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    Jonas - 12.7 56.8 8.6 1.1 0.4 0.9 Taj - 12.2 57.7 7.1 1.2 0.8 0.7 Pretty much the same player except you can get Taj about 4-5 rounds later. Save your money.
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    Yea, I'm sure zekes success had so much to do with that all star cast that included Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley....
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    Round 10 1. CoH - Demarcus Cousins 2. Stifle - Taj Gibson 3. Chaiway - Jonathan Isaac 4. x_Nemesis_x - Super Mario Hezonja 5. BetterCallHinkie - 6. Tongs - 7. TOAA - 8. Superjew - 9. Trench Mob - 10. RDNC - 11. Young_Styler - 12. Kaboom - X_Nemesis_X PG: Russell Westbrook (1.9) SG: Gary Harris (4.40) G: Kyle Lowry (3.33) SF: Paul George(2.18) PF: Paul Millsap (6.64) F: Serge Ibaka (7.81) C: DeAndre Ayton (5.57) C: Willie Culley Stein (9.105) UT: Thaddeus Young (8.88) UT: Mario Hezonja (10.112) Bench: Bench: Bench:
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    Most seasoned fantasy players understand how the deadline works with respect to bullpen arms moving at the deadline, but the market seems different this year. The superteam era has created a situation where there are a lot more teams selling, especially in the AL, but at the same time, the trend toward 8-man bullpens and the recognition of the third time through the order risk have led contenders with solid bullpens to try to improve even more. Like, it's conceivable that a guy like Zach Britton could end up behind 2 or 3 better relief arms on a team with a top 5 bullpen, which is going to have ripple effects on all the sellers who think they can flip their closer to get major prospects to turbo-charge their rebuild. There are more buyers *and* more sellers, but the roles that the buyers are looking to fill aren't the kind of roles that are going to fetch a massive prospect haul. It's easy to justify moving a Gleyber Torres type prospect when you're getting Aroldis Chapman to be your closer, but when you're just improving on your already capable ROOGY-ish middle innings guy and there are so many teams that would love to sell basically anyone in their pen for something of value, it seems like it's a buyer's market where the elite closers on bad teams might just stay put. Is the difference between Felipe Vazquez and Kirby Yates or even Jake Diekman really worth paying a premium for? The Braves and the Phillies are probably next after the Indians in terms of the need for bullpen help, and presumably could be filling 9th or 8th inning roles if they're serious about making a deep run. But after that, I see teams like the Dodgers, Mariners, Nats, Brewers, Red Sox, Cubs, D-Backs, Astros, and Yankees all dealing from a position of strength in trade negotiations. This makes San Diego's trade with Cleveland look very smart -- they beat the rush, and they got an impact player. If I were teams like the Pirates, Rangers, Reds, Tigers, and Mets with movable bullpen pieces, I'd be working really hard to get something even if the return is below what we've seen in previous years for bullpen help. It's just a different landscape out there right now.
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    I see no controversy happening. Treinen is elite
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    They can't really rush the passer or cover anyone. Other than that, yeah, the Dallas D is pretty good.
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    I just think your percentages were so elite it didn’t make sense to grab nurk to f--- it up. I don’t think he offers enough in terms of counting stats to justify his inefficiency, it was also early for him even if you were punting FT. Otherwise I liked all your picks and you sniped me more than anyone else. Great minds think alike 👍
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    Batum at pick 90 has a good chance of paying off imo. He had a strug-life, injury ridden season but played well in stretches, and still finished about there on the season.
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    3-3 today (so far)with 2 more HR and a double. 5 HR in 18 games for Charlotte. Average now in the .310-.315 range. This must be why he grades himself a 10 offensively (6/7 defensively) . . .
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    Willie calhoun first single and rbi
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    Yeah he’s the paragon of mediocrity. But he did play 82 games last season and Thibs likes him. I don’t think his play was that unexpected given how much Thibs likes him and he’s had spurts of playability in Chicago. Imo his ranking on BBM at this point in the draft is almost irrelevant. If we’re doing a no maintenance league I just want someone who plays 80ish games and actually gets playing time. In a real league with a waiver wire I would pick someone else.
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    Nice hezonja pick, especially now that Beasley is out of town. He will probably end up being a top 75 guy and I think his price tag will be around 7th round come draft time.
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    Gonna be tough to replace that 560 yards Jason Witten had last year.
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    I sometimes want to scream at people who talk about regression and efficiency "it's the offense stupid!". Do people not comprehend the offensive genius of Payton? Sure his defenses were terrible but this guy can put his offensive talent in a position to put points on the board every game. I don't think you hear many people say 'Payton is not using player x to his ability or wasting his talent'. Kamara EXECUTED on his touches within the scheme of the plays being called and then he took it up a notch with his ability to make defenders miss. Last season was not a fluke, an exceptional talent such as Kamara can do nothing but be a stud player with Payton running the show.
