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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone injure two different body parts while already on the IL
  2. Returned him where? The Yankees? The Tampons? The IL? Miami?
  3. You always know Bud Black just put out his lineup when you see two of the Rodgers/Tapia/Murphy/Dahl threads get bumped to the top
  4. He’s done all this sucking against a very easy schedule so far too. I’ll give him one more game to disappoint me @KC and then drop.
  5. You could have just left out the word “weekly”
  6. Make some other arrangements today boys, our $24 million man is facing a lefty!
  7. Name POS Status Date Injury Giancarlo Stanton OF 10-Day IL Apr 1, 2019 Shoulder Whatever
  8. Daniel Murphy career BA vs. lefties- .279 Mark Reynolds career BA vs. lefties- .234
  9. To be fair, Astudillo is also hitting his weight (.327)
  10. Was looking for outfield help and then it struck me, I should grab this guy. Shockingly, he was still available in my league. If he’s just a flash in the pan, you move on and grab someone else.
  11. Do different sites have different stat providers? For some reason, I have Richard Rodriguez in two leagues- in ESPN, he has 4 holds and 5 in CBS, I just found that curious
  12. What the hell. I had the understanding that west coast teams didn’t know how to play baseball before 11AM
  13. Murph will be back on the IL 2-3 weeks