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  1. Bench 1 - Mixon, Howard, Martin, Ivory

    Thanks everyone, I guess I'm benching Mixon.
  2. Can only start 3 of these RBs PPR WHIR

    AP, Hyde and Ivory for me.
  3. line up help WHIR

    Keenum Allen, even though he's gimpy, he always gets the targets Kamara is the safest floor in a PPR, but Howard has the upside Carolina for me Thanks for the help on mine.
  4. PPR...Baldwin or DT? WHIR

    I have Baldwin, and would rather start DT if I had the option. He consistently gets 6+ catches and is a far safer option.
  5. Ty Montgomery or Duke Johnson? WHIR

    It's Duke and not even close for me.
  6. Start Rudolph or Engram?

    Engram all day for me. 5+ catches and 75+ yds is what I'm thinking.
  7. Thanks in advance for the help everyone, WHIR. 1/2 pt PPR need to bench 1 of these guys and I really need to win this week (who doesn't) Mixon Howard Martin Ivory I'm leaning toward benching Martin, but I can't pinpoint why.
  8. Rank the SP: Paxton, Gausman, Moore. WHIR

    I think they're pretty close. Moore can be fantastic if he stays consistent. Paxton and Gausman both seem ready to take the next step and refine their respective arsenals. They had some super stretches last season. I'd rank them: Paxton - better home and division ballparks Gausman - might even have RP eligibility in your league Moore - he's done well since going to SF
  9. Dynasty Trade Giolito for Conforto WHIR

    Thanks. It's a dynasty league and my pitching is pretty good.
  10. How'd I do? WHIR

    I'd try to package one of your closers and one of your 2nd baseman for a starter if possible.
  11. See a deal for Trea Turner to be made ? WHIR

    I actually think you're not that bad in SB's with Betts, Blackmon. Not sure there's enough to get Turner without letting go of too much. You really don't have a surplus to draw from.
  12. Rate my team please

    Love it. Some batting average drainers in Martin and Sano, but I think you can balance that with DJ, Yelich and Abreu. Nice pitching all around. Ray's high ERA balanced by Kershaw's super low ERA.
  13. 10 team mixed H2H Categories. I've been offered Conforto for Giolito. It's hard to compare the upside of a pitcher to a batter, but I feel like it would take longer for Giolito to reach his assumed potential than Conforto to reach is assumed potential. Thoughts? WHIR