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  1. If it were me, I'd start all four. They're all performing well and while there are a few tough matchups, it's not like they're impossible matchups. I generally tend to just start my SPs and hope for the best because I hate the feeling of benching a guy because of a matchup and watching a gem sit on my bench and not count in my matchup. Good luck! Help here?
  2. Do I pull the trigger? WHIR

    Yea I'd make that move. Cron is bound to cool off soon. Help here?
  3. Ten team H2H, standard cats league... So I have Gleybar Torres and have been kicking around the idea of trying to sell high on him, as I have a couple solid options already at 2B (Baez and LeMahieu), but the kid just keeps hitting, and he's in a great lineup (albeit in the 9 hole) and great park. I guess my question is, what type of player in return should I be aiming for. Position doesn't really matter, just looking for a quality bat at this point. What do you guys think? Leave a link, and I'll return the favor!!
  4. Drop Hamilton for Kingery?

    I'd have no problem dropping Hamilton, he was dropped in my league and passed through waivers unclaimed, but Kingery isn't worth the move. If there's anyone else of decent value on the wire, I wouldn't hesitate making the move.
  5. I'd do this deal in a heartbeat

    Yea I'd definitely drop Junior. Don't see him keep up his current pace and he's a pretty replaceable arm.
  7. I wouldn't want to own Hamilton, let alone trade for him. Pass.
  8. With Turner, you only really need one speed guy. I don't hate the deal, but it is a huge risk with Donaldson. I would have tried for more.
  9. I'd also drop Conforto to make the move. Help here?
  10. Might be moving Trout!

    Trout will be able to land you more. That's a good starting point, but I'd definitely squeeze more out of the deal if I were you. Help her?
  11. Yea I usually try to jump on upside here as well, and I see a lot more of it with Soroka than Junis, so I'd make that swap. Help here?
  12. Add Morton? (WHIR!)

    At this point I think you have to add Morton, given what he is doing. I'd cut Norris to make it happen. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  13. In terms of how I'd rank them as trade targets, I'd go with Sale, Degrom, Verlander, then Stas Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701685-machado-for-trea-straight-up/
  14. Andrelton Simmons vs Gleyber Torres ROS

    I think theyre both pretty solid replacements given the lack of depth at the position, but I'd slightly lean towards Torres simply due to upside and lineup. Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701685-machado-for-trea-straight-up/
  15. Good buy low? WHIR

    I've never been a big fan of Paxton, and Upton is solid, but super streaky. I'd definitely want more in return for Hoskins. Nola in place of Paxton is a good start, but I think I'd still try to look for a more consistent bat than Upton. Help here?