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    Oh crap this Rotoworld forums platform just turned the headings into light peacock blue. My eyes are burning trying to read this stuff. Help! Is there a way to go back to old school with heading for threads you can read in like BLACK????
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    Dodging these lackluster adds like
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    Petition to have the old layout back? This new one sucks
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    From where? The hospital? Thats usually where he spends most of the NBA season...
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    Thanks for posting this brock and appreciate the kind words. I ranked Chavis on my top 1000, but I must of missed him when I did the prospects only list. It is updated. Also, tryptamine is right that the write up and projection on Widener was better than my ranking of him. I moved him up a little bit. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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    My strategy is to drink too much before the draft, then replace 75% of my roster during the season. It's paid off pretty well in the 13 years my league has been around
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    Amazing reporting from Rotoworld: Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters that the majority of Jeff McNeil's outfield reps will come in the outfield.
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    Just you. I’m doing every 15 min.
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    From 2016-2018, Asdrubal Cabrera had the following line with the Mets: .279 BA .339 OBP .464 SLG .803 OPS 118 wRC+ last year Lowrie had a great year. Career best. With... .267 BA .353 OBP .448 SLG .801 OPS 122 wRC+ Lowrie is 1-2 years OLDER. Lowrie has technically played more 3rd, but neither has played very much. It’s a difference of 200-300 PAs against 400-500 PAs, but that difference is nothing compared to the 5331 MI PAs for Cabrera and 3349 for Lowrie. Lowrie will have to change leagues this year coming to the NL. I dont see how Lowrie is worth 20 and Cabrera 5. I think I’d actually evaluate Cabrera more highly, personally.
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    Just great. Now my White Sox are stuck with Manny's family and friends for no reason.
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    The new front page effing sucks. The old one, I can see all the player news on one screen, no scrolling needed. Now I gotta jump thru hoops. Why fix what wasn't broke?
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    Well I'm not biased or anything but... let's start with credit where credit is due. Votto's played 12 seasons in the MLB, from age 23 to 34, and averaged: 572 AB: .311/.427, 28 HR, 92 RBI, 96 R, 8 SB, 38 2B, 114 BB, 122 K But we don't care about what happened, we care about what will happen. So looking closer to home, 2018 was a hard year for our boy. Let's note first that he hit the DL from a hit-by-pitch (thanks Madson) in August. The DL stint aside, he seemingly suffered across the board through the whole year, in particular what hurt was: 2018 AVG .284, career .311 2018 ISO .135, career .219 These fall backs took his counting stats with them, so he only had 67 RBIs and 67 runs. It is also valuable to note that most of his problems came in the second half of 2018 (side note: Winker was injured for the entire second half). Splits: 1st half 2018: 342 AB, .289/.422, 9 HR, 50 RBI, 55 R 2nd half 2018: 161 AB, .273/.408, 3 HR, 17 RBI, 12 R <----- GROSS Was it all bad? No. His BB% and K% were normal. His OBP was a silly .417 (in a down year!). But most importantly, what happened to the power??? Well if you're into advanced stats you can read this article on the topic, which concludes: nothing to see here folks! Votto's launch angle, barrels, avg distance, and xwOBA are all fine if not great. He actually had more hard contact and less soft contact than usual. What appears to be the issue is a fluky 9.5% HR/FB, a crazy half his career average of 18.3%. So what does 2019 hold? - Current NFBC ADP #75, making him the 6th 1B off the board after Goldy, FF, Rizzo, Bellinger, and Carp, but before Aguilar, Abreu, Muncy, etc. - Reds lineup is seriously improved. It's unclear exactly how the lineup will pan out, but Votto will almost assuredly hit third. He's surrounded by a very good group: Peraza, Gennett, Suarez, Puig, Schebler, and everyone's favorite Joey Votto impersonator, Jesse Winker. In other words, he'll have guys on base all around him. - We just saw that the underlying metrics for his "down" season are nothing to be worried about. So we have to assume that the AVG will bounce back to around .300 and the counting stats will come along for the ride. - The real question is whether you buy the argument that the power loss was a one year fluke, or if you believe that "he's getting old." If you are in the former camp, I think 20+ dongs is a very fair projection, but I don't see him hitting 30+ again. If you are in the latter camp, then we're not friends. Health assumed, I offer a **conservative** projection of: 550 AB, .290/.425, 20 HR, 90 RBI, 90 R. I think that a more realistic projection is .300/.440, 25 HR, 100 RBI, 100 R. He gets the bump in counting stats due to the supporting cast and because, In Votto we Trust.
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    Does no one else feel sorry for the guy? He seems so supportive off the bench (he's been cheering for his teammates every time they score), and he's a gifted scorer and rebounder, even in limited minutes. I mean, all he wants to do is play...he goes from getting promised he'd start with Kornet went down to going DNP the same night. Sure, he's been complaining for a while, but hell, I'd be infuriated too if I were glued to the bench and watching inferior players get started over me. The Kings and Suns are pretty trash franchises in terms of their personnel and player decisions, but the Knicks have to be at the top of the list. Also, I don't own him--I'm frantically trying to make a trade for him, or hoping his owner's frustrated enough to simply drop him outright. Can't wait for the trade deadline.
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    This guy's really raising the Ante
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    I punted a bunch of categories and I didn't even try to.
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    “Voit put exactly 100 balls in play (BBE) last year, and 54 percent of them left his bat at 95 mph or greater—good for 3rd in the league among all players with a minimum 100 BBE, behind only Miguel Cabrera and Aaron Judge.” ... ”Voit produced barrels in 12.4 percent of his at-bats down the stretch, a mark that was tops in the league among all batters with a minimum 100 BEE. These figures help explain why 19 of Voit’s 44 hits (43 percent) went for extra-bases, and why 14 of those went for home runs: these weren’t cheap hits.” All in.
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    One of the interesting evaluation pieces when putting lists together etc, is when you look at these really hot week or two streaks of home runs by certain players which results in their season totals appearing to be breakout like and as you assess that next season, wondering how many of you take those ridiculous HR hot streak zones into your evaluation? In 2013 Domonic Brown had a breakout, hit 27 home runs but when you looked at that season a little closer, he had a ridiculous 12-15 game stretch where he hit like 12 homers in 15 games or something to that effect. Over the next two seasons he hit 15HR total and has not been in the majors since 2015. Matt Carpenter had two little hot streaks in 2018 - one where he hit 8HR in 6 games and then another hot week where he hit 6HR in 7 games. Bregman had two real streaky HR weeks as well one where he went 5 HR in 6 games and another where he went 5 in 7 games. Not to suggest these guys will be out of the league in 2 years like ol Dom, but just had HR breakouts, although I caution to mention this for Bregman until we see more of what his career will look like HR wise, but just being a little cautious.
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    Jah's Kill List [X] Mirotic [ ] Randle [ ] Marqueef [ ] AD
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    Lol Raiders. The only NFL team getting clowned in the MLB offseason thread
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    Something to consider before both season/fantasy trade deadline arrives is what players to target for playoffs scheduling if you have a good outlook of making playoffs already . Last year was sitting in 1st place all year until playoffs came along and most of my players had 3 game weeks sneaked into finals only to lose to a opponent stacked with 4 game players. Choose wisely think smart plan ahead try to swap out 3-3-3 for a 4-3-4 especially that final week when it all counts.Obviously production is key so look at the numbers and team end of season outlook (tanking-resting players) W22 March 11-17 W23 March 18-24 W24 March 25-31 Sacramento Kings 4-4-4 12 games Total Washington Wizards 4-4-4 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-4-3 Denver Nuggets 3-4-4 Detroit Pistons 4-4-3 Houston Rockets 4-4-3 11 games Total Los Angeles Clippers 4-3-4 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3-4 Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3-4 Utah Jazz 4-4-3 Boston Celtics 3-4-3 Charlotte Hornets 3-4-3 Dallas Mavericks 3-4-3 Golden State Warriors 2-5-3 <--------- 5 game week Indiana Pacers 3-4-3 Miami Heat 3-4-3 10 games total Milwaukee Bucks 3-4-3 Portland Trail Blazers 3-3-4 San Antonio Spurs 3-4-3 Toronto Raptors 3-4-3 Atlanta Hawks 3-3-3 Brooklyn Nets 4-2-3 <------- 2 game week Chicago Bulls 3-3-3 Memphis Grizzlies 2-3-4 <------2 game week Minnesota Timberwolves 3-3-3 9 games total New Orleans Pelicans 3-3-3 New York Knicks 3-4-2<---------2 game week Orlando Magic 3-2-4 <----------2 game week Philadelphia 76ers 3-3-3 Phoenix Suns 3-3-3 Good luck hope this helps
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    can establish? He already is.
