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  1. LMAO.....Same for me though. I never draft TE's early and usually view it as a throw away position. My last 2 draft picks this year were Conner and Kittle.....not sure I can ever have 2 better last round picks lol. Toss in Mahomes who I also took very late and that's the stuff fantasy dreams are made of lol. It all added up to my first undefeated season
  2. Will be interesting to see how Sony is valued in 2019 rankings/drafts. He's a bit tough to get comfortable with as a weekly start just because of his lack of passing game usage. Basically, he's only a good start in games where HE is favored and your expecting the'll run the ball a lot. James White just never seems to go away lol. Thing is though...I feel like Sony could be a capable receiver and they haven't really tapped those talents yet. There could be some upside here next year. Not sure how I'll approach him. I've rarely had good luck taking NE RB's early in drafts.
  3. Because most leagues view the QB position as a throwaway position. Look at where guys like Luck, Mahomes, Ryan, Brees went this year....Usually later than the 8th. While it seemed like Watson was always going a couple rounds ahead of those guys. Next year all those guys will likely go ahead of Watson and he'll turn into the value pick.
  4. I screwed this decision up also....Was really debating Williams and Lindsay. I ended up going Lindsay mostly just because I leaned toward his production all season and wanted to go with the guy that had been so good for me all season. My gut was saying Williams though. Luckily, my team still scraped out a win but I was really regretting the move by about 2:00PM eastern on Sunday. I should've went with the guy in the better offense and who wasn't sharing snaps with 2 other guys. I was just too swayed by Lindsay's production all season. Have to say though that I was also swayed a bit by looking at fantasy pros rankings and seeing 100% of the "experts" had Lindsay over Williams. Just lessons learned. Opportunity is really a big factor in fantasy football....Especially at the RB position. Average players can be great players for a week when they'e handed a golden opportunity. Guys like Williams, Jeff Wilson, Samuels, CJ Anderson, Justin Jackson, Damien Williams, etc are great examples of that this year.
  5. Why would you have played Carr anyways? Was not a great matchup and Carr hasn't been very good all year. Had to be better options than him.
  6. My thought also. Think I'd play Cousins. Don't trust the Bucs....Playing for nothing and could do anything in regards to Winston's playing time.
  7. I have to say one of my biggest misses/busts was Royce Freeman. I drafted him in a lot of leagues thinking he might turn out to be this years Kareem Hunt rookie standout....And it didn't happen. I guess I was right that there was opportunity for somebody in that backfield to emerge but it turned out to be Lindsay.
  8. 10 team competitive league....Went Undefeated and won it all.....The Championship is nice but the whole undefeated thing was just unreal and not something that's ever been done in any other money league I've ever been in over the past 30 years! QB: Mahomes/Luck RB: Gordon, Conner, Chubb, Michel, Lindsay, Samuels WR: Hopkins, T Hill, Golladay TE: Kittle Def: Rams first half of year/Texans second half...Until the Dolphins in Week 16. K: Butker most of year until picking up Greg the Leg in Week 13. Didn't make a single trade all season....All was either drafted or free agent moves.
  9. Both teams in the finals in my 2 leagues had Mahomes. I have to think that anybody who drafted him had to do pretty well if they made any other decent picks or free agent moves. IMO Mahomes and Conner were this years complete home run picks. In one league I was fortunate enough to have drafted both and ended up going undefeated Sadly, I suspect I'll never have Mahomes on my team again though as I rarely invest in QB's early in the draft and that's where he'll be going next year.
  10. For me it's mostly just about trying to keep the odds in your favor, minimizing risk and taking calculated risks when warranted. That approach is why I didn't have Lenard Fournette, Leveon Bell or David Johnson on any of my fantasy teams. Fournette has had injury problems since college and I never trusted the Jags offense. Bell has had issues with injury and suspensions and had the contract situation. Johnson was coming off injury and also on a bad team. These guys were never in consideration for me as first round picks this year and I always found myself taking somebody else in their places. I just never felt like the odds were in favor of taking these guys so high. Same thing for later in the draft. I had guys like either Mahomes, Luck and Ryan in almost all my leagues this year. Those guys were calculated risks at their draft spots and were not risky picks at all for where they were drafted. Yet, they had amazing payoffs. Those guys are all in pass happy offenses....There were very high odds that at least one of them would payoff. Same thing on weekly lineup decisions. Go with the odds. That usually leads me to playing my best players in the best situations to succeed either by opportunity and/or the matchup. I rarely find myself having dart throws in my lineup.....Like Trequan Smith for example...Unless I'm really in a bind. Above all though, gotta remember there's always a large amount of luck involves in this game. You can tilt the odds in your favor by making some good decisions and managing your team well....But anything can always happen from injuries to game flow to suspensions to dumb coaches, dumb players or to whatever else. You just can't beat yourself up. Go with your gut, minimize risk and go with whatever you think is most likely to happen when making draft or lineup decisions.
  11. Just had to hop into this thread to celebrate! Completed my first ever undefeated fantasy season after nearly 30 years of fantasy football! Went 13-0 during the regular season and won my championship game by a score of 116.2 to 116.0! I had Philip Lindsay going in the last game and his final carry before his injury got me just enough! This was a 10 team league at work with a bunch of football fans....So not just some dumb family league or some random league where nobody was playing. We had a $100 entry fee so was a pretty darn nice payout! My team was mostly led all year by Mahomes, Gordon, Conner, Hopkins and Hill. Honorable mention to Chubb, Michel, Lindsay & Samuels as free agent pickups along the way that helped to overcome the Gordon & Conner injuries down the stretch. One other interesting note was there were no trades made by my highway robbery type trades lol. It was 100% drafted or free agent moves.
  12. Still not liking the sound of all this. But can't bench him.
  13. I think I would....Dak should have a nice game today. Texans are a mess on offense.
  14. Yeah...That's what i'm leaning toward. I think Williams sees more volume...But Rodgers always wants to get his in that offense. Hopefully Lindsay bounces back and shows why he was a Pro Bowl selection. I'm always of the mindset to start whoever has been my best players all year at this point if I can.
  15. I'm worried. I think the Bears roll and the 49ers will be lucky to even break zero today. I thought hard about finding somebody else to start over Kittle but just no options.