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  1. FTFY. If it works for you that's great. ADP "Average Draft Position" is a compilation of where a player is selected by the "Average Joe". The Average Joe finishes typically finishes average ... or in other words "Out of the Money". I've never used it and never will.
  2. And that's the exact reason I don't look at or use ADP.
  3. 10 of the 15 spots have been filled as of January 15th
  4. 7 of the 15 spots have been filled as of January 15th
  5. new NFBC style league with 15 teams and 50 players per team. This league allows each team to pickup 1 Free Agent per week. Each team allotted $100 in FAAB for the season. Using LeagueSafe for payment and payouts. Complete league rules are listed below. If you want to join or have any questions you can contact me @ jsbecker5757@verizon.net NFBC Style League with 1 Free Agent pickup per week The draft is set for 2/15/17. The online slow draft typically lasts about 2 to 3 weeks and will be done on the FanTrax website. Same rules as the NFBC Draft Champions Leagues with the exception of allowing each team to pickup 1 free agent each week. Each team will be allotted $100 in FAAB. The online slow draft will have an 8 hour clock per pick, but that's really for overnights, guys usually pick quickly during the day. FanTrax allows you to set your queue so that you can to pick for you when you’re away from a computer. 15 teams. Serpentine draft 50 rounds. No trading. Standard 5x5 roto scoring. Draft order determined by Kentucky Derby Style (instructions to follow). $100 entry fee and all entries ($1,500) are paid out. Top 5 spots get paid $700/$350/$200/$150/$100. Money is collected (e-check) and paid out through leaguesafe (majority vote). Fee's will be due immediately so we can get our draft slots well in advanced. The draft will begin on 2/15/17. If you're interested e-mail me your name and the e-mail address so that I can send you the league invite and Leaguesafe invite or with any questions you might have. League Name: 2017_NFBC1FA Scoring System: Rotisserie Maximum # of teams: 15 Player Pool: All teams Only include players signed to a MLB team in the player pool: No Lock Player Pool: No Roster Restrictions Minimum Total Players: 50 Maximum Total Players: 50 Minimum Active Players: 0 Maximum Active Players: 23 Maximum Reserve Players: Unlimited Maximum Injury Reserve Players: Not Used Maximum Minor League Players: Not Used Prevent any transaction that would cause a roster to become illegal: Always Injured Reserve Enforcement type: None Pos Min Active Max Active Total Max Min GP Max GP Catcher (C) 0 2 1st Base (1B) 0 1 2nd Base (2B) 0 1 3rd Base (3B) 0 1 Shortstop (SS) 0 1 Corner Infield (CI) 0 1 Middle Infield (MI) 0 1 Outfield (OF) 0 5 Utility (Any Hitter) (UT) 0 1 Pitcher (P) 0 9 Position Eligibility Games needed from previous season for a player to qualify at a hitting position : 20 Games needed from current season for a player to qualify at a hitting position: 10 Starts needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a starter : 10 Starts needed from current season for a player to qualify as a starter : 5 Relief appearances needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a reliever : 8 Relief appearances needed from current season for a player to qualify as a reliever: 5 Note: If a player does not qualify for any positions based on the above selections, he will qualify at the position(s) played most in the previous season. If he did not play at all last season, then the default position(s) will be used. Other Roster Preferences Allow players to play at an ineligible position without making the roster illegal: No Roto Scoring: Hitting catergories (5) Home Runs (HR) Runs Batted In (RBI) Runs Scored (R) Stolen Bases (SB) Batting Average (Avg) Pitching catergories (5) Saves (Sv) Strikeouts (K) Wins (W) Earned Run Average (ERA) WHIP Ratio (WHIP) Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements (Season) Innings Pitched: Minimum 1000 Maximum 1500 If a minimum has not been met by end of season: All pitching stats, depending on the scoring category whose minimum has not been met, are lost for the entire season. Note that ALL pitchers includes both SP and RP. If a maximum has been met or exceeded: all pitching statistics will be frozen the day after a team reaches or exceeds 1500 innings pitched. Lineups: Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes Lineup changes are executed: Weekly every Monday Lineup Changes are locked 0:05 (hours:minutes) Set amount of time before 1st game of period Trades: Trade System: Trades are not allowed Free Agent Claims / Drops: Claim/Drop Privileges: 1 free agent claim per team per week. Whenever you claim a Free Agent you must specify the player to be dropped from your team or the claim will be disallowed. FAAB – each team will be allotted $100 yearly for Free Agent Claims Draft Draft Type: Live Online Slow Draft # of rounds: 50 Draft Date: 2/15/17 Time limit per pick (mm:ss): 480:00 (8 hours) Immediately pick for owners not present in draft room: No Fill rosters legally when doing auto picks: Yes Draft order type: Manual - Snake/Serpentine Draft order: TBD through KDS, instructions to follow Undrafted players go to the: Free Agent pool
  6. Apparently Wright is still having shoulder issues: Steven Wright is still rehabbing his injured right shoulder. Wright first injured his shoulder during a pinch-running appearance back in August. He's been battling bursitis and rotator cuff irritation since then but is hoping to be back for the start of spring training. Now that Clay Buchholz is in Philadelphia, the All-Star knuckleballer should be in position to land the No. 5 spot in Boston's starting rotation. Source: Boston Globe Jan 14 - 4:32 PM
  7. Park did have surgery last August: Byung Ho Park (hand) has begun taking swings near his offseason home in South Korea. Park underwent season-ending surgery in August to repair a tendon his right middle finger that had been causing him discomfort for months. The injury might help explain why Park cratered so badly in June after performing well over his first several weeks of MLB action. Park is expected to be 100 percent leading into spring training next month and should have partial share of the DH role in Minnesota. Source: Mike Berardino on Twitter Jan 12 - 1:18 PM
  8. ^ If I recall correctly there was some Astros beat reporter that guaranteed Giles would be the closer on 2016 Opening Day. Then that blew up in his face when Hinch named Luke Gregerson as the Opening Day closer.
  9. I've got Giles 11th on my list. Would be 12th but I bumped down Familia due to a possible suspension.
  10. Hope all is well with FoulLine. He hasn't been on since Sunday morning. FouLLine Established Members 1,856 Content count12,794 JoinedFebruary 22, 2008 Last visitedSunday at 10:02 AM
  11. 1 pick in 16 hours ... OUCH
  12. I'd keep Andriese without blinking over Meyer while Buchhole warrants a sharp axe
  13. He may be referring to his rapidly declining financial situation. Going from his requested 5 years / $150 mill . . . . . . . . . .. . to 1 year for ?
  14. Tyson Ross was non tendered by SD and is a Free Agent
  15. The deeper the league the more problematic Rich Hill becomes as the waiver wire is typically thin to barren. In shallower the leagues he has more value and is easily replaced.