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  1. I was thinking the same exact thing, but chalked it il to me owning him for the first time, so I’ve never really watched him very closely before. He doesn’t seem to have ANY fire or enthusiasm, his body language looks like he’s mentally and physically exhausted walking back to the huddle, even during the first series of the game.
  2. Would have to drop Westbrook for Brown. Westbrook has new QB throwing to him, against good Houston defense. Brown going up against very questionable Giants secondary, and Josh Allen should be able to extend plays due to the Giants not having any pass rush...Brown should find plenty of time to get open. As you can probably tell, I'm leaning toward Brown because I lost Tyreek, and I"m a major underdog this week....Brown has much more upside. But hate to drop Westbrook, and no other options to drop. Thanks guys!
  3. I was really high on Hunter going into this season, but Hockenson has me really intrigued. I currently have a claim (#2 priority) in for Hockenson, but concerned I'm succumbing to the "shiny new toy syndrome." With Tyreek going down, I actually need major WR help (thinking about putting claim in for McLaurin instead), but wonder if Hockenson is worth the gamble. Would you stick with Hunter and grab a WR off WW to fill that need, or grab Hockenson? If I grabbed Hockenson, I would then grab whatever high upside WR slipped through waivers. Thanks!!!!
  4. Yup, picked him up out of desperation. My pitching staff has been horrendous this year, going up against the top team this week in playoffs, so I’m kinda just swinging for the fences on this one.
  5. That is my concern as well. I don’t know if the differences between the two types of offenses (NO vs Balt) will cause some timing issues with the way Ingram is used to running. Can the “old” dog be taught new tricks?
  6. Are there any sites you guys use to get a generalized weekly analysis of rushing or passing match ups? Not necessarily player specific, but how each team fares against each phase of the game. Thanks!
  7. I so want to believe the hype as I drafted him, but I just don’t have a great feeling about it for some reason (wait, I know, it’s because I’m a “glass half empty” kind of guy). The only glimmer of hope I see is how heavily targeted he was in those series with Foles at the helm.
  8. The only correlation I’ve noticed is that my team performance is inversely correlated to my Yahoo Draft Grade. If I receive a “C” or worse, it’s a championship year. A “B” or better, just pack it in until next year, and start my fantasy baseball research early. Not even trying to be funny...that’s actually the truth more often than not!
  9. Just playin’ with ya, couldn’t resist.
  10. I agree 100%. I get the whole "value" thing, but if you are constantly trying to get the best value, I feel like you will have a hard time drafting the guys you want (based on anticipated performance instead of just getting the most bang for your buck so to speak). Reaching for a guy you think will do really well certainly won't make or break your draft/season, finding those later round gems is what matters the most.
  11. Wow, nice job, especially getting Hill @2.08. I’ll have to take DWill in early second if I want him because he won’t make it back to me in the 3rd. Is Darrell Williams available in your league? If he is, I’d take a flyer and grab him as a possible handcuff. I remember seeing him come in to relieve DWill last season, and he looked impressive as well. This would give you a better shot at locking up this backfield if Thompson is used primarily as a COP back in the event DWill goes down.
  12. I’m hoping Hill is available to me at my late first round pick, I would definitely grab him over DWill. But I’m not a fan of taking any TE early, so it would definitely be DWill over Kelce. Im all in on the KC offense this year, would love to start off Hill/DWill.
  13. Agree 100%. I remember watching him last year (was fortunate to have picked him up while the Hunt debacle was brewing), and thought of Gurley. I completely understand all of the trepidation regarding him (SSS, previous lackluster performance at Miami), but this offense is a gold mine for RB’s. As for the small sample size, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t have performed at the same level if he had the job day 1 last year; if he did, he’d be a top 5 pick. I’m willing to ignore his Miami days, and chalk it up to simply being in a very crappy situation. He passes the “eye test” with flying colors. I’m willing to spend an early round 2 pick on him because he won’t make it back by the third, and I think he will at least be equal to guys like Chubb and Cook. I want as many pieces of this offense as possible, so reaching on him and cuffing him with the other D Williams (who I think is the true handcuff) will lock up those shares.
  14. I don’t think we are ignoring the timing of it or how it was executed, it definitely is not ideal. But we don’t know what has been going on behind the scenes that lead to this decision. Did the owners ask him to delay it for ticket sale reasons? Was there a recent development/complication that made him realize that an imminent return (first half of the season) was not going to happen? Luck is an extremely smart and considerate guy, I just can’t fathom him doing something to purposely screw the team over, there has to be more to the story that we may never know about. It doesn’t sound like he was going to ever be at 100% this season, so counting in him to take them to the Super Bowl was probably not going to happen anyway. Going forward, at least this allows Brissett to take ownership of the offense as his, which should be a good thing.
  15. Yes, that was the intent. Luck was a very important “employee” of the company, but not the CEO. You bring up a good point. But while many CEO’s may help with the transition after they resign, they aren’t putting their physical well being on the line by staying to do so. But CEO’s do cut ties immediately all the time when they leave for “greener pastures,” they don’t have any obligation to stay (other than watching their own stock in the company plummeting if his/her departure causes market panic). It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Luck did stay on in some capacity to help the other QB’s transition into starter roles, that seems to be the kind of guy he is.