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  1. In Yahoo where do I go to retro the stats the from Japan games? I just entered my draft results and had start scoring on 20th. After hitting button to start season it changed to start scoring on the 25th. ****Disregard, I found the answer.
  2. I think he was referring to him going to the locker room.
  3. I've been doing basketball on ESPN all year and the player card works fine as far as sizing on my phone. However, it doesn't list all the stats that you would want to see for a player each game he played.
  4. If this guy only steals 30 he needs to score 90+ and hit .320 to hold true value.(which I dont think will happen) I've had him the last few years in a keeper league and last year was pretty bad for the cost. I wouldnt pay more than $5, if that, on him.
  5. Im confused, you said the league type is Roto then you talk about doing weekly to avoid streaming to win cats. That would be h2h.
  6. Does ESPN give League Managers the ability to lock teams so they cannot make moves, i.e. non-playoff teams? I have looked for this in the past and never found a way to do it.
  7. We use K/BB but dont necessarily think its the best just something that was decided 12+ years ago to coincide with extra hitting cat that needed to be added to give walks its justice. A la the Bonds change.
  8. I believe its shallow in the sense of top players. How many 1Bs would you feel comfortable paying over $25 for, 2 or 3? I mean JT Realmuto is arguably a top 10-12 1B right now.
  9. Does Yahoo still allow you the ability to retro stats if you draft after the season starts? I've done it in the past was wondering if I could include the Japan games if I am drafting after.
  10. It took 4 years, but the deal finally went through. I guess his medicals cleared this time.
  11. That's all fine when you can use other teams as your farm system and sign them after you've seen them perform at a high level for an extended period of time. Dodgers are a team that does very well at the draft and while no team can really afford to lose picks, but if their was one it would be the team that hits on those picks as often as the Dodgers do.