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    These threads and this forum is becoming a joke. Everyone moans and whines about everyone all the damn time. A bunch of box score watchers. 1) Collins looked great last year 2) Collins looked great last night. 90 yards on 12 touches. Yes please. Making people miss and trucking defenders. What fans of his are seeing is a good talent performing at a high level *when given the chance. 3) I was on the Ravens forum last night and everyone was bitching about Harbaugh and MMs use of Collins. Local media will put it to the coaching staff. Last year the Ravens went 5-2 down the stretch when Collins was getting 18 carries a game. 4) last year Collins had 7 and 9 carries respectively in Ravens first two games. Ravens won convincingly in the first game and got blown out in the second. Almost identical script this year as last. Coaches, if wanting to keep their job, will get back to what worked for them. Ball control through a ground game and tough defense. Having Flaccco throw 55 times is a guaranteed loss. 5) Everyone who is calling this guy a bust is a child with no successful experience playing fantasy football. It’s been two damn weeks. There is no preseason anymore. I wouldn’t seriously judge a players situation until week 4 these days. 6) Everyone who is calling this guy a bust... here are some names that Collins’ week 2 performance would have outscored in week 1: Mixon (week 2), Mcaffery, Hunt, Fournette, Freeman, Cook, and Of course, Bell. Are all these guys bums too? Jesus, this place.
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    DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to excuse this play, but rather try to examine/analyze/critique it to explain what happened. In short/tl;dr: 1.) The play is an option design, not a downfield design. 2.) Trubisky was not staring down Burton. This is a misconception, and if he had seen him earlier in the play, it is hard to know how it would've played out for multiple reasons. 3.) Trubisky's biggest problem in the play was not failing to see Burton open, but rather failing to read the defense and realize that the Called Play had almost no chance of happening earlier. 4.) I also don't believe it helps that Trubisky keeps his head turned around for as long as he does. I don't know where he's supposed to stop this roll-out, but I think he went too far and looped too much. He needs to be tighter. First into the play design. This is really the first time in this play (something I'll cover later) in which Trubisky gets his head around to face the field. The play design here is obvious: it's a basic option design. Trubisky is playing off of Clay Matthews, hoping he can cut it inside or if Cohen can make it to the corner. If that doesn't work, Gabriel is running a safe route on the other side of the field. But the first two reads here are pass-out to Cohen or run it yourself, IMO, with the third being Turbo. I hate this play. I don't know if it's execution or Mitch's footwork, but I hate that he stops HERE. He's roughly 11 Yards from the LOS when he stops. He should be, IMO, keeping tighter to the 10 Yard line. This would force Clay Matthews to make a decision about whether he's going to dive on Trubisky or go after Cohen. You want Matthews to dive after you on this play. The goal of an option concept is to get the defense caught between two decisions, not to catch yourself in between these decisions. I don't know how this play is designed, so I don't know if Trubisky ran it the way he's supposed to. It makes more sense for me to either stop there, or follow a closer trajectory to the red line, staying closer to Clay Matthews and tempting him with bull rushing. Instead Trubisky goes an extra four yards south. That can't happen in this play design, and is the reason the play starts to fall apart IMO, as Trubisky has removed himself so much from everyone else. I'd also like to point out one more thing in this image as I transition to Burton on the play: I think this is what people miss the most about this play. This is the best point to know that Burton is going to be open. The left side of the defense is clearly trying to take away Gabriel's lane, and there's a big gaping hole in the middle of the field... BUT Trubisky, potentially through no fault of his own, has his BACK to the field. He can't know how the Defense is guarding Burton when he's got his back to the field. And again, note the safeties position that Burton is running towards. I think it's simply a misconception that Trubisky really even sees Burton. He's still clearly looking towards Cohen and the pylon of the end zone. I'll show it in the next image, but I believe that part of the reason the image looks SO bad is that the Safety is reading Trubisky's eyes, and following him to the Pylon. If Trubisky sees Burton, and pulls himself away to attack the middle of the field earlier, the safety may see it as well. But before moving on from THIS image, I think this image is actually what shows the real problem. For one, the DC ate Matt Nagy's breakfast on this call. It's a flat heavy coverage and the basic play design is to attack the left or right flat. But