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  1. Worst team in baseball

    Don't sleep on the Jays! We signed Guerra as our big acquisition. Gonna be a looooong 162. You
  2. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Greg Holland signed! Make the request again!
  3. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Yeah, I get it. I'm strictly speaking of teams who need one. I don't know how much I value his glove, I get that WAR he was fine... but I watched the guy. He looked like crap at the plate and in the field (imo). If you're desperate for a DH and need leadership, I think he'd be a good get. This is just going to be one of those difference of opinions, I think.
  4. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I agree with all of this, except I'm personally of the opinion that he could make a difference in an AL stadium. I understand the metrics and how things have dropped for him, but if he were to be a DH-only, I think he could help out (real life, not necessarily fantasy). As an example, if a team grabbed him $3 million to DH, I'm sure he could swat 20-25HR. He might not have a great OBP, or BA, but the guy didn't look career finished to me last year - he looked Baltimore Sucks finished. Playing on that team would be been really crappy. Not making an excuse that he had a right to go out and not care, but I can't imagine hearing your name in trade talks two years in a row wouldn't have some impact. Some guys don't care, others seem to. I wouldn't pay him more than Markakis (underrated player in his own right), but if a team with some younger players can grab him fo 3-4 million, and have him either DH or platoon, as you said, I think he'd be a good get. You're right that leadership shouldn't be a deciding factor, but a team with young guys could use it. If the Jays didn't have Molasses, I'd get Jones for some of that leadership stuff for Vlad Bichette, etc.
  5. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    He's gonna be 34 at the end hitting .280+ with 10hr and no steals. Still a good signing imo.
  6. Toronto Blue Jays 2019 Outlook

    JAAAAAAAAAAVY GUERRA! Bring home the championship, boys! This is the offseason move Jays fans everywhere have been waiting for. Forget Vlad Jr (who?) news. We got a pitcher who had a 5.5ERA last season. He'll fit nicely inbetween Stroman (5.54ERA) and Sanchez (4.89ERA). Is there a better 1-2-3 in all of baseball?
  7. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Holy crap you guys, the Twins signed Martin Perez! This offseason is awesome!
  8. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    That's my point. Dollar wise the amount of money isn't obscene. The decision on who to give it to and who to put around that player are what makes it bad. My overall point is the MLB is swimming in money. If a team wants to sign a 25 year old All Star to $400mil, it's their choice. There's nothing wrong with that. Who they sign and what they do with the rest of payroll is what's at issue, which boils down to how the team is run. Contracts aren't bad. The decisions around them can be.
  9. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Not really, no. If a team signs Chris Davis to a contract that eats up 30% if they payroll when there are a ton of red flags, that's an issue with the management group making a poor choice of player. The deal money wise isn't bad.
  10. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Impossible. It can't be both always. So I'm going to ask you to back your claim up. Give me all of the contracts that are 7+ years long and 120+million that you consider to be bad with an explanation as to why.
  11. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Is that because of the contract or because of the way the team is run?
  12. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    So that's poor decision making. It has nothing to do with the value of the contract in the overall context of revenue. If a team puts 30% of player payroll to old guys or crappy guys, that's their fault. It doesn't mean all big contracts are bad (or good).
  13. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Did they put good players around them? Nope.
  14. Nolan Arenado 2019 Outlook

    35hr/100+rbi and r/5sb/.290-.310 average. Nothing new here, move along.
  15. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I agree. And when team revenue and profit is as high as it is, is a 10 year 300 million contract really that bad? I'd argue no, from a financial standpoint. From a long-term success point of view, sure. Seattle wasn't bad because they signed Cano to a big deal. They were bad because they drafted poorly, has a ton of injuries to guys they thought would matter, and didn't put good pieces on the field. It's all about the total package, not one contract.