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  1. i'll say it again. it was 14 carries to 7 in favor of ingram. game was out of hand ingram didn't touch the field again. Gus got the next 10 to close out the game. Isn't that what backups do, go in the game when its over to preserve the starters? a great handcuff and some stand alone value but ingram is the back to own.
  2. I watched the whole game. Ingram was 2 to 1 touches of gus then it got out of hand and it was all gus. Ingram is the back unless an injury. Gus will get carries but your talking a 15 to 10 or 15 to 8
  3. any skins fans out there with some inside info on this guy
  4. geronimo is the man to own. slot receiver are targeted 26% time by rodgers.
  5. disagree think parker is wr to own. crap team playing from behind. games parker plays 75% of snaps he has over 60 yards recieving in 20 of 34 games. per some site. 5th yer wr. maybe matured
  6. lots of teams could use this guy. Worth a flier. Looking at guys like Ryquell Armstead, Dare owabolge(something), Crockett, etc.
  7. Just wondering if the Bills are rebuilding why they would run with 30year old rb's and not see what they have in their new shiny toys?