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  1. Rams should have signed Bell. Imagine the duo!
  2. Two more ideas: 1) Same team as opposing defense, if your kicker is getting a bunch of extra points, it's likely that the defense is getting lit up. If the defense is playing well, you should be getting a lot of field goals to offset it, aside from shutouts. 2) same team as your defense, if your defense is doing well, could be a defensive struggle. That said, it's a double hit if your defense is getting lit up.
  3. Side note, in espn you cant pick up a player on monday if their team played, but you can pick up anyone who was on bye. So get a MNF kicker/defense, and if you dont need one based on the points you can pick up anyone who had a bye. Bill's defense and Singletary both come to mind.
  4. If this were Madden, I'd agree with you. Sometimes these guys stay put because of their locker room value, the value to the franchise of seeing them retire in Bengals colors, etc. He might have his family settled and not want to move. That said, if he wants a shot at a ring he would be pushing for a trade, and I haven't heard anything from him or his agent.
  5. 1) Kelce 2) Kittle 3) Engram 4) Ertz 5) Henry 6) Waller 7) Hooper 8: Andrews Basically, I would trade a player from lower on the list to a player higher on the list but not the opposite. Henry could still finish better than anyone on the list on a points per game played basis.
  6. I was telling people to pick him up the past few weeks. Now that everyone wants him, Berry sends that out? All he does is reiterate the obvious calls once they're obvious.
  7. He will bounce back, leading you all to tears of frustration. Praise juju, pray for juju.
  8. Still gold in points per yard leagues. 😎
  9. Rumor that JuJu will retire from the NFL in fantasy disgrace!
  10. I do hope he can stay healthy, but hes as good as anyone when he is.
  11. I love what a troll ramsey is. How many actors can shift from shoving someone onto the ground to such a passive stroll? Chaplinesque. Been waiting for this rematch all year. Hope AJ does it.
  12. Look at his points per game. He's never less than a WR2 when he plays and usually a WR1. The season stats look bad because of the missed games.
  13. On the plus side, assuming he does come back this year, he is going to be playing hard as ever for one more contract.