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    Amazing reporting from Rotoworld: Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters that the majority of Jeff McNeil's outfield reps will come in the outfield.
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    Just great. Now my White Sox are stuck with Manny's family and friends for no reason.
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    probably time to do an update on some of the names i'm currently on as i troll the obscure fringes of prospect rankings. i'll break them up into categories and do a few separate posts, don't have time right now to do all at once first group: HIGH UPSIDE PITCHERS OBSCURED BY TJ OR WHATEVER michael grove, dodgers - their top signed draft pick this year. another guy they drafted out of TJ rehab, similar to what they did with buehler. past performance doesn't guarantee future results, of course, but the dodgers always seem to know what they're doing with pitching zach willeman, dodgers - speaking of that. another guy the dodgers picked up, even more obscure, but saw some reports out of fall instructional league that he came back and was throwing like 99 with plus secondaries jordan holloway, marlins - basically the identical situation to willeman, only on the marlins. marlins added him to the 40-man even though he's barely pitched and is still in A-ball, and he apparently looked awesome in instructs. fangraphs prospect guys have been talking him up a little in chats. this from today: as always, google their names for more
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    I think aggressive Victor Robles drafters will look conservative at years end. I don't think he's as far away as folks think, from being an absolute fantasy beast. I felt similarly about Moncada and Devers last year, so I am exercising caution, but Robles' combination of approach / blazing speed / fantastic defense should secure him playing time, steals, and steal opportunities. I think he finishes with something like .277/.338/.446 with 13 jacks and 33 swipes... and upside for plenty more. I also think we are yet to see the best of Hyun-Jin Ryu... he has a superb understanding of how to pitch, and I think he is hungry and getting slept on. In deepish leagues I like Keston Hiura as a speculative draft pick. The Brewers aren't exactly a greenhouse of talent up the middle, and Hiura is more than ready to mash Big League pitching. I have this funny inkling that Brewers management will take note of the Vladdy Jr. news and declare - somewhat as a statement - "we promote our players when they are ready", and name Hiura the starting second baseman. Not sure if history supports that the Brewers promote aggressively. My #1 target might be Josh Donaldson. I predict he shows up motivated and in killer shape, and has a vintage "3rd round worthy" season with loads of power in slick lineup. It's a risky pick... but I don't think he is done mashing yet, and could provide 35 HR 100RBI. He is going around pick 95, roughly 20 spots after Andujar, 15 spots after Castellanos, and 30 spots after Matt Carpenter.
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    No offense, but that’s actually a poor analogy, which might explain the disconnect between you and others. A cheating spouse has the option of ending the relationship. A scheme of some sort is unnecessary. If AB could’ve simply ended his contract with Pittsburgh and signed somewhere else I imagine he would have. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the only way of ending his relationship with the Steelers was forcing a trade by acting like a lunatic. Therefore, while his recent behavior has been unfortunate indeed, some owners will rationalize it by understanding that for whatever reason the relationship between AB and the Steelers reached a breaking point, and desperate measures were required to resolve situation. Whether or not these extreme measures can be overlooked, and whether or not AB can be trusted going forward will be up to each individual owner. I guess that depends on how desperate the owners are to win a Super Bowl.
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    T.R.O.U.T. wasn't born he was designed. He's a perfect baseball player that likes his hometown sports, the outdoors, and (I guess the scientists thought it would be funny) meteorology. He has no opinions, seemingly takes no offense (Yordano Ventura yelled at him once and he didn't smile), and talks slowly enough that he doesn't say anything appreciably stupid. I love and envy Mike but he can't pass the Turing Test. I will bid upwards of $60 dollars for him in most auction formats.
