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  1. Deandre “Far from a clumsy dunk merchant” Ayton
  2. Not assistant coaching, but I feel like a hot FA comes along he’s my first drop. Minutes dropping isn’t good.
  3. That line tonight was pretty. Way outplayed Kaminsky. Think I’m going to swap the two, both are temp plays till Ayton returns.
  4. I want nothing more than for AJ Brown to break out. He is wildly talented and will absolutely be a WR of the future for fantasy, but you can't trust this dude right now in this situation.
  5. Exactly dude.PJ Washington isnt probably a league winner. But I optimistically think he can be someone my team won’t need to drop outside injury ROS
  6. I would argue the most sure fire gambles to take with your FAAB are breakout young players on teams that retooled in the offeseaon and don’t have a lot to play for win/loss wise. His situation is perfect and has done nothing but prove his role so far. First week of the season is ALWAYS the best time to use your FAAB. Having 80% of your FAAB come March sounds silly
  7. I'll drop him then and eat the 25%. It happens, but you have to take shots. No regrets if he doesn't work out. A lot of good rookies last year didn't sniff a wall.
  8. I spent 25% of my budget and got him. next highest bid was only 5%. I don't feel dumb, they should feel dumb. You don't stumble into a duo of a breakout game, and his competition for minutes (Batum) getting hurt in the same game often. And in the first game of the season.
  9. Stash? He’s got as plus of a matchup this week as he will have all year
  10. I feel like most people have him too low in rankings.I don't quite understand how hes not projected for a bigger game against Oakland. GB scored 42 on them last week.