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  1. I've got a few drafts left and might have get him in all of them. There aren't many super yoots who will see serious playing time this year. They are really underrated STILL, I think because so much "expert" commentary is based on weekly leagues. If you have daily moves, these guys are worth a lot because they allow you to either 1) hang onto that injured guy, or that guy who hasn't been called up yet. Or 2) churn a little bit more easily and land this year's Aguillar. A guy who can cover OF, MI, CI and 2 IF positions is interesting to me even if he is kinda so-so. If he might actually be good, I want him.
  2. To the above, use the fangraphs auto calculator. One thing I'm seeing that strikes me as irrational is these guys like Paddack and Jesus being pushed up over the shiny new toys from a couple years ago. From what I can gather, Paddock is going to have about the same usage as Urias and Reyes. Similar profiles. Except that Urias was an elite prospect and I think Reyes was pretty high up there too. They've also both proven that they can handle and, for Reyes, dominate MLB hitters. They're all going to be babied with innings, perhaps some middle relief, perhaps some shorter starts. I know Reyes and Urias were injured, but my take on that is 1) they are pitchers. 2) Paddack is also a pitcher so it's probably just a question of when. 3) Getting Reyes and Urias at pick 300ish, it's no big deal if they get hurt.
  3. Please. I beg you! Throw a wrinkle in your league to make it unique. It almost doesn't matter what it is. I'm doing some of the online best ball leagues this year and the scoring is quite different. I heard an "expert" give his strat for these leagues on a podcast and it was the exact opposite of mine. But I'm still convinced I'm right. Excited to find out if my strat works. My home league is 6x6 with the extra cats being OBP (we kept Ave. as well) and Holds. We have 4 keepers, with unique rules. We added a minor leaguer last year. It is SO much more fun having to come up with a strategy, not knowing if it is best, and not knowing what the other players' strat is. AND, not being able to blindly follow expert opinions because there are no rankings or podcasts pertaining to a league quite like yours. You figure Scwarber will be worth 100 picks over ADP. But has anyone else figured this out? If they have, now you have a game of chicken. But you don't even know if the game of chicken is being played or not because it's possible that nobody agrees with you. So when do you make your reach? One thing I'd suggest is gearing changes to make more players relevant. In particular, middle relievers. Dozens more players to learn about and follow. Alternatively, you can use a standard format where everybody can pretty much follow ADPs and expert rankings and a totally autodrafted team is likely to do just fine.
  4. Christin Stewart had a 12.8% BB rate at AAA last year, and a 13.9 rate in 17 MLB games. His BA is projected to be in the .230-.240 range, but he could certainly pull off a Carlos Santana type season. Omar Narvaez played 90+ games for the White Sox the last two seasons posting OBPs of .373 and .366. He'll be Seattle's primary catcher.
  5. I think he meant don't react to the inconsiderate person offering the trade. I used to just ignore them but i doubt tjat registers with these self absorbed people. It's time to take a stand and tell them to cram it! Who is with me!?
  6. I glanced at fantasy pros. They have goldy at 6 and cueto at 141, which is maybe low so let's call it 100. 94 spots apart. Goldy is a consensus top 10 player and 5 category contributor and has been for years. And he's playing well. Your argument is that Cueto is good in 2 categories only, as he has been for years. Like, i guess if you are high on him you could argue he is a top 15 sp and top 60 player. You'd better believe that broke the camel's back! This would be one of the worst trades I've ever seen just because it is so cut and dry. If someone else made it i would definitely suspect collusion.
  7. Someone offered me Cueto for Goldy. I used to just ignore these but, no more. Someone wants to take time out of my day to insult my intelligence? F that. Plus, this is a money league with a bunch of strangers. If i did accept, others would justifiably doubt the integrity of the league. From now on, when someone sends me an absurd offer I am telling them to stop wasting other people's time and to go to hell.
  8. Zack Wheeler has been called up after a good AAA start and gets the start tomorrow. The ESPN blurb mentioned that he has struggled stepping up to face MLB hitters in spite of doing well vs AAA hitters. Good thing he's playing The Marlins.
  9. My last draft was pretty interesting. I waited on pitchers as planned. Paxton fell just slightly to 88 for my ace. I have some middle relievers to round it out. It will be interesting to see how that works out. The draft was super closer crazy and I had to decide if i wanted to take a $3 player over a $9 just to not get shutout. I wasn't doing it. Every time i was willing to compromise a little i got sniped. I ultimately did reach, but not untill the 200s. There i got zeigler, holland and kela. I was beating myself up a little on draft day but now im glad i didn't pass up a guy i liked to get shane green. I got lucky but i think this shows that you have to allow great outcomes to happen. If you contantly reach to prevent a choppy draft you'll never have one where everything falls into place. Since this is a 12 team league and part of a 120 team super league I'm glad I didn't play it safe. A big mistake i made was not preparing for the late rounds of the online draft. My main league is a slow draft so that's the context I had in mind. When you get late the players suggested by espn (and other sites I'm sure) are wayyy out of whack with your values. So I didn't see some guys like Kipnis, and missed them just because i wasn't aware of them being on the board.
  10. This was the hardest i have ever laughed on this forum.
  11. One more chance to start Chacin at Petco. And this time he gets to pitch to the Padres.
  12. Yes in my 12 man. However it is innings capped and we have both saves and holds so i will be stuffing a lot of innings with RP and I'm not as worried about having a horse. But i think he is ok in any league other than weekly moves. Maybe even there. As the other guy said, zig when others zag.
  13. Obviously, if you are never actually thrown out, you aren't attemping nearly enough. Hopefully someone will realize this.
  14. Yes i think that is the way to go in many formats. Innings cap for sure, since you can use middle relievers to stuff the innings. I also like it in daily leagues. It might be a problem in weeklies because of the disparity in number of innings with no clear way to make up for it. I guess you can grab at least 1 very good closer like osuna and stream some more 2 start guys But, between 2 teams, my highest pick on an SP will be Nola.
  15. On another note, it looks like I'm going to zig where others zag on SP this year and pass on the top 25 in one league, and i only have 2. One reason is It's an innings cap league. Another is, everyone is big on SP this year so more top bats should be available. But another that occured to me is there should be a few more total garbage fires this year than usual, with some teams punting the season or still rebuilding. Meaning you can stream Mo'ne Davis against the Marlins, Royals and quite possibly the Tigers. The pirates, braves, white sox, rays and padres could all have really bad offenses as well with a few bad breaks. So I'm going to see what i can do with a big offence, good closers, a few top middle relievers, some high k late round starters like lemet and snell and streamers. I'll try for a rich hill type as my ace. I figure ks and saves will be good. Ratios decent. Wins, hopefully just not terrible. But like i said, if this is a year of the haves and have nots, with several teams losing tons of games, streaming wins should be a little easier than normal. You've also got the Tampa pitching situation to target, especially if one of their 4 starters is injured.