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  1. Ten team, H2H, 2QB/2Flex PPR league. My team: QB-Cam Newton QB-Sam Bradford WR-Terrell Pryor WR-Kelvin Benjamin RB-LeSean McCoy RB-Dalvin Cook TE-Rob Gronk Flex-Travis Kelce Flex-Randall Cobb Bench is essentially a bunch of scrubs Have been offered Odell Beckham for Rob Gronkowski. What do you guys think? I obviously have the TE depth, but Odell's injury kinda scares me. Maybe I'm just overthinking things a bit. Thanks for the help! Leave a link and I'll return the favor!
  2. Is this some sort of league setting? I kind of like it
  3. #2 Waiver on Castro

    I would as well. Castro was locked in my lineup pre-injury and was preforming at an elite level. Quality second basemen don't exactly grow on trees either.
  4. Moving Bellinger

    Only one on that list I'd even consider moving Bellinger for is Judge.
  5. Veto?

    Not even sure which side I prefer. Not even close to a veto
  6. Just based on the hot streak alone, you should be able to get a package much better than that for Bellinger.
  7. SP add/drops ? WHIR

    Out of that bunch, I'd also go with Pineda. He's a headache, but he has the potential to turn it on and offers a solid amount of Ks. Help here?
  8. Fisher or Devers and Who to add? WHIR

    I'd drop Fisher at this point. Just seems like he still has a ways to go, even considering his Triple-A production. I'd roll with Inciarte for now, then just go with the hot hand. Help here?

    I'd pass. I think Lamb's average is gonna tail off. Same could be said for Bellinger, but I just think Bellinger is the preferred player at this time. Plus, looking at you're team, you need the 1B more than you need a 3B. Help here with a similar question?
  10. Judge for Kluber

    Agreed with the consensus here. If you're looking to deal Judge for a SP, am at the very top of the list. Judge looks phenomenal, is hitting in a jacked lineup, and in a good park. Everyone keeps talking about regression, but maybe this is what he is? Help here?
  11. Trade advice WHIR immediately

    I like side B here as well. Kluber is legit and I think Odor gets it going (he already kind of has) to the point where hes pretty similar in value to Lindor. Help here?
  12. Hey man, thanks for the help with mine, but I'll be honest, I don't do dynasty leagues and dont really have a good feel for prospects, so my input probably wont be all that valuable. Sorry
  13. Agreed with the consensus here. Harper is a legit talent who is in a bit of a funk. Abreu and Cain are both "meh" players. Dealing Harper shouldnt be difficult, just make sure you are getting legit talent in return?
  14. 10 team, H2H, standard cats league. A guy in my league has been after Bellinger hard. He said Votto could be on the table. I'm assuming he doesn't mean 1-for-1, so trying to gauge what player I should tack on to my side, or if I should do the deal at all. Here's my team: C-Gary Sanchez 1B-Kris Bryant 2B-Starlin Castro 3B-Manny Machado SS-Carlos Correa OF-Bellinger OF-Mark Trumbo OF-Jackie Bradley UTIL-Justin Smoak UTIL-Matt Carpenter BN-Roughned Odor BN-Justin Turner BN-Mitch Haniger So do you guys see a deal to be made here? SHOULD I even make a deal? He's stacked at SP so he said he doesnt want to involve any SPs (hence why I didnt list them). What do ya'll think? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Leave a link and I'll return the favor!
  15. Veto Worthy? I usually dont veto.

    This is one of the drawbacks to keeper league, draft pick value is super subjective. If a guy is building for the future and really wants to accumulate picks, then ya have to let him.