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    Us owners will get immense in a hurry if this is true! Lol (gigady gigady)
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    I'm not sure how Montreal is a "crap city". For my money, its one of the best cities in North America, if not the world.
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    [Because it seems really important to @kidtwentytwo that "Patty Barrels" becomes a thing, I just want to state that this thread was originally titled Patty "Barrels" Valaika 2019 Outlook, but was renamed so as not to screw up the player index page.]
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    Paddack, fried, s gray, pivetta, stromam
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    From 1980 to 1989 The Expos drew 17,732,204 fans. That figure ranked 11th in all of baseball and ahead of the following teams: Cubs, Giants, Reds and Pirates.
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    Everyone is pointing to Urias "starting" tonight, but it's already been announced he's basically operating in an opener capacity. I'm not sure if the Dodgers will have an appointed replacement for Hill between Urias and Stripling. This could be a headache waiting to happen.
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    He's hard to predict. He gets Miami's weak pitching coming up soon. 7-game home stand starting Friday. I'd probably use him during that home stand and make a decision after that. He's the kind of guy that if you try to play the predict when he does well and when he doesn't game, you can miss his huge games.
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    while i'm the first to admit that rashad penny faced second-rate talent when putting up outstanding numbers for san diego state, i've found that the eye-test is a solid factor when predicting NFL potential. from what i've seen of ronald jones and peyton barber, i don't think it's overboard to suggest the backfield is not limited to these two, with one of these guys guaranteed to emerge as RB1. bruce anderson could surprise, and i like the way he runs (and catches). and bruce arians and lefwich like andre ellington. you see two backs; i see four. it takes a discerning eye but first you have to keep both eyes open; some solid NFL players came from nowhere schools: danny woodhead attended chadron state (you don't even know where that is) malcolm butler went to school in alabama, but it was western alabama university big ben played college ball at miami... that's miami of ohio khalil mack wreaked havoc as a buffalo bull (that's university of buffalo) eastern illinois produced both tony romo and jimmy garoppolo and carson wentz commanded the offense of north dakota state... the same program that produced bruce anderson...
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    Been saying this from the start , the most biased forum I’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing
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    I would like to add Wade Davis to the list. He performed a lot better for me when he was on the IL.
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     Strengths & Weaknesses Source: Youtube: NBA Scouting Report - College Stats Source: Fox Sports - https://www.foxsports.com/college-basketball/zion-williamson-player-stats ADP Guess: Between Rounds 4 and 5
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    And here we go. A 17 yo (3/12/02) 2018 J2 kid known for his bat and speed. 5'10 155 lb. Batting .368 / .446 / .491 with more walks than strikeouts thus far through 13 games in the DSL. He's a shortstop. He's hitting for more power than expected. Turns out he has a pretty nice bloodline as well. With that last name he's going to be snapped out quick if he keeps performing. I would take note in deep dynasty leagues. https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=sa3008765&position=SS http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=682668#/career/R/hitting/2019/ALL
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    Anyone else excited about the increased playing time Patty Barrels is about to get? I’m hoping he can improve on his .067 batting average and maybe knock in a run or two.
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    Get whatever you can for Jean and go with Swanson
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    If you can get #3 done, that's the one to make. Definitely don't do #2. I don't think you should part with Bregman.
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    Sadly, that’s his real nickname. I didn’t make that one up this time. https://www.purplerow.com/2017/10/31/16569024/colorado-rockies-pat-valaika-nickname-2017
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    I disagree with this. Last year's roster lacked key starters including their top two LTs and two of the best interior OL starters in the game with Norwell and Linder. Fournette himself struggled with the ankle issue which has fully healed up, Bortles was a wreck last year, and the entire offense stagnated much like it did under Bortles in 2016. The Jaguars are focused more than ever on implementing a power run game as the core of their identify, and Fournette is clearly in place as their bell cow. They fully intend to establish the run this offseason, and having Foles opening things up with his precision passing is only going to help, and that includes passes to Fournette. As for the defense, the Jaguars were in the top 5 all season and in the top 2 in pass defense. Granted they took a few salary cap hits and expect some younger players to step up like Tavon Bryant, Jarrod Wilson and perhaps the rookie Quincy Williams, however there are two other young players they're exceptionally excited about in S Ronnie Henderson and rookie DE Josh Allen. With Dom Capers scheming up blitzes, the Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash appears to be drooling. Myles Jack has mastered his MLB position as the QB of the defense, they still have the best CB duo in the league with Ramsey and Bouye, and that DL still features Calais Campbell, Marcel Dareus and Yannick Ngakoue. The Jaguars are still going to win with a top defense (maybe top 10 now instead of top 5) and with what many expect to be a rather dominant rushing game at the forefront of what they do.
