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  1. I did just this, went from 4 to 5 and it still is not enough.
  2. I posted in there forum so maybe they'll get to it in a few days.
  3. Throw in the fact that the team is struggling and he and Sandy have not seen eye to eye in the last few weeks, TC is gonna put the team out there that will keep him from getting fired.
  4. The recent update caused the issue.
  5. So Yahoo is just gonna sit on there hands on this? Its been going on all weekend. Is this a problem for iOS as well?
  6. Yes he is playing the OF. Duda and Flores are hurt so Bruce will be at first.
  7. Anytime you click on transactions on the Yahoo app it crashes.
  8. Neris warming up.
  9. Traded McCutchen($20) for Nola($4)
  10. Any word from the Jays on the extent of his injury? The silence usually is not a good sign. MRI was supposed to be yesterday.
  11. Where is Bunt Cakes these days? He usually addresses some Yahoo issues in here. Did he leave for another site? Did BBT take him out after being lied to for years?
  12. He has not looked good so far. Not fooling anyone on his pitches but a save is a save.
  13. By help him, I mean fix the blister issue. As we have seen since the middle of last year going on the DL or taking a month off from pitching is not going to fix this. Pitching less(throwing maybe 1-2 innings at a time) is the more likely fix. Or learn how to throw right handed
  14. I was not saying they weren't going to DL him, I was simply stating that it is not going to help imo. Pitching less(in a relief role) might be the only remedy.
  15. I just don't see how a DL stint will help him. Like someone said he had all off-season to remedy this and did not. I think the pen may be the best bet for him which would warrant a drop.