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  1. As a fellow sports medicine physical therapist with a lot of experience in baseball, your comments about the kinetic chain are spot on. I’m not sure true flexibility is the culprit, but a lack of mobility due to his body type can cause some biomechanical abnormalities during his swing, leading to structures becoming overstressed. I do think that he possibly has some significant core weakness (his body suggests that core strengthening isn’t high on his priority list), which is a major problem because one of the primary functions of the core is to transfer power generated from the legs to the upper extremity. With the amount of power his lower extremities are generating, his core better be able to withstand it. Sorry if this was too medical focused instead of fantasy baseball focused!
  2. I think this was what many of us were fearing...the weight issues leading to a cascade of injuries. Just thought it would take longer before it became an issue though...
  3. There's a guy on Fantasy Pro's that is big on this strategy and just wrote an article touting it, I think he calls it the "Marmol Strategy." He really believes in it, but I have trouble seeing how beneficial it is.
  4. Yeah, I had to pause for a sec after I saw that as well...he had to miss it! We can only keep one player per round, so it would be Vlad Jr or Suarez. You and I are thinking the same, Turner would surely be snagged by someone in the first round of the draft, and I want those SB’s (which I think will go up without Harper in the lineup), but Nola or Severino may sneak by, and there’s a chance Suarez will be there in the second round if everyone else is scrambling for SP’s. So at worst I may only lose 1 of these guys.
  5. I usually take the wait on closers approach; however, with the trend towards closer committees, I feel like it's more important to draft 2 top 15 closers with secure jobs to ensure you are getting save opportunities. Similar to how speed guys are getting more valuable because of the decline of the SB.
  6. Our specific league set up is keep 4, losing the draft pick where they were selected. FA pick ups count as your last round pick (21st). Here are the considerations for keepers with the draft pick round cost... Trea Turner -- 1st JD Martinez -- 3rd Severino -- 4th Nola -- 6th Snell -- 16th Vlad Jr or Eugenio Suarez -- 21st I initially was going to go with JD and 3 pitchers, but now heavily leaning towards: Turner (with steals being so scarce) JD Snell Vlad Jr. Thoughts?
  7. We are transitioning our 15 year old H2H league from redraft to a "keep 4." Last year, my SP staff was extremely dominant (Snell, Nola, Severino, Morton, Hill, Marquez) and won my league because of it. However, I can't help but think the better route is to keep more bats instead of pitchers. What is your general strategy in these regards? Thanks!
  8. And if you play H2H, his streakiness was unbearable at times last season. I actually had to bench him for significant stretches last year...can"t have that from a first/high 2nd rounder.
  9. Are the projections that can be accessed through a Baseball HQ subscription the same as those in the Baseball Forecaster?
  10. How do you not run some screen plays for Lindsay? Get him the damn ball in space, and he'll be gone!
  11. My Rivers\Willaims stack is looking like complete crap.
  12. I don’t own either RB, but why aren’t the Titans using the back who gains 4-5 yards with every touch?
  13. Just when I thought Foster was the way to go, you pull me back in....I think 🤔