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  1. I guess its God's breakout night lol my team sucks
  2. I'm a little thin at RB and started Ronald Jones as my Flex 2 , is he hurt or something? 2 carries 0 yards
  3. I'm looking for a little help from the forum: Will Sanders catch some passes and score more points than AB-who could be spending Sunday in a Federal Jail holding cell?
  4. Should I start Sanders or Brown? One is coming off injury and had decent garbage time stats vs a horrible OAK DEF; and one is being accused of rape again for the 3rd time in two years and is a basket case? Thanks
  5. is this league full? I'll join and pay if immediately if so
  6. What happens to Chubb when Hunt returns? I'm picking 10th tonight and I'm debating
  7. If you can’t fill up the league quickly maybe consider $50 buy in instead of $100
  8. I'm sorry I didn't realize it was slow draft
  9. Maybe I'm missing it but when is draft? If its tonight I'll join and pay
  10. I haven't done n auction draft in years, how long do they usually last? Are you dead set on auction format?
  11. Go ahead and set the league up and see how many join, I'll stay up until midnight screw it
  12. Make it 8 PST and I'll join, as long as its ESPN and snake draft-preferably no higher than 75