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    I also thought a 6-man rotation made perfect sense. But all manager/front office caveats need apply here
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    Apparently: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article231013923.html Although that's of course not the point I was making.
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    Not even close
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    We're all victims of whatever the media reports. I believed the LAL were weren't a prime FA destination bc I read that from multiple sources. For all we know that could be an exaggeration, or even pure fabrication, or it could be the truth. None of us have actual knowledge of the situation. Even the most informed fan is just reading what WOJ reports.
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    Fantrax% owned- Mize- 45% Adell- 40% Wander- 37% Robert- 34% Pache- 28% I think your perception, maybe rooted in lack of traffic here and elsewhere (there wasn’t much to talk about early on) is not reality. That said we all agree that he has all the tools and should be owned anywhere prospects hold value.
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    Throwing the term "quality" around pretty loosely here... Dude has a 4.71 ERA and 1.36 WHIP 😄
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    That's not a terrible comparison, bit to me it's not the same: - CMC was Cam's #1 receiver in 2018, which worked out well. - DJ _could_ be one of the top receivers for Kyler, which would be great, but we don't know. Kyler has a good arm and it would make sense for him to stretch the field, especially given his receivers. I don't think he needs an RB as primary target. So not a bad comparison, but not necessarily the same situation.
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    It’s close , pretty much a toss up between Sanchez and Grandal. Nobody is talking about drafting Grandal in the 2nd or 3rd round though and that is my point. If Sanchez hits 45 home runs as a catcher this year I can get on board with some of the bulls on this thread but until that time he still has some consistency to prove before he is deserving of the value some are putting on him in this thread. Maybe discussing where a player goes in a draft in June the year before is just a silly thing to do anyway. If you don’t agree with my position I respect that as well, however I hope that people realize that there is another Catcher having just as good a year in Milwaukee without all the fan fare and excitement .
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    no ligament damage diagnosed as "forearm discomfort". he'll be alright.
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    I'm not saying you or anyone else should pay for content but I would say what is available for free likely would not be as good if there wasn't someone playing. That's a valid point you have there. Allot of them are hoping that someone from a team is impress and hire them away and some manage to do that but they still have to be really good fantasy Baseball analysis to pull that off for if they don't impress the people that are paying then they have no chance to impress any team. But I do agree you shouldn't have to pay and allot of stuff available for paying likely isn't worth it but the fact is there are people that do pay and the writing is done by someone who wants to get paid and where you stand on it don't mather. It's a fact that is there and it's more then fair to discuss the impact it has. It has an upside of it gets you better writing but on the down side you can get some writers that will play to some of the bias that you have. Javier Baez was a top 20 keeper in the preseason ranking but he hasn't had a stolen Base in 2 1/2 Months and the fact is without his Stolen Bases he's not a Top 20 Keeper. With that he's Top 50 at best. He's a power hitter and there still value that. If they put out a keeper ranking today and they put him at 58 and say he's not stealing bases anymore that could come off as believable. Baez was a player that allot of them fantasy baseball analysis write up as one that could be a bust that you should high on. So they saw that one coming but if they would of ranked him that low you wouldn't believe anything they say because of your bias says he should be better then that. Well Bias is a big thing. Taking about impressing a team and getting out of writing. It comes down to getting past that bias they have and ranking Baez at 58 but you don't see it too offer because those Ranking are from someone who isn't going to get hired away.
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    https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-jose-ramirez-is-benjamin-buttoning/ There are heat maps to illustrate where he is getting pitched.
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    Leblanc confirmed as being a bulker tomorrow.
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    He is a lot more valuable in points leagues than roto leagues.
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    Yeah, still not looking great through 4, but he’s holding it together at least.
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    I’ll continue to maintain that this is improbable with the White Sox pushing .500 & only a couple games out of the second wild card slot. Everyone figured they’d get done in by their brutal schedule this month, but all of a sudden it’s June 19 and they’re hanging in there. The July schedule is looking awfully nice with KC, DET, MIA, NYM, etc. Some potential playoff teams like TB, OAK, MIN, CHC, etc, but nothing too frightening. Plus, hearing whispers somehow implies that you’re tuned in to what the front office is thinking, when in all likelihood you heard these whispers in your sleep.