primarily, Trubisky needs to be a bit quicker at realizing that with 5 GB defenders in this very limited view towards the pylon, this entire play concept is going to fail. Again, the fact that his BACK his turned to the defense for so long I don't think helps him, but this play is pretty blown to the corner based on how GB is defending, and Trubisky ruins any chance of running it by drifting too far from the LOS. Later in the play he almost considers running, but doesn't think he can make it 14 yards to beat Clay. Maybe he could've made it 9-10. But as a mobile QB at the 3 Yard line, the last thing you want to do is be so far from the LOS that you don't even threaten the TD with the run. So again, play was doomed from the start. Bad call against this defense alignment. Trub probably should recognize that sooner. Look away sooner. But he also got his head turned around late and didn't want to improvise out of the design of the play. If he would've seen Burton earlier, he may have been able to get him the ball, but he wasn't looking that way. And I don't think the Safety does this if he isn't: The safety is breaking AWAY from the open Receiver. Now he doesn't see Burton, but presumably to me that is because Trubisky is still looking in that direction. This is the point of the play where, if he's going to make the throw, it is now. This is where he gets his opportunity. But if he were staring down or charting Burton's route, it would be one thing. But this is the first time the play design has allowed his head to get all the way to the middle of the field. If that weren't the case, I don't think the Safety Breaks so hard towards the pylon. He needs to take in the field better. But he wasn't staring down an open receiver standing in the end zone. I think Trubisky needs to diagnose this play a little quicker, but ultimately I think the biggest misconception is that he's looking at Burton. That camera angle just happens to catch the exact moment he can see Burton, but he hasn't been looking at him. He just brought his head back around. Could he take the shot? Sure. But for a young QB I understand why at this instant he decided to preserve the FG instead of risk the TD. I think he needs to make that pass a bit more instinctually, but ultimately I do think it comes down to the play design. Trubisky didn't want to exit the play design, and so he didn't. I don't think he got aided by having his back to the defense for so long. That's not a very comfortable spot for 3rd and 3. Not the brightest moment, but far from the farce the play seems when you actually review how it broke down. This is Madden logic run amok IMO. If Trubisky could see the whole field like we do on Tape, he'd have known how this play would develop. But he didn't see Burton until the absolute instant he would've had to release the ball. He would've had to see him and INSTANTLY thrown it. What's most likely to happen is that Nagy and Trubisky review this play, and the next time they run it Trubisky understands better that when the flats are looking tough, he needs to look for Burton/to the middle sooner in the progression, and not when it is already about to be too late.
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    I don't see the point in worrying about production, game scripts, learning playbooks, volume concerns etc. No one drafts Josh Gordon for safety. He is a complete dart throw lotto ticket. All owners need to hear is that he's off the Browns and with the Patriots. We weren't guaranteed anything on Cleveland so just enjoy the move away from the Factory of Sadness to a legit championship caliber organization with the best HC and QB of all time. His prospects for success have increased dramatically with the move alone in my book. Main thing to worry about for me is his anxiety issues. Anyone who's dealt with sobriety anxiety knows relapse is like the devil right around every corner. I give him crazy props on being clean and seeking mental counseling because that takes major courage and strength to face. You take a shot on Gordon because he's one of the most premier talents you've ever seen. He will win your league if he hits. If safety is more your thing I would trade him immediately because his value might never be higher right now. Otherwise, you hold onto Flash for dear life and accept the fact that you might go down with the ship.
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    Mike Clay‏Verified account @MikeClayNFL FollowFollow @MikeClayNFL More BREAKING: Browns tried to release Josh Gordon, but accidentally filed paperwork signing him to a 5-year, $94 million extension.
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    Now this is the Josh Gordon thread I remember!!
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    It's crazy how people slept on this guy in the first 3 rounds.
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    Legend has it Garcon is still blocking that safety to this day.
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    Hold on, guys - QuincyEnunwasCleats raised some good points above.
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    Still a better pick than Amari Cooper.
