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  1. Drop for me also....I have played the waiting game in the past and it almost never works out, just burning a roster spot. Thanks for the help with mine.
  2. Wanting to take a flyer on one of these two guys (yes, Bird was dropped). Who would you pick up?
  3. Now that he has officially earned a spot in the rotation, anyone have updated projections for him?
  4. I noticed that as well....I think Altuve was ranked in the 20's when I last checked 😳
  5. Looking at the player list, all of the "draftable" RP's are only RP eligible; I seem to remember quite a few over the past years that were dual eligible, but not this year. It's probable that most of the dual eligible were actual SP's that carried RP status from the prior year after being moved from the bullpen to starter. Approximately mid year last season, I was getting consistently beaten in SVs due to not investing in high cost RP's and injuries/demotions. So I unloaded my remaining RP's and went with an all SP rotation. I was surprised to find that from that point on I shot up the standings due to the bump in W's and K's (winning those categories in H2H each week). I will probably go that route again; was only considering the all RP strategy because I was anticipating a copycat approach from my league mates and wanted to counter it.
  6. For those of you employing the all RP strategy, how many slots do you have available to use for an RP? We only have 4 (2 RP and 2 P slots); I don't think starting 4 RP's would give me enough of an advantage to "guarantee" winning SVs, ERA AND WHIP.
  7. Good info! The issue I foresee in Yahoo leagues (at least in ours) is only having 4 spots available for RP's (2 RP slots, 2 P slots). May not have enough volume to guarantee winning SV's each week.
  8. So did how many RP's did you draft, and did you draft any SP's? Last year, I punted saves and did not keep any RP's, and won our regular season championship. A comment was made on the message board about how my "unique" strategy paid off; I am anticipating some copycats this year. So, I'm looking to "zig" while they are "zagging." But I'm a little skittish about punting 2 categories...
  9. Ty and Ebron, thanks for helping with mine!
  10. Rawls and Jeffery, thanks for helping with mine!
  11. Need 2 of these receivers, this decision is killing me... Inman - like his slot role against Browns Tyrell Williams - concerned about weather affecting big play potential, been on downslope since injury Cameron Meredith -- Washington sucks against slot receiver Taylor Gabriel -- Julio coming back could either hurt or help him against CAR defense. I'm leaning toward Inman and Meredith, but afraid I'm getting too cute. Despite running away with regular season title, I'm the underdog here by 7 points, if that helps the decision making. Thanks in advance guys!
  12. In my 0.5 PPR league, they are projecting only 9.93 points, and showing Washington as a tough matchup. That doesn't jive with every other site that is showing him probably having a good matchup. Leaning heavily towards starting him based on some of the good analysis provided here.
  13. Apparently Michael Thomas hates us...
  14. Anyone picking him up? Not sure what to expect from him if he regains the starting role.
  15. Even though Denver D hasn't been dominant, you have to think 2 consecutive losses will have them a little more motivated this week. And they certainly will not want the offense that their former QB runs lighting them up. Could look very similar to the Minn game. But I have the luxury of having DJ, Demarco, and Ware to plug in, so it's an easy sit for me ?