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    His own play is gonna affect his playing time
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    There is also a lot of skill in h2h, arguably more skill than roto. Roto is more draft dependant than h2h. In roto if you have some big injury blows early it can pretty much take you out of it whereas in h2h you can still squeak out weekly wins or negate losses by only losing 4-5 etc. There is also a lot more luck in h2h simply because during playoffs its easy to have a great team lose to a bad one since the variance during 1 week is very high. Over a full h2h season the best teams rise to the top just as they do in roto, but that can all end when a few guys sit games, the other team has some scrubs go off for career games and end up with like 6 more games played than you and you're done. Roto basically eliminates all of that variance. H2h is frustrating but to me it is way more fun than roto
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    probably time to do an update on some of the names i'm currently on as i troll the obscure fringes of prospect rankings. i'll break them up into categories and do a few separate posts, don't have time right now to do all at once first group: HIGH UPSIDE PITCHERS OBSCURED BY TJ OR WHATEVER michael grove, dodgers - their top signed draft pick this year. another guy they drafted out of TJ rehab, similar to what they did with buehler. past performance doesn't guarantee future results, of course, but the dodgers always seem to know what they're doing with pitching zach willeman, dodgers - speaking of that. another guy the dodgers picked up, even more obscure, but saw some reports out of fall instructional league that he came back and was throwing like 99 with plus secondaries jordan holloway, marlins - basically the identical situation to willeman, only on the marlins. marlins added him to the 40-man even though he's barely pitched and is still in A-ball, and he apparently looked awesome in instructs. fangraphs prospect guys have been talking him up a little in chats. this from today: as always, google their names for more
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    AAF? The league with a bunch of guys that can't even make a practice squad? Have never heard of most of the guys in that league besides Charles Johnson and a couple RB's that shined for a game or two. Comparing practice squad players and players that can't make a PS to a talent like Bell is a joke. Did you draft Bell in 2018?
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    “The closer is disappearing” idea is being a little overblown. Who did it last season? Phillies. Brewers because Knebel went off the rails, but they settled back on him. Rays primarily used Romo. Astros used multiple guys at various times of the year but clearly wanted to use one. Some teams like the Reds wanted or threw out the idea of using bullpen guys with no apparent roles but their actions were different. A lot of times that happens because the bullpen sucks. Royals had a guy and traded him. Eventually settled on one guy. Braves but mainly because Viz wasn’t right. So 4 teams, maybe 5? votaliity is getting confused with teams using a new strategy
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    H2H doesn’t necessarily add to the excitement of the game, that’s subjective. It adds to the variance of the game.
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    We have 10 at 1550. No one is going to be able to reach 1800 unless they go no RPs.
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    I mentioned Rengifo in last years deep sleepers thread as well. Likely won't break camp as a starter but it's not like 2B is set in stone in Anaheim right now. Angels are also toying with having David Fletcher play some corner OF spots so perhaps he's being groomed as a super utility guy long-term(which I think is more likely with his profile). I'd expect Rengifo to play his way to MLB at some point this season
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    I could see Atlanta cycling between Soroka/Touki as the 5th starter to help limit and control their innings total
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    Touki has an elite curvball and good fastball. His stuff is fantastic; like many other young pitchers, it's the control that will make or break him.
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    https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/2019-fantasy-baseball-draft-prep-why-adalberto-mondesi-needs-to-be-part-of-your-rotisserie-plans/ 3rd-4th rounder for Scott White. Pump the hype train.
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    The easiest way to debunk those rumors is to do it like Mr Big Chest and show off on Twitter and IG. Him not doing this seems like it's true. And if that's the case there is one person who has the fault for LevBell being not fit - LevBell.
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    He's starting Friday! It really is sad a guy in the prime of his career, getting a week off and they still have a blurb on him starting. There shouldn't be any questions he's healthy.
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    Let's start a rumor that he is resigning with NOLA so we can trade him straight up with panicked Embiid owners.
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    I chose Andrew Wiggins as a comp because at age 20 he was thought to be one of the next emerging stars - he was picked #1 for a reason. I think you pointing him out what Wiggins is now highlights the fact that a player CAN regress as well, so who's to say the only career path Tatum will take is one of consistent progression and improvement. Not many players come in the league at age 20 and got to play lots of minutes right away, so the sample was limited anyways. Wiggins was a good 20 year old player. He's just not a good 23 year old player lol I give Brandon Ingram more of a pass because his weakness - shooting - is the easiest and most possible weakness to improve. Passing is art / intelligence / creativity, and you can't teach it. Defense requires physical tools to overwhelm your opponent. This is why I think Ingram has higher ceiling than Tatum and Kuzma, even though they have higher floor. Anyways, enough debate about Lakers/Celtics. Let's get back to AD drama!
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    It doesn't really affect my roster construction too much, Braun is still in a UTIL spot. the trade gives me this: C: Yadi 1B: Goldy 2B: Jose Ramirez 3B: Donaldson SS: Mondesi OF: Ozuna OF: Merrifield OF: Piscotty UTIL: Freeman UTIL: Braun BN: Sano, free spot SP: Flaherty, Folty, Mikolas, Martinez, Reyes, Gray, Ryu RP: Davis, Hicks, Strop, Brasier
  20. 1 point
    I think you're misreading the ADP column. He's 66.8 according to whatever ADP data Fangraphs is using. The projections page doesn't really assign a conventional ranking, but you can use projections to generate auction values using the Fangraphs auction tool, and if you use ATC to calculate values for a 12 team mixed league using the default settings, you get an auction value of $10, or about SP32.
  21. 1 point
    Ayton because he's more well rounded. For Capela, you tend to punt FT.
  22. 1 point
    That's because the O's opponents get to hit against the O's pitching ... GOLD!
  23. 1 point
    $33 for Betts in a 260 auction is a great price. Between Betts and Turner for me.
  24. 1 point
    Well all those people picking up Nick Goodrum in super deep leagues did so for naught.
  25. 1 point
    Very cool! Thank you!
  26. 1 point
    Silver is too busy pleasing the players to see glaring issues.
  27. 1 point
    Excitement, as in a dice roll. For that you can go to Vegas or play fantasy football which is luck over skill.
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    First time finding this. Skimmed for about 30 seconds and made a donation. You da man.
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    Probably out till about November of next season but some people come back sooner from the same injury. People who suffer the same injury usually do not feel the same until like a lot later. He may be back in November or if he is ahead of schedule near the start of the season but he won't be near 100% till at least after Christmas if not later. Tony Parker who suffered the same injury but maybe a less gruesome version of it was able to return a lot sooner than his 10-11 month timetable (6 months) and now 2 seasons later says he officially feels back to how he did before the injury.
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    I'd take Turner personally, but argument could be made for Betts. How much time Lindor ultimately misses, and how quick it takes for him to reassert himself into game shape would make me shy away. Reports are that Turner is going to be more aggressive on the base paths this year, which should hypothetically place him atop the leaderboard for stolen bases. He and Betts are premier bats, but having the extra year of control at a relatively decent cost, combined with his production arrow pointing up, is enough to make me lean his direction.
  31. 1 point
    Not only is his weight a concern, but what about about his conditioning in general? If I were a Bell owner I’d be very concerned that he pulls a hammy right off the bat, or sustains some other kind of injury after being away from the game for so long and evidently not taking care of his body. I don’t know, I have a feeling some team is going to pay him a ton and get royally boned as Bell never again looks quite like the player we remember. A bit heavier, a step slower, less burst, nagging injuries, etc. Just a gut feeling.
  32. 1 point
    It's between Lindor or Betts, I'd lean Lindor because of the lower price.
  33. 1 point
    At this point, all they really have is money. They'll never get a player of this caliber via trade with their prospects, and it has been a while since they have developed any home grown OF talent. If they want fans to continue filling up that park, they'll need to trot out more than their current crop of outfielders.
  34. 1 point
    This thread reminds me of why roto is so much better than H2H.
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    I'd go Ayton because I truly believe he's going to have a monster season next year and is a complete player already. Capela is a monster as well but I see him as a blocks rebounds specialist that isn't as well rounded as Ayton.
  38. 1 point
    How bout Luis Rengifo?? Here is a snippet from the Klaw AL West Teams write-up: "Rengifo seemed like a throw-in when the Angels traded CJ Cron to the Rays, but he's turned into a legitimate prospect, certainly a top-150 guy in the majors, a 55 defender at short and maybe a 60 at second base who has shown exceptional bat-to-ball skills and plus speed, stealing at a 78 percent clip before he got to Triple-A. Shortstop in Anaheim is locked down, but second base is open, and Rengifo could hit his way into that job in short order." I am all over the MI guys with some decent tools that have this kinda proximity...about to turn 22 and a switch hitter 3 stops last year: 161 ABs in HighA= .323/.426/.466 with 22 SBs 151 ABs in AA= .305/.420/.477 with 13 SBs 191 ABs in AAA= .274/.358/.421 with 6 SBs
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    Everyone has his price. Boras has a lot of money to go around.
  40. 1 point
    Personally I'd be trying to sell Devin Booker if I owned him...
  41. 1 point
    assuming chris sale has a chris sale year this year. no major injury, great numbers. you are giving chris sale less than patrick corbin?
  42. 1 point
    This site is for sprint speed, exit velocity, pitching, all of that fun stuff. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/sprint_speed_leaderboard
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    I like Rondo because he gives you a double double to a near triple double on most games he gets at least 30 mins. He's been coming off the bench these past few games, but the minutes are still there so I think Walton put him there to run the second unit. He's a good bet until Lonzo comes back and IF he comes back. Bridges gets you steals but not much else IMO, Beasley is a nice scorer but is in a crowded roster, Winslow is inefficient but can be good in the right build. Bryant has potential but he doesn't get floor time at all, I held onto him for a month thinking he'll blow up and become the waiver pick up of the season but it's simply not happening with the coach he's playing for.
  44. 1 point
    Good stuff and I don't think Tatum is the next Kobe or KD, those guys are all-time top 15ish players. Tatum would be lucky to approximate those guys in his best seasons. TMac is probably in a class right below those guys or maybe a couple of rungs lower and Melo, while a punch line right now and overrated most of his career, is still a HOF and at one time a top 5 scorer in the league at his apex. I don't really understand putting Andrew Wiggins in the example and then saying, Tatum will be somewhere b/w Wiggins and Melo. That's a gargantuan chasm b/w those two. Andrew Wiggins is a bad basketball player. Melo, as noted, is a HOF. That's like saying, I think xyz quarterback will end somewhere between Warren Moon and Matt Cassel. Tatum's already better than Wiggins (this season): Wiggins: 12.1 PER, .481 TS%, .014 WS/48, and -0.5 VORP (yes, that is negative) Tatum: 16.1 PER, .557 TS%, .120 WS/28 and 0.8 VORP Basically, you're saying he'll play professional basketball because Wiggins, while having athletic talent, is a lousy basketball player. But nonetheless, I think there is some credence to your thought process which is why the Pelicans were probably having a difficult time pulling the trigger on the Lakers deal. Look at Ingram's numbers at 21. They advanced overall metrics are way worse than Tatum's now or even at 19 and actually align more with Wiggins. Ingram: 12.5 PER, .538 TS%, .042 WS/48 and -0.5 VORP (yes, that is negative) So, while some folks are touting the Lakers package, when held up to scrutiny, the pieces are much more flawed than their lofty draft status. Ball's 2nd year advanced metrics are worse than Ingram's (marginally) Kuzma is a nice player and I think he can be a really good scorer in the league for a decade but he'll be 24 in the summer. What were Kobe or KD or Melo doing at 23 almost 24? For one thing, they were all at the All-Star game... and they weren't watching. I think a lot of evaluators think they Lakers' youngsters can and will get better, but what is their ceiling? How good can Brandon Ingram be? Maybe a Lamar Odom type career arc.... pretty good, but not a foundational piece and Odom coming into the league has put up far better numbers than Ingram has. I've read a lot of evaluators look at Tatum as a Paul George starter kit. The length and athleticism are very comparable by the eye test but the odds are against Tatum he even becomes that good. What was PG doing at 20? I think you bring up some good points and I do think Tatum needs to take his next step as a player next season.... wherever he plays, if he wants to ascend to perennial All-Star status. As do the young Lakers because right now, only Kuzma is showing his talent consistently in the league. The other two are potential (and a fair amount) at this stage. Ironically, Zubac had the best underlying metrics in the Lakers' package or 2nd to Kuzma. I think the Lakers will still pull out all the stops if/when the Pelicans start taking calls on AD again, but perhaps they need to read Windhorst's column about going out and getting assets better liked by the Pelicans by flipping their own players. Work the arbitrage.
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    Agree almost entirely. I make a special exception for Fangraphs, and have a recurring $20 annual subscription there, just to support them, thank them for their work, and hopefully to help ensure they'll be around this time next year. It's not much to give them $20 a year. They do such good work, the stats are amazing.
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    I could possibly learn to live with the forum setup. Just put 3-D goggles on. The Rotoworld main page however is an absolute epic failure beyond all reason. The day fantasy died. FEB 12th 2019. Back to old school for us die hards.
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    Wow, scanning some headlines just became a big chore! Now I have to scroll down through giant pictures and other garbage.
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    His ADP will be within 100 imo. I have no idea how adding Cano, Lowrie, and Ramos don't make the offense significantly better. Mcneil is now their utility guy who was a a beast last year, and they have Peter Alonso in the wings who is the premiere power hitter in the minors. He had an 820 OPS in July, numbers dont show he was lost. Like last year, I will disclaim I am not a doctor. Don't know the lasting implications of his injury, but he finished the season beastly. In the 2nd half he had a .377 WOBA and 143 WRC +. 8 players had a WRC+ above 143 for the entire year. As I pointed out in the Ozuna thread, a 280 average with 25 bombs puts you squarely in 18-30 range for OF, which is OF2 territory. I see a 270ish average with 30 bombs, with upside for more, better in OBP, but not bad in average at all.