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    Kerryon does not have the tackling skills to be out there yet...They need players who can stop pick 6's on the field
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    Officially a Patriot. Guess that means he passed his physical. Happy days.
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    Where can I find your fantasy football advice podcast?
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    Anyone know how to change a screen name?
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    then what was last week's 8 touch/14 yd w/fumble? his basement?
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    Good call. I don’t think many were gonna start their 2nd rounder
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    Lmao!!! I’ll just call him JC Slater because he is Saved by the Bell!!!
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    Is Burton playing the role of Moses in this production of “The Ten Commandments”?
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    This is the the week 3 waiver wire thread....not week 2
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    Female — 18-22 Male — 18-55
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    Let's all point and laugh.
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    Guy deserves a thread now especially for this.
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    If I was Tom Brady I would give Josh Gordon the number 12.
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    Lol at the Monday morning QB on here saying, “I told you so” when he’s out with an injury.
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    Clearly you're underestimating the shambles my team is currently in.
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    Negative nancys in this thread (who are probably just bitter they don’t have any Gordon shares) are ignoring the obvious. Gordon FINALLY gets to play with a real QB and a real head coach. We’ve all seen what he’s been able to do even while saddled with the likes of Brandon Weeden, DeShone Kizer, and Hue Jackson. And now he gets to team up with Brady and Belichick? I mean, I’m going full Vince McMahon GIF just thinking about it.
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    I'm sorry. You consider 4/96 a lame week 2? Yeah, your expectations are ridiculous.
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    Lindsay = Barry Sanders Sit back and enjoy.
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    Only the Browns would announce they were cutting a guy before they actually could, and have to be convinced by other teams that he's actually worth something.
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    1991 actually. Pre internet, no texting, nobody even had a cell phone. Had to telephone your lineup into the commissioner who would write everything down in a notebook. Every 2 weeks we would get updated rosters and standings sent in the mail. I remember 1st thing every Monday morning running up to the newspaper box so I could check the box scores and figure out the score of my game.
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    I'd love for people to bench him and then for him to drop his yearly 30 burger.
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    Put whatever you're smoking or drinking down, please. Wouldn't take Enunwa over any of the players that you mentioned.
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    The thing I've come to discover is that there are going to be naysayers in every player thread...literally. We all know Dorsett isn't a stud and hasn't been productive in the NFL. But this is a guy who is young (25) was/is a FREE pickup as a current WR2 (who outperformed and out-targeted the current WR1) for Tom Brady and a HC with a reputation for getting production out of castoff players. I guess the naysayers are trying to bring people back to reality before the hype train gets rolling hard and heavy, BUT this is a guy who was sitting on virtually every waiver wire in FFlandia. So whether you think he has longterm value or consistent value, he is MOST DEFINITELY worth the pickup right now to see where this leads. If he turns into a pumpkin after week 4, then he'll be dropped in league after league. But what if...what if he is able to stay healthy, keep Brady's trust, and have a productive season. His roadblocks at WR are Edelman and Hogan. It's not like we're talking about a young Edelman, and he hasn't exactly been the picture of health anyway (played 16 games twice in his 9 seasons and has played 10 or less four times). And it's not like we're talking about a young Chris Hogan with a history of productivity, who will be 30 in October and has career bests of 41 catches, 680 yards, 5 TD (in three different seasons). These are his roadblocks in NE..not exactly awe-inspiring. What if Dorsett finally has things figured out with the right leadership? If Dorsett is as talented as many believe (1st rd pick, 4.33 speed), has started to figure things out, and has gained the trust of Brady, then I'm sorry...Edelman and Hogan are not huge roadblocks to him having a fantasy relevant season. And it's ridiculous to poo-poo anyone picking him up with hopeful expectations.
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    Ok, I'm drunk, but hear me out... I kind of like what the Pats did with Dorsett and now it forces the Jags to account for him. This could actually open Hogan up a bit. I'm forced to start Hogan so this is what I'm telling myself while I try and cry myself to sleep.
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    49rs at home versus Lions. Alf eats cats. Just sayin. Do the math.