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    Why go on pornhub when you can look at sexy projections like these.
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    Hope people held or bought low.
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    And here is the latest update in RB ranks since Week 8 2018...
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    "Hey OJ, keep dropping those passes. We have them right where we want them. You saw what we did with AB right? We got him off of the Raiders but he had some screws loose. I know you will turn out better. See you soon!
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    Everyone hit up the below beat writers to get the info out to us on both DJ and Kirk. And also the thought process behind auditioning Rb's today. More on Foster than DJ or both? Be respectful yet forceful. Our "eyeballs" on their social media dwarfs the pure Arizona fan base and translate into dollars for their company. They must do better! @Cardschatter @kentsomers @mikejurecki @PaulCalvisi @wolf987FM @Gambo987 @joshweinfuss @Kyle_Odegard
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    It does indeed. This return has surely deflated his value in an already down rb market. The 2020 rookie rb class is off the charts too. The comp pick formula is based on aggregate team losses to FA- not individual contracts signed... so it really depends on what the chargers do. If Rivers returns, they’ll prob bring in as much talent as they lose...rendering comp value moot for MG3. Assuming this is case- they would be smart to deal Gordon for almost any pick they can get. A fourth or fifth would be lovely.
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    It depends on the size of your league. In any competitive money league 12 man and beyond I presume he's gone. It depends on the draft class, also think about how many rookies off the wire end up as top picks within just a season or within the same season. Markkanen, Tatum, and Donovan were all pickups in my money league. So let's say hypothetically you drafted 3 bums in the last 3 rounds, why wouldn't you just take 3 hyped up rookies who were all top 10 picks (which all 3 above were) throw them at the wall and see which one sticks? Heck, if you drafted all 3 of the above guys, you just ended up with 3 players who ended up in top 6 round valuation within their FIRST season.. You'd way rather take upside rookies/young players late, worse case scenario you drop them, you can replace dewayne bacon or norman powell or whatever garbage at the end of your roster with any replacement level player and it won't make an ounce of difference. This past year's draft class is heralded as one of the deepest since LeBron/Melo. Here's just a list of all the talent this year, it's ******** insane: Brandon Clarke Coby White NWA RJ Barrett Zion Morant Reddish Herro Hachimura Jaxson Hayes (looked amazing in summer league) Jarrett Culver Darius Garland Hunter Thybulle Washington Cameron Johnson (shot lights out for phoenix in preseason) Jordan Poole Goga Bitadze (very talented big man for the Pacers) Carsen Edwards (was in the 2nd round! and was one of the best scorers in the NCAA) You even have players who will show up on the radar later like the Spurs Samanic, and Keldon Johnson, and possibly Darius Bazley for OKC. I mean out of all the players I listed, 13 of them are being rostered in competitive standard leagues.. I don't think I've ever seen that, even in preseason. No one takes that many rookies, but every year these guys are getting better and better because the college system is translating directly to the NBA in recent years with program changes, so the players coming out are more talented and more NBA ready than ever. It's also why we're seeing way fewer busts compared to the past, a decade or two ago you could count multiple busts in one draft, it's getting rarer now.
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    Prospects1500 top 172, Oct 2019 https://www.prospects1500.com/overall-top-172-prospects-october-2019/
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    Yuk. RB3 at best ROS with a favorable matchup. favorable
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    I was completely wrong and am here to eat crow. He's droppable, that was a pathetic performance
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    The least you can do is spell his name correctly for us to take your hot take serious. It’s Latavius
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    Anybody had Chase Edmonds and Lativius Murray blowing up on their benches? Yeah...😖
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    Finally... The LORD HAS COME BACK... Home. When RoCo was still playing in D-League I went out and watched some of his highlights when they reported he would be moving up. I did pick him up then before his first NBA game. But I wasn't patient enough and dropped... I got punished for my sins that season and was never to own his highness again... Until now. I shall NEVER....EEEEVER lose my path again.
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    as you pointed out earlier regarding small sample sizes, a few good stats don’t mean a player is all that. Take Damien Williams for example: he had a great stretch for 4 games last year but had been miserable this year. None of these QBs are being counted on as the foundation of the offense, the RBs are. honestly it seems like you are being dishonest or have confirmation bias when you say Mariota, Luke Falk, whoever the Steelers are starting etc. have zero effect on how much a team leans on their RB. That looks like trolling to me.
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    I don't see how Engram doesn't go off this week. This could be his biggest game of the year.
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    I’m 100% down. Action Jackson to the brown family for the ship! Lets goooooo
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    As a Mack owner, it makes me cry to see throws on 1st and goal from the 3. All is good and cute until they get Superbowl Seahawked at the goal line.
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    Hey are you going to show up late for the draft and then ask for a refund?
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    I see bell going 22/87/1 and 7/89/1 receiving. Jets are gonna move the ball this week and score some points.
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    Just remember he's not eligible to return for another couple weeks...
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    The ultimate sell-high, or the new Mark Ingram (RB2 RoS)? Discuss.
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    Wasn't a real great ball placement by Rodgers--which nobody will bother to mention, esp after his week, but has been a prob with Rodgers. Safety flashed right in front of him as ball got there, but still needs to make the grab. Have to be encouraged by the sheer snaps Lazard got and he is a def hold for me...he has done enough to carve out targets.
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    Hey guys, we opened up an exclusive community for fantasy basketball (advice) on discord. Everybody who wants to join is welcome: https://discord.gg/qDZarrW #spreadtheword #sharingiscaring #inviteyourfriends
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    Getting Bam at 71 was a great get.
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    It will be interesting to see if MG gets dealt. Chargers should have taken what they could have gotten for him while he was holding out. I imagine now his appeal and value has plummeted. Still it's in their best interest to get what they can for the guy because he won't be around next year.
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    You're right, the uppermost thing in a team's mind should be "this game is already over...but there are fantasy owners out there who need points, let's go team!" lol
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    Agholor certainly doesn’t try very hard, does he?
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    Link to settings doesn't work for me? Also I wouldnt be able to draft until 9pm central or later tomorrow night not sure if thats an issue or not
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    Why do I keep playing Wentz? This guy is utter trash
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    I think you can wear one with the league's permission, i.e. you're sensitive to light.
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    Was a fun ride while it lasted
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    Wow, what a pile of useless trash, lol. 16/32/0 with a fumble 2/-3/1 Chargers wasting their season trying to get this loser back into game shape. Trade him and let him rot, worst RB in the NFL.
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    If you drafted him and your team has a winning record then congratulations. You are most likely in a select minority.
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    Friendly reminder; this guy sucks.
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    I saw these guys live against GSW last week. That game, and through the whole preseason, Dwight has shown he has lost lateral movement. He will not be taking Mcgee's minutes. Mcgee is playing with the starters. And there is upside versus Mcgee's peak last season. So many of their plays are designed P/R with Mcgee camping in the dunker spot, just waiting for the second pass. And both Lebron and AD want to make that pass, which is often a lob for a slam. It will be their #1 play on offense. Mcgee is a great C to target after the slew of 5-6th rounders are off the board. Around #80-90. I expect: 12 and 9 with 1.9 blocks on very good FG%.
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    One post ago you were promising that Chase would be exposed by volume. Now you're saying that he only succeeded because of the defense. Man, what's it gonna be if he blows up next week? Sometimes people look good cuz they are good.
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    Zac Taylor will be the first head coach fired this year
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    That’s the liquor talking on a Saturday night, just ignore it and come back tomorrow morning for better advice.
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    Man if you don't know who Triple J is by now that's on you...
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    My take might have been off a tad...