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  1. Familia
  2. And to add I am a Barraclough owner as well, but will not hesitate to drop for a middle reliever with better ratios.
  3. Ziegler hasn't faltered yet so I would not make that change until Barraclough proves he is healthy and pitches well. People are speculating him taking over the closer role, but I don't think it happens right away if at all.
  4. Traded: Lamb-$3 Duvall-$1 J.Wilson-$10 for MadBum-RFA Murphy-RFA
  5. I could care less what they do with their uniforms, but I do know that Yankee fans are not very happy about having names on the backs.
  6. Yes he would. He already said he is looking for at least a 3 year deal.
  7. This trade is the Wilpons being cheap and saving $5mil. There is no reason to trade him for a low level prospect when you can offer him a qualifying offer at $18mil and when he rejects it and signs somewhere else the Mets would get a 2nd rd pick. He has proven he can play in NY and was a clubhouse leader. I wish they would have kept him and offered a 3 year deal of $45mil after he rejected the offer. If they wind up using that money(+more) to get JD Martinez or Moose than I would see it being a smart move.
  8. Definitely worth the flier here. Hopefully he doesn't go back to walking guys again when he gets called up. Seems to have curbed the walks recently.
  9. Am i the only one that thinks giving him a ring is ridiculous. That ring is for the hard work of an organization and should only be given to those that contributed to the winning of the World Series. I think the Cubs should do something for the guy, but giving him a World Series ring seems very weird to me. How bout season tickets for life? I'd rather have that than some ring I didn't earn.
  10. Don't see where you can enter players on this
  11. You could also say 6 runs over his last 12 outings as 6 is what he has given up total this year since being called up. It also looks like they like to give him more than 1 inning. In 8 of 12 outings he has pitched more than 1 inning.
  12. This is a tough one. You have the righty veteran, Belisle, who has been pitching extremely well of late The lefty, Rogers, who has been the most consistent over the course of the year and who has pitched primarily in the 8th, but who has been real bad as of late. Then you have the rookie righty(Hildenberger), who has a closing pedigree and has been very good since his call up. Any Twins fans want to way in on this one.
  13. And Fowler with a bum leg
  14. Dropped in my 11 team league.