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  1. all the anger is directed towards molitor
  2. he goes from pitching a great game, keeping it close, and gets the QS to a really awful looking outing because of a dip**** manager.
  3. so ******** stupid.
  4. nick cafardo on mlb network today seemed awful confident devers would see time this year
  5. most noteworthy is that pujols has 51 RBI
  6. i just dont get the mets. sure you could make a case for not promoting Rosario, but in what world has Tim ******** Tebow done to deserve a promotion ANYWHERE? also, this is the dumbest ******** headline ive read in a hot minute:
  7. that was insufferable. i hate jessica mendoza.
  8. i think thats the issue
  9. the cardinals should. but they wont.
  10. the fact that i streamed zimmeramann is prolly another reason they wont hit richard
  11. I guess I'm going to miss out on a jc Ramirez win now
  12. Lowrie will probably be traded imo
  13. so goddamn sick of losing QS at 5.2 IP
  14. conforto...with a a lefty
  15. It's oddly similar to what's going on in the Mets FO