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  1. Mike Trout 2018 Outlook

    Amputate it! I miss the multi bomb games and occasional SB. Is he surrounded by the worst lineup in his career right now though?
  2. Shane Bieber 2018 Outlook

    I just want perfection or implosion, no in between. I want to know what I've got and I'm willing to put my money on the line and go for it. I'll meet you 20 hours from now and hopefully he's a Stud
  3. Shane Bieber 2018 Outlook

    I'm rolling Beiber out tomorrow @ STL with confidence. I need to eat up some innings and I figured why not he's been decent so far minus the @ MIN start
  4. George Springer 2018 Outlook

    4-46 in last 2 weeks. I don't watch any of his games whats going on?
  5. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    I'm a huge Andujar fan, I've owned him since week 2. I just find that when I post on a thread about a player struggling then he inevitably breaks out. Modest 4 game hitting streak snapped today but 2 bombs and 4 R's/RBI's since I mentioned your welcome!
  6. Domingo German 2018 Outlook

    Next start @ TB who he just K'd 10 last start, I think he's worth an add
  7. June Closer Thread 2018

    What I want to know is did anyone else break their hand punching a wall when they woke up this morning and saw Strickland's stat line from last night? I know I did!
  8. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    Goldy Bomb.
  9. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    2-20 over the last week, zero counting stats. He doesn't steal bases so in my shallow league I'm a little worried.
  10. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    I vaguely remember this game from awhile back, Tanaka was hammered and I said "thank God this doesn't count"; but now I need power and own Soto so I'm thinking "man I wish this counted!" I am very confused here but I'll take one less homer in exchange for my ratios not being butchered. Regardless, heck of a drive and it only helps the legend grow!
  11. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    On May 27 I accepted a controversial trade: Goldy for two DL'd players Dee Gordon and AJ Pollock. I was bashed both in my league and on here. In that time Goldy has hit .439 with 8 HR, 19 R, and 18 RBI's Gordon has hit .231 with 3 SB's; and I actually look forward to Pollock returning because I think it will only help Goldy continue a monstrous year. Cool story! Bro!
  12. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    Goldy making that evil Humidor look like his.. Now go steal some bases Goldy!
  13. Miguel Sano 2018 Outlook

    Imagine going from MLB hotel rooms and travel to Single're talking school buses and Motel 6 or even worse! Youch
  14. June Closer Thread 2018

    But does mgt think that Melancon would've have shut the rally down? Thats my worry, Strickland has been found gold and I don't want any reasons for a switch. We need a solid 3 K performance in his next save situation
  15. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    When's he going to start stealing some bases..geez