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  1. My staff is average. Thinking of dumping stroman and just waiting it out. Not sure stroman is gonna make or break me. 10 team H2H flaherty, stras, maeda, fried, darvish, urias, gray, stroman, severino
  2. 10 team H2H. I am strong at WR. Have Michael Thomas, Keenan, Cooks, Cooper and Edelman. He is offering me Gronk and Hogan but don't want hogan. Either way, how do you feel about that deal? I would like to get Gronk in my lineup for sure but not sure I want Cooper a mainstay in my lineup, would love it if he was a matchup fill-in/bye week fill-in. Thoughts?
  3. Also, my pitching matchups don’t look better in the coming days. Tomorrow I have Derek Rodriguez vs Colorado and Trevor Williams @ miluake. Then Monday mikolas @ Atlanta and Ryu vs Colorado and Wednesday matz@ Phillies. yes my pitching blows but that’s not what got me in the finals and unfortunately my offense is just ice cold through the first week
  4. So I’m currently getting shallacked. Good news is we do 2 week long matchups for playoffs. It’s H2H cats. Losing 12-0 right now so getting smoked. But, some cats are within reach. Right now he has a 3 era to my 3.5 and or whip is virtually tied. He has 4 wins to only my 1. He has some sketchy pitching going tonight, still not sure if he’s actually going to start them. I have bumgarner and godley who I could start tonight. Bum at home can Colorado and godley @ Houston. I may need to keep pace with K’s but not sure I can chance blowing era and whip completely. This is the finals and we still have all of next week. Any opinions as to whether or not I should start my guys. Ask any questions if you need answers to make a better opionion. WHIR for sure!!!!
  5. It’s Playoffs and I ain’t trying to lose AB’s over a PPD.
  6. 10 team league. I have 3rd pick. .5 PPR lev Bell, zeke and David Johnson are in the mix so I will get one of them. 2 man keeper, my other keeper is Michael thomas
  7. Might seam like an easy decision but I kinda don’t love drake mostly because of the team. I feel like nobody ever truly kills it in Miami. Obvi the value id get for drake is wayyyy better but curious to here some opinions.
  8. Had Cmart all year, figured I'd keep him on the roster just in case but should I grab betances instead incase chapman has a serious issue?
  9. Yea it’s a cats league and at the moment he is around my 4 sp due to me trading Paxton and losing Carlos Martinez so I’m leaning yes at the moment
  10. Houston is now without springer as well, ya’ll throwing Rodriguez out there? Got playoff inplications on the line though so keep going back n forth
  11. I wouldn’t say pax could be replaced with streaming, dudes a stud. If ohtani were healthy it’d be a bit easier to pull the trigger