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  1. I saw something that its gonna start at 5:05.
  2. His ineffectiveness is that he throws junk now and can't strike anyone out. Deception can only get you so far.
  3. He will be tested and fail. Street has got nothing in the tank. He will destroy your ratios. He and Krod should hang it up and call it a career.
  4. Unreal. How many runners did he leave stranded? Seemed like 15.
  5. The live standings works a lot better than StatTracker.
  6. Walker out. Rosario might be coming.
  7. I think he is still trying to gain strength in the hand he injured. Might not be himself til after the all-star break at the earliest.
  8. Because someone said the misplay cost them runs and not the pitcher. The runs would have scored anyway regardless of the misplay. And why are you still saying 5 runs when it was only 3 total runs in question.
  9. Obviously the official scorer does and thats all that matters.
  10. Yeah but that was Bellinger not Stripling and that butchered gb had no effect on the earned runs since they were all in fact earned.
  11. Right it was a sac fly. I just didnt think that double would have scored runner from 1st.
  12. He didnt butcher a ground ball?
  13. The first 2 had nothing to do with Strickling.
  14. Thought it should have only been 2 earned instead of 3 but tough call.
  15. I hate pitch counts. And why aren't they counting throws to first and warm up pitches in between innings and their bullpen session before the game starts.