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  1. you drop Darwin Thompson without hesitation..
  2. If you had your choice of any draft slot from 3-12, where would you pick from? 12 team PPR league, QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Super Flex{QB/RB/WR/TE}/Flex{WR/TE}/K/Def noting: my keepers are Michael Thomas (4th round) and Aaron Jones (14th round). --Kamara is a keeper, but pretty much the rest of the studs are available since you cant keep anyone drafted in the first 3 rounds the year prior.
  3. Can start 2.. Aaron Rodgers vs Min with bum knee Tom Brady vs Jax stout D Jimmy Garopollo vs Det. thanks, will help in return..
  4. thinking of going #4, which lands me whats left of Bell, Gurley, Brown or Rodgers.
  5. Havent had a chance to prep yet, but what draft slot would you want if you had your choice? 12 team keeper/2QB (2nd as flex) PPR league. 18 rounds.. keepers are announced when you select your draft slot.. can keep up to 2.. nobody drafted in rounds 1-3 the previous year are eligible to be kept. and they had to be drafted to be kept.. no pickups can be. due to the option of using a 2nd QB, they go off the board quick... {4 in 1st rd last yr, 5 in the 2nd} guy ahead of me took #3 and his keeper is Alvin Kamara in the 14th!!! So i have my choice of any other slot. my keepers are Jimmy Garoppolo in the 15th and Evan Engram in the 13th... QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 QB/RB/WR flex 1 WR/TE flex 1 TE 1 K 1 D/ST 8 reserves Thanks for the input..
  6. Kamara, Henry, Ajayi lil help:
  7. Ivory lil help:
  8. id go with Aaron Jones. lil help:
  9. Ivory.. lil help:
  10. Duke easily.. reports are out there that Aaron Jones could take the lead role at RB. He gives the offense the spark they are gonna need with Rodgers out.
  11. id still stick with Henry... Darkwa is going against a tough Seattle D. Gallman will get touches.. Even with Murray starting, he is banged up and if they get out to a huge lead, he may not see the field in the 2nd half, leaving all the work to Henry... lil help:
  12. keep Bell and Allen.. Javorius Allen wont have the gig long.. Alex Collins is outproducing him, and West will eventually be back... lil help: