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    He's currently on pace for 6500 passing yards, 64 TDs, 240 rushing yards, and 8 rushing TDs. Usually I'd say that pace isn't something he could maintain but after seeing this mans chest hair game I'm inclined to believe he will.
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    This makes me feel good since Lombardis only qualification is to ruin football teams. He also had this to say about Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz: “Everyone knows Pederson isn’t a head coach,” Lombardi stated in a radical podcast. “He might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone I’ve seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL. Pederson was barely a coordinator before he became a head coach. Can you imagine if we elected a U.S. President who didn’t have any real training? Sorry, don’t answer that. “Look, the Eagles looked sloppy and increasingly unprepared as the 2016 season limped along. That ain’t changing in ’17. Only [quarterback] Carson Wentz can save Pederson’s job. And Wentz actually got worse during his rookie year, not better.”
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    I didn't know that NE's training regimen outdoes Navy SEAL training. The US Navy better step it up!
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    He should do 21 so his back tattoo will look right in the mirror
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    "Guys!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!"
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    As a Steeler fan, i’m flat out embarrassed by what the Steelers have become. Tomlin has lost complete control of the team.
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    He definitely should if Ajayi and Sproles are both sitting. I will be starting him in the flex.
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    Holy s--- these forums are becoming toxic mix of everyone voicing their overreactions, which are solely based on who they have on their roster.. All the sudden Schuster-Smith is a better player than AB?
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    Officially a Patriot. Guess that means he passed his physical. Happy days.
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    Honestly can't really tell much from that picture since he's got a bulky lifejacket on.
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    Wow Lindsay is the #1 rated running back by Football Outsiders (not fantasy, just based on performance) https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/rb
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    @bryce84 what if you own Both Dorsett & Gordon?? As for Dorsett's value with Gordon, I find it hilarious everything thinks a guy who's nearing 30, with a career high of 41 receptions in his six year career is bumping the leading target/reception leader (only two weeks, I know...), and former 1st Rounder, when said receiver has a total of 4 catches to start the year... Dorsett continues doing his thing with Gordon, and even when the 32yr old Edelman comes off his PED suspension - after not stepping foot on the football field in over a year - Dorsett continues getting the ball at a decent clip. Clearly Brady's favorite, most trusted WR right now. Hogan clearly gets bumped down the line now with Gordon, and even moreso later with Edelman -- sell while you can, and don't let anyone convince you that Phillip is the odd man out. Not happening.
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    This is an argument against the idea that Combine metrics have any predictive use, not an argument that AB is slow and unathletic.
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    Here u go bro. Week 2: PLAYER TAR TOU YDS TDS SNAP% James White 8 11 84 0 56 Phillip Dorsett 7 5 44 0 92 Chris Hogan 5 3 42 2 90 Cordarrelle Patterson 5 4 23 0 44 Rob Gronkowski 4 2 15 0 95 Jacob Hollister 3 3 35 0 23 Sony Michel 2 11 41 0 21 James Develin 1 0 0 0 33 Rex Burkhead 0 6 22 0 25 Dwayne Allen 0 0 0 0 21
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    Will Josh Gordon Succeed With Patriots? Mike Lombardi Offers Unique Perspective “Joining the Patriots will be difficult for Gordon, in every facet of his life,” Lombardi wrote. “He will be required to work harder than he has ever worked on and off the field. He will be expected to arrive at the facility early and leave late with not much downtime in between. There will be no putting the playbook back in his locker as he did on (HBO’s) Hard Knocks this summer, claiming ‘the plays have not changed, I got this.’ This playbook is not easy or ever wholly gotten. ” … The Patriots will offer support; they won’t assume it will all go according to plan. Once he has passed his physical, he will receive a detailed plan of the Patriots’ expectations from him — on and off the field. “He will get constant attention, and when the other players leave around 5 p.m. each night, Gordon will have night time studying and perhaps more conditioning. The volume of work will become his most significant obstacle, just as the volume at BUD/S training is the thing that overwhelms most would-be Navy SEALs.” Based on what he observed from Gordon in Cleveland, Lombardi is skeptical the 27-year-old can succeed. “Throughout Gordon’s entire playing career, there have been two sets of rules for every team he has been a part of — one set for him, and one set for the others,” Lombardi wrote. “When I was in Cleveland the one year with Gordon, he was aloof, distant and was on his program. He never took part in special teams practice, never ran scout team reps, never did any extra conditioning or hung around the facility fine-tuning his craft. He was immensely talented, and that carried him.”Read more at: https://nesn.com/2018/09/will-josh-gordon-succeed-with-patriots-mike-lombardi-offers-unique-perspective/
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    anybody got the football guys lists that is usually posted on here?
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    I would love to see a full practice tomorrow with reports of Josh arriving early and staying late to get extra work in with Brady and WR coaches
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    It was only because Williams had already crushed the defenses spirit with his elite pass blocks by the time Jones came in.
