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  1. Yikes, just because Lindsay is good does not mean Freeman is bad. Freeman is probably a better fit for their new scheme, unfortunately
  2. What a run he’s still on. Dude just knows how to pitch
  3. Sale just didn’t want that win bad enough. Maybe next time
  4. Fun fact Sergio Romo once got a Win without retiring a batter.
  5. Just a ‘5 inning guy’ per RW blurb guy. Move along folks nothing to see here
  6. So how we feeling about this kid in 2019 and beyond? I could easily envision top 10 TE once Olsen is out of the picture
  7. I always wondered what the hell a players draft round has anything to do in an argument like this. Besides that Ware can pass protect and is likely fresher than most 27yr old workhorse RBs. As others said Hunt was taken with Ware being injured and they just happened to strike gold.
  8. Glad to see we're graduating a new class of MDs from Rotoworld Inc. Academy.
  9. I enjoy all the smug MMQB'ing in here. 'what did people see in him last year'... 'he was just ok last year' and on and on. Dude beasted in the second half last year whether people like it or not (and soundly backed up by actual advanced stats), and it seems he's just caught in a ridiculous timeshare with less talented backs. Doesn't mean he's not a good runner or competent pass catcher.
  10. It's obvious CMC bulked up this off season to handle an increased workload. Keep overthinking things worrying about dude's bone density, BMI, carb intake, etc. and I'll trust he does just fine.
  11. We'll see, he ran a ton in college and is pretty much the same size as Charles is, which if anything should indicate he can handle a substantial workload.
  12. Here I thought awarding points for Wins was the most illogical thing in all of fantasy sports
  13. I think he’s a pitcher who’s still getting better