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  1. I need your email to send you the invite

  2. I'll take the team.
  3. Title says PPR, but the settings don't.
  4. I appreciate all of the input - thanks for the help!
  5. Can't make too many mistakes with that group! Trout Harper Donaldson Rizzo Betts Fernandez
  6. Stroman or Moustakas for me.
  7. Polanco by a mile for me.
  8. Easy. Great deal for you.
  9. I wouldn't and I love Betts. I think Mookie has a ceiling of 25/30 with 100 runs. Stanton has a ceiling of 50/10 with 140 rbi. It's not the worst trade ever, but I like Stanton more here.
  10. 10 team mixed H2H 7x6 with OPS, TB and CG We can keep 4, but at least one must be hitter or pitcher. Goldschmidt Bryant Betts Pollock Harvey Kluber Cole Carrasco Strasburg I'm obviously keeping Goldy, but seeing that my league mates have already declared and most are keeping 3 hitters, it seems that the counter strategy might work best for me. I think Betts could still be there at my 1st pick #9. Thoughts?
  11. Hey what's up man? New to the site, just trying to meet some more fans. Who are your favorite teams? Big Pacers, Cubs, and Packers fan myself.

    1. One Man Wolfpack

      One Man Wolfpack

      Hey man, sorry to disappoint but not a GB fan, though I do like Aaron Rodgers. One Man Wolfpack is from the Hangover movie, and kind of an inside joke with me and my buddies. Either way - All Syracuse sports, Yankees, Giants and Rangers. Us NYers tend to have a local allegiance.