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  1. Nolan Arenado 2018 Outlook

    Good news for his owners is that his knee didn't look sore at all...
  2. Josh Harrison 2018 Outlook

    I searched for a thread on him last night, was surprised there wasn't one started yet. Surprisingly good start, good pick up for us Rizzo owners needing a replacement. But he may have continued value with his multi position eligibility.
  3. Danny Duffy 2018 Outlook

    That was my exact take as well, going to sit this one out, especially for Cleveland's home opener....their bats are bound to break out.
  4. Danny Duffy 2018 Outlook

    Anyone starting him today vs. Cleveland in their home opener?
  5. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    He was lifted right after I posted my “80 year old” comment. He looked more like an athlete that wasn’t confident in his knee, especially while decelerating. When he was standing on first talking to the 1b, it looked like he was smiling, almost like he was laughing at himself. They probably lifted him because game was out of reach, but he still didn’t look too good running.
  6. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    Wow, he just looked like an 80 year old sprinting to beat an errrant throw to first, took him half way down to the outfield wall to slow down😳
  7. Which FA bat or P??

    I agree about the RP situation, but they may be difficult to trade right now, and it might be good to wait until the closer situations become more solidified or wait for an injury (may get more back in trade offers). I can't see any FA that I'd pick up, I'd just stream until the dust settles if you don't get Wood. thanks for the Help on mine!
  8. Familia for Boxberger and J. Dyson? WHIR

    I think I would do it as well. For some reason I don't trust Familia for the entire year. thanks for the help with mine!
  9. Eaton or Davidson?

    Thanks guys! JTurner is now on my DL, and dropped Davidson for Eaton....hopefully Davidson doesn't go on to have a Judge year and burn me like last year!
  10. Eaton or Davidson?

    That’s the problem, trying to foresee the future to determine what my team will need 😄. If Smoak, Olsen, JDM and Sano love up to expectations, then Eaton is the better fit. If Turner, Cain and Benintendi live up to the speed expectations, then I’m good there and Davidson is the better fit. I could drop Davidson, pick up Justin Turner and put him in my DL as Sano insurance, and then pick up Eaton. BUT...I picked up Judge early last season, only to drop him before he went off, so I’m also gun shy about dropping a potential huge power guy!
  11. Eaton or Davidson?

    Currently have Davidson, mainly as insurance if/when Sano gets injured, but really like what I’m seeing from Eaton so far (who is currently a FA), and not sure what to expect from Davidson. What would you do? Thanks!
  12. Jose Martinez or Smoak?

    Thanks’s tough making trades this early in the season in my league, so I’ll stand pat for now!
  13. Jose Martinez or Smoak?

    Which SP would you drop for JMart? Duffy Taillon Richards Morton
  14. Jose Martinez or Smoak?

    Currently have Smoak, but like the potential of JMart. New keep 4 league, if that factors in the decision. Thanks!
  15. 2018

    It's probably because ESPN is televising the game nationally.