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  1. Olsen has the more competent QB (in Kyle Allen) and i'll leave it at that. Here's me! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765429-john-brown-buf-or-dj-moore-car-whir/
  2. I'm too bullish on John Brown this year, that's just me. But i do tend to value targets/volume in standard too. Here's me! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765429-john-brown-buf-or-dj-moore-car-whir/
  3. Yes I'd pick him up fast, i don't value DJax as much in a PPR anyways. Here's me! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765429-john-brown-buf-or-dj-moore-car-whir/
  4. If this is PPR, I wouldn't do it. John Brown is going to have a big year as Josh Allen's go-to while Goff/McVey spread it around. Here's me! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765429-john-brown-buf-or-dj-moore-car-whir/
  5. This week!... John Brown BUF v Cincinnati or DJ Moore CAR (potentially with Kyle Allen as QB) v Arizona WHIR!
  6. The dude is straight up inaccurate, i don't have much faith in him as a longterm QB1. And I could be wrong but Nagy seems like he's protecting him with the crappy/conservative playcalling until he's forced to air it out later in the game...and boy oh boy did Mitchell miss his WRs by a mile, even before the interception. I know Mitchell can run but, guys, I'm gonna go there: Have seen enough games to think Trubisky's career will more resemble a Bortles than a Darnold.
  7. yeah, I'm feeling like the yankees bats and his somehow usable whip are the only reason you'd ever hang on to him. dude straight up sucks and yet this was his first loss since early may. that said, if the yanks trade for starting pitching (which they should) this dude might be gone-zo anyways.
  8. He's been great leading off and consistently clutch this yankees win streak. But Hick is back and de facto lead off, leaving DJ where? He wasn't even meant to be in lineup today before it rained out. Thinking of ditching for La Stella (!!!) if he hits 6th or 7th...
  9. Not to mention all the waiver wire pickups since he went on the DL that have sexier upside. And all the yankee injuries that limit his. I mean what's best case ROS? .270 / .350obp / 12 HR / 80R / 50RBI ? I kinda forget why i loved him so much...
  10. Have to imagine I'm not the only one weighing these two in deeper leagues. Currently standing at... WALKER: .300BA / .373 OBP / 6 HR / 11 R / 11 RBI / 2 SB VOGELBACH: .356 / .483 OBP / 6 HR / 11 R / 11 RBI / 0 SB They both crush the ball (average velocity / dingers / however you want to look at it). Both get on base (Walker might K more but Arizona also seems lets him SB...). Walker is playing everyday because Lamb is on the DL. Vogelback is playing almost everyday because he's hot (but Seattle is crowded with sluggers). SO WHAT DO WE THINK!? If you had one Bench/UTIL open, who'd you take? whir.
  11. He does and already 6 game played/2 started at 2B (need 10 played or 5 started to gain eligibility in yahoo). With Muncy as everyday 2B on my team, but not-everyday on Dave Roberts' Dodgers, this is an unexpected but welcomed wrinkle in my roster.
  12. Love this thread. Chapman Muncy (2B) Conforto Domingo Santana As many Cleveland SPs i could get my hands on (Carasco & Clevinger mostly)
  13. Contact, right...Talented athletes are a hell of a thing. Hurt, out of shape, timing...chicken or the egg? All related? Tomato/Tomatoe? Loved and owned many shares of Ozuna pre-STL. I know the talent is there. And he's certainly primed for bounce back. But sometimes dudes get paid and don't pay off. That's just my own personal assessment based on the same things we've all seen.