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  1. I’ll take it. Very experienced and dedicated. cblack0902@aol.com
  2. I’ll take it. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. cblack0902@aol.com
  3. I’ll take it. Very active and experienced. cblack0902@aol.com
  4. Can you post a link to the league?
  5. I’m interested if it doesn’t work out with the other guy. cblack0902@aol.com
  6. I’ll take 3rd team, 3rd league. cblack0902@aol.com
  7. Hi I am a longtime fantasy basketballer. I am very active and dedicated.. If they are still available, I’d like 2nd league 1st team and 3rd league 4th team. Thanks. Cole cblack0902@aol.com