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  1. Another Win for those in those leagues. As a Cardinal fan I'm still not convinced this isn't smoke and mirrors His FIP is still almost 5, his BB/9 is 4+ and his K/9 is only 7 1.4 WHIP Kind of Kent Bottenfield-ish
  2. Wong has secretly(?) been on fire since like July... 363/439/529 (968) He’s going to end the year with like 60 Runs, 12 HR, 20+ SB hitting .280s
  3. I joined, paid on leaguesafe... And when I go to the homepage it says I'm not in the league and my team was deleted? Am I missing something?
  4. Do you need to get an entire league by 9? Or do you have someplayers already?
  5. I'm in, will pay immediately Edit - Says full? Good luck with league
  6. I think the refund went through? Guy still hasn’t shown up or responded 🙄 what a turd
  7. Kind of a cluster-f--- I know being a commish with randoms is hard, but we started the draft... closed it, started the draft got to round 5 and we going to re-start until people started complaining. 🤣
  8. league safe link is on ESPN league home page