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  1. Have the #2 pick this weekend in my OPS league. After Trout goes, do you suggest Goldschmidt, Mookie, or Bird?
  2. Pujols and Kinsler always go cheaper than they should in my auction drafts
  3. Any guesses on if he gets skipped completely to his next start, or just miss a day or 2?
  4. I own Sale and Robertson
  5. Three Cubs scouts attended the Yankees' series against Minnesota this past weekend. They were scouting the dominant bullpen trio of Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances. Was this necessary? "Yup, they are good"
  6. It's nice to see, but it might have more to do with Votto being out again today
  7. I wouldn't be too worried about it. One less spot in an NL park so someone has to be the odd man out
  8. This guy's so underrated
  9. So why are you starting Wainwright?
  10. I always laughed at Heath Bell's in his season with the Marlins
  11. It's nice to see he pitches today in the minors, which would line up nicely for when the Rays need a starter on the 10th
  12. I appreciate what everyone here brings to the table. You're all special in my eye.