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  1. I wish i could grow a beard like his.....
  2. Damn, I have been in this thread for awhile, just getting some new stuff onto my laptop
  3. Young Jeezy's second album...I dont like much Rap/hip hop but his stuff is pretty damn good..
  4. Third Eye Blinds first CD...pretty darn good and one of the only CDs i can listen to straight through.
  5. It's been a bunch of randomness to be honest.....Jack Johnson....Smashing Pumpkins.....Chevelle...Young Jeezy! dont ask!
  6. I agree...I get in different moods for music, Next might be some metal but who knows. It all depends.
  7. Its been mostly The Rolling Stones...Led Zeppelin...Allman Brothers for me.
  8. Rolling Stones-Beast of Burden Led Zeppelin-Tangerine Those are just some of the songs that i am listening to right now