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    Some of my favorite draft day targets are already getting pretty chalky and will probably only get more so as draft day nears, but here's Meh's Favorite Draft Day Targets: Yasiel Puig: health permitting, he's got all of the ingredients for a monster year ahead Daniel Murphy: signs of aging with injuries and exit velo declines, but the move to Coors hitting 2nd between Blackmon & Arenado? Sign me up? Zack Wheeler: improved Mets team, great home park, 2nd best weak contact % last year in all of baseball, improvements in command. Luis Castillo: I was on him last year but the 1st half was a disaster. I'm still buying that there's potential for a top 10 fantasy starter here. Did you hear he's got a new pitching coach?! Byron Buxton: a pissed off, highly motivated, wants to prove everyone wrong, uber-talented athlete in the BSOML? He's still going late enough that if I'm wrong, it won't hurt me. Pedro Strop: I follow the invest as little as possible in closers on draft day as your league context allows so guys like him are my favorites. I have no faith in Morrow getting or staying healthy. Anibal Sanchez: wrote some things about him in 2019 Sleepers thread. He's reinvented himself rather impressively. Nats took notice too as guys like him aren't sniffing contracts anything close to the one he signed. Matt Strahm: San Diego needs to give this kid a shot in the rotation. Joey Lucchesi; another SD hurler I'm high on. Razzball has some nice write-ups on him. Ryan Braun: I like him in daily leagues more than weekly leagues but I don't think he's toast yet. And apparently he's remaking his swing, FWIW. Asdrubal Cabrera: very unsexy pick here but I'm getting him in the early 300's. Multi-positional eligibily and home games in Arlington! Michael Conforto: With his shoulder another year removed from surgery, I think we could see a .270, 30hr, 100rbi season incoming Paul DeJong: great source for hr's and rbi's later in drafts, especially if he's hitting 3rd behind Carp and Goldy Randal Grichuk: love this guy if you're mid-way through your draft and think you didn't draft enough hr's. He made some strides in his k rate last year and actually hit .280 with 14 hr's after the ASB.
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    Left Hander's have a career .190 BA and .342 Slugging against his Change up. There is a difference between a player who simply does not have the means to get lefties out. Vs one who needs to iron out flaws in his approach. https://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2018/12/29/18159811/cincinnati-reds-luis-castillo-changeup-release-point His release point on his change vs fastball is not mimicking each-other perfectly vs LHH. So its easy for southpaws to sit dead red on him. There is also a sequencing and pitch location issue here.
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    Take it? There's only one place to take it . . .
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    While there aren't a ton of guys with 30+ SB upside imo there are quite a few going outside the top 100 fantasypros consensus ADP that should give you at least 20. -Villar going at 102 has the best shot to reach and exceed 30. The only drain he'll have is average since he'll produce moderate HR numbers and should score a good amount of runs in that lineup. -Robles going at 105 could give you 20+ with double digits steals and good run scoring ability in that lineup. -Tim Anderson going at pick 129 should produce 20+ SB and could also get you 15+ HR and decent run scoring. His issue will be average/OBP. -Inciarte, one of my favorite draft day values, should get 20 steals and could come owe to leading the NL in runs and he's going at pick 142. I don't really think he hurts you in any category. -Ahmed Rosario could get you 20 SB and hit double digits hr while also producing decent runs and he's going at pick 156. His average might be a concern. -Broxton can be had at the very end of most drafts at pick 400 and he should produce close to 20 sb and 15ish hr. He hurts in average and won't score many runs though.
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    What is with this face punching crap? It’s a little awkward, can we be normal? ive seen like 3-4 posts about punching him in the face, what’re you 7?
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    New pitches, bodies, swing changes, injuries, playing time adjustments, velocity updates, position changes and whatever else you can think of. -Jeff Zimmerman at fangraphs put this google docs spreadsheet together tracking playing time adjustments (due to service time and injuries), position changes, and velocity updates. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tGp4Hm-94yUZliKGsXdM4FOr2eNDXsGeTO8WfCnmzBE/edit#gid=0 -Jason Collette from fangraphs made a post about new pitches. https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/2019-new-pitch-tracker/ -MLB reporting Joey Lucchesi is adding a cutter to his pitch mix to combat righties. https://www.mlb.com/news/padres-pitchers-working-on-new-pitches/c-304047336 Feel free to add others as news spreads.
