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  1. This is probably right. This could very easily be a decoy type game for Hill with him just running a bunch of go routes to stretch the field. It's hard to see heavy usage in his first game back after this long layoff.
  2. Agree with you. To take matter further I swear Winston mostly just locks on one guy every week for the most part. He had no interest in looking Evan's way last week. I watched that game and kept watching Evans and Winston was never even thinking about throwing the ball his way. It just makes no sense with Howard though. I don't know if the problem is Winston or the play designs but it's again obvious the have no interest in using him. They really should just trade him. I haven't decided what I'm doing this week. Debating between Howard or Fant for Waller's bye as I didn't get Everett. I'll probably just play Howard one more week and the happily finally get to waive him next week. And this would probably be the week he's go off as I've been waiting for a couple weeks to drop him. I don't care what kind of game he has this weekend, he's off my roster one way or another by next week at this time and can't wait to drop him.
  3. No news is probably good news. Not much being made of this from what I've seen. If it were a big issue I think we'd have heard something by now. Not worried at all.
  4. The thing with Zeke is that he doesn't really have those blow up games. He rarely breaks big plays and rarely seems to have multiple TD games. Tough to have really big games when those things don't happen. To me it all comes back to coaching. I mean, I don't know how many times the past couple years I see the Cowboys have a first and goal inside the 5 and they should just pound it in and they don't. They hand it to Zeke on first down, he'll run to the 2....Then they'll do something stupid and throw again on third down. It happens time and time again. And the lack of big plays is concerning. I watch guys like Saquon, CMC, Chubb, etc....ripping off big plays. They rarely happen for Zeke. All that said though, he's still very consistent and seems to always have 10-20 points per week. So there is value in that. But he doesn't throw up these 35-40 point just doesn't happen for whatever reason. It's silly though that Zeke averages 7 yards a carry yesterday and can;t get the ball more. What's a little concerning to me also is he's not catching many passes....That's the thing that really elevates CMC. He's in no way a bust....very consistent source of points and an every week starter for sure. But he isn't blowing up and helping people really win weeks by himself like CMC is. And I don't see that happening the way the Cowboys are playing. They have a few more weapons than the Panthers. I'd like to see a couple 2 TD games or something though.
  5. I agree. I could see a deal of like A Jones and Chark for like CMC or something. I have Jones though and I'm just not anxious to deal him. I feel like he's due to make it through a season and finally put together a monster year. He took a lot of big hits yesterday and popped up every time....Including one at the end of the game that I really thought might've sent him into the concussion protocol. He looked like Barry Sanders out there yesterday.
  6. Agree...Everett for Waller owners. Looking like a pretty quiet week in my leagues...really not much out there from what I can see. I'd probably just be watching to see what other people start dropping with bye weeks rolling in.
  7. I feel like with Jones though it's a case where they are just trying to keep him healthy for the season. I mean, they were running Tre Carson out there a fair amount yesterday when Jones was running circles around everybody. They clearly came in yesterday with a game plan around their best offensive skill player and Jones showed what he's capable of. He's still a young guy who is looking for that first monster season to cash in with. I suppose I could see selling if the offer was right. I guess I'd sell anybody if the offer was right. But he's not a guy I'd be actively shopping. I don't know if there are too many RB's I'd rather have except for the guys like CMC, Saquon, Zeke, Kamara, maybe Chubb. And Kamara might be arguable right now. And heck, he's outperformed Zeke. And Saquon is hurt and on a terrible team. And Chubb might have Hunt to deal with soon. Most likely if I did trade him it would be if I was getting a good RB back and upgrading another position.
  8. I think one thing we've seen for sure with the Bucs is Arians has no idea how to scheme to use his talented players. I feel like they are content just letting defenses dictate to them what will happen rather than trying to find ways to utilize their talented players. It's why we see Mike Evans toss up a dud and why we see OJ Howard do nothing and Ronald Jones play second fiddle to an undrafted JAG in Peyton Barber. Arians not recognizing and using the talent on the team. Other than maybe Chris Godwin I guess.
  9. If I had Ekeler....I probably already would've traded him because we always knew Gordon was coming at some point. He was such a great sell high a few weeks ago....Probably could've traded him for Saquon when Saquon went down.... That said, I'd still be looking to sell if I had him. You could be pointing out to the other owner how involved he still was and sell him as a stud. I don't know exactly who I'd target....But I'd be shopping him hard. I'd be looking at the struggling teams in my league and seeing what I could offer him for....You might be able to package him with a WR for Hopkins or OBJ or something. Or maybe you could go after somebody sneaky like Kerryon Johnson who I'd rather have than Ekeler. I just think he will return to the flex type player he was last year and become a guy you don't feel real great about starting pretty soon.
  10. No doubt about that. I'm not sure if it's coaching or if it's Winston. I mean, I watched that game yesterday and he was pretty much just locked on Godwin every play. Granted, he was under some pressure but how do you not get a guy like Mike Evans even a single catch? I laughed when they were in the red zone....Evans is like 6'5 and they tried to throw him a low slant that got batted down by the DE. Just throw it up to you 6'5 WR and let him go get it. As for Howard, he almost scored on his catch stopped at like the 2. It's mind boggling how he doesn't see more targets though, especially with the pressure Winston was under. He should be a safety blanket. I wasn't really paying attention if he was just staying in to block or what. He was basically invisible all game though.
  11. LOL. I'll probably play him one more week but really not sure. I may take a small shot at Gerald Everett and play him instead.
  12. Agree. What's Aaron Jones' contract....something like 4 years 2.5 mil or something? And who was the best RB on the field yesterday? The guy making 15 million a year or the guy making 600K? I'm not sure it's Zeke's fault but the fact is that he's not used like he's the best RB in the league. Look at that's a guy whose usage deserves 15 million a year. That's a guy putting a team on is back....much like Jones did yesterday.
  13. LOL.... Some guys are never happy.
  14. Free Aaron Jones! As a Cowboys fan, the only good part of that game was having Jones on my fantasy squad lol. Aaron Rodgers didn't look real happy at times but the Packers played winning football and pounded the ball in when they got in the red zone. The Cowboys should take some lessons from that. They usually just give Zeke a token carry then forget about him. The Packers didn't forget about Jones yesterday and stayed with what was working. Jones is just a darn good player. Where he really impressed me also was as a receiver....He made some excellent grabs.
  15. No way I'm selling him. He was a buy low but that window slammed shut.