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  1. Anything official that he is starting tomorrow?
  2. Good enough to bat 4th but not good enough to play everyday....got it.
  3. 12 team keeper, in 2nd place looking to make push: Traded: Moncada-$12 and Greene-$1 for Arenado-RFA and Pham-RFA
  4. One of these off-seasons they will address the bullpen issues. That will be the year they have a shot to win it all.
  5. Dont listen to the Daily News. They fired all their good sports reporters.
  6. Marte, Keep Trout, Rendon...in that order.
  7. Need to see the auction prices for these
  8. Tough call as bats are easier to replace than top arms, especially with Scherzer going down. Bauer gonna feast in NL even though park sucks. I would not do it even though I love Rendon. If Max was healthy you should do it.
  9. Maybe this year but $47 for Betts next year is about $10 over value and Moncada and Laureano are both $10-15 under value.
  10. Would you trade in a 12 team keeper Roto, I am 1 point in 1st trying to fend off 2 teams, keeper values for next year listed: Moncada-$12 Laureano-$10 for Betts-$47