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  1. yea without a viable replacement for Freeman I wouldn't move him. Those options just aren't going to fill the shoes of Freddie. If you could get Snell for Cain, I'd jump on that! Help here?
  2. Trade Machado help... WHIR

    I'd take any one of those deals to be honest! And frankly i'd JUMP on the Bendi/Nola and Stanton/Verlander offers. Obviously Correa coming back can fill the hole left by Machado, so I'd absolutely make any of those deals! Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708145-huge-trade-which-side-ya-got-whir-as-always/
  3. I need SP help! whir

    I would rank them in the following order: Newcomb, Buehler, Ryu, Maeda, Wheeler. Ryu is the wildcard and could quickly jump to the top of the list if he returns to early season form. Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708145-huge-trade-which-side-ya-got-whir-as-always/
  4. Chapman for Abreu, WHIR

    I generally don't put a ton of stock into RPs, especially in keeper or dynasty leagues, but even unbiasedly looking at it, I would take Abreu for him. That's a nice get for this year and going forward. Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708145-huge-trade-which-side-ya-got-whir-as-always/
  5. Which 3B to Add? WHIR

    Yea I'd just stay put. I don't really see much difference between Franco and Longo. As far as the pitchers go, Id actually drop Conforto for either Wheeler or Eovaldi. Help here?
  6. Ten team H2H standard cats redraft league: I give Nolan Arenado and Eduardo Escobar I get Freddie Freeman and Carlos Correa Freddie will be my 3B, so its even in terms of positons and team needs. Which side would you rather have, and why? Thanks in advance, leave a link and I'll return the favor!!
  7. 10 team, H2H, standard cats, redraft league.... My Trea Turner/Anthony Rendon for his Lindor I know prior to the season this would be an easy decline, but Trea has been kind of underwhelming this year and Lindor has been nuts. Losing Rendon isn't as issue as I have a couple of solid options to play at 3B that have been out producing Rendon anyways. What do you guys think?? Thanks in advance!! Leave a link and I'll return the favor
  8. Yea for whatever reason I cant update my sig. My OF consists of Betts, Yelich, Davis, Ozuna, Acuna, and Cespedes, so its pretty deep in my opinion, especially with Ozuna coming around and Acuna presumably coming back soon (not counting on Cespedes at all at this point).
  9. 2-1...pick a side..WHIR

    Rizzo and Springer are nice pieces, but give me Trout all day. I'd really need a TOP bat plus another nice piece to move Trout. Help here?
  10. I'd dangle any of the three with a bat to try to land Max or Severino. For reasons you listed, I'd be willing to overpay a bit to land Max, maybe like a Rizzo/Pax type offer. I'd try to move Paxton first, as I trust him the least (health wise). Help here?
  11. I don't do keeper leagues, so take my advice with a grain of salt. With that being said, the prospect of losing Harper for absolutely nothing would push me towards moving him for a safer player(s). I do agree with the above that I would want someone a little more proven than Soto or Acuna. I'd be willing to "lose" the trade a bit if I could end up with a player that doesn't come with the risk of being traded. THanks for the help with mine!
  12. Drop which SP to stream?? whir

    Agreed with the consensus here.....drop Mengden and stream Lynn, and drop Montas and pick up Soroka. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  13. 10 team, H2H, standard cats redraft league... My Kris Davis and Anthony Rendon for Manny Machado. Seems like a no brainer, but I'm a bit hesitant because I expect Rendon to pick it up. Should I be hesitant? What do ya'll think?? Thanks in advance....leave a link and I'll return the favor!!
  14. What are the "steamer projections" that you're referring to?
  15. A Reyes trade value...whir

    I'd honestly just stay put. You have a pretty solid rotation, so I think the upside that Reyes brings kinda outweighs the upgrade another solid arm would bring. Unless you can get a serious haul or an upgrade at maybe CI, I'd just hold tight and enjoy the ride. Help here?