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  1. youre not the only one
  2. jake was fun while it lasted
  3. coming from a cards fan...its simply amazing how professional of a hitter devers is at the age of 20. just worked a 9 pitch walk.
  4. no he wasnt.
  5. If there's one thing I've learned this year in fantasy baseball, unless you're name is chris sale, Clayton kershaw, max scherzer or Corey kluber, you're a garbage pitcher. All other starting pitchers are garbage.
  6. lol people are still rostering this guy?
  7. beckham has been a nice pickup for me
  8. i was leading the charge for conforto to be moved down in the order, but man, maybe he needs to be batting leadoff idk
  9. rafael devers is a gd beast
  10. i wonder if bradley zimmer will ever get a hit again?
  11. this year alone: devers and rosario
  12. guess the nats are keeping murphy in a plastic bubble. he never plays anymore and its really annoying
  13. lol thanks. this is easily the worst stretch of pitching i can remember in fantasy. im not even mad anymore. im impressed.
  14. add Jose Berrios to this list of garbage pitching. Worst two day stretch i can remember. looking forward to see how manaea contributes tonight.