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    His own play is gonna affect his playing time
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    RotoChamp has Franmil as a starter for SD and getting more than 500 AB. RosterResource has Franmil in AAA. LOL...wide-ranging opinions.
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    Sorry, but this isn't true. Kimbrel's fastball Foul% - Wiff% by year: Year - Foul% - Wiff% 2018- 19.98, 16 2017- 23.46, 21 2016- 22.02, 13 2015- 19.94, 15 2014- 21.85, 16 2013- 22.15, 13 2012- 21.99, 21 2011- 18.37, 14 2010 - 20.38, 14 Career- 21.10, 16 His wiff rate on it was 3rd best in his career and in line with career average. His foul% decreased from each of his previous 2 years on the Sox.
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    No-throw program for 2 weeks. Could be nothing, but this is not the way you wanna start out camp...esp being that it's a shoulder, and one that he's had trouble with before too. It's enough to pretty much scare me off unless it's very minimal risk.
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    Correa doing Yoga, that can't hurt his chances of beating back issues...
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    Luke Voit will be the Greg Bird we thought we were going to get last year and at a better value.
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    You must have some wild custom settings because Middleton is ranked 50th for the year and Draymond is 79th in points leagues. Draymond also missed 16 games. Nance is ranked 75 for the year. I love Nance but that's a lot to give up for him even more so in a points league.
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    They're running a business. A billion dollar one, and they do it like adults. Patronizing "plus one" (really kid? This isn't a gender reveal party here) invites to corporate executives. His refusal to understand that there's more to the charitable giving angle than just giving. Maybe, just maybe, the Indians don't enjoy all the PR that goes with a campaign based on an 8th grade level 69 joke. This rep has followed him at every stop. He kinda needs to be the whiny kid that someone has done wrong. Really, he drips a lot of the immaturity that people 35 and over can't stand about the millennial generation. He cries disrespect but is constantly disrespectful. In the old days, a vet would pull you aside and grow ya up some for acting like this. They did that in Arizona (Montero i think esp) and he made a public spectacle about it. Teammates haven't liked him b/c of stuff like this, again at all levels. He's a millionaire, mlb stud, and not 19 anymore. Grow up kid
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    You don't scoop the Lord. The Lord scoops you.
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    K:bb since his early return? He hasn’t returned yet? And how on earth did any scout whiff on a 24 year old with a RoY award, 2 all star appearances and 13.7 career WAR through a little more than 2 full seasons? Just nonsense being spewed here. Only thing you said with merit is that he doesn’t steal bases
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    Decided to go down the list. There's a few more questionable situations than I initially thought. Yankees - Chapman Red Sox - Barnes ? - Have to imagine Barnes is the guy if Kimbrel doesn't re-sign. He was pretty solid last season. Blue Jays - Giles Rays - Alvarado Orioles - Givens Astros - Osuna Mariners - Strickland Rangers - Leclerc Angels - Allen Athletics - Treinen Indians - Hand Tigers - Greene White Sox - Colome Royals - Peralta/Boxberger ? - Apparently Yost isn't naming a closer. That's always fun Twins - May/Rogers ? - I would assume May, but who really knows here. Phillies - Dominguez/Neris ? - Seranthony showed so much promise last season then kinda fell apart as the season went on. Gotta think he's given the first chance this season. Mets - Diaz Nationals - Doolittle Braves - Vizcaino Marlins - Romo Dodgers - Jansen Rockies - Davis Diamondbacks - Bradley/Holland/Hirano ? - Holland was laughable with the Cards but elite when pitching for the Nats last season. They like Bradley as their multiple inning guy. Holland might get the first crack here. Padres - Yates Giants - Smith Cubs - Morrow/Strop ? - Morrow was treated like a baby last year. Strop had a career year. Most will be drafting Morrow, but I think I'd rather take Strop here. Reds - Iglesias Pirates - Vazquez Brewers - Knebel/Jeffress/Hader ? - Jeffress was so good last season. Seems like they prefer Knebel in the 9th though. Hader will do Hader things and kill everybody from the 8th on whenever he's used. Cardinals - Hicks/Miller ? - I could see Miller creep back into the 9th if he shows he's still got it, especially with Hicks' inexperience.
