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    Def Draymond, look at the Before and After
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    I'm firing him up everywhere.
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    Nikola Jokic Nikola Porter Nikola Conley NIkola Holiday Nikola Gobert Nikola Robinson Nikola Fox Nikola Markannen Nikola Jackson Jr. Nikola Aldridge Nikola Bledsoe
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    it’s ok, knowing you if he has one bad game you’ll drop him and come here and call him a scrub
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    I doubt they were PEDs. Probably anti depressants from playing on the Dolphins.
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    You can have Ekeler for the rest of the year I'll take Elliott. $100 bet. The potato level thinking in this thread is astounding.
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    Were I the agent of an aspiring female porn star, I’d strongly recommend she call herself “Golden Taint”.
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    Chubb is trash... kitchens sucks but at some point you need to make a play. Chubb has no vision near the goal line
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    Worst execution of a two minute drive that I have EVER seen. EVER!
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    I know you're new, but posts like this belongs in the Assistant Coach forum.
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    meh, it's cool having Ek around ... when MGIII needs a breather it's awesome to have a baller like that kid there to elongate drives and get our man closer to paydirt, as opposed to some ham n' egger who stalls drives out before #25 can get back in.
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    Final 2019 stat line- 1 rec. 7 yds 😂
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    Am I the only one who didn’t think he played that bad? Sure he threw an early pick but other than that he played pretty well. Anyone who watched the game saw how bad the offensive line was but Jameis was still able to go for over 350. Is he turnover prone? Yes. But I’m willing to take the 2 INT’s if it means he will consistently go over 300 yards with potential for multiple TD’s. In a pass-first offense with arguably the best WR duo in the league and one of the easiest ROS schedules, I have no problem riding with Jameis as my QB1.
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    Dude. No one is saying he "won't be used." But you repeatedly saying "I don't either guy" don't mean squat. All you're doing is acknowledging who Hunt once was, a year ago. For another team. You're not acknowledging who Chubb is. Right now. For this team. Which is a guy who has been averaging about the same amount of rushing yards per game as Christian McCaffrey.
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    This guy is the most hyped streamer this week. That said, all the data is there to support a breakout and after watching some of his catches I agree with much of the above. I picked him up to deal with my Ertz bye week. If Gesicki continues to break out a bit this week this could create a dilemma. In a world where the TE landscape is a wasteland, I may look to actually deal Ertz and stick with Gesicki if I can get a great return for him. And Miami's fantasy playoff schedule is fantastic. Miami is crapola but I have a funny feeling the likes of D. Parker, Gesicki, and one of the Miami RBs are going to play roles in fantasy championships.
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    I love the length of NFL halftimes. Indistinguishable from breaks for replay reviews...
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    Horrible advice, in any competitive league he would be picked up in a heartbeat
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    A good comp for RoJo is a Barry Sanders, Lebron James, Lionel Messi threesome man-child who fell off the apple truck as a kid and shattered both legs before his sister gouged out his eyes and later experienced brain damage in a factory chemical spill as a teenager.
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    In half PPR Chubb is currently #5. Ahead of guys like Elliot. Fournette, Carson, Jacobs, and others. Peoples expectations are ******** stupid. What do you want? 30 points every week? Give me a break. He’s delivered on his ADP.
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    Nikola Ignjatijević has 0 goals through 15 games in the Serbian soccer league... fml
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    Buckle up boys. Odell is going to exceed expectations against a good Bills defense. This is it. 4/55/0 here we come! Fire him up in your 20 team leagues.
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    Jones got sacked on some plays where all he had to do was dump off to Saquon. He even looked that way and ignored him, like he wanted to get sacked. And Booger was complimenting him all game.
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    I can't bring a bottle of water on an airplane and people are bringing cats into stadiums now?
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    Winston isn't that bad. He has loads of talent, and is only now getting real coaching. He had Dirk Koetter to start his career, and Koetter sucks. Just look at Matt Ryan this year. I don't think it's a bad idea for the Bucs to sign Winston to a (sensible) multi-year deal. He's still just 25. If they can get him for $20m/year or less and he turns a corner, they've got a great bargain to work with. If he busts, so what? Brady, Watson, Roethlisberger, Mahomes, Rivers, Wilson, Rogers, Stafford, Brees, and Ryan are the only QBs worth Big salaries. Garapollo, Wentz, Carr, Foles, Brissett, Cousins, Dak, Cam, and I'll throw Goff and Tannehill in there are maybes, but either are or will be expensive to find out. Jackson looks like he will be. Jury still out on Mayfield, Allen, Darnold. Murray, Jones, and Haskins are rookies. Their deals won't come up for a couple more years. Dolphins, Bengals, Broncos, and Bears don't have QBs. That's 10 that are various levels of good bets, 10 that are higher variance but still very expensive bets, 7 that are cheap bets with a couple years to evaluate, and 4 teams have nothing. Those 4 teams will probably be looking for QBs, either through the draft or free agency. Depending on what the teams decide about Tannehill and Brissett, the Titans and Colts could join them. Brees and/or Brady, maybe Rivers too, might retire. So the Dolphins, Bengals, and Titans will be eyeing QBs. The Bears should be, and the Broncos should get an idea about how comfortable they feel going into 2020 with Lock. The Colts, Saints, Patriots, Chargers, and maybe Panthers could join them. The available QBs will be... Cam, Bridgewater, Mariotta, Tannehill, Flacco, Keenum(?), Fitzmagic(?). The rookie QBs of note are Burrow (LSU), Herbert (Oregon), Tua (Alabama), and Fromm (UGA). So Tampa will be looking at that list as alternatives to Winston. Do you see better options there? I don't. If TB had a good defense, someone like Bridgewater could make sense - but someone like that doesn't fit Arians style. Flacco has the arm for Arians... but he is old and not good. If Cam is cut (since probably be expensive to trade for him within the division), he'd be an option - but is Cam any less of a gamble at this point than Winston (who is far closer to the Roethlisberger/Palmer type that Arians has been good with than Cam anyway)? If Tampa gets a high enough pick to go with the QB they want in the 1st round, it would still be wise to try retaining Winston - as either a bridge QB or tradable asset, not to mention the possibility that Winston succeeds, in which case the 1st round QB is tradable. The Bucs are 3-6. He was terrible vs SF (17-31, 1/3 td/to) and Carolina in London (26-37, 1/6 td/to). They lost 31-32 vs NYG, 24-31 vs NO, 23-27 vs TEN, and 34-40 vs SEA in OT. That's an average of 28-32.5 in those 4 games. In those games, Winston passed for 1220 yards with a 9/6 td/to ratio. In 3 out of 4 games, Tampa had a lead in the 4th quarter. They could easily have a couple more wins right now In their 3 wins, Winston was a solid enough "game manager" vs CAR, put up huge numbers in a 55-40 victory at LAR, and led a game winning drive in the 4th quarter to get by the Cardinals. Winston turns the ball over too much. So did Favre. Tampa also can't stop anyone, and that's not on Winston. He seems to be getting better in the last 3 games (2 losses) since the fiasco in London. But London is weird and, despite 6 turnovers, he got them to 26 points (silver linings). On US soil, Winston has thrown for 2365 yards (and run for another 206) with 16 tds and 11 turnovers this season. Not all pro, but passable. Arians' statement seems laughable at first glance, but when you think about it and look at the other options... Arians is right.
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    The jokes write themselves at this point
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    The move was to sell high on him a few weeks ago for Aaron Jones.
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    Not sure if startable but definitely worth an add right?
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    you guys “tempering expectations” are funny. had Tomlin challenged the play where Samuels scored last week everyone in here would be foaming at the mouth calling him a RB1. instead you all look at the line and focus on how he won’t see 13 targets. watch the games people.
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    Between him, Prince Amukamara and Duke Shelley, the Bears could start their own medieval fantasy show. Seriously though, he might be called up from the practice squad, and we all know Nagy likes to be creative.
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    This guy can jingle his a** off my team tonight
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    While I agree with you regarding that fact that people often just put on punt filters to make their players look good, the rest of the post is misinformed. I drafted MitchRob in the 4th round in one league (out of 15 I'm in) and I'm disappointed. I really believed he wouldn't be great, but I was in punt points/FT, and he hasn't been. I agree with that part. However, he is also a strong player in FG%, rebounds, TO, and at least gets some steals for a big. The fact that you just off hand dismiss his TO impact and FG impact, even if on low volume, is just reflective of the fact that you play H2H and just don't care about those things. However, the notion that MitchRob was drafted by n00bs is a laughable ******** farce. No n00b gives a s--- about MitchRob. Only a certain sort of player drafts him and that's an intermediate player who thinks he's a genius because he follows the podcasts. N00bs overvalue points, rebounds, assists and completely ignore stocks and efficiency, which is exactly what you're doing. Lloyd doesn't pay attention to turnovers in H2H leagues because leagues are either 8 cat, or in 9 cat H2H the team that wins TO is generally the team with the fewest games that week. Therefore, you could reasonably just turn off the TO filter when making decisions. You can't do that in 9 cat roto, and I think 9 cat roto is a lot more reflective of skill than H2H, which is why I play it (also it's less time commitment which is another reason why I play it, but that isn't relevant to this post). Most of the players you listed were behind MitchRob due to inefficiency on high volume. 90% of the posters in rotoworld don't understand (even if they follow BBM) that the BBM rankings aren't arguing anything, they're just sticking numbers into a standard deviation model. You make your own determinations. LaVine, Simmons, Griffin, Luka all came out lower in a standard deviation model because they were quite inefficient in one way or another. If you choose to ignore that, then that's your prerogative. It doesn't make you a genius. Actually, you're doing what noobs do which is focus on the popcorn stats. The reason why guys such as Murray and McCollum were lower in BBM is due to producing hollow scoring. The median in points and threes is around 15/1.5 so someone like McCollum gets 150% the median in those cats and those were his only positive counting stats. He also helps in FT%. Whereas, the median in blocks is .6 so if MitchRob gets 1.8 blocks then he gets 300% in that cat as well as being 150% the median in rebounds. His positive score in FG% (1.5+ zscore) is also significantly more beneficial than McCollum's positive FT (.32 zscore). Even as he's struggled I'd never trade MitchRob for McCollum. I agree that some of the others are absurd, obviously I'd never take MitchRob over Booker or Mitchell. Doncic isn't really a fair comparison because he's fixed his FT and completely broken out. I'd pick MitchRob over: Simmons, Bledsoe, Russell, Draymond, McCollom, Lavine, Griffin (wall is injured), and Murray. And MitchRob is rated above all of those players in 9 cat.
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    If I were the Bengals I would franchise him next year just out of spite.
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    Odell Beckham WR1 overall, ROS. 🙊
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    I'd prefer him to come off the bench, spend some time leading the second unit and not have to deal with finding shots with Beal, IT2 and black hole Rui. However, when you dump it down to Wagner that ball is not coming back and Bertans' has never seen a shot he didn't like... so maybe it's a wash.
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