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  1. Maeda or Rich Hill

    Both are sitting in my FA pool, thinking of picking one up and stashing on my DL. Who do you think is the better option as a long shot lottery ticket?
  2. June Closer Thread 2018

    Hector Rondon getting the save in Houston?! I’m about to rage drop all my closers....
  3. June Closer Thread 2018

    Just when I think it’s safe to drop Vazquez, he comes through with a 4 out save...
  4. Alex Reyes 2018 Outlook

    Gotcha. Agreed, the best arm care programs right now can’t keep up with the amount of power (and subsequent stress/strain on the shoulder and elbow) pitchers are generating nowadays.
  5. Alex Reyes 2018 Outlook

    The lats are an extremely strong and powerful muscle; the RC doesn't come close to it in terms of strength. The increasing frequency in injuries is most likely due to repetitive microtrauma (as with most baseball injuries). The lats eccentrically control the layback position of the arm in full external rotation, and then help initiate the transition into acceleration concentrically, which occurs with the lats in a lengthened and a biomechanically disadvantaged position, resulting in a very high degree of stress/strain. Combine this with the increasing physical stature of pitchers who generate a tremendous amount of power, it is going to result in microtrauma over time. If you add in possible restrictions in overhead mobility (which is not uncommon), it places further stress on the lats.
  6. On the verge of just punting saves, but looking for advice for one last attempt to salvage the roster spots before I do so. Can you guys rank these 4 “closers” in regards to their likelihood to earn saves ROS? Felipe Vazquez Seranthony Dominguez Barrclough Melancon Thanks guys!
  7. May Closer Thread 2018

    Seasons like this one are why I consider punting saves every year...Giles, Neris, Vasquez...literally do more harm to my team than help.
  8. Do this trade? Help.....Whir

    I think I would do it, Stanton will eventually turn it on.
  9. Another manager has asked about getting my Rizzo or Benintendi for his MadBum. TBH, I really like how my offense looks, and don’t like giving up every day players for SP’s, but feel like I could use another stud SP. I’m leaning towards declining the offer...what are your thoughts? Team is in signature. As always, thanks guys!
  10. Who to drop...Smoak, Sano, Justin Turner

    Yeah, I figured that! But with our WW being so thin with SP, I can’t afford to get rid of one of them...unless Castillo blows up again Sunday.
  11. Which pitcher to drop?

    Not sure what to make of Romero’s shelling tonight, I think he would be my choice, followed by Smith and Price.
  12. Trading Vlad Jr.

    I also have Vlad in a keeper, and it would take a haul to pry him from me. I think your counter is about what it would take to make a deal for me, but not sure the other owner would be willing, despite being a Jays fan.
  13. Who to drop...Smoak, Sano, Justin Turner

    Thanks for the great response! Yeah, I don’t really need to do anything right now, but by having Bird an Sano in DL slots, I can’t make any waiver moves, and I feel like I need to shake up my RP situation...Neris, Giles and Vazquez are killing me in every way possible. I’d like to to pick up Melancon as a speculative add ASAP and stash him on my DL. So I have to be able to get Sano and Bird off the DL slots to do so.
  14. With Bird and Sano returning from DL, I need to make some room. Which one of these three would you let go? Ideally I’d like to make a 2 for 1 deal, but our league isn’t quick to make trades. Thanks guys!
  15. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Brock and Mr B....very good points. Things just feel like they are set up for a colossal disappointment, again. Really hope I’m wrong.