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  1. First of all, Trae was robbed. Second of all, Steph choked. Third of all, I think it's time to retire the Slam Dunk Contest. What a dud. Hamidou who? Ridiculous. Every Superman jersey wearer has been a step down from the generation before it. Enough already.
  2. Honestly, we all know they have been looking for an excuse. The only complication is the All Star game. How can AD play in that if he is "injured"?
  3. Like others, I'm here to repent. I dropped after a few games because OG was coming back, and I figured they would be in a timeshare. I am cursed.
  4. Yes, I do remember the 10-footer. Funny, because Camby's game evolved so he got even closer to the rim. His scoring went down while his rebs and blks went up. Pure rim runner by the time he was in Denver, and massive shotblocker with multiple 3 blk seasons. Also, the beanpole body type is a near perfect match. Knicks should bring Camby in to do 1-on-1 work with the kid.
  5. I've been saying this also. Mitch is the second coming of Camby, IF he can maintain that consistency. Camby had no shot either, btw. As a 22-year old rookie, Camby went 14.8/6.3 and had 2.1 blks. Unleashed the next year, he went for 3.7 blks. That is EXACTLY Mitch's potential.
  6. I don't think it's a good spot for him. He is now a pure backup C now. He can't stretch the floor from the 3-p line. I don't think Kanter plays 4 in today's NBA. Insurance for Nurk.
  7. There's a troubling team psychology, which it's hard to understand and build any analysis around. I will say moving to SF hurt Kenrich. He usually has motor, but was forced to camp on the 3p line with a big lineup of AD, Jah, and him at SF. As long as Randle, AD, and Jah are all playing, it will force Kenrich to SF. That's bad. And on defense, it means other bigs are getting more blocks. So while I used to say AD's playing doesn't matter to Kenrich's value, now I think it does. I'm convinced AD will sit soon.
  8. You should drop Jabari on principle alone. Also, AC forum.
  9. Flavor of the week. I agree he has talent but all Knick wings are inconsistent and subject to getting Fizzed at any moment.
  10. No, I think that narrative is increasingly inaccurate. The foul rate has been trending down. Mitch has not had more than 3 fouls in the last 8 games, even though he is averaging about 20 minutes in these games.