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    Jameis Winston bring evaluated for color blindness after confusing red with blue and white for 60 minutes.
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    Let us observe a moment of silence for all of us who benched Godwin and lost our weeks because of it...
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    Did your backup get all the reps in your furniture moving business while you were out? That’s the only part of your analogy that us Chase Edmonds owners care about.
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    Obviously we don't get points for preseason stats, but I thought it was interesting to see how Slye has done in all 2019 games so far... --Preseason Week 1: 3 for 3 FG (29, 42, 55) + 2 for 2 XP's --Preseason Week 2: 2 for 2 FG (40, 54) --Preseason Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (41) --Preseason Week 4: 1 for 2 FG (59) + 2 for 2 XP's........the missed FG was a blocked 48 yarder --Regular Season Week 1: 2 for 3 FG (46, 52) + 3 for 3 XP's........the missed FG was a 53 yarder --Regular Season Week 2: 4 for 4 FG (32, 37, 51, 54) --Regular Season Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (36) + 5 for 5 XP's --Regular Season Week 4: 3 for 3 FG (26, 48, 55) + 1 for 1 XP's Totals: 17 for 19 FG (including 5 40+ yarders & 7 50+ yarders) 13 for 13 XP 83 fantasy points in 8 games (counting 40 yarders as 4 points, and 50 yarders as 5 points) Just for the heck of it, I also checked the league leaders in 50 yarders over the past few seasons. In 2018, Maher & Myers had 6 such kicks. In 2017, Bryant had 8. In 2016, Tucker had 10. There certainly are no guarantees for Slye, but from what he has shown in the 2019 preseason and regular season, you have to like what you've seen so far.
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    all the non owners watching this thread rn:
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    Incredible TD throw by Brady. How he threw it half a yard to a dude right in front of him is truly amazing. World class. MVP.
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    It continues to be SEVERELY disappointing to see the browns ignore Chubb in the passing game. Short dump-offs to Chubb or ANYBODY should have been easy money in a 28-3 game and yet I saw time and time again Baker locking his eyes onto one guy in the middle, ignoring Chubb in the flats or rolling out to the opposite side of Chubb.
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    The hate in this thread is ridiculous. He's hurt, he tried to gut it out, was terrible and is now shelved until he gets better. /thread
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    The mods on here are so sensitive, randomly. The list of stuff that gets deleted vs. the stuff that still lingers is comical.
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    A little hope for everybody, he's looking pretty good here...
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    He's caught 8 of his 9 targets the last 2 games. You Damien William's truthers love your selective stats, you harp on the one target Darrell didn't catch and ignore the 8 for 8 around it and the rave reviews of his pass blocking. You harp on the 5 weeks of relevance of Damien Williams had when there was literally not a single other healthy back who knew the offense on the roster and ignore his half decade of JAGness. I'm not saying Darrell is anything special, I need to see more, but I've seen enough of Damien to know he's a dime a dozen 3rd down back and no more or less.
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    2 weeks in a row he's gotten the most snaps in KC backfield. 2 weeks in a row he was in at the end of the game on critical possessions. 2 weeks in a row he made the game winning play. We don't even know if Damien will play again this year. We do know that Damien is not playing right now and in his absence Darrel is playing a major role and KC continues to win relying on them. We also know Darrel is excellent in pass protection and keeping Mahomes protected may be the most important thing the Chiefs do this year to achieve their SB goals. Do with those facts as you will.
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    WR1 on the Bucs and top 10 in fantasy ROS. It’s nice to see a popular breakout candidate actually live up to the hype for once.
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    Why go on pornhub when you can look at sexy projections like these.
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    Man if you don't know who Triple J is by now that's on you...
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    Can someone explain to me why this guy is in 50 commercials, on 5 times during prime time this year? What has this guy done to deserve this. I only have myself to blame for falling for the hype. He's like a deer in headlights now. And NEVER runs. And then you hear this guy being a jerk to Daniel Jones, not shaking hands. Dude, your a punk. And you literally suck. Bye...
