, BB, 3K Xavier Edwards, SS, SDP (A): 0-3, 2BB, 2K Tirso Ornelas, OF, SDP (A+): 1-4, K Pitchers: Jordan Holloway, SP, MIA (A+): 1IP, 0H, 0ER, 0BB, 0K Ian Anderson, SP, ATL (AA): 7IP, 3H, 1ER, 3BB, 7K Trevor Stephan, SP, NYY (AA): 4IP, 9H, 6ER, 0BB, 2K
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    Yeah, cleared to resume his throwing program. Hopefully this was just a small blip on the radar. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-marlins/fl-sp-marlins-pirates-separate-sat-20190615-fg7b7ofbrjgo7an3ri6bw6yira-story.html
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    Cool so AD will stay in LA for one year to sign with who? the Utah Jazz???
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    Low OBP, bigtime power, corner OF profile is less valuable then legit starting pitching. He's been excellent and young, but if you don't get on base or don't have an up the middle glove. You are not un-trade-able and should willing to sell high for the right player in return. Unless i'm mistaken, there is no way a trade would be for prospects. Exploring the idea of Parlaying him for MLBer at a different position they are not loaded up in.
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    His power is legit, immense power... Like i said in April, he can be the NL Kris Davis... He's well on his way.
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    22 years old and put up 111 / 1,426 / 7 . Was tackled inside the 2 yard line 5 times last year. Put up better numbers without AB in the lineup, and better #'s on the outside.Only 22 years old, he's only going to get better. People sleeping on this dude will get rekt.
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    Yeah hes only batting 358. I should of drafted Hoskins.
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    2 start week at home coming up. (COL / SF) might be a sneaky play!
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    Batting 1st (122 AB): 20 R, 8 HR, 23 RBI, 10 BB, 36 Ks, 6-for-8 SB, .279/.348/.500 Batting 4th (133 AB): 20 R, 7 HR, 21 RBI, 18 BB, 35 Ks, 2-for-2 SB, .278/.373/.481 Mildly surprised that he's walking less, striking out more, and getting on base less since moving to leadoff, since it feels like he kind of turned it on after the lineup move. The R/HR/RBI production has been almost identical in a very similar number of ABs, but he's definitely running more as the leadoff man. Overall it's still been a positive for his fantasy value, but he definitely hasn't gotten "locked in" yet.
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    not saying that vance will receive 100% of jesse james' targets, but he's certainly a benefactor of james leaving (and antonio browns' departure doesn't hurt either). combined, vance and james had 1000 yards / 80 receptions / 6 TDs. if vance remains healthy (six years, zero full seasons), in 2019 it's not a stretch to project 60 receptions / 800 yards / 4 TDs, healthy production considering 2018's TE wasteland. vance's aggressive play was also fun to watch
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    Career high 102 catches Career high 1021 yards Career high 9 TDs Career high 4 100+ yard games Finally stayed healthy 25 years old I wouldn't say 2018 was a disappointment for Diggs. In fact, quite the opposite.
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    I'm not sure everyone was. But the gap between him and Trout shouldn't be this wide. Maybe Mookie needs to be dropped a draft round next year to factor in his yearly volatility and lack of consistency. This is trending to be worse than 2017 because at least then he was stealing bases and would sprinkle in a few monstrous games to buoy your team. Dude is only above average in one category - runs. All his other cats are average or subpar. He has stopped stealing bases for the past few weeks and his BA is cratering.
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    He left the game with a groin injury.