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  1. Got offered Moncada for my Kike Hernandez. I like Kike’s position eligibility and pt but Yoan is breaking out. Kike is my super utility guy. Have Moustakas at 2B. what should I do?
  2. .5 PPR Flex Ekeler, Kupp or Carson? Leaning towards Ekeler... WHIR
  3. I’ve amso got Rod Smith, who should have plenty of opportunities when DAL is playing catch-up tonight.
  4. .5 PPR. Need to swap Shepard out for one of Mixon, DeDe or Ekeler. I don’t like the weather in CLE for DeDe. Mixon is sure to get bottled up by Denver. I do like Ekeler’s situation v. BUF. Anyone else have an opinion. WHIR.
  5. .5 ppr. Need to flex one of Rod Smith or M. Bryant. Who you got? WHIR.
  6. I'd probably do it. I like Tyrod more than Newton. You get a sure thing backup TE as opposed to Olsen who may or may not come back. Then you swap a RB5 for a WR5.
  7. IMO it's really Tyrod vs Newton. The fillers are bench fodder for your team, as you've got starting WR, TE and RB locked up. The QB's are a toss up, though Tyrod is coming on and adding a weapon in Benjamin.
  8. .5 PPR. Need to start two of the three between RB2 and Flex; Mixon, Prosise, Reed Who you got? WHIR Edit: or I can wait and see on Zeke. If he can play, he’s my RB1 and I can Flex either Mixon or Reed. If he can’t I lose out on Prosise and forced to start Mixon and Reed.
  9. Would you guys Flex Blount or Mixon this week?
  10. See if you can pair Bell and Ajayi. Maybe start with Howard and Hyde.
  11. I've got QB Wilson, WR Hopkins, WR Jeffry, WR Hogan, RB Elliott, RB Ajayi, TE Reed, FLEX White in .5 PPR 10 competitive teamer. Got offered an opportunity at Rodgers and AB last night and jumped at it, trading half my team but not my core. Rodgers and AB for Hogan, D. Henry, White, Ebron, Prescott I still have Mixon as my RB3/FLEX. I've got my eye on the hot pickups this week fill out my squad. I'm 0-2 but I typically make deals to put myself in the middle of things come end of season. No brainer improving on QB Wilson and getting a true WR1 or did I decimate my team too much in doing so? WHIR