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    “That’s why I love when a guy has the breakout games of [12] catches or whatever for 170 yards, because he’s doing all that grimy work,” Arians said of Godwin. “You throw him screen passes in the red zone, not just because [he’s] good at it [but] because [he] deserves it. He blocked Clay Matthews better than our tight ends did a couple of times." https://www.espn.com/blog/tampa-bay-buccaneers/post/_/id/22948/bucs-chris-godwin-reaping-rewards-of-dirty-work-in-the-slot
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    Me watching this oliminator - miasma battle wondering where in the world this came from
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    One post ago you were promising that Chase would be exposed by volume. Now you're saying that he only succeeded because of the defense. Man, what's it gonna be if he blows up next week? Sometimes people look good cuz they are good.
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    Get some glassses. Racking up dimes, rebounds, and getting to the line. The "just a scorer" he's been branded with is utterly ridiculous. He'll be rostered in every 12 team league. Keep sleeping.
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    Firstly. F Fantasy Football. Secondly, interesting list. I'm sure it will change throughout the offseason. I dont think Nick Pollack is an amazing analyst by any means, but I do genuinely appreciate his dynamic 100 rankings. I feel like it's a very helpful visual. https://www.pitcherlist.com/way-too-early-top-100-starting-pitcher-rankings-for-2020/
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    I have a tough decision for whether to start Gordon tonight or not, so am researching a bunch of stats to try and make a decision. Here's some of what I've noted... 1. Gordon has played 7 home games for the Patriots and 9 road games. Here are the splits: Home: 26 catches - 468 yards - 4 TD (3.71 catches & 66.86 yards per home game) Road: 33 catches - 532 yards - 0 TD (3.67 catches & 59.11 yards per road game) (That doesn't factor in that his first two home games for NE last year, were after the early-season trade where his snap count was 22% and 26%) Moral? Gordon can't score TD's on the road. But 4 TD's in 7 games at home leaves some hope that he can get a TD tonight. Secondary Moral? 4 TD's in 16 games is not good at all. So that is scary. (I don't seriously think he can't ever score on the road. Though that is kind of concerning for his next road game...) 2. Gordon has a cake matchup against the Giants. As PFF puts it: "Gordon is questionable this week, but he needs to be started if active. He’s underwhelmed for fantasy but has seen good volume, averaging 8.7 targets per game over the past three weeks. That number should climb this week, with Phillip Dorsett out and Gordon in an ideal matchup. Gordon will likely draw shadow coverage from Janoris Jenkins, who has given up the eighth-most fantasy points and ranks 82nd among 105 cornerbacks in PFF grade." "Our PFF Shadow Matrix projects a shadow matchup between Josh Gordon and Janoris Jenkins, which should tilt heavily in Gordon’s favor. You may recall what Mike Evans did to Jenkins back in Week 3, and Gordon is a similarly big-bodied receiver with even more athleticism. Jenkins is allowing the third-most fantasy points per route among all cornerbacks, a truly outlandish number for a shadow corner. We nailed the Julian Edelman explosion in last week’s column, and it would not surprise for Tom Brady to try and get his embattled superstar receiver going in another matchup where the Patriots can truly do whatever they please." My verdict? Is it possible that the weather and high probability of NE blowing out the Giants, cuts into Gordon having a good day? Sure. But if we can't start him at home against the Giants, then why even bother rostering him? If the weather is not looking too crazy as game time approaches, this might be the time to roll with Flash.
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    Free Aaron Jones! As a Cowboys fan, the only good part of that game was having Jones on my fantasy squad lol. Aaron Rodgers didn't look real happy at times but the Packers played winning football and pounded the ball in when they got in the red zone. The Cowboys should take some lessons from that. They usually just give Zeke a token carry then forget about him. The Packers didn't forget about Jones yesterday and stayed with what was working. Jones is just a darn good player. Where he really impressed me also was as a receiver....He made some excellent grabs.
