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  1. Co MVP with Lester for the NLCS
  2. Congrats to the Cubbies. Hoping for a great World Series!
  3. ^ I play fantasy football but aviod the football forum for the most part and never ever post there
  4. So the mighty bats of the Bule Jays are being shutout by Ryan what'shisname ... seriously?
  5. ^ in the league I commish we went from 5x5 to 6x6 this past season. we added OPS for hitters and Holds for pitchers. We still have Saves as a cat and with the additional Holds cat it increases the value and importance of quality relievers ... whether or not they are getting Saves.
  6. thought the Jays would struggle to put up runs against Kluber but Tomlin ... Josh Tomlin?
  7. ^ Yeah I questioned that move as soon as they pulled him. HRs were Max's achilles heel all year. Why pull him in a Must Win just because he gave up a solo HR. I told the wife when Dusty pulled him that it was a bad move and very un Dusty like. You don't yank your horse when you need him the most.
  8. Disagree. Heyward's career (regular?) OPS is .761 while Pence's career (regular?) OPS is .809
  9. I would also take Hunter Pence over Jason Heyward all day.
  10. Cubs take a 2 - 0 game lead ... they better not choke this away or it will be a LONG winter.
  11. Yep and it easily could have been 7.0 IP with 12 Ks and 1 BB along with 2 ERs instead of 5
  12. the 2-2 change up could have just as easily been called strike 3 ... obviously it wasn't Kershaw pitched a good game on short rest but if you just look at the box score it doesn't look good at all
  13. Pavano was awful but my all time favorite SP FA bust is Barry Zito signing with San Fran
  14. Feller's rookie year was 1936 and yes he was only 17 years old then. 1938 was his first full season as a SP (he logged 62 innings in 1936 and 148 innings in 1937) and he pitched 277 innings with 240 Ks and 208 BBs as a 19 year old. Feller would have easily totalled over 300 Wins (he finished with 266) if not for WWII. He was a 20+ game winner in 1939, 40 and 41, missed all of 1942, 43 and 44 and barely pitched in 1945. He then picked right back up with 20+ win seasons in 1946 (with a then All-Time best 348 Ks) and 1947 but fell just short in 1948 with 19 wins. He would have easily had an additional 60 Wins and 600 Ks if not for WWII. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/f/fellebo01.shtml He wasn't called Rapid Robert for nothing:
  15. Those numbers look like a typical season for Eddie Brinkman or Mark Belanger. Well done Jason.