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  1. Kyle Schwarber 2018 Outlook

    Not traveling to Arizona, will "Be ready" Friday at home vs CWS I guess we're sitting in weekly
  2. Andrew Benintendi 2018 Outlook

    3 HRs in his last 286 ABs He's been sneaky-bad for quite some time. No power whatsoever, he's stolen 1 base since Aug 1st, 709 OPS since Aug 1st I'm really pondering benching for playoffs week one for like Jake Cave
  3. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options

    Daniel Mengden SHOULD be a 2-start vs LAA and MINN He's been very solid lately. * Maybe not, it's too hard these days to figure out who's starting when
  4. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    Thanks. Dropped
  5. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    Espn has Arrietta Sunday Fantasy Pros has Arrietta Sunday Yahoo has Pivetta Sunday MLB has Pivetta Sunday There’s like absolutely nothing on Twitter... Waivers are tonight, annoying
  6. Kyle Schwarber 2018 Outlook

    What's the deal here? He was supposed to play tonight, isn't. He's played, the missed a few games, then played, then now has missed 5 games. Sucks in weekly
  7. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    Is he starting this Sunday or not? It's been hard lately to pin down rotations... Some sites have him going Sunday, while others have him as a 2-start next week Kind of important to his future on my team
  8. Anthony Rizzo 2018 Outlook

    "Tonight"? Last 6 games 0-4 0-4 0-4 0-4
  9. Adam Wainwright 2018 Outlook

    So.... Probably retire
  10. J.A. Happ 2018 Outlook

    🙄 God damn Sonny Gray. Thanks for info
  11. Adam Wainwright 2018 Outlook

    BUMP! Who here has the stones, or lack of sense, to play Waino this week? Home vs. Pirates Home vs. Dodgers Not the worst matchups, and he threw 17 scoreless innings in his rehab with like a 10 K/9 I'm rolling him out there and hoping for 2 great starts before he rides off into the sunset...
  12. J.A. Happ 2018 Outlook

    ESPN has Happ pitching Monday, and then not again until Tuesday. I assumed he was in line for a 2-start, are the Yanks doing something with the rotation to line up for playoffs?
  13. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options

    What about Daniel Mengden? Some sites have him going Tuesday and Sunday, and most sites have the A’s with TBD on Tuesday...? Let’s make a decision Oakland O’s / TB isn’t a terrible 2-Start matchup for those scrapping the bottom
  14. Moves that made or broke you this year?

    Unbelievably Great Gio Gonzalez for Matt Carpenter, while MARP was hitting .190 (Guy literally laughed at me in person while clicking accept) Great Strasburg for S.Marte CJ Cron for Jack Flaherty Votto for Rizzo Whatever Carlos Correa for R.Hoskins REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY AWFUL (I mean awful) Blake Snell for Tanner Roark - Preseason, I thought my team was fine as far as Ks/ERA/WHIP went and I wanted Wins and QS. I assumed the Rays would be awful and the Nats would win 95 One week to go in season, in 2/12th place. Snell would most likely have put me in 1st
  15. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    So bad I may be benching next week in weekly for anyone who’s hot I think 1/23 atm