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    MLBpipeline is the league itself. They are about keeping the fans interested so that they keep on buying Tickets to the game and the $10 Beers. They don't have too make money from the MLBpipeline site per say because it's changing you to watch the games is where they make there money. So them being targeted on actual baseball value is perfectly understandable. The others like BA or BP they don't have that. They have to make a buck. There is no one that cure enough to pay for information on Actual Baseball value and simply they got to know they can't be like that and they will be gone in a short time being focused on that. They know it's the fantasy player that pays there bills and they know your not going to keep paying if you think your not getting an advantage from it. So it is true with MLBpipeline but it can't be true with all the others ones.
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    didn't miss much but a few HRs.….as of now.
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    Blame away, by all means. But the bullpen usage has been excellent by practically any metric. It’s strange to place blame on the pen usage for their struggles.
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    That’s the beauty of it. He’s going to get more targets- all over the formation. Jaron/Moore? Please. Those are journeymen you throw to when the matchup is right. There’s no TE of accomplishment, and DK is an unpolished diamond. Baldwin is the THE undisputed #1 target for a qb who knows how to extend plays and throws a gorgeous mid/deep pass. Hes a steal at his current 5.02 ADP (.5). I’m comfortable paying a fourth without blinking.
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    I think the more childish thing is reading into or caring about who or what a player "follows" on their personal social media account, as if it means anything. Good for him. He's 24 years old... 24... He spent 7 years busting his a** in the minors, came up, played great, got demoted. They totally screwed him. He should be pissed. He should be mad AT the organization. Zero reason he should be in the minors, it's a joke. I'd be more concerned about his desire to play if he wasn't furious at the org for doing him dirty like this. This is just another example, IMO, as to why minor league service needs to be counted towards reaching free agency... 7 years in the minors, 24 years old, plays great -- sent down, pathetic.
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    I don't see that as a valid comparison. James was basically done when he signed with the Cards. Bell has plenty of gas in the tank.
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    He was right all along. He is a fun guy: https://twitter.com/WorldWideWob/status/1140715464320008196?s=20
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    Hitters: George Valera, OF, CLE (SS): 1-5, HR, R, RBI, K Luis Garcia, SS, WAS (AA): 2-4 Julio Rodriguez, OF, SEA (A): 4-6, 2R, 2RBI, BB, K Luis Garcia, SS, PHI (A): 0-4, BB, 2K Wander Javier, SS, MIN (A): 0-1, K Triston Casas, 3B, BOS (A): 2-4, 2B, HR, 2RBI, K Brennen Davis, OF, CHC (A): 1-3, RBI, K Mark Vientos, SS, NYM (A): 0-4, 2K Miguel Amaya, C, CHC (A+): 1-4, R, K Kristian Robinson, OF, ARI (SS): 2-4, 2B, BB, 2K Antoni Flores, SS, BOS (SS): 0-4, BB, 3K Xavier Edwards, SS, SDP (A): 0-3, 2BB, 2K Tirso Ornelas, OF, SDP (A+): 1-4, K Pitchers: Jordan Holloway, SP, MIA (A+): 1IP, 0H, 0ER, 0BB, 0K Ian Anderson, SP, ATL (AA): 7IP, 3H, 1ER, 3BB, 7K Trevor Stephan, SP, NYY (AA): 4IP, 9H, 6ER, 0BB, 2K
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    I own no shares of this guy but sometimes you just have to come into a players thread and give credit where credit is due. This RB has all the qualities I like. Nice skill set to play on any down and any situation, which is about as valuable a quantity you can get from your RB. From a skills standpoint this guy should be drafted as a top 5 RB. Unfortunately in the NFL, as we all know from the Derrick Henry saga, is that the coaching staff and play calling matter a lot for fantasy. When discussing where Johnson should be drafted, I think what people are really debating is how much will the Lions coaching staff just allow Johnson to go to workhorse status and whether Johnson could stay healthy all season if given the workload.
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    no improvement in the k department from year 1 to year 2 in A ball
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    I literally have Google Alerts set up on this dude just so I can pick him up immediately if he moves back to SP for any reason.
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    Drafted Josh bell with last pick in draft. Dropped him immediately... F--k me.