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  1. Jonathan Schoop 2018 Outlook

    Schoop was red hot in June and July, solid in August but pretty awful in Sept/Oct (.230 with 2 HRs and 5 RBI)
  2. Yasmany Tomás 2018 Outlook

    I know they played Tomas at 3B when he first came up and he was a butcher. However, with as bad as Lamb hits vs LHP and as well as Tomas hits LHP he might see time at 3B
  3. Jonathan Schoop 2018 Outlook

    Roster Resource has him slotted in @ #3 I don't see anyone else on the team for #3 other than Machado and he's listed @ #2
  4. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Reed signed with the Twins
  5. Paul DeJong 2018 Outlook

    Where are seeing 225. every ADP I've seen has him under 150
  6. I'd just would like to know if Cole will be posting his Top 250 or not. I'm Ok with either. Just would like to know 'Yes" or 'No".,
  7. 2018 Hall of Fame voting thread

    ' Haha ... are you serious ... he cheated via sheep testicles injections that supposedly made him sick
  8. 2018 Hall of Fame voting thread

    I know Babe Ruth drank, smoked, chased women and behaved like a spoiled rich kid but I've never heard of him being "quite a cheat"". Can you enligthen me on this statement.
  9. Arizona Diamondbacks 2018 Outlook

    But isn't a heavier ball harder to spin?
  10. Arizona Diamondbacks 2018 Outlook

    wouldn't a heavier ball also reduce pitchers FB speeds?
  11. Brent Honeywell - SP TB

    Michael Fulmer was solid 2 years ago and some kid named Jose Fernandez was exceptional a few years ago
  12. Aaron Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    Tell Rich Hill that
  13. Danny Salazar 2018 Outlook

    Sadist huh?
  14. Troy Tulowitzki 2018 Outlook

    He went undrafted in the LABR draft last night. 15 teams and 29 rounds.
  15. Troy Tulowitzki 2018 Outlook

    OMG, your gonna put a needle in the hands of Tulo!