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  1. And it only took 2 months of alcides's complete ineptness at the plate for Yost to move him out of the leadoff spot. Anyone else notice the Royals offense took off and they've inched their way back into the WC chase since Escobar was bumped down? Somehow Ned Yost is still managing a MLB team ... what a world!
  2. I thought Roughned had exclusive rights on that
  3. I'll second that Backdoor Slider!
  4. David Vassegh 570 AM in Los Angeles writes that the "indication" is that the Dodgers will place Corey Seager (hamstring) on the disabled list Sunday or Monday. Seager strained his right hamstring on Friday. It's considered a Grade 1 strain and doesn't look like a long-term ailment, but it appears the Dodgers intend to play things safely here. Mike Freeman has been added to the Dodgers' taxi squad and looks like Seager's replacement on the roster. Source: David Vassegh on Twitter Jun 25 - 1:09 PM
  5. just add him to your ignore list and you won't even see his constant whining
  6. over / under on his next injury? I'm gonna go with 4 days
  7. Yeah I should have posted that in the Vent thread instead. Did a reply to mtblock's post ... my bad
  8. I would think you guys (all previous thread posts) realize that nobody gives a flying F__ on which SPs you have going tonight ... or any other night for that matter.
  9. Cameron, please don't go all Maybe Baby on us ... we need your services the remainder of this season.
  10. would love to see an update from mysonx3 on Paxton's mediocre performance
  11. I have those same 3 SPs. I'm in EST and checked their stats before hitting the hay @ 11:30. Verlander perfect thru 5, Manaea with a shutout thru 5 and Paxton doing OK with 2 earnies thru 5. All 3 had plenty of Ks. Excellent!!! Checked the box scores this morning ... WTF happened!@!
  12. I take it nobody cared for my "Commander Cody" reference:
  13. Get off my lawn ... immediately if not sooner!