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    I've got a pretty similar post-SL dynasty top twelve: Tier 1: 1. Doncic 2. Jackson 3. Ayton Tier 2: 4. Carter 5. Bagley 6. Bamba 7. Young Tier 3: 8. Porter 9. Alexander 10. Knox 11. Sexton 12. Robinson
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    31:41 BB:K? He has the plate discipline of a seasoned vet.
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    They have arguably the worst farm system in baseball and virtually no young talent to speak of on the major league roster unless you're really high on Nimmo/Conforto. Starting pitching is the most fragile/unsteady asset in MLB, which is why all the good teams are built around young position players rather than built exclusively around starting pitching. Even if they did have a season where everything went right and they were in competition for the 2nd wild card, there's no chance of sustaining long term success here until they do a complete rebuild and get some actual talent in their organization.
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    Pop adapts to the available personnel and Spurs changing style reflects that. From post heavy offense during Duncan prime to perimeter heavy offense in post prime Duncan era. With full training camp ahead and Chip Engelland available to help with 3 point shot, DeRozan will be fine. I expect 22 ppg, 4 reb, 3.5 ast, 1 st and 1.5 3P with good FG% and borderline elite FT%. Not your typical SG production but nothing to complain about as he does not hurt you anywhere. Considering his durability I have no problem drafting DeRozan before Butler or Wall
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    Gonna go with a dude on that team who was top 50 over the last 2 months of the season and top 75 on the year. And who is still only 25 years old. With my 11th round pick. And hell yes @jay14bay, I'm quadrupling down LMAO
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    Rondon in for a pretty easy save, retiring the Angels in order with 2 K's. I'll say it again. The Astros do not need to trade for a closer.
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    Judging from your steady deluge of negative posts about him, I would recommend dropping for purposes of your own mental health.
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    Round 10 1. CoH - Demarcus Cousins 2. Stifle - Taj Gibson 3. Chaiway - Jonathan Isaac 4. x_Nemesis_x - Mario Henzonja 5. BetterCallHinkie - De'Aaron Fox 6. Tongs - Jeremy Lin 7. TOAA - Colin Sexton 8. Superjew - Trevor Ariza 9. Trench Mob - Rudy Gay 10. RDNC - Larry Nance Jr. 11. Young_Styler - OTC 12. Kaboom - Team: RDNC PG: Ben Simmons (3.27) SG: Klay Thompson (2.22) G: Josh Richardson (4.46) SF: Evan Fournier (9.98) PF: Blake Griffin (5.51) F: Larry Nance Jr. (10.118] C: Karl- Anthony Towns (1.3) C: Kelly Olynyk (7.75) UT: UT: Bench: Kriss Dunn (6.69) Bench: Bench:
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    I was at the game...looked fantastic through 4, wheels started coming off a bit in fifth, had trouble finding strike zone. Was helped by 2 poor base running decisions in the fifth (if I remember correctly). On the first, runner from second was held up at 3rd on a single, would have easily scored. On the second, Pina tries to score from second, thrown out at plate (should not have gone with his lack of speed). Overall though, I’d say he looked good. Having said all that, I have to add that I’ve never had so many distractions at a game. 3 full rows of fans CONSTANTLY changing seats, and the entire row in front of me of obviously non-baseball fans didn’t watch a single pitch, just loud gossiping, so some of my observations might be a tad off!
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    Not a big fan of funchess, he's a middle of the pack receiver who probably wont be in Carolina next season and I don't see his value getting any better. On the other hand I'm a huge Jones believer and think he's the top running back in GB, I would rather take a gamble on getting the starting RB on one of the top offenses than taking a WR3.
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    Please, please let this happen...for pure entertainment value.
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    He has been in Yahoo's system for awhile now...type "MEJ" in the player search to find him
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    1. I definitely would, Barkley is a couple tiers above Adams in keeper leagues and once someone drafts him you won't be able to get him ever again 2. I would trade Olsen seeing as he's probably closer to retirement (this is a coin flip for me though) 3. No I would just keep your other TE you don't trade and gamble on Aaron Jones as your last keeper.
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    Makes sense, you're looking for consistent production. I'm just worried that said production may not be as strong as last year even if the situation is fairly similar. On a side note, i loved the "paragon of mediocrity" - well put.
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    It's not different. Dez hasn't required double coverage since 2014.