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    Not exactly sure you corrected? Williams was the higher draft pick and like all the Williams believers keep pointing out he is good in pass protection. Those two reasons are why he was in the game ahead of Jones not because of talent. Williams and Montgomery were injured in Week 4 which gave Jones the opportunity to steal the job which he did. Williams practiced in full leading up to week 5 yet Jones still started ahead of him and thrived (125 yards rushing). With the exception of week 9 when the Packers were playing catch up the entire game Jones dominated the backfield. Jones then injured his MCL in week 10 which allowed Williams to become the lead back. Jones was never healthy for the remainder of the season. Jones was the lead back when Williams was healthy. Williams was never the lead back when Jones was 100% healthy.
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    One of these games Russ won't face Von Miller or Khalil Mack and will get sacked less then 6 times and pressured less then he has been and watch out, Lockett will go ham.
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    "The coach also mentioned that the Bears need to be playing with a lead for Howard to get the 'typical 8-10 fourth quarter carries.'" What would you call last night? Not sure how the Bears come out with a winning record if Trubes airs it out all game, irrespective of the score. I'm getting a "smartest guy in the room" vibe from Nagy so far this year.
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    Ima keep it real withchu cheif, I got no idea what you’re saying here
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    Bears coach Matt Nagy said Jordan Howard needs "probably a few more carries." When speaking about Howard's limited fourth quarter workload -- he received just two carries and one target in Monday's fourth quarter -- Nagy said, "I think probably a few more carries is probably the answer to that." The coach also mentioned that the Bears need to be playing with a lead for Howard to get the "typical 8-10 fourth quarter carries." Howard is already averaging 19 touches per game, but a few more carries would certainly help his fantasy value.
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    This is a great point that nobody has really pointed out yet in here. And let's be real, it's basically inevitable that Gronk`misses time.
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    Flash is a Gronk injury away from WR1. I'd take my chances.
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    I understand what you mean, but what I'm saying is that Hogan won't be on the field as much. I don't have the snap count data for week 2 yet, but he was in there for 90% of the plays in week 1. Dorsett seems like the more favored receiver, so when Edelman comes back, what are we looking at for Hogan -- <50% of snaps?
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    They need a coordinator change. Mike McCoy is ******** trash
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    You deduced this from 10 carries versus the Jaguars in his first ever NFL action?Interesting..hmm
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    Hard to get a read on goodwin as of right now so I'd put him on par with brown with a higher ceiling. He's been injured and he has a brutal set of defenses to start the season. Stills def better than those 2 though
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    This is tough. I think Cook & Njoku's targets will be there, but like Howard's upside. Safe, I stay with just Njoku & would consider picking up Ridley or Chubb, since I am guessing this is a keeper league. But no issues if you roll with 2 TE's, as someone may be interested in a trade down the road. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720327-waiver-claim-helpwhir/
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    Agree on waiting. There has to be someone who needs WR help. If not, then probably Jeffery. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720327-waiver-claim-helpwhir/
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    Against the Chiefs barely-there "defense," will Breida be able to rack up enough rushing yards to maintain his status as the NFL's leading rusher?
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    That Yahoo evaluator thing is kind of irrelevant here. It’s going to be skewed since you’re giving up the QB. It’s a fair deal. Diggs is the best player involved but I’m not really a Freeman believer.
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    Josh Adams may eat into his workload this week if Ajayi sits. They love Clement on special teams too and Smallwood was the first one in after Ajayi went down last week.
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    Anybody have any luck getting anything in a trade for Lockett? Don't think this production is sustainable. His usage kinda stinks for a guy that is running most of his routes out of the slot.
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    Because the week 4 game is on a short week I expect Fitz to at least start through week 4. If he stinks the next two games they go back to Winston. If Fitz is good the next two games Winston sits.
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    Yeah, but for a team that hasn't won a game in two years?? Talent-wise, he is barnone Top 5 in the NFL...Did they not see him catch that jump ball in week 1 against the Steelers? He just didn't fit with them moving forward, which is kind of the point I was trying to make; whether it was scheme or attitude...But I have to think that Gordon, who spent the last year getting his body back into elite form, was kind of disenchanted with playing for a losing team...He now is in a perfect situation; and with the biggest lights on him; let's see what happens...Dude can ball out; there is no denying it. And to the person who said Tyrod throws a great deep ball; that's when he throws it; he can't pull the trigger, so hesitant; I did not like the fit of Tyrod to Gordon; liked the thought of Mayfield in there, but obviously Brady is a massive upgrade there. If he was traded to the Pats two months ago, and fully clear of any suspension issues, he would have been a 2nd round pick in redraft leagues.
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    Sorry, but I hope he has a monster last 10 games since I own him, and would have no problem with him forcing himself into keeper consideration. Sorry, but my team is more important than your future team...
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    Are you suggesting Sproles doesn't have heart? If so, you're really going out on a limb here and being quite presumptuous.
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    Snap Counts Week 1: Lewis - 49 Henry - 20 Snap Counts Week 2: Lewis - 33 Henry - 26 Lewis is the one you want to own here.
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    Haha I assume that he knew what "buying low" meant, was asking why Davis is a good buy low.
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    This. The Ellen DeGeneres lookalike is garbage. Bradford isn't much better