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    It will be McCoy and Damien and both will be very startable. 10-15 touches each and very comfortable floors with obviously high ceilings. If I’m wrong so be it but Darrell didn’t flash other worldly skills in his cameo. Certainly not enough to send Damien to the bench. Not buying that. It was next man up for 2 games. He filled in admirably. “Thank you and we’ll call if we need you again sir.”
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    "I've got to do a better job of getting Josh the ball" - OC Josh McDaniels on Josh Gordon Music to my ears!
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    and I'm on pace to have diarrhea every day this week so far. He will get in there, I'm not worried.
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    You're literally being negative just to be negative. I could care less that Hilliard was in on a few red zone snaps before the game got out of hand. Workhorse running backs get rotated out all of the time. Elliot gets rotated out, Kamara gets rotated out, Saquon even got rotated out for Gallman before he was injured. No matter what Chubb does good or bad for some reason you feel like you need to be negative toward his production even when there is nothing to be negative about.
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    #53 Rookie homerun king!!!!
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    RIP to the owners who benched Jones
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    All you have to do is play Madden to know that you should never run from the shotgun ever.
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    Hey Baker, can you possibly do any more commercials? Your on prime time tv constantly this year. Why. You haven't done a damn thing in this league. You look terrible and you have the gall to call out Daniel Jones. He got more points in the 4th quarter yesterday than you've gotten all year. I'm sure it will get better this week in Baltimore.
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    Remember when 2 games have been played
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    Exactly. OP's plan sounds fine. But when someone throws a wrench into it (and they will) it's all going to be for naught. In movies and comic books, the villains always know exactly what the heroes are going to do, down to where they'll be standing at a specific moment a month into the evil plan, so a piano can fall on their head or whatever. Fantasy drafts aren't so perfect. I try to put players into little compartments, then draft from those compartments as I see fit. For example, Love and Markkanen are in the same compartment: center eligible fg% punt, 3 point making big men. Not that it would be practical in any way this year, but Curry and Lillard are in the same compartment: PGs who get you a s--- ton of threes, points, and ft%. Then as you go through the draft, you see what you need. Am I punting blocks and fg% and need a big man? Let me look at that compartment. Love is gone but I don't want to take Lauri yet? Okay, let's look at PGs that fit that build. Oh, Rozier is there? Maybe. Middleton is still available?! Okay, I'll pick him and come back to big men next round. Basically, for every punt build and every player you want to fit that, you should have an OML (military talk, Order of Merit List) for a few players that are like that ideal player but a little worse. So that when your dude is taken, all you have to do is consult your lists in each compartment and take the next best guy to fit what you're doing. You only have like 90-120 seconds, you shouldn't be doing any research then. Just looking at your lists, looking at the guys you already have, and going from there. Saying in round 1 I'll take this guy, round 2 this guy, round 3 this guy is just a recipe for disaster.
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    I feel like somehow both of these teams will be 0-4 at the end.
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    9/29/19, the day Rojo arrived and took over the backfield.
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    You having a bad season so far doesn't change the fact Kerryon is an RB1 lol
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    He looked like he was shot out of a cannon on that 88 yard TD. I must’ve rewound and watched it 10 times. Holy #%*^, I didn’t realize he had a gear like that.
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    how can you not when one of the arguments against him was the question if he had the durability to be the feature back for a whole season when he never has been in 5 seasons?
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    [ @stay_woke, @ohio#1eaglesfan, take your personal beefing elsewhere. ]
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    Yes, combination of factors: 1. The offensive line has taken a serious injury hit. 2. Loss of J. Develin is huge. Combined with 1. above, NE can't really do what they like to do best and during their super bowl run: Go 21 personnel with Develin as a blocker. This was a physical style of smashmouth football and S. Michel benefited most. 3. S. Michel telegraphs run when he is in the game. That worked last year. Now with 1. and 2. above he's running into a wall. 4. With Burkhead in the backfield, NE doesn't telegraph run and keeps the D on it's heals. Burkhead can run or catch and while S. Michel is running into stacked boxes, Burkhead isn't as much. I don't see this changing much short term until either the new FB proves dynomite and or the new O-line gels. KY
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    Get this not-so-humble-brag out of here!
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