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  1. so this is what it's come down to ... walk up songs ...
  2. what was his velocity yesterday? Is he up to 89-90 yet?
  3. Same for FanTrax
  4. like a younger Bartalo Colon
  5. and back to the DL
  6. sitting today ... probably back in tomorrow
  7. 2 hours ago you posted "He looks like a good cut for me considering he isn't getting Saves lately"
  8. Yes, as long as Altuve doesn't have a major injury
  9. I think Altuve has a great shot at the AL MVP
  10. ^ I picked up DeJong about 6 weeks ago. He had a lousy week so I cut him after 1 week. Someone else immediately scooped him up. I've been regretting it ever since.
  11. Ok, you got me on "I'm in a winner league" ... what is a "winner league"? Are we not all trying to win?
  12. I think the worse lineup has to be the WSox. Abreu and ?
  13. I see the Carassco special is back in all it's glory
  14. what is going on here@