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  1. I have Kittle so I won't be starting him but I am definitely anxious to see how he fares with the role all to himself. Lots of mouths to feed in that offense, hope he gets a good 4-5 targets at least.
  2. I am too in one league. I don't like it but I don't hate it is exactly how i feel. Funny tho...the one I've been thinking more of moving is Evans but only because he'd bring more of a return to shore up a RB position I don't feel very good about.
  3. Think it was stated above that Harris has been a healthy inactive so far this season. Way I look at it, Burkhead is the handcuff for both Michel AND White. He has some standalone value but I would think most would have better options week-to-week depending on the league. If Michel or White go down, then he'd be hard not to start.
  4. I'd be a heckuva lot more confident that PIT coming to its senses about Moncrief will directly benefit Washington if he wasn't benched last week after 1 target & Washington got all of 3 all game long afterwards. A full week of prep with Rudolph as starter & full awareness of how MEH Moncrief really is...if Washington doesn't get a significant bump in targets/opportunities, I will lose a lot of hope it will happen in any significant way this year. AT MINIMUM, I would like to see Washington get 6-7 targets.
  5. I drafted him with the idea that he was going to soak up many of the targets left behind by AB's departure to add to an already fantasy-acceptable workload he already had. He's still going to get those. Barring injury, JuJu is a set-and-forget WR. That has not changed in my mind. Rudolph is perfectly capable of feeding JuJu and I expect PIT will work this week to get his college teammate Washington more involved, something they should have done all along instead of bring the stiff Moncrief in. Of course, if the Steelers look better next week people will say it's because SF isn't as good as SEA or NE....
  6. Ditto. I expected a Lamar Jackson trajectory where he'd struggle a lot this year & then start putting it together. To see such success (yes, only been 2 games) is a pleasant surprise. I didn't think I'd start him at all this year (dynasty league) but now it'll be hard to not start him. It's an especially ironic argument that he's citing Detroit's defensive ranking that Kyler Murray helped place them at.
  7. I wouldn't compare the Jags to the Steelers & I wouldn't compare Minshew to Rudolph. Rudolph IS good. The way Roethlisberger looked, my hopes weren't exactly sky high to begin with. He has looked awful these first 2 games...1 1/2 games...like Byron Leftwich his last 2 seasons bad. If anything, this injury to Ben gives me hope for JuJu....his one big grab & many of his targets came after Ben left the game. How does that not give at least some hope that a young, inexperienced but very talented QB looks to his obvious #1 WR almost immediately upon entering? These are things that may not work for real football but are very useful for fantasy football.
  8. I think it's a hit to JuJu's value for sure to have Rudolph in there instead of Ben. I do think Rudolph is perfectly capable of running the PIT offense & he can definitely sling it so JuJu will get his even if it's through sheer volume.
  9. I would think Sony gets 1st & 2nd...Rex gets all 3rd and some 1st & 2nd .....this could easily be a 15 touch day and that's gold against a Miami team that sounds like it's already given up.
  10. O'RLY....I have to say, with how Miami is looking & sounding, I will be thinking an awful lot this weekend of starting Rex. If White is indeed out, the floor would simply be too high not to start him.
  11. Noted bud. Still doesn't answer why the question about Hardman's hands...I stand by the point that Reid would not have him back there if he had any question about his hands.
  12. None of those guys are returning kicks or punts.
  13. I understand the skepticism but where you getting 'even his catching is questionable' from? I watched a lot of his games at UGA and he always catches the ball with his hands, very few drops. Most reports from camp & pre-season make his hands out to be a strength. Isn't he returning punts/kicks for KC? NFL teams don't put guys with questionable hands out there to field kicks & punts.
  14. Good info...BAL is also breaking in a new MLB with Mosley leaving. The guy replacing him seems pretty solid if unheralded (Onwuasor or something like that) but he's no Mosley. Ravens D has been fearsome because they've had guys like Mosley & Ray Lewis before him and Suggs....all gone now. It will be interesting to see how good their D looks against a team that hasn't given up before the game even starts like Miami did. It's hard to glean any useful info at all from the BAL/MIA game.