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  1. lat murray is the back to own on the saints
  2. in the f***in semifinals...all categories are close...all i need is for my team to have a mediocre day offensively and i prolly win because my opponent's offense s--- the bed. so what are they doin right now? 1-18 0R 0HR 0RBI 0SBs .189AVG .539OPS f--- right off.
  3. reading fantasy advice sites is a fun past time and all, but i'm doing the exact opposite of everything i read of those dumb sites from this point forward.
  4. kamara getting phased out of the gameplan for some reason
  5. does anyone have any updates on Kelce? cant find anything on twitter.
  6. awesome. just awesome. how bad did it look?
  7. good question...ive only seen kamara on the field for 1 snap.
  8. i guess its too much to ask to get anything out of kelce and hardeman today
  9. speaking of jokes..vinateri misses another EXTRA POINT
  10. titans are a ******** joke. malcolm butler...joke. mariota....joke. such a shame too because there's so much talent on the team.
  11. none of the titans WRs are rosterable so long as mariota is the QB.
  12. my prescott cooper stack is paying off nicely so far into this young season