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  1. Forcing him into 4 GP in OF to get spring training ABs does not mean he's likely to see time there in regular season when there are better options ahead of him who actually have experience playing the position for years. He's a solid young player but they're just getting him as many at bats as possible from what I am reading. I'm not saying he'll never play a game out there this year but most likely, it won't be enough to give him eligibility in most leagues.
  2. McMahon has never played OF since he was drafted out of high school. He will not play OF this year. Hampson has 1 appearance in CF (did not start) in 24 MLB games & 9 games (7 starts) in CF in 305 minor league games. I think it's safe to say he won't play a lot of OF, if any this year. The logjam as far as Tapia is concerned, remains at Dahl and/or Desmond. An injury or prolonged slump while Tapia is hot is the only way he gets fantasy-usable PT this year. I expect the random, unpredictable usage of Tapia that we saw last year, this year.
  3. He's always had problems holding base runners too - how did he do with men on base? Did he have same kind of pause when pitching from the stretch?
  4. I'd guess it may take him a bit to shake the rust off & get back into the everyday routine but I'd also guess that the meh production we were getting before he was shut down was mostly due to chronic pain in that elbow & hip - hard to really go after a ball at the plate or the field when you know it's going to hurt. As long he as doesn't suffer any setbacks & stays relatively healthy, I can see 2019 being a getting-back-confidence year with 2020 being the real start of Corey Seagar Prime.
  5. Thank you Keenan Allen for getting me to the conference finals but man.....2 catches for 50 yards would have got me in the finals. Whaddyagonnado?
  6. Cannot wait to get this guy off my dynasty roster. Unfortunately for me, it's a salary cap league and his contract is as big as his ego. fml
  7. ADD much? Short version, both his INTs were bad. He is dependent on rushing to make points. Good Ds will take that away. Do not start with confidence unless you enjoy disappointment. He may turn out to be good but won't be this year. Short enough for you?
  8. Both his INTs were bad decisions, bad throws into thick coverage with next to no pass rush on him whatsoever. He may have had a halfway decent game at home against the worst team in the NFL who have a gutted roster but both those picks were 100% on Lamar Jackson. Just because they were deflected doesn't mean they weren't terrible decisions by a rookie QB. First one was down the sideline to a WR totally covered up by a CB with a deep safety there to double & the CB tip drilled it to the safety. The second one should have been picked by the underneath defender as it was thrown right at him...even if he were not there, the intended receiver was not open & it very well could have been a pick if it wasn't deflected at all. Both were bad decisions, both were totally on Lamar Jackson. I'm not a hater & Jackson may develop into a good QB but at this point he is typical rookie QB who relies too much on running to produce. I wouldn't want to be in a position that I would need to start him in anything but the deepest leagues or 2 QB leagues & even then, I wouldn't do so with confidence against any halfway decent defense. It's just too easy for competent DC's who have non-gutted rosters to take the run portion of his game away & force him to throw.....of course, Atlanta's defense is right there with Oakland & Cincinnati so if you like what you've seen the past 2 weeks, it's not a stretch to expect more of that.
  9. Freddie Kitchens might be the 'just get the job done' kind of coach the Browns need to run their offense. I thought Haley could duplicate his success in Pittsburgh in Cleveland but obviously his personality type did not, could not and was not going to work well in Cleveland the way it did at previous stops. If there's an anti-Haley out there, it's Freddie Kitchens....it will be interesting to see how they do.
  10. Ditto...tough matchup @MIN and the continued ineptitude by DET coaching staff makes a wait-and-see approach make sense.
  11. That was my thought when I heard the about the trade yesterday....DET was highlighting Tate the past couple weeks to showcase him for trade suitors. Makes sense if you know DET - let off field maneuvers dictate what you do on the field even if it's a detriment to your team when you're in the thick of a division race & you're negotiating with a team you may be going up against record-wise for the wild card. This has Lions front office all over it. SMDH, what a joke. It must suck to be a Lions fan.
  12. It was 56 yards called back but who knows how many more yards he would have gotten if those drive-killing calls didn't result in DEN offense leaving the field & the game flow going the way it did....the penalties called against Denver seemed very timely for KC, not just against Lindsay but the Denver offense in general.
  13. Can anyone watching the game confirm Golladay is active today? This is ridiculous.