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    Can't tell who is more of Bora's Pulp Fiction gimp. Heyman or Martino
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    assuming chris sale has a chris sale year this year. no major injury, great numbers. you are giving chris sale less than patrick corbin?
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    Kinsler is going into his age 37 season. He’s clearly in decline the last two years. Is he really going to block a top 5 prospect? If they hold him back, I don’t think it will have anything to do with Kinsler. It will have everything to do with how the team is performing, and if he’s holding his own in AAA.
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    Related: White Sox release Jon Jay, Yonder Alonso, and Welington Castillo. Kidding, of course. Mostly.
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    Anyone care to discuss actual numbers, performance, and his potential to sustain? Or we should we continue to complain about his maturity as the thread complains about his Twitter? 2.21 ERA backed up by his 2.44 FIP... which was the 2nd lowest FIP in the league behind only deGrom... he suppressed HR so xFIP is higher, but his BABIP was normal at .297. Absolutely mowed them down with an SO9 of 11.3 made possible by a huge jump to swinging strikes from his career norm of 9% to 13%! His control was improved with a BB9 of 2.9, the best in his career. 2.21 ERA is silly to ask him to reproduce, but I see no reason why he can't potentially be a sub-3 guy again or hover around 3, and continue to strike out 10+ per 9. His performance wasn't quite a surprise as he always had the talent, but being able to put it all together was a pleasant surprise.
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    which he did as well there was nothing in his interview worth dissecting with regards to his comments since he didn't say anything(which is the usual with him)
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    It’s the Rockies. I wouldn’t rule out them resigning Clint Barmes and making him their opening day second baseman.
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    I couldn't find such a topic, yet, for this season. There are a lot of players out there due for added eligibility in April once they have enough games at their new position. I play on ESPN, so this might not apply to all sites, but here's a helpful list of players to be aware of for drafts. Feel free to add your own as you hear news out of Spring Training. Rhys Hoskins (PHI) is listed as an OF, but will retain his former status as a 1B. Daniel Murphy (COL) is listed at 2B, but will play at 1B for the Rockies. Jed Lowrie (NYM) is listed at 2B, but he should also see occasional time at 1B & 3B. Robinson Cano (NYM) is listed at 2B, but barring an early Peter Alonso callup, will likely play at 1B. Ketel Marte (ARI) is listed at 2B & SS, but reportedly is going to switch positions to the OF. Nick Senzel (CIN) is listed at 2B, but the Reds are considering him in the OF. Jurickson Profar (OAK) already has eligibility at 1B, 3B, SS, but will play 2B for the A's. Garrett Hampson (COL) has SS eligibility, but if he finds a regular role, it should be at 2B with Murphy at 1B.
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    I guess he needs a thread. Still the king, he's the best at... about everything. If you have lineup concerns that's about your only complaint. Easiest #1 pick of your life.
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    Kawhi has chronic quad tendinopathy. It's not just a "few games at the beginning of the season" thing. It will be an issue for his whole career. Considering how big of a fiasco this was in the off-season, you'd think you'd look into a bit before drafting him no? He missed 24 games in 2012 and sat out of USA basketball in the summer because of it. Last year, he had myositis ossificans on top of it, which couldn't have been diagnosed right after his injury. Spurs thought it was only quad tendinopathy and a less serious issue than Parker's, which led to his teammates and Pops pressuring him to play. Also, if you follow Raptor games, any time he comes up with a limp or has a sore knee, he's sitting out the next game whether it's back-to-back or not. Drafting Kawhi from now on will be like drafting CP3. He's guaranteed to miss a bunch of games. If you thought Kawhi was only going to rest a bit at the beginning of the season, then he should have been a top 5 pick.
