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    He just had a 25 point, 100 rushing yard game. Are you crazy?
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    I like your style of assessment, using real life NBA team strategies to guide you in fantasy players to watch or target. My posts are very similar, but I can't watch every game and player. Nice post, I'll be keeping an eye on the Suns, and your other posts that focus on teams I'm not as interested in. We need more of this, and less assistant coach posts in here.
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    He's clearly reading this thread. 20/21 is a nice little boost. Is it just me or is he getting to the line like crazy this year? Which is adding even more to his massive point totals (back to back 40 point games, nice) ...and if he can get and keep his FT% back into the 80s, well By the way, if you are reading this big guy, we love you. Stay healthy, and take as many mid-game "bathroom breaks" as you need.
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    These are the worst types of posts. You are operating based solely on your team and your particular league settings and not taking into account globally why he is an enticing prospect. You are seeing the trees (maybe leaves) and not the forest here. Simply put, QB's with LJ's rushing upside have tremendous value due to their insane floor and super high ceiling. For teams that have great flex position eligible players but have been streaming QB's to modest production, LJ is definitely worthy of an add. If he is this years Desaun Watson he could win championships for these teams.
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    Well i am in a 2qb league with Brady on a bye. 12t ppr. However, it is nice to see that your set at qb in your 8 team league. No one cares about your team, champ. So when your done patting yourself on the back and blasting people for being interested in what this kid can/can’t do, go to the cool story,bro thread.
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    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports A.J. Green (doubtful, toe) made the trip to Baltimore and will work out on the field prior to Week 11 against the Ravens.
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    Can we just keep this limited to fantasy basketball? His political beliefs have no relevance to his stats. On topic, he's starting to round back into form. I think high teens scoring with 10 boards and a could of triples is a safe ROS projection
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    Wish you were in my league, or better yet, face you in the 1st rd of the playoffs with that frame of mind. I’d sign you up any day!
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    Not sure what a "majority" of snaps means, but like I posted before, I would bet that RG3 would handle the 2 minute drill and obvious passing down situations.
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    Brees literally wrote into his contract a clause about franchise tags and you think he would be willing to play on one? Not to mention he went to arbitration over a franchise tag in the past, how does he help your argument?
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    Victor Oladipo went to the locker room in the first quarter on Saturday and he will not return. He was questionable with right knee soreness and fell on a cameraman early in the first. Oladipo was flexing his knee and grimacing a bit, so presumably the soreness is bothering him right now. Tyreke Evans checked in for him and will be looking at more minutes tonight while Dipo deals with this issue. Hopefully he's being held out as a precaution. Nov 17 - 7:20 PM I was wondering why he would even play if he was only able to manage 4 minutes before exiting, but reading the bit about him falling on a cameraman kind of answered that to an extent. I'm not watching the game but at least something "new" happened in order for him to have to exit the game. That at least makes me think that the original knee soreness in question on its own wasn't "TOO" bad, but taking a spill and being in pain probably forced the team to make a decision not to risk it any further. Pure speculation on my part, hope he's alright.
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    Well looking at your "3-keeper" team in your sig he is at best you 3rd best RB and at worse 4th behind KJ. You have 2 RBs in Henry and Penny that you should drop before him so unless there are 3 players you are dying to add he belongs on your roster. Even as a flex I'd prefer Ingram clearly over Funchess so that bumps him up to at worst your 4th worst player. He is a luxury for you but still holds value in case of injury especially if Kamara went down where he would be an elite handcuff. Ingram's role isn't the most prolific but he still gets 10-15 touches on one of the best offenses in the league and as it gets later in the season he'll likely see more and more work as the Saints look to conserve Kamara, the clearly more valuable back, for the postseason. Given his likely double digit carries, involvement in the receiving game and TD upside he is at the absolute worse a flex-level guy who you could deploy in favorable matchups and best case he gets a slightly elevated role and returns to the RB1 level he was at just last season. So to summarize he is worst case a handcuff to your best player Kamara which alone is enough reason to roster him (to people who don't own Kamara he is still probably the #1 handcuff in the league) but he also has the ability to put up RB1 numbers without significantly affecting Kamara.
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    I don't have much of a choice but to start him, but I have more of a glass half full outlook vs half empty: * M. Jones out, increased targets. * Gamescript most likely having DET in catchup mode. * CAR secondary just isn't that good. Been riddled on several occasions. * Game is at home.
