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  1. If you want complete and utter frustration you could become a Pirates fan. Complete trash on the field for decades and the front office is even worse than the trash on the field. How could anyone remotely think it was a good idea to trade Meadows, Glasnow and Baez for Chris Archer? Even my 8 year old nephew broke down in tears when he heard about the trade!
  2. I always think of Eric "BooBoo" Davis ... oh what might have been
  3. I was very high on Colin Poche a few weeks ago and went out and got him on every team via trade or FA if available. He proceeded to crap all over the mound with some serious ratio destroying outings. I finally benched him a few days and he proceeds to get his first MLB save tonite ... WTF
  4. looks like they may be willing to move Ian. If they do I sure hope its to a NL team as I have him in a NL dynasty league R.J. Anderson of CBS Sports reports that the Braves are willing to include RHP prospect Ian Anderson in trade discussions. Anderson is one of the top pitching prospects in baseball, but because the Braves have so many talented young hurlers, it appears that Atlanta is willing to at least discuss moving the 21-year-old in the right deal. The 2016 first-round pick has fanned 129 hitters in 99 2/3 innings with Double-A Mississippi, and he owns a 2.80 ERA in that time frame. Put simply, this could put the Braves over the top in trade discussions, as there aren't many arms -- or bats -- that would better or equal this compensation. SOURCE: CBS Sports Jul 23, 2019, 11:01 AM ET
  5. golden sombero vs Tanner Roark and the Reds crap bullpen had Goldie since he was in AAA but the time has come Paulie
  6. I sold low yesterday in an AL dynasty
  7. In addition to Castillo and Pagan I think Colin Poche may also be an option
  8. http://www.nfl.com/videos/arizona-cardinals/0ap3000000676180/Dennis-Green-s-famous-press-conference
  9. I thought you didn't roster rookies?
  10. I'm a very patient dynasty owner but I finally benched him. We use 1B, CI and 2 UTL spots and he's finally taking a sit and watch from the bench
  11. the good and the bad and the ugly had Peacock starting vs PGH (bad and ugly) had Musgrove on the bench vs HOU (bad) Yordan leaves in the 4th with knee issue (I'm gonna cry) sorry to report there was no joy (or good) today in Mudville
  12. the good and the bad and the ugly had Peacock starting vs PGH (bad and ugly) had Musgrove on the bench vs HOU (bad) . . . oh wait ... those are both bad and ugly .... where's the good?
  13. please don't miss the series @ Coors!
  14. Gant CMart Miller . . . what about Gallegos? he's got some sweet looking numbers 2.60 ERA with 0.81 WHIP to go along with 49 Ks and 6 BBs in 34 iP
  15. now if he could only use his +++ speed to steal some bags ... run Victor run!
  16. last year in my 14 team dynasty league the top team in HRs finished with 338 HRs. The current leader has 221 ... and we're not even at the half way point in the season.
  17. what are the chance both Urias and Stripling pitch 3 or 4 innings each tonight?
  18. had JD and Sano is the marathon ... 0 for 15 with 10 Ks
  19. I did the same back in late April