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  1. I heard Kyle Kendrick was trying to make a comeback as a lefty tossing knuckleballer.
  2. success or failure on SBs often comes down to a matter of split second. MLB catchers are the Best of the Best when it comes to throwing out potential base stealers. Whether or not Thames will be a successful base stealer ... well I just don't know but I am pessimistic.
  3. ^ Carlos Santana gains a ton of value also in leagues that use SLG, OBP, and/or OPS.
  4. 130 to 140 starts for Baez ain't looking to promising: Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Saturday that "it's going to be tough to get (Javier Baez) in there often enough at the beginning of the game." "In a perfect world, everyone is well," Maddon said. "It's going to be tough to get him in there often enough at the beginning of the game. You probably see him there on most games we finish that we're winning. He'll be fine. The development will continue. He gets it. He's going to get plenty of at-bats before the season's over." As Maddon alluded to, Baez doesn't have a regular spot in the lineup as long as the Cubs stick with a Jon Jay/Albert Almora platoon in center field and keep Jason Heyward in right. Baez's versatility will allow him to fill in often at multiple positions, and he'll sub in at second base often late in games for defensive purposes, pushing Ben Zobrist to left field and Kyle Schwarber to the bench. Still, fantasy owners need to be prepared for the fact that he's not going to receive everyday at-bats. Related: Kyle Schwarber Source: Chicago Tribune Feb 26 - 9:13 AM
  5. Slow down there Buckaroo. You know he's penciled in to hit 8th?
  6. Hoyt Wilhelm is a HOF closer who featured a knuckleball. Eddie Fisher of the 60s White Sox was a setup / closer and featured the knuckler. I'm sure there's others but those 2 come to mind.
  7. The Bench Forum side
  8. Clint Frazier if he plays well @ AAA Adam Frazier if he plays well @ AAA and 1 of the Pirates trio of OF is injured Dylan Cozens if he plays well @ AAA ... not much standing in his way in LF and RF
  9. the KBO to MLB power drops are an eye opener to me. I was thinking of bumping him up in my rankings (#207) but I'm going to leave him right where he is and let someone else find out if his power translates this year. Too many other solid players in the 190s and low 200s.
  10. Big Man, Big Power, Big Holes in Swing ... Pass
  11. Hope you nail some of these as I've already invested in Jose Ramirez (pick #115) and Mike Moustakas (pick #186). I think your ADPs may be a tad dated. When and where did you pull them from? I checked NFBC and Ramirez is #94 and Moustakas is #200
  12. ^ That's hilarious Tao. I didn't make any new points in my last post. Just reiterated my previous points. I know, I know ... youcan'thelpurself ... I'm OK with that
  13. Tao, I know you must always have the last post. I've said my piece on Upton vs Bruce. I showed you their respective 4 year totals. I'm done.
  14. everyone seems to be fine with giving JUP a pass with being new to the A.L. and his new team. nobody has mentioned that Bruce was having a fine bounce back season up until he was traded to the Mets. Bruce was drafted by the small town Reds and played his entire time with the organization. Suddenly he's thrust under the bright lites of the NY media. Some guys thrive in the limelight and others shun from the spotlight. I don't know if this effected Jay mentally but no one on this forum takes that under consideration. Player for player I'll take JUP over Bruce every time but when Bruce is going 100+ picks later I'll shore up other needs in the 6th - 7th round
  15. hummm, those are my exact sentiments about Jay Bruce. FYI, I play in deep 5 OF leagues so I don't hate Bruce as much as most of the RW community does.