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    Just watching him play this year, he doesn't shoot off the dribble well in the midrange, he doesn't finish around the rim well, and he's streaky on his 3pt shot, combined with the pass-first mentality and hesitation to shoot, my expectations haven't lowered, but changed drastically lol. I wish his teammates would just let him rebound the ball when there's no get opposition and just get down the court and run. At times you saw 5 lakers standing with no magic player in sight, not running down the court, waiting for the rebound. Because I feel like Draymond-lite is the best I could hope for, and that means getting boards, running the fast break for ast, few TO's, and aggressive defensive stats. But then you remember he plays with LeBron a ton,. And then you see BI, Kuzma, Stephenson, Hart, all initiating plays or ISOing, and Lonzo's relegated to a spot up shooter more often than you'd like, or giving the hockey assist. Ah who I am kidding, I'm losing hope lol.
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    Yes, Heyward has played really well this year. Another concern is that Denver lost another O-lineman in practice this week, and their blocking group is in shambles. Keenum may not have much time to throw deep today.
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    Uye, I would of kept this one to yourself lol.
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    Your jumping to a real strong conclusion here based off of what 2 solid games from Juancho?? It’s been a revolving door at the 3 ever since Barton went down for a full month plus already. Can Juancho play well for two weeks before we start saying Barton won’t get his starting job back so at least a good sample is established? Remember last year when Milsap went down and Lyles was rolling for a good 2-3 months? Well Milsap came back and got his starting job back anyway. Again I just don’t see it. I’m guessing you own Juancho so your dreaming big here but the reality is it’s really far fetched.
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    Just want to make sure you realize that you are now upset that a man will NOT get knocked out by a dangerous drug, cut open, repaired, and sewn back together like Frankenstein’s monster. Your investment in this? A little bit of money and a cartoon trophy. I also just want to make sure you realize that I’m no better.
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    I know what you mean. I agree, too. What scared me when Levert went down is that we've seen this before, just last year, when Jeremy Lin and D Lo were all excited in the preseason to play off eachother. They talked about how they can take turns being the PG, and SG, depending on who's shot is falling, and who's orchestrating the offense best each game. Lin went down ASAP, and everything fell on D Lo's shoulders. D Lo put up some stats, but looked completely over-matched, and definitely not ready to lead an NBA offense. This year he's shown maturity. I do see him get hot, and then start feeling himself too much, and take ill advised shots, and airballing. He let's his high's get too high, then his low's get too low. His game doesn't match his emotions, though because his best attributes on offense are his controlled tempo in the pick and roll, cool and confident 3 pointer, and the effort-less thread the needle type passes he showed consistently in college. I don't wanna see HUGE confidence from D Lo. I wanna see a steady hand, his chin up even on bad shooting nights, and his head in the game communicating with his teammates regardless of the score. If he gets that, then he'll take off similar to James Harden. They both have that nice lefty J, and aren't amazing athletes, but the game slows down for them when they are in the zone. Harden's just learned to be constantly in the zone. He's had 6 years to develop that mindset.
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    I don't know if it is "tank mode", but the Suns are making decisions. Chriss. Bender. Tyson. They are thinning the crowd. Anderson replaced by Warren. These aren't things they will reverse IMO. These are decisions they move forward with. The main issue is going to be Ariza and how they play the PG position. I know the thread is about Mikal, but Booker's lines and style of play the past few games speak volumes. He is distributing. He is looking to get everyone shots and into the flow before he looks for his. I don't think they will run out Booker, Mikal, Warren, Ariza, Ayton but I wouldn't call them crazy to try it. I am not too worried about Jackson. I am only worried about Ariza and the PG position. They need to make a trade. It will be much easier dealing Jackson with Mikal playing well this early in his career. They invested heavily in Mikal so I don't think they are committed to Jackson long term. The Suns might be interesting in a year or two if they make some good decisions in the near future.
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    The best part of this thread is watching Dr. Whom break from character and genuinely bash this guy. Good times!
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    and Rivers... Chargers are a playoff bound team and Rivers wouldnt be a part of it??? Come on guys, you guys need to slow your Dak roll a bit.
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    Yes, the ship has sailed. I held on a little longer to see if he'd turn it around but it doesn't look likely. Good thing I picked up James Johnson a couple of days ago.
