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  1. Definitely makes sense for online. Would be nice to not have to find and enter the 100 keepers though for offline. Another thing they messed up on is that in order for you to see values of players you have to select them all as keepers during input. This is not that much of a pain to select another button but it does not separate those that were kept and those that were bought at the auction. If they could only just make one enhancement for contract year it would solve a lot of keeper league issues. I feel like I have a second job updating the google doc.
  2. This is not true for Offline drafts. After I approved keepers it does nothing but put a K next to that players name and put him on the "Approved Keepers" list. When I have to enter offline draft results I have to again put these players on their respective teams.
  3. Yes this is exactly the point. Gotta keep the bottom feeders interested some how.
  4. We submit ours in reverse order of the standings from the year before. Last place team has to put theirs in first and so on. Finishing up 3 days before draft. If there is a major injury, and at the discretion of the commish, that team can throw that player back but cannot bid on him at auction. This happened with Desmond in our league.
  5. Anyone else have issues with Yahoo keeper costs not showing up after entering?
  6. Saw him shoot fts last night. He did not look comfortable at the line.
  7. In 9 cat. I am concentrating on 5 cats and making sure I have most players to fill those 5 cats to beat my opponent.
  8. Back in early 2000's I remember Randy and Pedro going 1-2.
  9. For news fantasyrundown is pretty good. All news in one place with links. Closer changes, forums here are faster than closer monkey.
  10. His swing reminds me a lot of Josh Hamilton.
  11. Yes that would save a lot of time. They had that manual K entry last year. I would update it if guys that were bought at auction were dropped therefore the value would change to the default waiver wire pickup value of $10 (if less than auction price.)
  12. Right but you can just not select keepers and put them in during offline draft entry so selecting the keepers prior to this really doesn't serve a purpose except to save you from entering those player later.
  13. This switch couldn't have come at a worse time. I am ready to bail if he can't get 20 mins.
  14. I don't think this is the case for offline though, but I am not totally sure. I do remember saying to myself last year why did teams need to select keepers if I have put them in anyway.
  15. This is for auction leagues, but one thing that I do is is assign the "K" to every player bought at auction so we can see the player values on the team page. have to keep track of contract years separately, but this just helps when looking to trade.