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  1. I'd go with Mixon. Knowing the way NE does RBs, you can't really know if Michel will be useable every week..
  2. This is a very good deal for you.
  3. With all those weapons in KC, Hunt will disappoint you. Thompson will be better in PPR. And Diggs is much better than Sanders. So pass on this trade.
  4. Michel. Detroit has a terrible run D. (terrible, as in ranked 32)
  5. Which 1 of these 3 should I FLEX? Duke Johnson vs NYJ Michael Crabtree vs Denver Devante Parker (if he is active) vs Oakland I also have Austin Ekeler @ Rams, and I'm starting Gordon
  6. Hi, I run the OFFL. It is an established, 15-year, 12-team, PPR, re-draft league that is played on ESPN. We need 2 replacement owners this year. Our live draft is being held on Sunday August 26, at 7:00 EST. We've not selected our draft order yet. Please make sure you'd be able to attend the draft. The entry fee is $50. Our league does not use League Safe. Payment needs to be sent via PayPal upon joining the league. 4pt TD pass .05pt per 1 yrd pass 6pt rush/rec. TD .1pt per yrd rush/rec 1pt per reception League Entry Fee & Prizes Entry Fee $ 50.00 (The entire entry fee is paid out in league prizes. I take nothing.) $50 entry fee x 12 teams = $600 CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET: $400 - To the Super Bowl Winner $50 - To the Super Bowl Runner-Up $50 (3) - To each division winner Fantasy football experience is not a must, but our league is filled with good, savvy players. Anyone wishing to join us would be best served to know what they are doing. Serious owners only... You will be expected to submit a competitive line-up all 13 weeks of the regular season, no matter if your team is in the playoff hunt or not. First to respond will get the first opportunity to fill this spot. I will be posting this ad in other forums. If you are interested, please contact me at (the PayPal email address is not the address in this post.) Thank you
  7. Does his suspension begin with the first 3 regular season games after he signs his contract, or is it the first 3 games of the season regardless whether he has a contract or not? If it's the first 3 games of the season no matter what then he might as well hold out if the Chargers don't offer him a deal he likes.