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    Reminds me of a post someone made in 2017 "Posted June 27, 2017How a guy with so much power and athleticism can look SO bad at the plate so often is beyond me. I dont think he is ever going to put up that "wow" season. " I called this poster our at the time too. He was on pace to hit 40 home runs when he said that. He went on to hit 59 Pretty great that a disapointing season from stanto is 100+ RBI and runs, 266 average and 38 bombs. Two seasons in a row with 158 games. Still in his 20s. I dont know, I feel pretty good about owning him this year, certainly better in an OBP, SLG, or OPS league, but great in standard too. Great 2nd round pick for me. Maybe you can find someone better, but could do a lot worse than his numbers from last year, a "down year"
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    At this point I’m expecting a Lebron-esque TV appearance. “I’m taking my talents to...”
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    Haha, it's a lot of back and forth here, with the majority of people disliking Kawhi as a human being as a result of him getting paid big bucks to rest so many games. And unfortunately, I'm going to have to side with the minority, that says shut the hell up, stop projecting all of your petty anger toward a guy you don't even know, who has his reasons to do what he does, regardless of whether he gets paid millions or not. If you were Kawhi, you'd be doing the exact same thing. I know the human condition is to impose our own values and expectations on to others, but people get hurt that way; fortunately in this case, the only people getting hurt in this regard are people's fantasy teams who are suffering just a wee bit. I also have him on my team, and perhaps I'll try to trade him, or perhaps I'll stick with him and take what I can get ROS because he's so damn good. Regardless, the last thing I will do is blame him. Blame yourself, blame the NBA, blame his birth givers, blame the big bang while you're at it. But don't fall into the trap by saying things like "I can't imagine being teammates with this guy" (no, you can't. Because you never will be) or "Sad excuse for a human being" (who do you define as a happy excuse for a human being, and do you fit that criteria?). Shiet, or keep complaining, it makes this thread that much more entertaining. It's not like I'm going to sway anyone who doesn't already, more or less, agree with me. Happy day to you all (including to you, Mr. Leonard)!
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    So what should they do, force the raptors to play their best lineup every single game no matter what? Why would they push their players to exhaustion to play meaningless games now instead of waiting for the playoffs? Any smart team would do the same, and considering the raptors are in 2nd I think they might know what they're doing. We get it, you drafted Kawhi and are upset, but this is 100% on you not on the raptors, or Kawhi, or Adam silver. He played 9 games all of last season even after getting cleared by his teams medical staff. Anyone who pays any attention could have told you this is exactly what you were going to get with Kawhi. In fact, one could even argue he's played more games than expected. You need to man up and shoulder the blame not blame others for a decision that you made on your own.
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    This is basically going to end up like somebody who has never skateboarded before in his life trying to ride a 5-feet high rail: you are either going to lucky and just get some bad bruises or you are going to tear your nut sack. It's a terrible trade man, I am sorry. I hope you got somebody else too, because if you traded those two away for just Nance.... Well, you live and you learn, I hope your league buy-in wasn't too much money or is free.
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    So basically you’d trade AD for Jeremy Lamb. I’m going down sinking with AD before I trade him for that.
  46. 4 points
    Obviously you drop your worst player for anyone you pick up
  47. 4 points
    If not, they’re taking the shift to an extreme. I bet he takes most of his plate appearances in the batters box.
  48. 4 points
    He’s a bad hitter. I’ll get flamed but he’s a close your eyes and swing out of your shoes type bat. Congrats on your 40 homers you’ll connect on. Guys like him thrive on feasting in front of 14 fans in low pressure environments like Miami. NY eats dudes like this alive. His at bats vs any pitcher with a pulse are a sorry a** sight to behold. Yankees got dumped a terrible deal by Marlins. He’ll run into his .250/40/90 at least in fantasy which is all we care about. But those Miami numbers aren’t ever coming back again. He’d have to get traded to a team like Rays again to produce like that.
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    I can not continue a back and forth with you because I can not follow the leaps you make in your posts. We operate on two different wavelengths and that is perfectly fine. My response to this post would be to simply ask, what do you want a kid to say when they just got drafted by a a team? You can counter and have last word if you need it. I will not respond.
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