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  1. I was hoping Todd Frazier would have more than 4 hits up to this point in the season
  2. I Maeda big mistake drafting this guy
  3. Guy's a genius
  4. Nice, I paid $15 for a set up man
  5. Collins will put him back on the bench tomorrow
  6. This is what worries me too-- his two appearances have been in extra innings games. With a close lead like they had last night, Harris/Gregerson/Giles seems to be set for the 7th, 8th, and 9th
  7. I'm buying low
  8. Honestly, Rodney is my favorite Over here
  9. Have the #2 pick this weekend in my OPS league. After Trout goes, do you suggest Goldschmidt, Mookie, or Bird?
  10. Pujols and Kinsler always go cheaper than they should in my auction drafts
  11. Any guesses on if he gets skipped completely to his next start, or just miss a day or 2?
  12. I own Sale and Robertson