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  1. I believe he spent 9 years in the minors until he got the call this week.
  2. yikes, dropped down to 9th today. spot typically earned by weak hitting catchers or middle infielders
  3. Yeah I missed the boat on Judge. Didn't like his swing and miss profile and thought he was another Rob Deer type OF ... the type I never roster. Very impressive April for Aaron.
  4. and isn't that exactly what every post in this thread has been?
  5. I drafted him in the low 400s in 2 NFBC drafts, He's saving my butt at CI with Beltre out
  6. so now the slump starts
  7. he deserves to hit 8th right now. if and when he turns it on he'll move up.
  8. Ozuna just doing his best Jay Bruce impersonation ... red HOT and then ice COLD
  9. some guys need reps, many ABs to find their stroke and I think Bregman is 1 of them. he's not "toolsy, physical specimen" like a Buxton but more like a hoops gym rat that needs tons of reps to be at his best.
  10. interesting. how does your league go about owning 1/4 of a player in your league. is it similiar to buying shares of a stock? does the 25% fluctuate daily?
  11. I don't mind the vents in the player threads nearly as much as the numerous vents in the gameday thread. The countless "oh woah is me and my fantasy team" posts in the GD thread makes it almost unreadable.
  12. Didn't Texas move him to the OF? I don't recall Desmond playing OF for the Nats.
  13. Send Moose to the Red Sox for Sandoval and have the Red Sox pay fattie's salary.
  14. We switched from Wins to Wins+QS a couple of years ago and have zero complaints with that cat