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    Well, it looks like I am changing my avatar, f this dude.
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    It's unfair when a player can't get a Pujols tribute contract and play like s*** while getting paid like a superstar
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    I trust the big homie AC forum
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    probably time to do an update on some of the names i'm currently on as i troll the obscure fringes of prospect rankings. i'll break them up into categories and do a few separate posts, don't have time right now to do all at once first group: HIGH UPSIDE PITCHERS OBSCURED BY TJ OR WHATEVER michael grove, dodgers - their top signed draft pick this year. another guy they drafted out of TJ rehab, similar to what they did with buehler. past performance doesn't guarantee future results, of course, but the dodgers always seem to know what they're doing with pitching zach willeman, dodgers - speaking of that. another guy the dodgers picked up, even more obscure, but saw some reports out of fall instructional league that he came back and was throwing like 99 with plus secondaries jordan holloway, marlins - basically the identical situation to willeman, only on the marlins. marlins added him to the 40-man even though he's barely pitched and is still in A-ball, and he apparently looked awesome in instructs. fangraphs prospect guys have been talking him up a little in chats. this from today: as always, google their names for more
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    I think aggressive Victor Robles drafters will look conservative at years end. I don't think he's as far away as folks think, from being an absolute fantasy beast. I felt similarly about Moncada and Devers last year, so I am exercising caution, but Robles' combination of approach / blazing speed / fantastic defense should secure him playing time, steals, and steal opportunities. I think he finishes with something like .277/.338/.446 with 13 jacks and 33 swipes... and upside for plenty more. I also think we are yet to see the best of Hyun-Jin Ryu... he has a superb understanding of how to pitch, and I think he is hungry and getting slept on. In deepish leagues I like Keston Hiura as a speculative draft pick. The Brewers aren't exactly a greenhouse of talent up the middle, and Hiura is more than ready to mash Big League pitching. I have this funny inkling that Brewers management will take note of the Vladdy Jr. news and declare - somewhat as a statement - "we promote our players when they are ready", and name Hiura the starting second baseman. Not sure if history supports that the Brewers promote aggressively. My #1 target might be Josh Donaldson. I predict he shows up motivated and in killer shape, and has a vintage "3rd round worthy" season with loads of power in slick lineup. It's a risky pick... but I don't think he is done mashing yet, and could provide 35 HR 100RBI. He is going around pick 95, roughly 20 spots after Andujar, 15 spots after Castellanos, and 30 spots after Matt Carpenter.
