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  1. We? Do you have a co-owner? I'm not but I don't own him
  2. yeah but he didn't hit a HR ... pfffttt
  3. picked up Estevez this morning ... ragged dropped him just now as he just cost me 6 frckin roto points ... sonofab!
  4. picked up Estevez this morning ... ragged dropped him just now as he just cost me 6 frckin roto points ... sonofab!
  5. hitting .150 over the last 3 days. Well my pitching will carry me .. had ERod, L.Castillo, R.Ray and Skaggs ... oh and Doo Little is my top closer ... sonofab
  6. When Doo Littles fastball ain't rising towards the plate its a rising out over the green
  7. Calhoun placed on 10 day DL Rangers placed OF Willie Calhoun on the 10-day injured list with a left quad strain. Calhoun suffered the injury on Tuesday night. It's awful timing, as the 24-year-old former top prospect had gone 10-for-23 (.435) with two home runs and seven RBI in six games since his callup from Triple-A Nashville last Wednesday. Delino DeShields will take his place on the Rangers' active roster. May 22, 2019, 1:08 PM ET
  8. Apparently ERod is only startable at home vs a weak opponent and even that is stretching it ... horrid road numbers.
  9. Chris Paddack with another gem and not a peep mentioned in this GD thread. Another start with zero BBs and a whip < 1
  10. QS league and quite disappointed he was pulled after 5 innings. Only 2 hits allowed and zero BBs ... let the man pitch!
  11. looks like a sunken cost for 2019 and perhaps 2020
  12. I'm feeling crappy ... how do feel about him?
  13. benching him this week in my NL only league for the first time since 2012 ... your welcome
  14. Rodgers coming up must a lit a fire under his butt
  15. ahhhhhh BBT, he's been playing SS daily since Tatis went down
  16. I cut him a few years back after seeing this "highlight"
  17. well he does have some MI choices in Mayfield and DeGoti. Every time I see this thread bumped I'm hoping they've called up Alvarez only to be disappointed
  18. hay wrist, straw wrist, hay wrist, straw wrist During the Civil War drill sergeants repeatedly found that among the raw recruits there were men so abysmally untaught that they did not know left from right, and hence could not step off on the left foot as all soldiers should. To teach these lads how to march, the sergeants would tie a wisp of hay to the left foot and a wisp of straw to the right; then, setting the men to march, they would chant, “Hay-foot, straw-foot, hay-foot, straw-foot”—and so on, until everybody had caught on. A common name for a green recruit in those days was “strawfoot.”
  19. his bat is hot right now but his BB/K ratio is horrid. he'll soon return to his career .230 avg and .665 OPS
  20. just curious, does Law have Seth Beer in his Top 100? Would be hilariuos considering hes a worse defender than Alvarez
  21. sitting today vs Richie the Blister Hill
  22. Is Kapler going to have him close games