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    If you don't pick up Boban after 1 game and then drop him after the next, are you really playing fantasy basketball?
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    This guy is great for a punt FG/FT/STL/BLK/TO Build
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    Guys, make sure you do not do this.
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    James Conner would've spelled farewell correctly
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    Waking up and seeing you got him this morning
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    I Frantically picked him up while driving a forklift, reward my efforts and ball out Quan.
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    A QB who can’t throw and a WR who can’t catch. Not a good fit. A perfect fit.
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    Figures out the problem? What are you guys even saying...do you actually play fantasy on a game to game basis and re-evaluate your players game to game? that is so ridiculous. The first game he was excellent, which followed up his dominant preseason...one of the main reasons his draft stock rose so high. I took him in the 4th and am totally comfortable with it. Look at all the other bigs not performing on occasion right now also who were drafted in similar spots: Capela (2 bad to "meh" games so far), Whiteside (last game pretty meh with low mins), Allen (last game complete dud but game before was great and people were saying that he is basically Gobert, to one game after they saying he is trash). Look at all these examples of flip flopping game to game. It's an 82 game season for a reason and everyone knows that rookies generally get better as the year goes on, it's pure common sense. I find it hard to even read the forums this season, they seem worse with panic than ever before.
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    Oh Stafford as QB is frightful, but more targets to Kenny would be delightful, as there's really no place else to go, let him throw, let him throw, let him throw.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Dez overtook Michael Thomas as the WR1 in NO.
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    Robert Covington (lower back soreness) was unable to practice on Tuesday and is questionable for Wednesday's game vs. the Pacers. Covington dealt with a lower back issue in December of 2017, but this is the first time it's popped up since then. We will have to wait until after Wednesday morning's shootaround for an update on RoCo's status. If he is unable to play, Wilson Chandler and Furkan Korkmaz will likely soak up additional minutes. Markelle Fultz and J.J. Redick could also see extra playing time on the wing. Consider him questionable for tomorrow, the 7th of November. In Genesis 2:2 we read, “And on the seventh day Lord finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.” Sore back from carrying our stocks. Let us pray.
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    Hope this isn't taken as a CSB... I personally know Nick; rehabbed his elbow while he was in high school. Back then, he was the most "pro style" high school QB I've ever seen, broke all of the Alabama high school passing records. Went to Southern Miss, broke Favre's passing record for total yards, with Favre stating in an interview that Nick was "a much better QB than I was at that time in my career." Hopefully that all translates to a good NFL career. FWIW, he is one of the most respectful, classiest athletes you will ever meet, really a great guy, big into charity work. Definitely the type of guy you want to pull for.
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    Lmao only donkeys in RW forums could have anything negative to say when a rookie starts his first 3 games with averages of 16 pts 11 rebs 4 assists, 92% ft on 4 FTA, and 55% fg.
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    He's already got my social security number and is babysitting 3 of my kids.
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    Conner owners walking into this thread like:
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    Even Belichick doesn't think that much of winning the AFC.
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    i dont give a f--- about me having him on my roster and losing him for the season, this is really awful, the best player on the team goes down like that, dude was really killing it and is a breakout star, this is really sad, the sole reason i watched the nets game, this is really horrible
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    Look. At. His. Remaining. Schedule. Brah
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    He got 65 receiving yards today for a team that had the ball for 20 minutes against arguably the best team in the NFL. Dalton threw 20 passes and was able to move the ball. Not really any reason for you to be patting yourself on the back on an internet football forum but you probably don't have very many things going right for you.
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    So many of you dont deserve Mack for the way you acted yesterday... RB1 this weekend.
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    How is MR inconsistent? He consistently brings stocks and he is consistently lacking in all other areas so far.
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    Well for weeks 1-8, he was Le'Veon Bell.
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    Yep, I missed out on him too by about 10 minutes...
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    Shut up and stop bumping the injury thread to broadcast your insecurities.
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    you started Meredith last week, we get it - hope ya at least got some sprinkles on that d0nut ...