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  1. Even players with sustained success have down years. Proven studs such as Andrew McCutcheon, Justin Upton, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder and Carlos Gomez from a couple of years ago had seasons way below expectations. Sure, young players are riskier but there's risk with all players whether they're sophomores or proven studs.
  2. I just shed a tear for you Rabbit ... that dreaded day is soon approaching for myself.
  3. Is that George Scott of the 60's Red Sox or the Cubbies bust prospect Gary Scott? I'm thinking it has to be George.
  4. I've been playing FB longer than some of you have been alive (and Yes ... get off of my grass!) and I consider myself to be extremely patient with slumping players. I had 2 players that I drafted this year that got off to horrid slumps that lasted thru April and May and I finally had enough and dumped them at the beginning of June. 1) Justin Turner 2) Kendrys Morales About a week after I cut them they both started hitting. Turner with some power and Morales just went wild for about a month. I was lucky in that I picked Turner back up after about 3 or 4 days on the wire. One of my top competitors snatched Morales and would text me every other day during his beast streak. Thankfully Morales cooled off. I was offered McCutcheon a few times during this season and as tempting as it was I resisted ... thanksfully. Now Dozier also had an awful April and May and he has been top notch since June. I didn't / don't have any shares of Dozier but if I did I may have been looking to move him or even dump him if I found a solid 2B off the wire. Some times the players break out of these prolonged slumps ... and some times they don't.
  5. looks like the Twins might ... just might have some solid SPs in the pipeline with Romero, Gonsalves and Jay.
  6. ^ Wow, why even throw a strike to him when you got 2 strikes on him. That is horrendous
  7. ^ Adam Dunn passed down his WSox uni's to Frazier ... comes with the uni's.
  8. Michael Fullmer says "Hi"
  9. All these posts on whether or not the Astros brass were geniuses for letting Bregman play thru his 2 for 38 start have failed to recognize the fact that they didn't have much of a choice. 1) Luis Valbuena went down with a severe hamstring on July 26th. 2) Marwin Gonzalez was out with a minor injury from July 30 thru August 2nd and didn't start playing a lot until August 8th 3) They already know that their only other option (besides Bregman) was Tyler White and he certainly showed he wasnt the answer They basically had little to no options remaining other than to see if Bregman could survive his miserable start and start hitting like the top prospect he was.
  10. never dreamed it as a possibility but Hendricks is coming under consideration as a keeper for next year. drafted him as my #6 SP and he's performed better than the other supposedly better 5 SPs.
  11. was at today's game and Bregman smoked the ball all 3 ABs that I saw (missed the 1st inning). Line drive out to RF Line drive double to LC Line drive out to CF All 3 were frozen ropes
  12. Perhaps this is Rodon's MO. He was money over the final 2 months of last season. 2015 Aug 32.2 2.48 130 23 5 0 11 9 4 13 0 1 32 .198 .287 .348 .283 2015 Sept/Oct 26.2 2.03 111 21 4 0 6 6 1 10 0 3 20 .214 .309 .292 .275
  13. Kazmir and Anderson to the DL. Will DeLeon finally get the call?
  14. Well that was / us ugly ... whoa Nellie!
  15. No but he's in the running. I take it your an owner of Seager. I'd vote for Murphy, Bryant and Rizzo before Seager.