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    I hear ya bro. My gut talks a lot too. It’s not usually giving me FF advice tho.
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    Barton is due back in a week or two based on the timetable. I like Juancho but given the depth on that team and Barton likely unseating him, I think the classic RW line applies here.."feel free to pick him up as long as you won't miss whatever you're dropping."
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    Looks like he had a 12 min limit tonight, great line considering.
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    Many fans are eager to see Lamar out there but the Ravens are still in playoff contention. This is a winnable game with OAK on deck next week. That will help drive the decision as to the "starting" QB. The playbook will be drastically reduced for Jackson if he is a starter. Jackson will likely be taking some snaps under center even if RG3 starts. Counting on his running ability is great until you factor in INT's and lack of pass att's. Jackson is not slinging it 34-59 times a game, ala Flacco. I could see RG3 as the starter with Jackson out there at the same time. Same as some the plays with Flacco on the field.
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    Matthew Berry hates Lamar Miller this week, so that tells me Miller will go off for a huge day.
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    It's been the same as week 10 from last year. Did you not read my post? Ingram had 8 TDs from weeks 10-16. It's a slight concern, but certainly not a big one. The guy is a clear RB2 on an elite offense that will be running more than anybody the ROS. If he had more GL carries he would be an RB1, but he's still a solid RB2.
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    I always thought JJ was kind of a dollar store Draymond lol...he’s pretty well rounded and does a bit of everything. Hopefully he gets 25-28 mins this season. I’m expecting something like: 10-12pts/5-5.5 rbs/3.5-4ast/1stl/1block/1trey on 48-50%fg/ 70%ft /2tos Always been a fan of this guys out of position dimes
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    Breaking: Per Adam Schefter: Lamar Jackson and RGIII will be on the field at the same time and play a best of 3 rock-paper-scissors match before each snap to see who gets under center.
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    im so glad i have no life and spend a lot of my time digging through the waiver wire. picked up wade and johnson and threw em on my IL spots. what kinda stats you guys expecting from JJ?
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    I agree he is a good option for those who need a QB for the playoffs. I expect him to be borderline top 10, but he’s always going to be prone to put up a dud when it matters most. I wouldn’t feel confident starting him in my playoffs, despite the schedule. My argument was that he shouldn’t be mentioned near the top 5, something that psygolf seems to be willing to defend to the death.
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    Plus he stands like a good player. A true American!
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    It is much easier to root for guys that are as good of people as they are football players like Fitzgerald and Brees. However, I don't believe passion for the game and money are mutually exclusive. Case and point in 2012 Drew Brees was in a similar position to Le'Veon Bell in that Saints franchise tagged him and weren't meeting his demands in contract negotiations. People were suggesting he should possibly sit out the entire season back then (https://www.businessinsider.com/saints-should-drew-brees-sit-out-entire-nfl-season-2012-4) but he had much greater leverage than Bell given Brees is a much more likeable guy, brought the Saints a Superbowl in 2010, team was in turmoil following bounty gate and as a quarterback is a much more difficult position to replace and after holding out of voluntary training camp the Saints finally ponied up the money making him at the time the highest paid player in the NFL with a then record 60mill guaranteed.
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    Exactly! What gives anyone the impression starting RGIII over Jackson somehow gives the Ravens a better chance to win now? RGIII's 15-25 career record as a starter, which would be 6-19 discounting his rookie year? The 5 games played since 2014, or the zero passes he's attempted this year - in fact, the zero passes he's attempted since 2016? If you missed out on Jackson, fine, but the "RGIII should start" argument is pathetic if you did.
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    Every time I see RG3 he has a headset along with his track suit on...he's not starting boys lol 😂
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    Dak and “top 5 QB” should not be in the same sentence.
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    You keep shifting your goal posts. Sign of someone who actually has no idea what they are arguing.
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    They didn’t need to sit out because they got paid what they wanted. It’s that simple.
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    i absolutley love it when rotoworld rankings are down on lamar. that means he usually blows up. please continute to rank him lower 20's. start with confidence.
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    Started off slow and then caught on fire!!
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    No he hasn’t, not in either of my leagues... and my 6-PT passing TD league doesn’t take away points for sacks. League scoring aside, you’d take Dak over Rodgers ROS... haha... okaaayyyyyy. 😂