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  1. That's very millenial of you.. I am hoping to either replace with Smoak, Morales or Joseph. Desmond is another option once he gets 1B eligibilty.
  2. Trade Big Sexy for Duda.
  3. I'll take 8 weeks right now.
  4. Yup me too. I haven't gotten a chance to watch him hit other than the highlighted HRs. Anyone have any insight on how he's looked last couple of days?
  5. Besides the inconclusive on the xray, the way Freeman left the field and didnt try to shake it off or take a swing makes me think its a serious injury, ie hamate. The injury cripples the hand pretty badly and its usually 3-4 weeks in cast to heal if no surgery. After that its prob a month or two back to full strength. I forget who came back pretty quickly from it, maybe Holiday or Tulo, not sure, but it was like 3 wks.
  6. Yup. If its that its lookin at minimum 4 wks but prob longer, 6-8.
  7. X-rays on Freddie Freeman came back "inconclusive" according to Snitker. More tests tomorrow. #Braves
  8. If its hamate the xray might not pick it up. Only mri will. Happened to me 2 years ago.
  9. Very slim. They dont have enough arms to fill their starting rotation right now
  10. I can believe it. It's exactly how the Mets handle these things, terribly.
  11. I think he gets called up in next 4 days as the flight bus from Las Vegas to Arizona fits into the Mets budget. After that the 51s go to NOLA and Arkansas. Those flights are too expensive for the Wilponsis.
  12. its base on 162 games played at each position. If you keep substituting on when guys have off you will be projected to go over 162.
  13. is Clevinger going to get the call when he hits the DL?
  14. Grabbed under his armpit fwiw.
  15. An alternative(only on dekstop) is to go to the Full Standings screen that now has live standings updates.