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    I'm 44 years old and this is how I feel:
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    Turkey is desperate to acquire him
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    I will tell you a secret: It is actually Lonzo that got traded away. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is a name used in witness protection program. It just shows how powerful LBJ is
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    If the price of a god damn hot dog and beer or...pretzel and a soda or...nachos with a friggen water for christ sakes, can decrease by 90%...then screw the players and their quarter billion dollar contracts. I remember the day, Kirby Puckett, signed a 3yr 9mil. The very next day, concessions went up alllll around the ballpark. My $1 cotton candy...was now $2.50. Someone should start a thread on how much things cost at different stadiums across the MLB. It is sooo out of control that I can’t even enjoy a live game anymore. Vendors going up and down the aisles yelling “ Cold beer...cold beer here”...for a split second my mouth waters and I think to myself...I want a beer. Then, I look at the stupid f’n button attached to the guys shirt, that’s making minimum wage, working harder than half the scrubs on the diamond, and it says “$11.50”. One stinkin watered down, lite, 16oz, little stronger than Aquafina, beer. PASS!!! These contracts are ruining the live experience. The higher they go...the more “we” have to pay. I know I have the option to not attend...but I really don’t. Baseball is ingrained into my way of life. When Puck made that catch in the top on the 9th against the plexiglass....then hit the walkoff homer in the bottom half to send it to #7. I was hooked. Good ol days. Now, a dad to 3 kids...we can’t get outta a game for less than $150. When I want to give them a “real ballpark experience”...close to the railing (up top)...all get our ‘own’ food...and drinks...Dad gets that $12 beer (.50 cent tip to the sweaty vendor)....$500. Half my mortgage for 1 stinkin game. Not even vs what they call a “premium home game” nowadays either. Joke.
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    If brow sits I’ll retire from fantasy basketball until the nba institutes a rule for this style of sh!t... I spend my hard earned bucks to play in a competitive league only to be stabbed in the back by some chump who wants to be Lebrons crony. I cant let fantasy hoops ruin my day to say happiness
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    So many times I have to bite my tongue, and continue scrolling. Some of the best fantasy minds I follow on Twitter, tweet stuff that is the exact opposite of half the countries beliefs. I get the “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion” stuff, and I can usually get past it. However some of them (Particularly Law) are constant political hacks. If I wanted to watch politics, I would turn the news on. There should be a way to just discuss baseball, and a way to discuss politics. I could care less about any of the baseball writers political views, no matter which way they lean. Law blocked me me on Twitter because my Screen Picture is the US Flag. Seriously? Before he blocked me he was bragging about how many people he had blocked, and literally attacking all conservatives with his hate filled speech. Not all people are the same, and shouldn’t be grouped together. I apologize for discussing politics, as all they do is cause hatred & division. I left Facebook because of it. I come to places like this to get away from them. C’mon Opening Day!
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    Depends on how harshly your stressing the word "easily." I think all three are certainly in the cards in 2019. Mathematically, I actually think it's harder to make the argument he WON'T hit 30 HRs when you really sit down and think about it. As a whole, or at least as a mathematical model, we really have every reason to believe he will do that, and steal more than 15 Bases, and for a slightly higher BA. (If you don't like mathematical modeling posts, good place to stop). There's two huge driving factors for Puig right now: Potential to Play Full Time Change from Dodger Stadium to Great American Ball Park I'm projecting Puig to play full time. I'm projecting him to hit near the middle of the order, probably around 5th. I looked through a few PA projection models online, and I'm going to put him in the ball park of 637 Proj. PAs based on batting 5th. In the last two seasons, Puig has hit 51 HRs in 1014 PAs. That's 25.5 HRs per season. But players rarely hit HRs at "seasonal" rates. The more PAs, the more opportunity to hit more HRs. The more opportunity to hit HRs, when all else is equal, the more HRs. So I actually believe that, unless your opinion is that Puig will be regularly benched, projecting even 25.5 HRs is pretty much ignoring the lack of PT he's had the past two seasons. If you use the PA projection (637) and apply it to the HR number (51 in 1014) you get 32 HRs. Would it be a career high? Absolutely. But it's simply doing exactly what he's done the last two years with more opportunity. And then you get into the Park Factor. GABP was the #1 Park in HR factor last year in ESPN's park Factors. It has been top 5 in two of the past three seasons. On average, ESPN's park factor the past three years puts GABP at "1.221" or 22.1% more HRs than league average. Dodger Stadium hovers around the middle of the pact, ranking as high as 11th and as low as 20th the past three years, and averaging out at an almost entirely league average "0.992" or 0.8% Fewer HRs than league average. Now you don't play 162 Games at home of course. But I applied that fraction (1.221/0.992) to half of both his PA Adjusted 32 HRs (added 3.7 HRs) and his 25.5 HRs average the last two years (added 2.7 HRs). So by looking at EITHER park factor OR PAs, I think it is quite easy to see Puig hitting 28-32 HRs. If you look at both combined, the numbers actually gets up near 36+. SBs could also be risen similarly, at least by PAs. Puig's 30 SBs (1014 PAs) adjusted to 637 PAs gives him nearly 19 SBs (18.8). Being on a different team is a large variable in this equation, but I dont' think the Reds are gonig to be overly cautious with Puig on the bases. Not hard to see 30/18 to 34/20. You can dig into R+RBI projection/production the same way too. 269 R+RBI over the last two years and 1014 PAs (67.25 per year per category). If you adjust that number to account for 637 PAs though, the number increases immediately to 169 R+RBI for one season (84.5 per category). And similarly to how GABP is better for HRs, it is also better for Run production. GABP is a bit more neutral for overall Run production. The short outfield reduces the OF BABIP-- one of the reasons Puig may be able to play CF in Cincy-- and drives down overall runs. But, applying the same three year strategy used for the HR Factor above, Cincinnati's GABP has a 1.046 average Run factor the last three years (+4.6% Over average) while Dodger's stadium, which was bottom 5 in Run production two of the past three years, sits at 0.885 (-11.5% under league average). Applying the same logic I used for the HRs above (applying the 1.046/0.885 for one half of the sample) you get 184 R+RBI, or 92 Per Category. And then in terms of BA, while he has hit in between .260-.270 the last two seasons, it is not entirely illogical, with all that's been put on the board above, that excess HRs = excess Hs = a higher BA. One of my favorite things to do in fantasy baseball is try to find a career season I can project, without assuming any change. Christian Yelich was a player who fit that description last year. He ddin't have to do anything different to have Milwaukee boost his value. The fact that he played a bit better made him an MVP. Puig is in a somewhat similar scenario. New place, but specifically a new place that comes with much friendlier confines. Most of the questions outside of this reside in his willingness to play in Cincinnati and his fear of losing. In terms of Cincy, I actulaly think this team could be a winner. And I don't think the city, in and of itself, will drive down Puig's numbers. And while I understand the argument about competitiveness, and fears of a lack-there-of if Cincy goes sour, this is a WALK YEAR. For all the reasons pointed out above, alongside the fact that Puig is still fairly young, Yasiel Puig has a HUGE variability I believe of what he could get paid in 2019-2020. A great year doesn't just stand alone, it builds off the smaller samples of the past two years in a friendly park with a strong line-up at a valuable age. I think Puig half-assing games is literally saying that he doesn't care if he gets 30 Million or 100 Million next year, because I really do believe it could be THAT different. I think ultimately, whether he's in it for Yasiel, or in it for Cincy, he's in it to put up numbers this year. I'd like to edit something this long but don't have time. pologies.
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    It's not weird because he can actually play right now and it won't make the injury worse, but the finger is going to be very painful during the initial few days. The injury is technically a fracture, because a small piece of bone did break off. Think of it like this mug: Is the mug broken? Uh sure, I guess it is, can you drink out of it? Yes of course. It's like calling a bruise "muscle tissue damage" or a cramp "muscle fatigue due to overuse". When you make it sound technical, it always sounds more serious. Truth be told, AD just had a sprained finger
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    kawhi - out 4 games in a row with bruised vulva teague - glass ankles booker - ejected today with light skin angst lord covington - bruised ankle for our sins going to lose 2 matchups in a row after trading gobert and jarrett allen for curry.
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    I dradted votto last year in an OBP league. He was not made of winning.