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  1. looks like the Pirates are asking for Victor Robles plus controllable starting pitching. If they can land Robles plus L. Giolito or R. Lopez I think they make the deal.
  2. As per your chart above Runelvys, I found this on MiLB FAQ page: " The game balls, also made by Rawlings, are slightly different in terms of seam threading. Minor League balls are assembled in China, while Major League balls are largely fabricated in Costa Rica. " So in essence the MLB balls are different than the MiLB balls.
  3. ^ If the Dolphins are still missing the 3 OL starters then I doubt Ajayi cracks 50 yards vs the Ravens and he'll be a TD dependent RB3.
  4. Sorry Crabs ... ur back in the circle of trust. Cost myself 11 points this week. It woulda been fine if Devante Parker could keep his feet in bounds!
  5. could have been a huge game from OBJ but Eli was just horrid today. Elis ,missed 3 big plays to OBJ and they weren't even close.
  6. Titans took the air outta the ball in the 4th qtr and it almost cost them the game. Hope the CS learned a lesson.
  7. I'm expecting a long TD coming soon ... perhaps this week vs 49ers poor D
  8. Crabtree is no longer in my circle of trust
  9. I doubt he throws much this week facing Matt Barkley and the broken Bears. No need to
  10. The Lions do play at 1pm EST so we should know if he's active by the time lineups lock.
  11. how about Vincent Jackson during Tomlinson's years in SD Torrey Smith during Ray Rice's heyday in BAL
  12. ^ " soon as he gets the opportunity for 20 touches again, in a game where they're not trailing the entire game. it'll happen. this is the nfl. they'll compete when desperation for a win sinks in. " you do know they were winning 7-6 at halftime? Crowell had 6 carries for 19 yards at the half. Crowell was given 3 carries during the entire 2nd half. If there was ever a game for him to get 20 touches it was last night.
  13. Fisher may need be as dumb as I thought ... on 2nd thought ... Yes he is Coach Jeff Fisher admitted Todd Gurley is "not getting enough carries." "Our passing numbers are skewed," added Fisher. Ya think? Gurley toted the rock just 12 times in Sunday's loss to the Panthers, while Case Keenum ripped off an unfathomable 46 pass attempts. Gurley is averaging just 13.67 carries per game over the past three weeks. The Rams lost each game by one score, so it's not like blowout factor has played a role in Gurley's down numbers. He now gets to face a Jets defense that came into Week 9 No. 4 against the run. Source: Gary Klein on Twitter Nov 7 - 8:27 PM
  14. Gurley had 10 carries ar halftime and the Rams trailed 7-0. They gave him 2 carries in the 2nd half ... Case Keenum threw 46 passes ... WTF
  15. 6. Greg Holland is holding a workout for scouts and the former KC closer may have more than a few suitors after same. Stay tuned. FTFY