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    Lot of question marks here. McCoy's legal situation, just how flukey was Fuller last year?, Edelman getting old, coming off big injury, suspension and coming off PEDs and just how much work will Guice get. I'm not up to date with McCoy's situation so not sure how that is looking. He is old, has a lot of wear, their bad offense somehow got worse losing 3 starters on the o-line and downgrading at QB. That being said McCoy was RB7 last year and even when the running lanes aren't there his PPR prowess keeps him relevant. Its a tough one but I might make the move since I think Edelman's ceiling is fairly high with Brady still throwing to him and I think he is a sizable upgrade over Fuller. McCoy is a very polarizing player but I think Guice is a RB2 in his own right. I think he is the 2nd or 3rd most talented rookie back and with Thompson not the biggest or sturdiest player he could be in line for a lot of work. Also, Redskins could use some playmakers with no truly dominant WR so I could see them playing Thompson with Guice at times with Thompson lining up all over the formation. Guice probably won't get a lot of catches but I think he could still put up solid RB2 numbers kind of like Howard despite splitting time with Cohen. It does mean that he'll be vulnerable to game scripts if they get behind early but having a guy like Edelman (once he gets back from suspension) gives you some flexibility if matchup isn't too appealing for Guice.
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    Yes I watched the game and his HR and you can see a big difference (at least on that swing). The Athletic piece Eno did on Pham and his bat wrap was excellent. The sum of it was Pham believes he was wrapping his bat too much on his swing this season. By doing so he's boosted his exit velo, but reduced the contact ability. “More wrap means that it takes longer to get to the zone,” he pointed out, “so even if my plate discipline is about the same, it means I have to decide earlier.” Pham last night seemed to have his hands lower and his bat more relaxed with less wrap. https://streamable.com/7m32h Here is him a month ago: https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2018/07/10135928/late18.mp4?_=2
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    fwiw, as a long time Padre fan I am tired of guys not being able to hit, I wrote off Hedges before he even got to the bigs
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    Out again vs Lester fresh on the heels off the Cards D looking like the bad news bears. The new manager doesn’t appear to know baseball too well. Hitting a dog**** Wong 6th over Pham. Wong hits .190 with a .480 ops vs LHP. This situation looks like a disaster with Mike Sh*t as manager.
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    If Kuechly us able to play 16 he would probably lead in everything but sacks but the chances of that happening aren't the highest so I would go with Wagner being the top IDP because of all the talent SEA lost and he's pretty durable but if you like to gamble Kuechly is the guy for you.
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    Absolute nonsense 1. Pittsburg is absolutely going to run him into the ground as the last year of having one of the best players in the game. Gosh, I hope he “lets them.” 2. Bell is playing for a big fat new contract. No reason to expect he doesn’t play lights out and/or try and put up big numbers In short: You have a team obviously parting ways with him after the season + and a player playing for a new contract = huge workload, huge stat total
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    Thanks man. Taxi squad was just cleared prior to the draft so everyone I had on there is now on active roster. Time to add some rookies to it!
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    Who's to say Cole is even the same pitcher if he ends up on the Yankees?? He didn't really put things together until he started making some changes with the pitching staff in Houston. You guys could of gotten the same version that Pitt had but he would likely have an even worse ERA.
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    Ive seen this happen from time to time with AL prospects when they come up at the end of the year for a cup of coffee and end up DH'ing most of the time, even though they were primary at other spot in minors, the fact their "majority" in majors even though it was really small sample was DH, they get that eligibility only.
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    Not high on Valanciunas. After six seasons of averaging roughly 26 mp you have to think it's not just the coach. Jonas has shown a pretty slumbering motor for the NBA, especially on the defensive end. If you look beyond his seemingly great efficiencies, you have to see that he has some of the absolute worst AST and STL numbers among all players. He also doesn't attempt enough FT for his excellent ft% to matter much. People see under 1 AST and STL and don't think twice about it because these numbers are typically low for C's anyway. But if you adjust the numbers into percentiles among all players it reveals Valanciunas to be truly awful especially for H2H, where he has been outside the top 100 on a yearly basis. During his strong run late last season, that improved enough to crack the top 80. In H2H I would place him as only slightly better than someone like Derick Favors or Taj Gibson.
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    fk Kawhi...hope he enjoys going to work on a dog sled next year...
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    There's nothing in the world you can trade for LeVeon Bell in week 4, that you wouldn't have to pay on draft day. Gurley, Zeke, DJ, and AB are the only possibilities to pry him off of someone's team. People have been doubting his 'slow start' 'oh no hold outs' 'oh no suspension' for basically as long as he's been in the league with these issues, and they've been wrong every time. Statistically speaking, odds actually say Bell is a smart bet, because we've seen him show up late 3 times already, and consistently be THE best back in the league. This year should be no different. #1 RB on my board, again.
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    Thank God the Nats shut him down his rookie year in the playoffs when they had their only real chance to go to the WS probably ever. Strasburg's arm was saved and they enjoyed infinity years w/o any injury problems for Strasburg forever after the end.
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    Stop it. Soto doesn't steal. Trout stole 49 bases and hit 30 homers AND hit .326 as a 20 year old. lol.
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    I would not hesitate to draft Gordon as high as 1.06 this season.