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  1. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    He always plays better the second half of the season. Be patient and buy low.
  2. My league has a limit on add/drops per scoring period. I have two left, but need to free up three spots on my roster for the DL. Is there some way I could check off three or four players, drop them all in one transaction, and still have one add/drop remaining?
  3. Alex Reyes 2018 Outlook

    This is what I call a perfect game. What you call a "perfect game", I call a really good game.
  4. Anthony Rizzo 2018 Outlook

    It would be quite a shame if a pitcher lost control of a pitch and beaned him with it. 100% legal, right? Accidents happen.
  5. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    I would personally trade Brown for Cook straight up, but as I don't own either, it's a moot point. Knowing Brown's value versus Cook, I would ask for more. I would probably trade AB for any player 25 or younger currently going in the first two rounds straight up, and I assume Cook is gone by the end of round 2. Obviously a lot of this will depend on team needs, what other WRs/RBs you, have, etc.
  6. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    Last season I wanted tyreek hill and derrick henry. Got henry, didn't get hill, and his asking price is probably too high for me now. Current targets? Basically any of the obvious guys 25 or younger. Went after cook after his injury, owner wasn't trading him. My team is mostly young WRs at this point.
  7. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm saying he is. Historically, one more great year and two really good ones seems likely. But his trade value is very very high right now. It will be much lower next off season.
  8. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    Those stats are better than I expected, granted, we are talking about the ten best ever at that age. I would still be trading him if I owned him... and would use these stats to show my trade partner how good he will he for at least three years. 😂 Thanks for the stats, looking forward to the next three years.
  9. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    I would bet on one more big year. can you get that list for when they are 31, and for when they are 32?
  10. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm not saying this to be contrarian, but he turns 30 in July. If I owned him in dynasty I would be trading him. I think he has one more top year (maybe), and will then fade to WR2/WR3 status over the following 2 years. That said I would take him with a first next year in redraft depending on who else was available.
  11. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    This touches on a broader point about fantasy football: Some WRs are great, and some are made great by their QB. Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Fitz, Brandon Marshall (I'm saying when they were all young/healthy/not retired) would put up great stats no matter who was throwing the ball, so long as the ball was thrown in their general direction. Then you can look at the Denver WRs, or TY, or Jordy, or a bunch of others - they are great with a great QB, and basically worthless without one.
  12. Mike Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    Had him all season in a reserve slot on the roster. Never showed me anything. Not sure if I'm keeping him next year but will try to get him back in the draft if I don't, just because of the hypothetical upside.
  13. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    He was right about Derrick Henry, so I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt here. Flash Gordon #1 WR in all formats next year.