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    Oh Stafford as QB is frightful, but more targets to Kenny would be delightful, as there's really no place else to go, let him throw, let him throw, let him throw.
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    Conner owners walking into this thread like:
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    Even Belichick doesn't think that much of winning the AFC.
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    i dont give a f--- about me having him on my roster and losing him for the season, this is really awful, the best player on the team goes down like that, dude was really killing it and is a breakout star, this is really sad, the sole reason i watched the nets game, this is really horrible
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    Look. At. His. Remaining. Schedule. Brah
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    He got 65 receiving yards today for a team that had the ball for 20 minutes against arguably the best team in the NFL. Dalton threw 20 passes and was able to move the ball. Not really any reason for you to be patting yourself on the back on an internet football forum but you probably don't have very many things going right for you.
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    You wont be saying who when he drops a 1/12 line on Sunday!
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    How is MR inconsistent? He consistently brings stocks and he is consistently lacking in all other areas so far.
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    Lord Cov's sneakers at the end of the season under Thibs. Enjoy guys
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    Reynolds owners on Monday night be like Touché Josh touché.
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    Let's all take a moment and just be happy for this kid. MORE THAN FANTASY, I'm just happy that he can fully recover w/o requiring surgery. Prayers and support for Caris!
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    If ESPN can't get this guy a headshot 5 weeks into the season there's no way you're getting another position tag.
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    Out-snapped JWilliams 42-14, got 83% of RB carries, 100% of RB targets.
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    He just had a 25 point, 100 rushing yard game. Are you crazy?
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    35 shots and 0 assists? Even Kobe is in disbelieve
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    Nobody is in a league this deep. Jesus mother of god
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    So you guys think Che Robinson can break out this year?
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    Lord is an earned title for a worthy and noble man . It is certainly not a nickname.
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    Thibs spotted in the locker room just now. Reporters were shocked at what they saw:
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    T minus 3 hours until the most epic thread explosion of all time!
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    They didn't use him the entire game, then when the game was out of hand they ran him up the middle repeatedly when the defense knew exactly what they would do every play. You pulled this crap a month ago (where have you been since?) but anybody that's watching the games knows why his yards per carry is what it is.
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    So you advocated selling Mack a week before he got 149 yards and 2 TDs and now you're bragging about it? Why didn't you bump this thread last week? This dude is the worst poster on this board.
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    Covington seems like the type of player that thibs thinks about when he's wanking it watching game film
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    This thread is ridiculous. A player who's had 2 average games is not a buy low candidate. You'll just insult the owner if you offer trash after 2 average games. A player who's about come back from injury isn't a buy low candidate either - their owner stashed them for weeks, and now that he's about to play you want to buy for peanuts? No chance. True buy low players are guys like Otto Porter, who has been consistently trash but is capable of playing a lot better.
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    Droppable in all formats including dynasty and keepers. If you can’t get open for more thann1 catch with one of the great qbs throwing the ball, you are not nfl caliber. I would not be surprised if he is cut soon after this pathetic performance
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    John Wilkes Booth Lee Harvey Oswald Mark David Chapman Marques Valdes Scantling burn in hell together you 3 name bastards
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    The Lord endured 6 hours on the cross for a single day. He tells us with a worried look, "What is 41 minutes in a single game my child? How does league leader in minutes sound to you?"
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    When I realize @shakestreet is actually Mike McCarthy
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    I think anyone benching Barkley is crazy.
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    This only goes to the Bell owners that laughed at the Conner owners up until the deadline all season trying to ruin our Conner... My condolences go out to all the humble Bell owners though...
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    Bold prediction: Bell is trying to make an entrance right before the dead-line, he suddenly finds himself in a traffic jam...decides to get out of his car and run the rest of the way with a minute to spare. Makes it just in time, but blows out his hamstring while crossing the threshold.
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    100% chance at some point in the 2nd quarter he's sitting on negative points and we're all staring our own mortality straight in the face. Not knowing if he gets pulled the next series or throws for 350 and 4 to close out the game I start Fitz just to feel alive
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    How? My brain processes it then I type it out.
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    I can hold a player all season and at best they play OK but soon as I drop them they have the best games of their life. I literally have been holding him all season and I dropped him last night. I hate fantasy and honestly don’t know why I play.
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    Throwing the ball every single week in the second half when you have a massive lead and allowing teams to close the gap? Yeah, that makes complete sense in real football if you know nothing about football.
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    He's definitely an RBFN1!!! "BuT tAkE aWaY hIs LoNg RuNs AnD hEs NoT tHaT good"
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    Look at how he reads the defense. Doesn't rush his shots. Uses his length (7 ft wingspan) and timing to block Middleton and Bledsoe. This kid doesn't play like a rookie and needs to be rostered in all leagues. fg% - he won't sabotage you since he chooses his shots carefully ft% over 80%, 3pt - 1.3 threes in the last three games, however he only took 6 threes and I see 3pt-attempts to increase slightly. assists - maybe around 3.5 to 4 stls and blks is where we see the potential - he is already a top-4 point guard in blocks per game only behind John Wall, Ben Simmons, and Eric Bledsoe at 0.8. steals number should increase with playing time.
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    Fitting he blows his hand/thumb up trying to make his first block of his career. Centurylink has been his house of horrors. Got emasculated here with the Saints when he talked smacked before game and they shut him out. Then tore his knee there, and now his thumb.
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